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Tierney's Real News (4/27/21)

My research shows that Communist China literally welded elderly people into their homes during COVID and let them starve to death. The atheist Communist Party cruelly forces the sterilization of Uyghur Muslims & enslaves them in labor camps to make cheap stuff. They arrest and torture political dissenters, like those in Hong Kong, and harvest the organs of the healthy ones, while they are alive, and sell them for HUGE profit to the global elites. Then they destroy the evidence in large incinerators like the one in Wuhan and flood the region to wash away their crimes.

Their plan is working as the country's population is declining for the first time since 1949. Genocide works. Coming to America if we don't wake up. Evil is real. Satan is real. This is no game. This is no passing fad. Don't let anyone tell you different. Stand up for GOD. Speak out for yourself & your families! Silence is complicity.

ARISTOTLE: "It is a habit of tyrants never to like anyone who has a spirit of dignity and independence. The tyrant claims a monopoly of such qualities for himself; he feels that anybody who asserts a rival dignity, or acts with independence, is threatening his own superiority and the despotic power of his tyranny; he hates him accordingly as a subverter of his own authority. It is also a habit of tyrants to prefer the company of aliens to that of citizens at table and in society; citizens, they feel, are enemies, but aliens will offer no opposition."

Liz Cheney announced that she is considering running for President in 2024 and that Trump is not the head of HER party. LMAO. Cheney, the Bush war-monger, is polling at 18%.

EMERALD ROBINSON: GOP voters are significantly more conservative than GOP leadership. It's obvious that GOP leadership has minimized Trump & empowered unpopular neocons like Liz Cheney. The GOP leadership is living on borrowed time.

Who sold out America to China? Who shipped our jobs to the Communists? It was Henry Kissinger & Dianne Feinstein. It was George HW Bush & Bill Clinton. When you see George W. Bush pushing amnesty, you must remember: it was Bill Clinton & George HW Bush who gave our manufacturing jobs to China. They passed: NAFTA & the WTO. All the history books on the Bush clan will have to be rewritten. Now you know why Bill Clinton considered HW Bush to be his second father.

Project Veritas has filed a lawsuit against CNN for making false and defamatory statements with regard to their Twitter account ban. I think Team Trump is helping James O'Keefe get this done.

Leaked audio confirmed that John Kerry gave top secret intelligence about Israel's military positions to Iran - the world's leading sponsor of terror. That's treason & Trump was right about Kerry. He called for Kerry to be prosecuted for this in 2019! They called him crazy.

The Maricopa county forensic election audit continues and the Communists are doing everything they can to stop it. They even got the judge to recuse himself by bringing in a lawyer who once worked for him. The new judge was appointed by Clinton & has ties to the DNC law firm of Perkins Coie. The audit will separate inauthentic ballots from authentic ones and look inside the machines. Giuliani said the fact that the Democrats are trying to STOP the audit is an admission of guilt. Bannon said the audit will prove Biden is illegitimate. Trump wrote a statement commending the audit:

TRUMP: "Incredible organization and integrity taking place in Arizona with respect to the Fraudulent 2020 Presidential Election. These are Great American Patriots, but watch, the Radical Left Democrats “demean and destroy campaign” will start very soon. They will say anything they can to take away the integrity, validity, and credibility of what these incredible Patriots are doing—but the people of Arizona won’t stand for it. They were among the earliest to see that this was a Rigged Election!"

Looks like Trump's legal teams are going to start suing Biden for discrimination and use Biden's race-baiting policies against the Democrats as they try to take farmland from white farmers in the name of racism. Communists pulled this same trick in South Africa - meanwhile Bill Gates is standing in the wings to buy up the distressed farmland for pennies on the dollar! NAZIs (National Socialists) used this same trick in the Holocaust to seize property from Jewish people before they sent them off to the gas chambers!

MARK MEADOWS: "America First Legal filed a lawsuit against the Biden Administration for illegally barring American farmers from receiving financial aid based upon race. Discrimination in any form is wrong. AFL will fight back."

Turns out Kamala Harris is instructing all unaccompanied minor border crossers to receive a copy of her book as a welcome gift! The books are being paid for by the Biden administration, using U.S. taxpayer dollars. Imagine if President Donald Trump used taxpayer money to buy his own books to give out to foreigners. That is exactly what Kamala Harris is doing.

Oscar ratings dropped over 50% from 2020 and hit an all-time low. Los Angeles kicked out a high population of homeless people living in Union Station in Downtown LA so that multi-millionaire Hollywood celebrities could attend the Oscars without having to see the less fortunate. "If you’re gonna have your awards show, don’t have it where the homeless people are and you don’t have to worry about it,” said one homeless man. Is this what Jesus would do?

Under pressure, the CDC & Fauci are revising their mask guidance both inside & outside after numerous studies show they don't work and are unnecessary for vaccinated people. Some of their guidance makes no sense - proving it's all fake - and just a way to prolong the fear.

Unless it’s Halloween, kids should never wear masks. Homeschooling was the way of the past, and it's now the way of the future. Organize. Do not let the atheist Communists raise your children.

The Supreme Court of the United States has decided it will hear a case about the ban on concealed-carry in New York and will answer the question: "Whether the State's denial of petitioners' applications for concealed-carry licenses for self-defense violated the Second Amendment." Whether the Second Amendment requires states to give permits to law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons.

The petitioners argued that New York's gun laws make it "virtually impossible" for "ordinary law-abiding citizens" to get a concealed carry license. Open carry is banned and one must show a special need for "self protection" in order to receive a concealed carry license.

"The Second Amendment does not exist to protect only the rights of the happy few who distinguish themselves from the body of 'the people' through some 'proper cause.' To the contrary, the Second Amendment exists to protect the rights of all the people."

Democrats are now the party of the rich - not the working class. Democrats now represent 65% of taxpayers with a household income of $500,000 or more according to the IRS. But they like to point fingers at wealthy people when they should be pointing fingers at themselves!

A survey from the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) found Republicans are poised to take back the House in the upcoming midterm elections. Not going to happen unless they fix the fraud from the last election!

Details of the 2020 census showed that Texas grew the most in the last ten years and will add two seats in the House of Representatives, while five other states gained one: Colorado, Florida, Montana, North Carolina and Oregon. Seven states - California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia - will each lose a seat as they lost population. This is the first time California has ever lost a seat. Minnesota almost lost one but 89 residents saved them. I wonder if Biden manipulated these results - and that's why it took so damn long to release the data.

Meanwhile, the California Secretary of State said they have enough petitions to recall Governor Newsome. The election will be held this fall.

In a letter to Biden, the Koch Libertarian network’s Americans for Prosperity and the Libre Initiative urged the White House to bring in tens of thousands more foreign workers to take U.S. jobs. The H-2B visa program has been widely used by businesses to drag down the wages of American workers in landscaping, conservation work, the meatpacking industry, the construction industry, and fishing jobs. That's why these industries LOVE foreign workers - they can pay them 20% less and get the US taxpayer to fund their benefits like healthcare, food stamps, housing subsidies & daycare! Corporate welfare!

Heather MacDonald is the author of “The War on Cops” and “The Diversity Delusion" and one of the most honest & thorough researchers on crime in America. Read this important interview on the fake narrative of "systemic racism" in America:

You coined the phrase “Ferguson Effect”. What will the “George Floyd Effect” be?

MCDONALD: The “Ferguson Effect” refers to the twin phenomena of officers backing off from discretionary proactive enforcement under the accusation that such enforcement is racist, and the resulting emboldening of criminals. The first iteration of the Ferguson Effect in 2015 and 2016, following the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014, led to the largest two year increase in homicides in 50 years. Another 2000 blacks died of homicide over those two years compared to the benchmark of 2014.

The George Floyd Effect dwarfs anything seen so far. 2020 saw the largest percentage increase in homicides in U.S. history. Over 2000 more blacks have been killed in drive-by shootings in 2020 compared to the already high benchmark of 2019. When final tallies come in, there will likely have been about 8500 black homicide victims in 2020, more than all white and Hispanic homicide victims combined, even though blacks are only 12% of the U.S. population.

Four dozen black children were gunned down fatally in 2020 in their beds, living rooms, and front porches; at birthday parties and barbecues; while sitting in their parents’ car. Not a single one of those child victims drew a protest from Black Lives Matter activists because their killers were all black. Likewise, the vast majority of black adult homicide victims are killed by other blacks, which is why they are ignored by the media and by left-wing politicians.

The police could end all fatal shootings tomorrow and it would have a negligible impact on the black death by homicide rate. Every year the police kill about 1000 people, the vast majority of whom are armed and dangerous. Whites make up about 50% of those police-shooting victims; blacks about 23-25%–again, almost all those police-shooting victims posing a violent threat to the officer or to bystanders. In 2020, the police fatally shot 18 allegedly “unarmed” blacks (and 24 “unarmed” whites)—unarmed being defined liberally to include suspects grabbing the officer’s gun or fleeing in a stolen car with a loaded revolver on the seat next to them. Those 18 “unarmed” blacks make up .2% of black homicide victims in 2020, and a percentage of the 40 million black US population too small to calculate.

Blacks between the ages of 10 and 43 die of homicide in the U.S. at 13 times the rate of whites—killed not by the police, not by whites, but by other blacks. Indeed, interracial rates of violent crime skew massively towards black-on-white crime, contrary to the “White Supremacist” narrative. Blacks commit 88% of all interracial non-fatal violent crime between whites and blacks and between black and whites.

The George Floyd Effect is continuing into 2021 unabated, with city after city reporting its highest crime totals in decades. While the victims remain overwhelmingly black, the violence is spilling over into the suburbs, especially with carjackings. Drivers are being run over, dragged while hanging out the door, and shot. Chicago set up protected times at gas stations when drivers could fill up their cars under police protection without having to fear getting carjacked.

Because the U.S. turns its eyes away from the cultural breakdown in the black ghetto and remains in deep ignorance regarding the extent of crime disparities in the U.S. (for example, a black Chicagoan is 50 times more likely to commit a drive-by shooting than a white Chicagoan; blacks in New York City commit 75% of all shootings, though they are 23% of the population, while whites commit less than 2% of shootings though they are 34% of the population), the only thing that will reverse the policy decisions that have led to the George Floyd Effect is when white children start getting mowed down in drive-by shootings.

Police officers are quitting in droves or taking disability leave. Recruiting has become almost impossible. Officers are telling anyone who may be considering a career in policing to forget about it. Why train for a profession when the day you start you are marked as a racist? Officers who get out of their cars to investigate suspicious behavior or to make an arrest in the inner-city find themselves routinely surrounded by hostile jeering crowds, cursing at them, sometimes throwing things. Violent suspects have been primed to resist arrest even more than usual, having been told that the police are racist. It is suspect resistance that leads officers to escalate their own force on a resisting suspect. According to one study, blacks resist arrest at 4 times the rate of whites. The more resistance, the more risk of fatal police shootings, leading to more riots and more depolicing.

Was the trial of Derek Chauvin fair?

Going forward after the Chauvin trial, it is an open question whether any police officer can receive a fair process, free from mob pressure, should he be prosecuted for use of lethal force. The terrified preparations in Minneapolis and elsewhere in anticipation of the verdict—the razor wire and barricades around government buildings, the activation of the National Guard, the declaration in Minnesota of a “peacetime emergency,” the fortified police presence, the curfews, the cancellation of school, the boarded up businesses—all raised serious questions about the rule of law in the United States. Had the jury failed to convict Chauvin on all three counts of murder and manslaughter, the ensuing riots would have made the conflagrations of 2020 look like a Girl Scout campfire.

The threat of black rage and riots blackmails American institutions into submission. No one dares speak the truth about the pathological inner-city culture that gives rise to disproportionate criminal behavior and academic failure. Riots are regarded as a natural response to perceived black grievance. Law enforcement responded weakly to the riots of 2020 and 2021 for fear of being perceived as racist. As a result, the anarchy continues.

What do you expect to come of this in the near future?

The near future holds more white-bashing and more craven capitulation to phony charges of white supremacy. Far from being a bigoted country, there is not a single mainstream institution in the U.S. that does not employ massive racial preferences to hire and promote blacks, often with qualifications that would not get an applicant past the door if presented by whites and Asians. But the yawning academic skills gap is also a taboo topic in the U.S.

The only allowable explanation for the lack of racial proportionality in employment and academia is racism; the fact that the average black 12th grader reads at the level of the average white 8th grader is not permissible to notice.

There will be more evisceration of meritocratic standards of achievement in order to avoid the inevitable disparate impact that such colorblind standards have on blacks. And the violence in the streets, whether the daily grind of stupefyingly mindless, brutal drive-by shootings, or the joyful torching of government symbols, courthouses and police cars, the assaults on police officers, and the rapacious looting of stores will escalate. The only thing that will stop the unwinding of Western civilization in the U.S. is the public repudiation of the myth of bias and white supremacy.

Cops are roasting Lebron all over the internet for putting a target on police - and it's the greatest thing. Pass it around before these get taken down. Absolutely savage.


A lawyer for Ashli Babbitt's family announced a civil lawsuit against the US Capitol police for shooting her in the neck and causing her death on January 6th. The Capitol police still have NOT released the identity or photo of the officer who killed her after 4 months and they closed the investigation and the DOJ refused to press charges. Why? The officer is not white.

Remember Obama's weird White House portrait? The one that people said he had made to mock America? Well, Trump's portrait will now replace Obama's and be installed in the National Portrait Gallery in the “America’s Presidents” exhibition at the Smithsonian.

The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery decided use an inkjet printed picture of President Trump as his presidential portrait. The card next to the low resolution photograph recounts the attack on the Capitol on January 6th to describe the president’s legacy. Even the Smithsonian has become an arm of the Communist propaganda machine.

The Federalist interviewed a black police officer about the recent murder conviction of Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd. Remember, the Communists who want to abolish the police also want to take your guns. Also, remember if the Communists can get enough state and local police to resign they can replace them with a Federal police force - like the Gestapo. Must read:

Did you watch the Derek Chauvin trial coverage?

Not really, just bits and pieces. I already had a pretty clear idea of what took place. And much of the new coverage was biased—they were just showing the parts that pushed a narrative. The news elevated my stress level and with all that’s already going on, I don’t need that.

Do you think Chauvin got a fair trial?


Why wasn’t it fair?

It seemed everybody made up their mind about his guilt before the trial. In addition, the jury wasn’t sequestered and so they saw the biased coverage and were likely influenced by that coverage or seeing riots and threats of riots around the country. That’s going to put a lot of pressure on the jury to come to a certain decision.

A jury is supposed to make its determination based on the subject matter and expert witnesses, not go home and watch the news and form their opinions that way. So no, it wasn’t fair.

How would you characterize public opinion towards police today?

I’ve been doing this for 15 years. I’m middle of the road—not an old timer, but not brand new. But even in 15 years, things have changed. There is a general narrative that demonizes law enforcement.

In my opinion, the anti-cop narrative began with the Obama administration. He made negative law enforcement comments, and in controversial cases would show up to the deceased’s funerals (which were later justified as lawful shootings). The Dallas five were killed under Obama and he didn’t show any respect toward them.

Trevor Noah recently said of Derek Chauvin, “We’re not dealing with bad apples, we’re dealing with a rotten tree.” What do you say to that? It’s funny when the media wants to talk about a rotten tree. The irony there is amazing. Big media talking about a tree being corrupt? Give me a break.

Do you think that policing in America is systemically racist?

Ha. Absolutely not. No.

In your experience has policing become more difficult since George Floyd’s death?

Yes, but we’ve been on this slippery slope since the start of the BLM [Black Lives Matter] movement. That’s where things really started to take a serious turn. We were already nose diving, and Floyd’s death is just more fuel to the fire.

All these cases involve a false narrative of police racism, from Trayvon Martin to Rayshard Brooks to George Floyd, causing tension and a divide between law-enforcement and the community. People want us to solve their problems, but they don’t want us to defend ourselves or the community while doing it.

They want us to be able to talk it out with everybody, but the reality is we can’t always do that. If people shoot us, we’re going to shoot back. That’s what happened with the Breonna Taylor case. Somehow people are upset about that.

And facts don’t matter. Even though the false Michael Brown “hands up don’t shoot” narrative was proven false, I still can’t drive around the city without someone eyeballing me and putting their hands up and saying “don’t shoot” while I drive past.

How has this false narrative about police changed your job? Do your fellow officers worry that as a result they wouldn’t get a fair trial if they’re in a situation that escalates?

Some things have not changed. People have never wanted to be arrested. They didn’t before and they don’t now. So that’s no different.

But what used to concern us was bringing in the suspect safely and prioritizing how we’re going to defend ourselves if need be, and get home to our family. But now it’s, “I don’t wanna go to jail. And if this dude has an underlying medical condition I don’t know about and he decides to fight or he is on drugs or he strokes out on me, a jury might send me to jail for this.” It changes the kinds of calls we respond to.

So we are now at a point where we have to focus only on responding to emergencies. Because most of the things people call us for are not emergencies, they are inconveniences. We used to be more than happy to respond, but the problem is a lot of times, it’s criminals who are causing the inconvenience.

So if, for example, we get a complaint about people speeding down someone’s street, we used to gladly go. But when we do a traffic stop, we don’t know who we are pulling over; they might have a warrant, they might have committed a crime, they might not have a license, it could be a DUI. Now if he decides to escalate because he doesn’t want to go to jail, our badge could be on the line just for a speeding call.

Or we get calls from businesses where a guy has been passed out in their bathroom for three hours after shooting heroin. It’s bad for business so they call us and say, “Hey, we don’t want to confront this guy, can you come do it for us?”

We used to gladly take those calls, but often the addict has warrants and they don’t want to go to jail. If it escalates, sometimes the business turns around and backstabs us. So now we respond if your safety is in question but otherwise, unfortunately, we can’t risk our lives or our careers or jail time over someone’s inconvenience.

How’s morale?

Each agency has its own subculture, but this region’s morale is generally crappy. A lot of officers are leaving. We don’t have anybody, anybody applying to be officers here, so we are lowering standards to get numbers up.

The academy has lowered their physical fitness standards and we have dropped ours completely. Now if you’ve got a pulse and some experience? We will take you. Because that’s how bad we are hurting for bodies. Of course, the lowering of standards does not increase the odds that things are going to be done right. So it will perpetuate the problems.

But even before we had to lower standards, we were still struggling. The public thinks that we are ninjas, that we are all MMA fighters. For a while that belief was helpful because it instilled a bit of healthy fear, of not wanting to mess with us.

But the reality is that most police officers have a YMCA degree (not to knock on the YMCA) but it’s like they went to one little seminar on self-defense and that’s kind of it. The level of training we get is so subpar compared to the demands.

Not only that, but there are important and serious limitations on our interactions with suspects. As an officer, I have a responsibility, we as a police force have a responsibility, to limit the amount of force to get someone into custody. But if they are overcoming my efforts, I can escalate my use of force, within reason, to effectuate that arrest.

The Chauvin case is, in my opinion, simply that: a typical officer struggling to control a large, uncooperative human. His death sucks, it sucks. I wish we were better trained. I wish Chauvin was better trained. Could his death have been avoided? Yeah, I think so.

In our precinct, we pitch and brainstorm ways that we can get better training. Unfortunately, “defund the police” is a movement, so our funding has already been slashed. There’s no money for classes or overtime for us to go.

So they’re basically saying, “We wish you guys were ninjas,” and we’re saying “OK, send us to ninja school.” And they’re like, “No we’re not going to pay for that. We’re just gonna put you in jail when you don’t meet our expectations even though we won’t give you the training you need.”

What would you tell America about this moment in time and your job?

I think that it’s important for people to know that we still have a heart to have people’s backs. There isn’t a cop I know who isn’t willing to lay their life on their line for someone else in a life-or-death situation. But what we’re not willing to do is put ourselves or our careers or our families on the line for people’s inconveniences.

I’m happy to do that as a luxury as long as we have community support. But if we don’t have your support, and you call us about your neighbor’s loud music? No. Go talk to the neighbor yourself. Or buy some ear plugs.

Minnesota's evil Attorney General Keith Ellison admitted on 60 Minutes that race played NO role in George Floyd's death. Ellison purposefully waited until AFTER the guilty verdict to tell us that. Why? So he and his son's corrupt Minneapolis City Council, BLM-ANTIFA and the fake news could all frame Chauvin as a racist murderer for nearly a year and paint America as a systemically racist country!!

Ellison, a student of Farrakhan, and his Communist/Brotherhood pals needed to race-bait America to fuel riots & destruction & cheat-by-mail. They needed to race-bait to guilt & scare jurors into convicting Derek Chauvin for a hate crime. Now, Ellison needs to REMOVE racism as a motivation in order to convict Chauvin's fellow black officer of murder as well! Another TOTAL SCAM - engineered by the Communists & the Brotherhood! Just like I said nearly one year ago! https://www.tierneyrealnewsnetwork.com/post/the-truth-about-george-floyd-antifa-cair-keith-ellison-s-minnesota

CBS TO ELLISON: "The whole world sees this as a white officer killing a Black man because he is Black. And you're telling me that there's no evidence to support that?"

ELLISON: "No, we didn't have evidence of that. We didn't have it."

CBS: "Why would this officer assault George Floyd? Why would Derek Chauvin commit murder or even assault if he knew he was being recorded."

ELLISON: "Well, that's a question we spent a lotta time asking ourselves. And all we could come up with is what we could divine from his body language and his demeanor. And what we saw is that the crowd was demanding that he get up and Chauvin was staring right back at them defiantly." Such BS.

Send this post to your liberal friends who keep making this case about race. It had NOTHING to do with race!

I was raised to respect the police & obey the law. Without law & order we don't have a country. I'll be damned if I'm going to live under mob rule!

Mike Lindell said he has had 400 MILLION in live streams to Frankspeech.com in the first four days! Please share his documentary on election fraud called ABSOLUTE INTERFERENCE everywhere. Let's help him get it to one BILLION views!

If you're looking for words that UNITE us - not DIVIDE us - may I suggest you watch a sermon from one of my favorite pastors. Her message begins at the 42 minute mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9u_CscoR6I

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