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Tierney's REAL News (4/26/22)

There's a liberal "dark money" secret organization called GFI (Governing for Impact) that's run by Soros and it spends BILLIONS of dollars bribing the Biden administration and intimidating others to do its bidding and overturn President Trump's tax, immigration and energy policies - and push transgenderism and gender identity in our schools.

You can't find it on the internet and they publish NO press releases. Staffers are trained at Harvard & Berkeley. They are like hired guns for the MOB.

It was founded in 2019. Arabella Advisors is one of their fronts. Arabella went after Kavanaugh & Barrett and pushed Breyer to retire from SCOTUS.

"Left-wing dark money groups in the Arabella Advisors network spent a jaw-dropping amount of money in 2020 to help elect Joe Biden and Senate Democrats. These groups have done everything in their power to corrupt the judiciary and the judicial nominations process, from running smear campaigns against Justices Kavanaugh and Barrett to pushing radical court packing reforms to even intimidating Justice Breyer into retirement."

Atlantic calls it "The Massive Progressive Dark-Money Group You’ve Never Heard Of.”


Dark money refers to political spending by nonprofit organizations—for example, 501(c)(4) (social welfare) 501(c)(5) (unions) and 501(c)(6) (trade association) groups—that are not required to disclose their donors.

Such organizations can receive unlimited donations from corporations, individuals and unions. In this way, their donors can spend funds to influence elections, without voters knowing where the money came from.

In other words, elections are now controlled by billionaires and woke corporations and hedge funds who spend their money in secret! This needs to change!

Beck did a story a while ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDfaZcNi8lQ

I believe the only way to take down the evil Oligarchs is to pit GOOD billionaires against them. Fight fire with fire. Enter Elon Musk & Peter Thiel. After Musk bought Twitter, Shaun King - the white guy who pretends to be black for BLM, removed his Twitter account!

NUNES: “We’re very excited that Elon Musk has done this. Yesterday was one of the greatest days for this country, for free speech.”

King pushes every single racist hoax he can find! Evil fraud! If it's a hoax - it likely started with King!

His parents are white - and his birth certificate says he's white - but somehow he became a black man as he got older! It's a miracle!

President Trump said he won't be posting on Twitter - even that it's now owned by Musk - he will focus on Truth Social. I think that's good. Why? Because once Twitter becomes an open platform for free speech - we can ALL join again and educate the left on the truth! If Trump is there - they won't stay. SMART.

President Trump will start posting on Truth Social within a week - right when 2000 Mules hits the theaters!

"I am not going on Twitter, I am going to stay on TRUTH. I hope Elon buys Twitter because he’ll make improvements to it and he is a good man, but I am going to be staying on TRUTH."

85% of all politicians who test positive for COVID are triple-plus vaxxed Democrats. They all catch COVID and go into hiding when something bad is about to break!

All of a sudden Donald Trump Jr's Twitter account is exploding with new followers. Hmm. Is the Twitter staff destroying shadow banning suppression algorithms before Elon finds them?

So are many other conservatives.

More is happening on the stolen election and new evidence will soon be revealed of massive fraud.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "We can not tolerate 3rd world elections in America."

In Wisconsin:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "The Special Counsel appointed by the Wisconsin Assembly to investigate the crimes of the 2020 Election did an outstanding job. He discovered many pieces of evidence that indicate foul play.

Anyone calling themselves a Republican in Wisconsin should support the continued investigation in Wisconsin without interference. After all of the evidence the report brought to light, how could anyone want to stop it? I understand some RINOs have primary challengers in Wisconsin. I’m sure their primary opponents would get a huge bump in the polls if these RINOs interfere."

Justice Gableman, the judge who said the Wisconsin election was so fraudulent it should be decertified, will be featured in 2000 Mules - timed to push Wisconsin Republicans into action.

In Michigan:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Congratulations to Matt DePerno and Kristina Karamo on their incredible victory in Michigan! They will go on to big victories for Attorney General and Secretary of State. I will back them strongly. Michigan is one of the worst on Election Fraud and corruption, and they will put an end to it. At the same time, they’ll get to the bottom of the 2020 Election Fraud!

In Michigan, at the Detroit TCF Center, at 3:30 AM on November 4th, a black Hyundai Elantra and a white van delivered tens of thousands of ballots seven and a half hours after the 8:00 PM deadline.

Three hours later, at 6:31 AM, a batch of 149,772 votes was added to the count in Michigan with Joe Biden receiving 134,886 of those votes.

In Georgia, subpoenas have finally formally been issued for evidence in the True the Vote Georgia ballot trafficking case one month after the Georgia State Elections Board approved the investigation.

Delivered late last week, the subpoenas ask True the Vote and its researchers to turn over the identities of the 242 ballot harvesters, the John Doe whistleblower who was paid $10 per ballot, and suspected funding arms for the 2020 ballot trafficking operation.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Last night's debate in Georgia was a BIG win for David Perdue, who exposed Brian Kemp as the RINO that we all know him to be. It also showed how important it is for the MAGA voters to go and support David Perdue in the Election. It is not easy to beat an incumbent, however, if our voters turn out, David Perdue will win in a landslide.

A lot is on the line, including record-setting CRIME, which Brian Kemp has done nothing about, letting great communities like Buckhead be overrun by theft, murders, shootings, and drug deals.

David Perdue will fight for Georgia, and he is the only Republican who can beat Stacey “The Hoax” Abrams, because MAGA voters will not come out to vote for Kemp. Very sadly, a Kemp win will negatively affect the great Herschel Walker’s race for the Senate—it will be very hard for him to win with Kemp on the ticket. Don't let the Democrats, or the RINOs, win in Georgia. Vote for David Perdue, a really wonderful man who will be a great Governor!"

In Pennsylvania, on election night, there is video from the Philadelphia Convention Center that shows forty to fifty people entering the vote-counting center with backpacks, bags, and purses which were not checked by security at around 11:30 PM.

Also, Pennsylvania trucker Jesse Morgan drove approximately 288,000 completed mail-in ballots from Bethpage, New York to the USPS facility in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where he waited for six hours before being told to drive his cargo to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

That’s where he unhitched the still-loaded trailer, parked his tractor elsewhere, and went home for the night only to find his trailer gone the next morning.

Turns out that President Trump made a video on January 6th calling for peace and respect for law & order that nobody saw because Twitter TOOK IT DOWN after 5 minutes! Pelosi's committee is pretending it doesn't exist and saying Trump & MAGA incited violence! Here is ABSOLUTE PROOF that he did NOT!

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Why did Twitter quickly take down this video that I made on January 6th, and why isn’t the Unselect Committee of political hacks talking about it?

"I know you hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us. It was a landslide election and everybody knows it - especially the other side. But you have to go home now. We have to have peace. We have to have law & order. And we have to respect our great people in law & order. We don't want anybody hurt. This is a very tough period of time. There's never been a time like this when such a thing happened - when they can take it away from all of us - from me, from you, from our country.

This was a fraudulent election but we can't play into the hands of these people. We have to have peace. So go home. We love you. You're very special. You've seen what happens. You see the way others are treated - so bad and so evil - I know how you feel. But go home and go home in peace."


Mitch McConnell told the New York Times he was "exhilarated" by the take down of President Trump:

MCCONNELL: “I feel exhilarated by the fact that this fellow finally, totally discredited himself. He put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. Couldn’t have happened at a better time.”

Pretty much proving that RINO McConnell, in the pocket of Communist China, was in on the coup with his Commie pals.

BANNON: "All MAGA must read and absorb what McConnell said —McConnell is the enemy of MAGA and President Trump— he cannot be the leader after we take back the Senate in November."

I'm sure you've all read about how the Democrats are now trying to keep Republicans off the ballot because they're afraid they can't cheat enough to win this fall. This is what they hope to do to Trump in 2024.

Here's what Trump's spokesperson said about what they're doing to Marjorie Taylor Greene and others:

“You have these phony, corrupt lawyers that are saying you shouldn’t be allowed to run in your district because you invoked 1776. I mean, this is unbelievable…

It’s a neat trick. You rig the election and then if you happen to notice, you make it illegal for them to run for office. I mean it’s absolutely ridiculous and appalling. It is so anti-American and it’s unconstitutional.”

MTG has 70% support in her district & they want to remove her from the ballot so you can't vote for her.

TECHNO FOG: A new - and important - Durham filing just dropped. Durham has hundreds of e-mails between Fusion GPS and reporters. There are 62 pages of emails between Hillary's henchmen & the fake news! These include efforts by the media to help frame Sergei Millian and Carter Page. And - confirmation of the identity of the Fusion GPS employee who will testify at Michael Sussmann's trial.

MD: "Bear in mind, what we have seen so far lately from Durham is just the Hilary Clinton operation. As stunning as it is, none of this was classified. Ratcliffe and Kash keep saying the classified information they gave to Durham is more explosive."


Project Veritas said they will reveal new information soon from a whistleblower in the Biden administration that proves terrorists are roaming freely in the US as a result of the way Biden left Afghanistan and did NOT vet people he brought to America.

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