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Tierney's REAL News (4/25/22)

A Texas National Guard soldier, Specialist Bishop Evans, drowned in the Rio Grande when he attempted to rescue two ILLEGAL ALIEN CARTEL DRUG TRAFFICKERS trying to cross the river from Mexico to America! Because all are welcome here?

The search is still underway for Evans' body after he likely drowned after jumping in the water in an attempt to rescue the two criminals from the current. Texas Rangers have determined that the two illegals were involved in "illicit transnational narcotics trafficking." They are both in Customs and Border Protection (CBP) custody.

American soldiers are DYING trying to save the lives of criminal illegal drug and human traffickers who want to HARM us! Where is BLM? Doesn't Bishop Evans' life matter?

SPC Evans, 22, a field artilleryman from Arlington, Texas is assigned to A Battery, 4-133 Field Artillery Regiment in New Braunfels Texas, and joined the Texas Army National Guard in May 2019. He returned in the fall of 2020 from mobilization to Operation Spartan Shield in Kuwait. During this mobilization, his dedication, talents, and tactical prowess led his leadership to regularly assign him to operations in Iraq in support of Special Operations Forces for short periods of time, while then rotating back into Kuwait.

A hero. May he rest in peace!

Reverend Franklin Graham came out loudly in support of Ron DeSantis in his move against Disney for pushing the sexual grooming of children under 8 years old in their movies & theme parks & in public schools. Excellent!

Did you know that the pedophilia motto is: "Sex before eight - before it's too late!" Seriously - look it up! The "man/boy love" organizations out of California are quite open about this!

This is why I hate those "love IS love" signs. No, it's NOT. An adult male sodomizing a young boy is NOT love! An adult female or male grooming a young boy or girl for ANY kind of sex is NOT love! It's pedophilia!

Disney came out against DeSantis's "Parental Rights in Education Bill" which prohibits public school instruction on gender and sexuality between kindergarten and 3rd grade.

The bill, which was signed into law in March, stops teachers from pushing sex & gender on young children. It states that 'classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur.' The fake news spins this as "Don't Say Gay." Right.

It also requires districts to notify a students' parent if the child is being groomed by teachers or other students.

It was passed on March 8 in a 22-17 vote. The state House had approved the bill late last month. DeSantis signed it into law on March 28 and it will come into effect on July 1. Disney vowed to defeat the bill.

In addition, DeSantis is stripping Disney of their special powers and tax privileges. Disney had previously been allowed to run the area - known as Reedy Creek - largely free from government oversight on issues such as building regulations.

DISNEY: "I don't care what Hollywood says. I don't care what big corporations say. Here I stand. I am not backing down."

It's not just Hollywood & the public schools - the liberal church is actively working AGAINST Christianity & God's word by pretending that pedophilia somehow defines Jesus' love. The "interfaith" movement is designed to install a "one world religion" for the New World Order. Satan's minions. Put on the armor of God and resist!

Sorry, but if you don't believe that Jesus Christ is the ONLY and TRUE Lord and Savior of the world, then you have NO business calling yourself a Christian.

TUCKER CARLSON: Many TikTok videos have emerged of liberal blue-haired teachers with nose rings telling your children about their sex lives and encouraging them to change their gender!

Almost 70% of Americans absolutely do NOT want Disney & public school teacher groomers teaching sex and gender identity to children!

Jenna Ellis, a so-called conservative lawyer, who says she supports President Trump, offered to defend Disney. Why would she choose THAT case for pro bono work? Only a grifter & an opportunist would do that. Another reason I've never trusted that woman.

Jenna Ellis allowed the Bolshevik overthrow of our nation in 2020 as the Democrats STOLE the election from Donald Trump - advising that reversal of a fraudulent election was “unconstitutional.”

This atheist liberal, who used to work for Bush-Cheney, defended Disney & the groomers and actually said on MSNBC: "If Jesus Christ was alive today, he would be called a groomer, he would be called woke and he would be called a socialist."

He said that teaching children between the ages of 3-8 about sexual practices & gender identity is "loving one another" as Jesus instructed. WTH. Sorry, but Jesus did NOT encourage pedophilia! These are sick sick people.

White House logs prove that Eric Schwerwin, the president of an investment firm where Hunter Biden was a founding member, visited the White House and other official locations 19 times between 2009 and 2015. Schwerwin, who was the president of Rosemont Seneca Partners, met with aides and assistants to the then-vice president and Jill Biden. He also met with Joe Biden himself once in November of 2010.

The Schwerin White House visits included:

  • Meeting with Joe Biden aide Evan Ryan (10/28/2009)

  • Meeting with Jill Biden special assistant Meg Campbell (2/13/2010)

  • Meeting with Joe Biden assistant Michele Smith (10/24/2010)

  • Meeting with Joe Biden (11/17/2010)

  • Meeting with Joe Biden assistant Kellen Suber (8/22/2011)

  • Meeting with Jill Biden aide Betsy Massey (3/31/2012)

  • Meeting with Joe Biden assistant Michele Smith (2/7/2012)

  • Meeting with Joe Biden’s Director of Administration Faisal Amin (3/28/2013)

  • Meeting with Joe Biden assistant Kathy Chung (5/20/2013)

So much for the Big Guy's claim that he and Hunter did NOT do business together with our enemies.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk continues his battle for Twitter & Truth Social is almost ready to roll!

Musk mocked Bill Gates & the Twitter Board and revealed texts from Gates wanting Musk to support his "climate change" crusade AFTER Gates shorted Tesla stock! Playing hard ball.

Devin Nunes doesn’t think President Trump will go back to Twitter, even if Elon Musk purchases it. Sounds like a battle!

President Trump will be joining Dinesh D'Souza and Mike Pompeo in Austin, Texas on May 14th after the release of 2000 Mules. That should be good!

Soros just congratulated Macron of France for defeating LePen for a second term. All you need to know.

It looks like the French election was rigged. Ballots for LePen were damaged and voided and the vote tally suddenly changed live on air - just like the US 2020 election. I'll investigate and report back tomorrow.

CATES: "They literally made over a million votes for Le Pen disappear on live TV."

I'm pretty sure that liberal "dark money" is rigging elections all over the world! The truth will come out!

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