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Tierney's Real News (4/23/21)

Biden wore a mask on a Zoom call to discuss climate change with other world leaders. He appears to be the only one. Also, he's the only world leader without his nation's flag in view. WEAK.

This apocalyptic global warming schtick has been going on since the 1990s. Before that it was global cooling, another ice age, acid rain, famine & starvation. It will be 2221 and the elites will still be saying: 'Give us all your money or power, or the world is going to end! We really mean it this time!' All a money making scheme for global elites.

Biden now says all those illegal aliens are sneaking across our southern border due to climate change! Got it? It's the climate's fault! Biden added 116 countries to the do not travel list due to high levels of COVID, including Mexico, while at the same time encouraging all those who want to - to come illegally into America. Why? New Democrat voters.

Meanwhile, even left-wing climate protesters dumped wheelbarrows of manure outside the White House. Apparently they also think Biden is a crappy President.

Did you know the fight between the two teens in Columbus began as sibling rivalry over a dirty house? The foster mother said that her former foster children were at her home to celebrate her birthday and the older teen told the younger one to clean up her mess. The younger one decided to stab her to death because she didn't like to be bossed around. “It was over keeping the house clean. The older one told them to clean up the house because ‘Mom doesn’t like the house dirty.' So that’s how it all started.” So that prompted the teen to shout "Ima gonna stab the fuck out of you!" and try to plunge a knife in her heart. I had a few arguments with my younger siblings growing up but they never tried to stab me to death. Sorry, knife fights are not normal - no matter what CNN & MSNBC say.

LUNACY: Juan Williams claims that the Columbus police officer should have fired his gun into the air or a bullet off to the side to distract Ma’Khia Bryant in hopes that she'll stop what she's doing and wouldn't stab the girl. Others said police should aim for the leg instead of center mass. People who say ‘cops should shoot them in the leg’ do not know what a femoral artery is. So the teen could have stabbed the other girl to death in the heart and then bled out from a wound to her own leg. We'd have two dead instead of one. Great plan.

A 16-year-old Maryland youth was fatally shot last week by a state trooper while armed with a toy gun and knife. LeBron never said a word. Neither did BLM or Antifa. There were no riots or protests or calls about police brutality. Why not? The teen was white. White lives don't matter.

An alternate juror in the Floyd case was interviewed in Minneapolis. She did not know she was an alternate until the very end, so she has the same views as the other twelve jurors. She confirmed that the jurors had their smartphones, were aware of the $27 million dollar settlement made to the Floyd family, were well aware of looting, rioting and buildings burning around them and felt trapped.

They were also aware of the inflammatory comments made by Biden, Maxine Waters and others calling for a guilty verdict or else. She said helicopters and SWAT teams were active in her own neighborhood in Brooklyn Center, the night after the Dante Wright shooting, and one day she even had trouble getting on the ramp to go to jury duty because of the rioters and looters blocking the freeways. She was afraid they were going to come to her home if she didn't vote guilty.

If she felt this way, you know they all felt this way. She also said the jurors did not speak to each other by name. They called each other by number. And they rarely spoke and didn't look each other in the eye. Sounds like they wanted to get the verdict over as soon as possible. Still think this was a fair trial? No it was not. Ripe for appeal. Whatever you think about the case, if anyone tells you it was fair put your own child in that seat and ask if this is how you want him or her to be tried in a courtroom of LAW?

JUROR: "However, only being about six blocks from the police department, I could hear everything. When I came home, I could hear the helicopters flying over my house, I could hear the flash bangs going off. If I stepped outside, I could see the smoke from the grenades. One day, the trial ran a little late, and I had trouble getting to my house, because the protesters were blocking the interstate, so I had to go way around. I did not want to go through rioting and destruction again and I was concerned about people coming to my house if they were not happy with the verdict."

Alan Dershowitz says the verdict is ripe for appeal and could go all the way to the Supreme Court.

MIKE LINDELL: Thank you for being a part of Frank! With over 200 MILLION streams in just 2-days, FrankSpeech.com so far has been an epic success! Right now we're working on new features - keep checking back. In the meantime, help save our country and share Absolute Interference Everywhere!

Biden is considering raising the capital gains tax rate to 39.6% on people earning $1 million and over. Including the tax on investment income, wealthy individuals could see their federal rates reach as high as 43.4%. Biden had previously proposed taxing capital gains at the same rate as ordinary income – it is not clear whether he will also introduce an income tax increase on the wealthiest households. Currently, short-term capital gains are taxed at the same rates as income, but long-term gains are taxed at lower rates. They'll just leave and take their money with them. DUH.

43.4% capital gains tax might kill the golden goose that is America/Silicon Valley. People need an incentive to build long term businesses of value. In California, that would be a 56.4% tax burden. >50% spells death to job creation.

CROWDER: I pay corporate, payroll, property, gas, income and sales taxes ... then if I choose to invest what remains in American businesses and the economy, I’ll be taxed on it again (amidst the rampant effective tax that is inflation.) I now work for the Government.

After Biden's announcement, "BRING TRUMP BACK!" is the sentiment all over the chats and comment sections on the internet.

KENNEDY on BIDEN: ‘I Knew He Would Be Left of Center, I Didn’t Know He Would Be Left of Lenin.'

The Chinese Communist Party is expanding its video surveillance outside of China by placing cameras in Chinese restaurants around the world. Images of each customer and employee are instantly beamed to CCP analysts. After a scientist was arrested for giving $120 MILLION in US top secret data to the Communists, the US flagged more than 500 scientists and institutions in America who are agents for the Communist Chinese party. Tip of the iceberg. They're embedded everywhere. Probably in your own neighborhood. Remember the series The Americans? Watch it again except substitute Chinese spies for Russian spies.

14 police officers have been shot to death in the line of duty so far this year. 16 shot in ambush attacks. But no one talks about that. You're supposed to be silent, terrified to call out the Communist agenda. You're supposed to believe that you're an evil racist, hang your head in shame, and surrender, even though you're not. Fight back. It drives them insane and throws them off balance. President Trump is - he issued a statement against Lebron James for targeting police officers:

"LeBron James should focus on basketball rather than presiding over the destruction of the NBA, which has just recorded the lowest television RATINGS, by far, in the long and distinguished history of the League. His RACIST rants are divisive, nasty, insulting, and demeaning. He may be a great basketball player, but he is doing nothing to bring our Country together!"

OUTKICK: "Self-inflicted wounds are purposely ignored until they can’t be. For the NBA, that moment is inching closer. Coming into the 2020-21 season, NBA games on ABC — the league’s most important partner — were down 45% since 2011-12. On cable, it’s only slightly less damning. NBA broadcasts on TNT were down 40% and 20% on ESPN. To stick with more recent trends, the past two NBA Finals crashed to double-digit declines, with the most recent falling down 51% to an all-time record low. Last season’s NBA on ABC games fit that same category, recording the lowest average (2.95 million) on record…”

President Trump addressed a cheering crowd in Mar-a-Lago alongside Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Vernon Jones and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. President Trump went on to say that the 2020 elections were stolen and the Democrats know it.

President Trump said his team is advancing the effort to secure election integrity, adding that Democrats will not be able to steal the elections in 2022 and 2024. “The question I get asked more than any other question is: ‘Can you assure us that our vote in 2022 and 2024 will count?’ And we will assure you, we’ll never let that happen again. We haven’t stopped working on that. We’re not stopping.”

Trump said Biden's call to disparage the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is wrong and he's doing it for political reasons to help his pals at Pfizer and Moderna. He says he highly recommends the vaccine and it did not affect him negatively in any way but says nobody should be forced to take a vaccine or wear a mask. It should be our decision.

Even the fake news like NBC and fake pollsters like Nate Silver are questioning why the CDC tells people to wear masks after they've been vaccinated. The world is waking up. Many are calling forcing children to wear masks child abuse.

The long-awaited forensic audit in one of the most corrupt counties in America, Maricopa (Phoenix) Arizona, is about to start and Hillary Clinton's lawyer, Mark Elias, has filed another suit to stop it. Of course he has. Giuliani said this is the last gasp effort to stop it. They tried 10 days ago and lost. President Trump is aware of the audit and hopes it will happen. I wish I could be more positive but the Communists in this country own the courts. Pray.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "So many people would like to thank the brave and patriotic Republican State Senators from Arizona for the incredible job they are doing in exposing the large scale Voter Fraud which took place in the 2020 Presidential Election. Their tireless efforts have led to a massive recount, ballot examination, and full forensic audit, undertaken by experts retained by the State Senate, with results to be announced within six weeks. The Democrats, upon hearing the news of the Court Order, have sent 73 lawyers to Arizona in an effort to stop this recount and full transparency because THEY KNOW WHAT THEY DID! The Democrats are desperate for the FRAUD to remain concealed because, when revealed, the Great States of Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, New Hampshire, and the Great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, would be forced to complete the work already started. The Arizona recount and examination will be on live TV (OAN) for all to watch."

Why are the Democrats so desperate to stop this Election Fraud from being revealed? That answer is obvious! The Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, has been shockingly of zero help to the State Senate. He wants to “pretend” the election was free and fair. What are he and the Maricopa County Commissioners trying to hide? Our country needs the truth of the scam 2020 Election to be exposed. If it is not, just as if we have “no borders,” we cannot be a Great Nation. Honest elections are America’s Heart and Soul. We must never allow this to happen to our Great Country again. Thank you State Senators and others in Arizona for commencing this full forensic audit. I predict the results will be startling!

Even Rachel Maddow is panicking over the audit in Maricopa County. Now you know it's real.

UPDATE: A Democrat judge ordered the audit to stop for the weekend unless Democrats could put up a MILLION dollar bond to cover the delay. They refused so the audit will continue uninterrupted. Expect the DNC to pull more BS before this is over. You can watch it live yourself. They have 9 different live feeds of the audit. https://azaudit.org/

George W. Bush says he wrote in Condoleezza Rice for president in the 2020 election. Who cares?

The BLM-ANTIFA occupying the George Floyd zone won't release 38th & Chicago until their 24 demands are met! These are the NEW armed patrols policing the streets in Minneapolis. Don't you feel safe now? I grew up in this neighborhood - it's two miles from me!

Remember last month when a 51 year old black man grabbed a 12 year old boy from behind at a McDonald's in Pittsburgh and stabbed him in the neck and called him a white devil? Then he wrestled with police and called them racial slurs as well. He did not know the boy. He simply went out to hurt a white person. Did you see this on CNN or MSNBC? No, you will not. There sure seems to be a lot of this lately. Do you think it's planned? I do.

A BLM mob stormed the Oklahoma Capitol, causing lawmakers to go into lockdown and forcing police to clear the protestors out of the building. Isn't this an insurrection? I wonder why this isn't national news? Why isn't the FBI tracking them down and interviewing their relatives? Where are the charges? I guess they didn't like the fact that Oklahoma is naming a highway after President Trump.

Proof that boycotts work, one out three Americans are now less likely to drink Coca-Cola after the company tried to ban voter ID.

The Communists are pushing a sex-ed curriculum called “It’s Perfectly Normal”, which was created by the World Health Organization. It teaches children about masturbation, anal sex and other things children should not even be thinking about! Do you see why President Trump cut ties with the WHO? These people are sick.

Biden issued a blanket authorization for U.S. diplomatic outposts around the world to fly the "Pride flag" on the same flagpole as the U.S. flag at their embassy or consulate "showcasing support for LGBTQ rights" to the world. Meanwhile, Iran still executes LBGTQ and enslaves women and China harvests the organs of Muslims and rapes female dissenters. Yet, the UN just applauded both those Nations for their human rights records. Insane. Does Biden think flying the LBGTQ flag is going to stop Iran and China from mutilating women and gays? I don't think so. Think America mocking God's creation, like below, is going to convince other nations to do the same? I don't think so. It only makes us look insane & easy to overthrow.

So Bruce Jenner, who now calls himself Caitlyn Jenner, is going to run as a Republican for the Governor of California & Brad Parscale is helping. In California it's a hate crime to say anything bad about a transgender person. That should work in our favor. Two can play at this game.

STEPHEN MILLER: "America First Legal is serving as Outside Counsel to Texas in a lawsuit just filed against the Biden Administration. Biden’s mass release of unvaccinated, untested, covid-infected illegal migrants violates fed law+the Admin’s own covid regs. We must stop Covid Catch-and-Release."

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