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Tierney's Real News (4/22/21)

President Trump attempted to ban Communist China's TikTok and was overruled by the courts. Now we are suffering the consequences. The cartels are using TikTok to recruit American teens to smuggle illegal aliens & drugs across the border.

The fake news isn't satisfied with a guilty verdict in the Floyd case. Neither is Lebron James. They want ALL police officers and ALL of America to hang.

CBS: "Chauvin is heading to prison. But is convicting one police officer enough? Is that Justice? Or is Justice convicting all of America?"

America, did you know that YOU are on trial? Our enemies are loving this. They love to watch us eat ourselves alive. It makes us easier to invade.

LeBron James, who calls himself KING JAMES, actually posted a threatening tweet calling for the police officer, who stopped a black woman from stabbing another black woman, to be taken out. "YOU'RE NEXT" he wrote. Then he deleted it after being called out. I know many young men who call KING JAMES their hero. Sorry, he's EVIL and in bed with the atheist Communists.

Lebron: "I'm so damn tired of seeing Black people killed by police. I took the tweet down because its being used to create more hate - This isn't about the officer. it's about the entire system and they always use our words to create more racism. I am so desperate for more ACCOUNTABILITY."

UPDATE: New surveillance footage from the neighbor shows the teenager screaming "Ima gonna stab the f*ck out of you, bitch!" - with a knife in her hand before she was shot dead by police. I'm sure she didn't mean it!

LeBron never speaks out about that fact that 500 white people were killed by police last year compared to 250 black people. LeBron never speaks out about the fact that 300 police officers, of ALL races, were murdered in the line of duty last year. LeBron never speaks out about that fact that 7,000 young black men are murdered by other young black men each year. He only speaks out when a white officer killed a black person to save another black person. Why? Liberal politics to help his masters in Communist China divide America. After LeBron wrote his disgusting tweet, lots of people spoke out:

WHEELER: "If you're shocked Lebron James has zero regard for the life of a police officer who shot a perp attacking a girl with a knife... you haven't been paying attention. Lebron also refuses to condemn China for ACTUAL GENOCIDE against the Uighur people."

BOEBERT: "Lebron James truly has a lot of nerve targeting a police officer for doing his job. I'm not sure what China has on him, but his constant push for division in this country is obscene. Talking about oppression from a multi-million dollar mansion..."

CANDACE OWENS: "She was in the process of KILLING another human being! You are a LOSER for defending this criminal. The police officer is a hero. He SAVED a black life."

DAVE RUBIN: "Hey Lebron, former NBA fan here, haven’t watched a game in years because of this nonsense. Also, spare us the fake outrage. You wouldn’t have said a word if the girl had stabbed the other girl to death because it doesn’t fit the narrative."

TWITTER: "Police officers must be perfect and have master martial art skills to disarm people, gather information, and select the perfect weapon in a split second, but Lebron can be paid $100 MILLION, have all day to train, then gets 10 seconds at the line and he can’t make an uncontested free-throw."

TRAVIS: "LeBron is unwilling to say anything about China, both with his relationship with China but, more importantly, say Space Jam 2 gets on in Chinese theaters. If LeBron ever spoke out and said something simple like 'I'm in favor of human rights around the world,' China would pull his movie as well as his product and his ability to make money off of Chinese Corporations. James also has ties to China because of his partnership with Nike, which does a lot of business in the Middle Kingdom as a manufacturer and with apparel sales. James has traveled to China more than a dozen times over the years following his signing with Nike in 2003, visiting cities to promote fitness and basketball."

The National Fraternal Order of Police to LeBron: "He should educate himself and, frankly, has a responsibility to do so, on the facts before weighing in. This is disgraceful & extremely reckless. The officer saved a young girl’s life."

JOURNALIST: "Can an officer shoot the leg? Can they shoot somewhere that would not result in a fatal wound?"

COLUMBUS POLICE CHIEF: "We don't train to shoot the leg because that's a small target. We train to shoot center mass...There was a deadly force threat that was going on."

JASON WHITLOCK: "LeBron James, like other elites, is using racial division as a distraction as elites reshape America to be more like Communist China. Elites prefer Communism. Millionaire elites are protected by Communism. What we're experiencing isn't a racial conflict. Race is being used to divide and fool the 90% of us who have foolishly come to take American freedom for granted."

A 16-year-old Maryland youth was fatally shot last week by a state trooper while armed with a toy gun and knife. LeBron never said a word. Neither did BLM or Antifa. There were no riots or protests or calls about police brutality. Why not? The teen was white.

While Americans are busy buying into Biden, Lebron & Obama's claims of systemic racism, police brutality and hating on each other, the global New World Order scientists are quietly mixing human body parts with robots and monkeys to replace humans altogether. Look here - not there. Wake up! Satan is coming for America and we must stand up for Jesus and stop buying into this systemic racist BS!

DeSantis said he thinks the Chauvin jury voted the way they did because of mob rule. They were afraid of what would happen if they didn't vote guilty. Brett Favre spoke on the Derek Chauvin verdict - says it's "hard to believe" George Floyd was killed "intentionally."

Biden said all Americans should continue to “mask-up” in May and June as “everyone has a chance to get their shot." At the same time, numerous studies show masks to be ineffective in blocking COVID and are in fact *harmful* and can cause sickness & premature death. YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are also censoring a doctor who claims face masks for children are dangerous.

Biden also announced that 80% of all those who are at risk from COVID have already been vaccinated. Proving masking up is simply a way to control us all. Biden warned Americans that if they don't follow his instructions he will cancel the 4th of July.

Biden said that over 200 MILLION have been vaccinated including 80% of seniors and high risk groups. Now he is going to make vaccine available for everyone over 16. Biden said you can now go to your local pharmacy and buy toothpaste & deodorant and get vaccinated for free! It's fun, it's easy & it's so Patriotic! He also said that many people feel "under the weather" after they get vaccinated so he wants all employers to give people TIME OFF WITH PAY for as long as they need it to get vaccinated! And that the IRS is going to reimburse corporations for giving employees time off (for as long as they need) to get vaccinated. In other words, it's another scheme to stop people from working and get paid to stay home!

BIDEN: "I'm calling on every employer, large & small in every state, to give employees the time off they need with pay to get vaccinated. No working American should lose a single dollar from their paycheck because they choose to fulfill their patriotic duty of getting vaccinated"

RAND PAUL: "Science is about proving things are happening. If Dr. Fauci can prove that people who are vaccinated are spreading the disease, I will listen to him. If he can prove that people like me who have already had it are spreading the disease, I'll listen to him. But there is no evidence of that."

"If you want more people to get vaccinated, Joe Biden should go on national TV, take his mask off, and burn it. Light a torch to it, and burn his mask and say, 'I've had the vaccine, I am now safe from this plague. If you get the vaccine, you can be safe too.' The burden of proof should be on the government to prove that we're spreading it and we will listen to them, but instead it sounds sort of like fearmongering."

Celebrities are only required to wear masks during commercials at the Academy Awards. They don't have to wear them for the cameras. So the virus knows to stay put when the cameras are on and only comes out during commercials?

Amazon said it is rolling out biometric technology at its Whole Foods stores around Seattle letting shoppers pay for items with a scan of their palm. Sounds great, huh? Not so much.

The system, called Amazon One, lets customers associate a credit card with their palm print. Now they have your palm print. Now all criminals have to do to access your credit card is to cut off your hand! Also, did you know that the FBI's National Palm Print System contains prints from 29 million Americans? Will Amazon's plan to collect palm prints from their 150 million customers help the FBI's effort to identify every American? In other words, Amazon is helping to ID every American for the global NEW WORLD ORDER.

A new poll from Pew Research shows that liberals believe the biggest problems facing America are: gun violence, racism, COVID & climate change. Conservatives say it's illegal immigration, the deficit, violent crime, and poor quality of schools. Pretty big differences!

Of the six environmental problems facing the U.S., Americans remain most worried about those that affect water quality. Majorities express “a great deal” of worry about the pollution of both drinking water (56%) and rivers, lakes and reservoirs (53%). Most Americans don't care about climate change, they care about clean water!

Ever notice that the things that pollute our water seem to come from the same place that COVID did? Eurasian Milfoil, Chinese Mystery Snails, Asian Carp, Asian Longhorn Beetle, Asian Tiger Mosquito, Eurasian Zebra Mussel, Asian Stink Bug, China's Northern Snakehead Fish. It's almost as if they are introducing invasives to destroy America's water on purpose!

Meanwhile, Biden's White House announced that Bill Gates will be the keynote speaker at their climate change summit. So Bill Gates is in charge of ABORTION, POPULATION CONTROL, FARMLAND, EUGENICS, VACCINES, COVID & CLIMATE CHANGE! He certainly gets around!

Did you know that air, water & soil pollution are so bad in Communist China that they actually call cities "cancer villages." Happy Earth Day! China made great use of this pandemic which came from Wuhan and it's not racist to say that. They brought freedom-minded young people to their knees in Hong Kong all while American elites from the NBA to Apple to Google to the Biden family were happy to look the other way.

Squatters in the George Floyd zone, two miles from my house in Minneapolis, have refused to leave the area and have now posted signs with instructions to white people on how to behave if they wish to enter. You can't make this up. BLM-ANTIFA were interviewed in the zone by local reporters, and they suggested it would be easier for "us to **** all white people." This is how a Holocaust starts.

Tell me again how racist America is - a country that elected a black President - twice - and now has a female black-Indian Vice President (even though she stole the office.) Meanwhile, Africa's leaders still enslave 47 MILLION people of color and Communist China enslaves 2 BILLION of their own people (so they can watch LeBron play basketball for a fee) and use 2 MILLION Muslims at labor camps to make shoes for LeBron's feet and sell us cheap stuff!

Check out the leadership behind the Communist Party in China - you won't find ANY DIVERSITY there! Open your eyes and stop buying the lie!

They just released the 911 calls from the Columbus shooting. They called and said "They're trying to stab us!! We need a police officer here now!" Now they're trying to blame the officer who shot the black teen who was stabbing another black girl. That sounds like a setup doesn't it? Particularly because it happened at the very moment the George Floyd verdict was rendered. It's even more telling that LeBron James got involved and called for the white officer to be taken out. This case is going to be George Floyd 2.0.

Then, to add insult to injury, BLM-ANTIFA said teenagers have been having knife fights for years and the police don't need to get involved! "Teenagers have been having fights including fights involving knives for eons. We do not need police to address these situations." WTH. They called the police for help! Sorry, knife fights are not part of a normal teenage experience!

Meanwhile, the Cincinnati police say a 13-year-old girl has been charged with murder in the stabbing death of another 13-year-old girl. I guess Lebron wasn't aware of that and didn't care.

Somebody just emailed me to say police should have shot the knife out of that girl's hand before she stabbed that person to death because Barney on the Andy Griffith show would have done that. She said that's what a nice policeman would do. Not kidding. I want to scream. Barney didn't have to deal with meth, weed, heroin, crack, fentanyl addicts going on drug-fueled murderous rampages in Mayberry!

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is considering requiring police officers to get a supervisor’s permission before beginning a foot chase and Congress is considering pushing for a 5-second delay on all LEO weapons. Both are good ways to get an officer killed...I think that's the plan.

Charles Payne says he “cringed” when he saw video of MSNBC’s Al Sharpton “strutting to a private plane to fly to Minneapolis. So many people have made millions stoking the flames of anger.”

A whistleblower said that Amazon forces employees to discuss their white privilege during regular meetings. So does Delta & Coke. The WOKE culture is even taking over the recovery industry.

Hazelden just hired a new CEO, Dr. Joseph Lee, MD. I got an invitation in the mail to meet him in person - because I am in recovery and have donated in the past. Surprisingly, Hazelden is positioning Dr. Lee as the first "non-white" President in Hazelden's history - as his parents came here from Seoul, South Korea over 50 years ago. This is how desperate corporations are to be WOKE.

He's a brilliant triple-boarded physician, he completed his Adult Psychiatry residency at Duke University Hospital and his fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry from Johns Hopkins Hospital but they're talking about his "race." His credentials speak for themselves - he doesn't need to use his 'color' to justify his promotion.

I was the first woman VP in a billion dollar company at the age of 22! On top of being born deaf into poverty with no college degree. Nobody held a ticker tape parade for me! My ancestors fled pogroms in Europe. My ancestors came to America with NOTHING and were given NOTHING. My father was a mailman and my mother was a hairdresser - together they worked three jobs to put food on the table and we babysat each other from the age of 8. I am sick to death of the non-white oppressed BS narrative. We are ALL immigrants in America and we can all be whatever we want to be. America is the LEAST racist & the most FREE country in the world. Hazelden can forget ever seeing another dime from me! Does he look oppressed to you?

What's next? Is Hazelden only going to offer treatment to non-white people? Or segregate patients by color? This is no different than when the "non-partisan" Retreat in Wayzata held a fundraiser and told us NOT to vote for the "racist" Trump & then brought in Amy Klobuchar to speak. Or when Hosanna Church in Lakeville told the congregation we needed to get over our "whiteness." I'm supposed to bring my bi-racial family to a church who says white people are bad? Why are treatment centers and churches bringing racial division into the rooms? It's WRONG.

This whole white narrative is nothing more than another political stunt to divide & conquer for the Communists! Think about it ... why is it "okay" for LGBTQ to claim " I was born this way - accept me as I am" but white people are supposed to denounce being born white and apologize for their "whiteness" and call themselves a mistake! See the problem? It's all evil. We are ALL God's children.

JIM JORDAN: "The FBI spied on the Trump Campaign. The Post Office is spying on you."

Turns out that the US Postal Service has a special unit that scours social media and then passes along information to the FBI. They target conservatives. The Gateway Pundit thinks they know where the post office got that list of conservatives. Last year, remember when they sent goons to raid Brian Kolfage's house. He's the war veteran and triple amputee behind We Build the Wall - with Steve Bannon. He was arrested and dragged into custody. They took his computer. On which would be the list of every single person who donated to We Build the Wall. If your name is on that list you were probably monitored or removed from social media. Also, remember that whistleblowers revealed that the USPS was also responsible for tampering with hundreds of thousands of ballots. There is well documented evidence that the USPS was manipulating ballots in swing states. What else is the USPS up to?? My dad was a conservative mailman. He is rolling over in his grave!

New clinical trials show that Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine helps protect against moderate to severe illness, and resists all "mutant" variants. Contrary to what Fauci's pals at Pfizer & Moderna say.

Archbishop Viganò is calling out the Vatican again!! This time for their "health" conference with Fauci, Pfizer and Moderna CEOs, Chelsea Clinton, and other power hungry psychos. Vigano said that Communist Pope Francis has made himself the servant of the New World Order. Yes he has!

The Democrat Mayor of Los Angeles called for an increase of LAPD's budget by 3% to $1.76 billion of the city's $11.2 billion budget after shootings rose 80% this year and despite the narrative to defund the police.

Contrary to what the fake news says, most shooters in America are young black men. Why? Why do 7,000 young black men die at the hands of other young black men every year? Experts say it is because most black men in America lack father figures. America doesn't have a gun problem, we have a dad problem. Who created this problem? LBJ and his Communist great society. Communists must destroy the American family because the family creates stability and nurtures strength and faith. Communists want women to marry the Government and abandon God. That's why they push abortion, welfare & gender confusion. FATHERS ARE IMPORTANT ROLE MODELS.

Florida's Broward County School Superintendent Robert Runcie and General Counsel Barbara Myrick were arrested as part of a statewide grand jury spawned by the school massacre in Parkland more than three years ago. Runcie was arrested on a charge of perjury in an official proceeding. He was in charge during the Parkland massacre and I believe helped facilitate the false flag. The school board attorney, Barbara Myrick, was also arrested. I told you. ALL of Broward County is corrupt. Ever read my indepth report about the Parkland massacre? It's worth your time. Another psyop for the gun grabbers: https://realnewsnetwork9856.blogspot.com/2018/04/why-i-believe-nikolas-cruz-didnt-kill.html

The State of Arizona has declared a state of emergency due to illegal aliens flooding the border and is sending the National Guard down to protect the state's border with Mexico. The border crisis is out of control and they need help.

The New York Times reports that Biden intends to formally call the massacre of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire a genocide on Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, which will be marked on Saturday, April 24. Turkey’s foreign minister has warned the Biden administration that recognition would “harm” US-Turkey ties but Biden is doing this for a PR stunt.

Biden plans to reiterate President Reagan's determination that the slaughter of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire was genocide. Yet, Biden is still unwilling to call China's enslavement, rape, sterilization, and murder of Muslim Uyghurs a genocide. He calls that a "cultural difference." Biden is still unwilling to admit there is a Christian genocide going on around the world.

Many US Presidents have declined to call the Armenian atrocity a genocide but President Trump was very clear it was a massacre:

In 2019 - President Trump made this statement: “Today, we join the global community in memorializing the lives lost during  the Meds Yeghern, one  of the worst mass atrocities of the 20th century.  Beginning in 1915, 1 and a half million Armenians were deported, massacred, or marched to their deaths in the final years of the Ottoman Empire.  On this day of remembrance, we pay respect to those who suffered and lost their lives, while also renewing our commitment to fostering a more humane and peaceful  world.

Every year on April 24, we  reflect on the strong and enduring ties between the American and Armenian peoples.  We are proud of the founders of the American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief, a ground-breaking effort established in 1915 that provided crucial humanitarian support to Armenian refugees, and grateful for the thousands of Americans who contributed or volunteered to help Armenians expelled from their homes.

On this day, we bear witness to the strength and resiliency of the Armenian people in the face of tragedy.  We are fortunate that so many Armenians have brought their rich culture to our shores  and contributed so much to our country, including decorated soldiers, celebrated entertainers, renowned  architects, and successful business people.

We welcome efforts by the Armenians and Turks to acknowledge and reckon with their painful history.  On this day, we believe it is our obligation to remember  those who suffered and perished and reaffirm our commitment to protecting vulnerable religious and ethnic minorities around the world.”

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