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Tierney's Real News (4/21/21)

I watched Mike Lindell's new documentary called Absolute Interference. While I suggest you watch the whole thing, if you just want to see the new information jump to the 1 hour 35 minute mark to hear a cybersecurity expert validate the foreign election interference in great detail. He's been able to document that China used our voting machines to attack 2295 counties in America and all 50 states. Trump got 80 million votes, Biden got 66 million votes. Share this everywhere. 150 MILLION people watched Lindell's first documentary. Let's make this 200 MILLION!


Absolute Interference will also be playing on One America News Network on:

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Well, the George Floyd circus trial is over and the jury convicted Derek Chauvin after 10 hours of deliberation on all three charges: 2nd degree murder, 3rd degree murder & 2nd degree manslaughter. The trial lasted less than three weeks. Chauvin was taken away in handcuffs to SuperMax where he is on suicide watch. He faces 10-40 years in prison. He wrote his lawyer's phone number on his hand before he was taken away for his one call. The verdict will be appealed immediately because Biden, Waters, Ellison, Pelosi and the Judge all gave Chauvin ammunition to use on appeal. On purpose? I think so.

Remember that while the jury was supposedly sequestered - they still had their smart phones so they knew all about Biden & Maxine's calls for a guilty verdict! One juror even said he could smell the smoke from buildings in Minneapolis burning down around him!

The jury ignored the evidence of what actually caused George Floyd's death (not Chauvin's knee) and rendered their verdict in less than 10 hours. Facts & law don't matter when the jury knows anything other than guilty means they & their families face serious threats of physical, social, & economic destruction, and billions of dollars in damage and destruction, likely Detroit-permanent, to their community.

DAVID HOROWITZ: "As expected for almost a year, the Lynch mob got its verdict. It's clear from the swift arrival at a verdict that the jury did not seriously consider the evidence at the trial, which was extensive and complex - except for the last three minutes of the famous tape."

At the same time the verdict was read, Mike Lindell released his new documentary called Absolute Interference and a teenage girl was shot dead by police for attempting to stab to death another woman. Think that was a coincidence? Nope. Timed for maximum deflection. Just like Daunte Wright's death the night before jury deliberations was not a coincidence either. It's all scripted and planned for your daily brainwashing. This is how Communists take over countries. This is how Hitler took over Germany!

Then Biden & Harris went on TV and called America racist and said the verdict was only the beginning of achieving justice. Then Biden basically admitted that the entire Floyd incident was scripted. He said it took a "bizarre convergence" of factors to bring this story to the world. Ya think? Then Obama added fuel to the fire and called America racist. Then George Floyd's girlfriend (Daunte Wright's teacher) & Nancy Pelosi both went on TV and THANKED GEORGE FLOYD for giving his life so we could all bask in this moment of social justice!

Biden: "Systematic racism is a stain on our nation's soul, the knee on the neck of justice for black Americans. Profound fear and trauma, the pain, the exhaustion that Black and brown Americans experience every single day ... today's verdict is a step forward."

Harris: "Black Americans, & black men in particular, have been treated throughout the course of our country as less than human. Black men are fathers & brothers & sons... their lives must be valued... We're all a part of George Floyd's legacy & our job now is to honor it."

Pelosi: “Thank you, George Floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice. For being there to call out to your mom ― how heartbreaking was that? ― call out for your mom*, ‘I can’t breathe. But because of you, and because of thousands ― millions ― of people around the world who came out for justice, your name will always be synonymous with justice.”

*He didn't call out for his mom. His girlfriend was nicknamed "MOMMA."

Obama: "...True justice requires that we come to terms with the fact that Black Americans are treated differently, every day..."

Obama's version of True Justice: If your store is looted, you are the criminal because you are a capitalist. If your home is burned down, you are the criminal, because you got a mortgage because of white privilege. Victims are criminals, criminals are victims. The Democrats want a race war -- and so do CNN, FOX and MSDNC.

Darnella Frazier, who just happened to shoot video of Derek Chauvin on George Floyd on Memorial Day 2020, said on Facebook after the verdicts, "To know GUILTY ON ALL 3 CHARGES!!! THANK YOU GOD THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. George Floyd we did it!!! Justice has been served.”

George Floyd's brother: "It was a motion-picture, the world seeing his life being extinguished."

Here's one major point people are missing. These are the three other officers who were with Chauvin. Are they all going to go down as racist murderers too? One of the officers is an African-American. Another is an Asian-American. It's going to be hard to make the case that a black officer killed a black man because of his race. Are they going to accuse an Asian officer of killing a black man for his race? That's why they didn't try all four officers together as they originally intended. Because they couldn't use systemic racism as the cause. They are going to have to convict the black officer and the Asian officer of being racist murderers too in the death of Floyd. That should be interesting.

Here's another major point that people are missing. Officer Mohamed Noor was convicted in Minneapolis on the same charges that they convicted Derek Chauvin on. The exact same charges. By design. Ellison set it up that way. Remember, Noor accidently shot Justine Damond in the chest through the police car door in the dead of night. He went to prison for 12 years. The Derek Chauvin case was scripted as retribution for the Noor verdict - it's as plain as day. Back then, I said Noor was not guilty of murder and did not deserve 12 years in prison. He should never have been a police officer to begin with! Ask Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar & former Mayor Betsy Hodges why they hired him!

It's interesting to watch the TV pundits' takes on this. Sean Hannity, Judge Jeannine, Greg Jarrett, OJ Simpson & Scott Adams all think the verdict was correct. Alan Dershowitz, Greg Kelly, Greg Gutfeld, Candace Owens, Larry Elder, Tucker Carlson all think it was not. Almost everybody thinks it will go to appeal. Even Ted Cruz. My question is, will Chauvin be Epsteined before that?

GUTFELD (SARCASTIC): "I'm glad that he (Chauvin) was found guilty on all charges, even if he might not be guilty of all charges, I am glad that he is guilty of all charges because i want a verdict that keeps this country from going up in flames......my neighborhood was looted, I don't ever want to go through that again."

Biden's Attorney General Merrick Garland confirmed that the Department of Justice will launch an immediate investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department and Keith Ellison & Ilhan Omar said it will be dismantled permanently.

I've been thinking long and hard about the fate of Minnesota. I've decided that I should decide where I'm going to live permanently AFTER the results of the 2022 mid-terms. That will tell us everything we need to know about America's future and how far gone we actually are. In two years, God will burn off all the deceit and we'll know if America will become a Communist nation facing civil war or not. We'll know for sure which states are free and which states are enslaved. We'll see if America really is the land of the free and home of the brave - one nation under God - or if it will bow down to Satan and do the bidding of our Globalist atheist masters. It's up to us. Pray for God's wisdom, courage & strength. If you want to save YOUR state - stand up and take action! Nobody is coming to save us.

Florida is a great state and a great choice but I stayed near Tampa for two months last winter and the people there were just as liberal and deranged as Minnesotans. Sometimes even worse. Not all of Florida is sane.

What if something happens to Trump or DeSantis - you think Florida will stay red? NOPE. It will go the way of Georgia. Trump said he's not going to decide if he will run for President until after the mid-terms. I'm following his lead. Florida is also right off the coast of Communist Cuba - where the Chi-Comms are planning an invasion from their military bases in Venezuela. You think Biden will stop them? LMAO. No, he'll roll out the red carpet. I know people who moved to Arizona & New Mexico to escape crime only to move out because of open borders. Ducey is sending National Guard to the border of Arizona as we speak.

I have friends with mix-race immigrant families who moved their children out of the hood to the "white" suburbs in Minnesota so they could escape crime and poverty and send their kids to the best schools to achieve the American dream. They live in $500,000 homes. Now they are calling themselves "victims" of white supremacy and saying they are oppressed because they are persons of color. This is how sick our nation has become through Satan's poison.

Now that the verdict has been rendered, read the article about George Floyd that I wrote almost a year ago about what really happened. I live in Minneapolis. I researched this well. This was a total setup. People don't remember this but right after Floyd's death, Trump said there's something odd about Chauvin. He didn't look right. That told me immediately that this was a setup. That's why I started investigating all the details behind it. https://www.tierneyrealnewsnetwork.com/post/the-truth-about-george-floyd-antifa-cair-keith-ellison-s-minnesota

One news person said Floyd came to Minnesota for a better life. JOKE. Floyd fled to Minneapolis after he got out of prison in Texas for putting a gun to a pregnant woman's stomach and robbing her for drugs. He served 5 years. He came to Minnesota to start a new life of crime and porn and drug dealing and counterfeiting in another state! Then he became an informant for the FBI & MPD! The Communists used him as a patsy for their own ends. Why are we all being so stupid!! So they don't call us racist? Insane.

While the Floyd verdict was being read, police shot and killed a 16-year old girl in Ohio who was trying to stab to death another woman. Her own mother had called the police to stop the fight. While the police showed body cam footage of her daughter trying to stab to death another woman, her mother said: “Ma’Khia had a motherly nature about her. She promoted peace." With a knife in her hand? The fake news is spinning this too as a racist murder. A white cop was trying to save a black woman from being stabbed by another black woman.

CANDACE OWENS: "Makhia Bryant was a knife-wielding maniac. But the goal now is to convince black people to celebrate criminality so I’m really excited to learn about how heroic, kind, and inspiring this knife-wielding maniac was."

Meanwhile, in New York, BLM-ANTIFA rioters told white people dining outside to “get the f— out of New York” & that their white-owned taquerias aren’t welcome. The crowd chanted along. In Minneapolis, BLM-ANTIFA rioters tried to hijack a truck, looted businesses, burned down a church & danced in the streets while chanting "You can't stop the revolution" and "All cops are bastards."

This is a good take from David Horowitz:

"No one in his right mind could have been surprised by the verdict in the Minneapolis trial of Officer Derek Chauvin for the killing of George Floyd. For 11 straight months cities have been burned, people have been murdered and billions of dollars of property damage have been caused by a national lynch mob determined to be its own judge, jury and executioner. Headed by Antifa and Black Lives Matter and supported by every so-called “Civil Rights” organization, the Democrat Party and its malignant leadership – Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Schumer, this lynch mob has been on the attack against law enforcement a decade and more. Their threat, No “Justice” No Peace, is a threat that more cities will be attacked, more people will die – perhaps even Chauvin case jurors - if the verdicts they want aren’t delivered. This is a criminal movement with a criminal mission: to substitute its own vigilante justice for America’s justice. On the eve of the Chauvin trial, the City of Minneapolis gave a $27 million settlement to the family of George Floyd - a career criminal and dangerous drug addict. The alleged crime was the wrongful death of Floyd. The settlement was made in advance of the evidence and of the trial. It was a blatant effort to put the authorities and taxpayers of Minneapolis in the camp of the lynch mob – telling the jury that the only justice lay in absolving Floyd of any complicity in his own death and the mayhem that followed. Nonetheless, anxious that anything might be left to chance, Democrat congressional leader, Maxine Waters, demanded a first degree murder conviction, days before the verdict. The Farrakhanite Attorney General of Minnesota, Keith Ellison, hadn’t even charged Chauvin with First Degree murder, because it was preposterous. But Maxine was not content with letting justice take its course. The Alzheimer President couldn’t contain himself either. According to his opinion – as though he had watched and weighed the hundreds of hours of testimony, the evidence of Chauvin’s guilt was “overwhelming.” Really. As soon as the formality of the trial was concluded, the verdict demanded by the lynch mob was delivered with lightning speed: Guilty on all charges – murder and manslaughter, even though the murder charge didn’t make any legal sense, unless you think arresting a drug addled forged check passer and illegal substance ingester is a felony in itself. Second degree murder involves a killing in the course of committing a felony, and nothing else. The speed of the decision was itself evidence that the jury hadn’t deliberated or even considered any of the evidence presented in the trial, as to what actually caused Floyd’s death, whether Chauvin acted in accordance with the standard procedures of the Minneapolis Police Department, and therefore whether there was any malice or inhumane disregard for Floyd’s life involved in Chauvin’s actions.

Did Chauvin murder Floyd? Murder requires intention. If you believe, like President Biden, that Chauvin murdered Floyd, then you have to believe that an officer of the law, in possession of his faculties, would choose to murder an individual while dozens of cameras – many of them hostile - filmed the event. No one in his or her right mind actually believes this, but virtually everybody and every commentator immediately went on record saying they had no problem with the verdict. Dissenters seemed only to have problems with the lynch mob behavior, as though that didn’t corrupt the whole process, verdict included. For the Black Lives Matter and Antifa fascists the issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution. The lynch mob doesn’t give a damn about George Floyd or black lives. They haven’t got the slightest interest in the justice or injustice of any case, this one included. Their attitude is: How can we use this case to advance our real agenda which is overthrowing the American political and economic system and instituting a totalitarian state?

They already have another Minneapolis pretext and will burn cities on the backs of those involved. Daunte Wright is a violent criminal who got himself killed while resisting arrest. Why did he resist arrest? Because he had jumped a $100,000 bail for a vicious armed robbery. His victim was a woman friend whom he had grabbed by the throat, put a gun to her head and stuck his hand down her bra to snatch her cash. Antifa gangsters are already on the march chanting “You can’t stop the revolution" and "Death to Amerika." That's what it's really about."

Senior Democrat and Republican Congressional aides — who would never let their bosses say so on the record — privately said that a guilty verdict in the Chauvin trial has lessened pressure on them to act on police reform. So they were praying for guilty to make their jobs easier!

A couple of days ago, Morgan Stanley warned that China's new digital renminbi - the first "central bank digital currency" (or CBDC) - could cement its status as the next global reserve currency to replace the dollar. But don't forget, corporations are also striving to create the stablecoin of the future, challenging governments' long-held monopoly on money. CORPORATE COMMUNISM. Years ago, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg first declared his intention to launch a transnational stablecoin via Facebook's "Libra" project to enable cross-border payments on Facebook's platform, the Facebook-backed digital-currency project. He changed the name from Libra to Diem and is reportedly planning to launch Facebook's first stablecoin called "Diem" in 2021 as a small-scale pilot. Can you imagine entrusting your money to Facebook? OMG.

After Tucker Carlson called the Chauvin verdict wrong, Jeff Bezos had one of his “minions”, a former classmate of Tucker Carlson, call around to other former classmates and ask if Tucker had “done anything naughty at the age of 19." They are looking to pull a Kavanaugh on Tucker.

The Biden administration is offering 22,000 additional foreign worker visas, despite the fact that 10 million Americans are still out of work.

Mark McCloskey, the St. Louis attorney who confronted BLM-ANTIFA protesters outside his home — and was harassed by the Soros DA, is considering a Senate run. Should he choose to enter the race, McCloskey would likely face off against former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens and state Attorney General Eric Schmitt in what is expected to be a hotly contested race to replace Republican Senator Roy Blunt.

Did you know that Mega corporations with huge business interests before the federal government donated $61 million to Biden’s virtual inauguration? Yep - just came out. Uber, Lockheed Martin, Comcast, AT&T, Bank of America, Pfizer, the IBEW, Warren Buffett's daughter's firm and Qualcomm, all gave the maximum $1 million. Now you know how they paid Lady Gaga & J-Lo to sing. Other corporate donors that gave at least $100,000 to Biden’s inaugural committee include Amazon, Google, United Airlines, Peloton, Ford, Doordash, Airbnb, Charter Communications, Anheuser-Busch, Walmart, Verizon Anthem Health Insurance, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Dow Chemical, General Motors, FedEx, Amgen, Quicken Loans, the NFL, the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, the American Federation of Teachers along with many hedge fund operators.

Commodity prices over last year...Biden's hyper-inflation in progress. This is how Communism destroys countries:

Lumber: +265%

WTI Crude: +210%

Gasoline: +182%

Brent Crude +163%

Heating Oil: +107%

Corn: +84%

Copper: +83%

Soybeans: +72%

Silver: +65%

Sugar: +59%

Cotton: +54%

Platinum: +52%

Natural Gas: +43%

Palladium: +32%

Wheat: +19%

Coffee: +13%

Gold: +3%

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