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Tierney's Real News (4/08/21)

New York will offer payments of up to $27,000 to ILLEGAL ALIENS who lost work during the pandemic. The effort — a $2.1 billion fund in the state budget — is by far the biggest of its kind in the U.S. Rewarding those who are in our country ILLEGALLY!

130 illegal aliens surrendered to US Border Patrol near San Miguel, Arizona. Everyone was given a mask and taken to a Tucson facility for processing. Welcome to America! Come on in! All are welcome! Take our jobs. Take our money. Take our homes! Take our country! We don't care about the future of OUR children. We only care about YOUR children!

The Biden administration did not solicit bids for an $87 million contract to house migrant families in hotels and instead gave the massive contract to an organization whose leadership has ties to the White House. Biden is paying his pals $395 a night to house illegal aliens with our money!

BTW - Texas' Governor Abbott reports that illegal alien 'children' are sexually assaulting each other in Biden's facilities in San Antonio! I'm guessing they aren't children! 1,300 are being held at Freeman Coliseum. “Children at this facility are being sexually assaulted." These "children" don't have ID and many of them are 20+ years old - and gang members!

ILHAN OMAR: "It’s shameful and unacceptable for Biden to continue the construction of Trump’s xenophobic and racist wall."

A wall around our country's borders is racist but a wall around the US Capitol is "common sense safety." Right. Kenya built a wall on their border with Somalia to keep Omar's relatives out!

LIBERALS & RINOS: "I didn't like Trump, but I wish Biden would do what Trump did." Republicans keep telling us that America will NEVER be a socialist nation while Biden is turning America into a socialist nation. We are WELL on our road to Communism!

President Trump lost $1.1 billion while in office HELPING America, while Obama made over $20 million CHEATING America. Beijing has now replaced New York City as the home of most billionaires. Communist China's cities are taking over the top positions thanks to them releasing the VIRUS on the world.

The Forbes roundup of the world’s richest individuals, published Tuesday, shows that Trump ranked at 1,299 with an estimated net worth of $2.4 billion in 2021. In 2017, Trump’s first year in office, the former president’s net worth was an estimated $3.5 billion, or nearly 32 percent more than now.

Newsweek ran an article entitled "Can blood from young people slow aging? Silicon Valley is betting billions it will." Still think the adenochrome narrative is a conspiracy? Now you know why Big Health & the Communists want your DNA & your blood. Now you know why they want all those tests & all those vaccines. Now you know why all those children disappear. Now you know what Epstein was doing. Will your child be next? Hollywood is calling.

"Scientific papers published in 2011 and 2014 reveal that the blood from young mice had seemingly miraculous restorative effects on the brains of elderly mice. In the months before the pandemic, investors ponied up billions of dollars to fund biotechs aimed at commercializing the new science."

The prosecution bombed in the Floyd case yesterday. Experts said Chauvin followed policy in use-of-force with an aggressive suspect, that Floyd mentioned he "ate too many drugs" and the inspectors "missed" finding drugs in the vehicles on their first search, that they kept Floyd restrained due to the angry crowd & because that's policy, that he didn't urinate on the ground - that was fluid from the vehicle. In other words, the entire scene was manipulated & edited for the cameras to cause maximum outrage & devastating riots.

BTW, Derek Chauvin weighed 140lbs on the day of the arrest. George Floyd was TWICE his size and Floyd's girlfriend already testified that he suffered an OD from the pills that the same guy sold him a few weeks before, but was able to get to hospital in time.

The video portal Twitch, which belongs to Amazon, announced that users will now also be suspended "for actions beyond the platform."

The European Court of Human Rights ruled that compulsory vaccinations are legal and may be necessary in democratic societies. Welcome to ONE WORLD COMMUNISM. Meanwhile, a UK hospital is refusing to treat a man with a broken neck because he won’t take a Coronavirus test!

Google: Who's the most powerful doctor in the world? Search machine answers: Bill Gates.

The Great Reset World Economic Forum dropped a new dystopian future video today entitled the "Mask of the Future" which is tied to an app your phone. It tells you when your mask is dirty & must be changed. Next it will tell you when you can leave your home & when you can speak. Disobey & you will be sent to the camps. The Handmaid's Tale wasn't entertainment. It was predicting the future, ladies.

BTW, here's another perk of wearing a mask for hours at a time. Staph infections in your eyes. Your mouth bacteria gets trapped under the mask and then escapes through the top and into your eyes. It can infect your cornea & blind you if left unchecked. This is a friend of mine who works for a company that forces her to wear a mask for 12 hours shifts! She is a senior citizen with underlying health issues & FULLY VACCINATED.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan said women would not be raped if they dressed properly and that some men are simply unable to avoid raping women.

Myanmar's UK ambassador was locked out of his London embassy after speaking out against the Myanmar military. The Myanmar embassy in London was stormed today and seized by allies of the nation’s new military regime, the ambassador thrown out. Good.

The Obama administration claimed that Trump was lying after he revealed that hundreds of horrible notes and messages were left throughout the White House when he took office. We now learn that guests of Obama left the horrible messages for the incoming Trump administration. Trump was telling the truth.

If you haven't figured out yet that politicians like Obama, Omar, Ellison & Tlaib were GROOMED by the Global Communists to infiltrate and take over America - you need to get out more. They knew we would vote for them and our own demise rather than be called racist or Islamophobic!

Biden is pressuring Justice Breyer to retire after he announced that he doesn't support Biden's plan to pack the court. The 82-year-old justice has made it clear he has no plans to step down.

Tucker Carlson said that Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson was influenced by Walmart in making his decision to veto bill banning medical gender transition for minors. Walmart's headquarters are in Bentonville, Arkansas.

New unearthed emails reveal Hunter Biden most likely took part in a West Wing meeting in 2014 with his father, VP Biden, days before he received millions in cash from Burisma, Ukraine's energy firm. Was this before or after he slept with his brother's wife & snorted parmesan cheese off the floor?

RUDY GIULIANI: Hunter Biden’s book reveals many crimes ignored by the crooked media and FBI. For instance, if Hunter had a long-term addiction, then he lied on his application for a gun license. Any other individual would go to prison for that.

Hunter Biden lived for five months with a crackhead mother of 7 named 'Bicycles,' who he gave keys to his apartment after throwing change out the window at the homeless woman so she could buy him cigarettes.

United Airlines announced its plan to have 50 percent of pilots trained in the next ten years to be women or “people of color." What happened to the content of our character? People have been reduced to their sexual preferences and skin color. But, apparently, United, American & Delta Airlines think minorities aren't intelligent enough to get an ID to vote!

CANDACE OWENS: "It's very racist to assume that black people are not intelligent enough to get an ID to vote."

It’s been 3 months since January 6th and the FBI still does not know who casually dropped off bombs at the DNC and RNC headquarters the night before, just a few blocks away from our nation’s White House. They also say they still don't know how Sicknick died. The question now is—does anybody actually believe they don’t know? Remember the only two people who actually died at the Capitol riots were TRUMP SUPPORTERS!

Of the 5 people whose deaths are connected to the Capitol riot:

-2 died of a heart attack

-1 died from amphetamine poisoning

-1 from homicide (Ashli Babbitt - who was shot by the Capitol police)

-1 from an aneurysm (Sicknick's last known cause of death)

Biden is introducing several executive orders on gun control. That's why there's been a rash of false flag shootings lately - to convince you that guns are dangerous and you should hand yours over. That's also why blue states are furiously legalizing marijuana. You can NOT use weed & own a gun or buy ammunition. It's FEDERAL LAW. Doesn't matter if your state allows recreational or medicinal marijuana use. You still have to turn in your weapons!

Don't think for a second that it's a coincidence that Biden's Communist government is about to launch gun control measures right before riots are about to break loose due to an almost certain acquittal in the Chauvin trial. They want you vulnerable and scared. That way they can control you. Don't let them.

“The use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medicinal or recreational purposes in the state where you reside.” Marijuana users are using a controlled substance, so they are prohibited from owning a gun, per the federal Gun Control Act. PERIOD. Doesn't matter whether it's recreational or medicinal. You can NOT legally own a gun a use weed.

Stephen Miller is launching America First Legal, a group whose broader ambitions are to get involved in litigation that goes beyond the Biden administration, including to support police officers and go after big tech companies. Trump just endorsed it.

TRUMP: "Stephen Miller is a fearless, principled fighter for the America First movement. He has backbone, integrity, and never gives up. As we know, the Radical Left has been relentless in waging their battles in court. Conservatives and America First supporters badly need to catch up and turn the tables, which is why I applaud Stephen and Mark Meadows for rushing to fill this critical void. The era of unilateral legal surrender must end—and I hope all America First patriots will get behind America First Legal."

Trump just cheered on Mark Meadows. Didn't Lin Wood & Patrick Byrne both call Mark Meadows a traitor? Yes, they did. Hmm.

Biden will give over $240 million to the Palestinians - reversing Trump's cuts. Biden also plans to lift sanctions against Iran and send the world's number one sponsor of terrorism more of our money - just like Obama did. Sorry, Biden says your money isn't to support your family - it's to support everyone else's families - even those who hate us and send terrorists to kill us. Israel isn't happy & Mossad will travel to the US to meet with Biden & present damning evidence on Iran's plans.

President Trump just endorsed Mo Brooks for Senate in Alabama, home of Jeff Sessions:

"Few Republicans have as much COURAGE and FIGHT as Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks. Mo is a great Conservative Republican leader, who will stand up for America First no matter what obstacles the Fake News Media, RINOs, or Socialist Democrats may place in his path. Mo Brooks is pro-life, loves our Military and our Vets, will protect our Second Amendment, combat the Biden open borders agenda, is fighting for voter integrity (like few others), and was the Co-Chair of our winning, and record setting, Alabama campaign in 2020. Mo Brooks has my Complete and Total Endorsement for the U.S. Senate representing the Great State of Alabama. He will never let you down!"

Trump said the fake news is lying about Matt Gaetz:

“Congressman Matt Gaetz has never asked me for a pardon. It must also be remembered that he has totally denied the accusations against him.”

Trump posted a statement about why we need voter ID:

"ICYMI: Why We Need Voter ID

Voter fraud in Georgia for the Presidential Election was rampant!

Michael Goodwin—New York Post:

"Reader Matt Conley calls voter fraud identity theft, and tells a story. He writes: “My youngest sibling lives in Missouri and found that a vote was cast under his name in Georgia. He asked the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office if that vote could be removed and not included in the presidential recount. He was told no. After the Senate runoffs, my brother wanted to know if a vote was cast in his name again. The Secretary’s office told him that they took down the fake online account but would not say if votes were cast. Problem solved in their mind.”

The Los Angeles County sheriff finally reported that Tiger Woods was going 83 mph on a windy road in a 45 mph zone when he crashed. He was in a hurry to get to his next appointment as I reported weeks ago.

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