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Tierney's Real News (4/02/21)

President Trump issued a statement on Biden's latest tax hike plan:

"Joe Biden’s radical plan to implement the largest tax hike in American history is a massive giveaway to China, and many other countries, that will send thousands of factories, millions of jobs, and trillions of dollars to these competitive Nations. The Biden plan will crush American workers and decimate U.S. manufacturing, while giving special tax privileges to outsourcers, foreign and giant multinational corporations.

Biden promised to “build back better” — but the country he is building up, in particular, is China and other large segments of the world. Under the Biden Administration, America is once again losing the economic war with China—and Biden’s ludicrous multi-trillion dollar tax hike is a strategy for total economic surrender. Sacrificing good paying American jobs is the last thing our citizens need as our country recovers from the effects of the Global Pandemic.

Biden’s policy would break the back of the American Worker with among the highest business tax rates in the developed world. Under Biden’s plan, if you create jobs in America, and hire American workers, you will pay MORE in taxes—but if you close down your factories in Ohio and Michigan, fire U.S. workers, and move all your production to Beijing and Shanghai, you will pay LESS. It is the exact OPPOSITE of putting America First—it is putting America LAST!

Companies that send American jobs to China should not be rewarded by Joe Biden’s Tax Bill, they should be punished so that they keep those jobs right here in America, where they belong.

This legislation would be among the largest self-inflicted economic wounds in history. If this monstrosity is allowed to pass, the result will be more Americans out of work, more families shattered, more factories abandoned, more industries wrecked, and more Main Streets boarded up and closed down—just like it was before I took over the presidency 4 years ago. I then set record low unemployment, with 160 million people working.

This tax hike is a classic globalist betrayal by Joe Biden and his friends: the lobbyists will win, the special interests will win, China will win, the Washington politicians and government bureaucrats will win—but hardworking American families will lose.

Joe Biden’s cruel and heartless attack on the American Dream must never be allowed to become Federal law. Just like our southern border went from best to worst, and is now in shambles, our economy will be destroyed!"

CORPORATE COMMUNISM: Biden provides Silicon Valley with low-cost indentured guest workers, passing over qualified U.S workers. This decision also massively boosts the supply of guest workers taking jobs in construction, landscaping, hotels & restaurants. They in turn agree to censor, enslave and slander anyone who disagrees.

Even the Koch-backed U.S. Chamber of Commerce lobby called Biden's tax hikes to fund infrastructure program "dangerously misguided." Koch Libertarians love open borders, cheap weed & cheap labor - high taxes & regulations not so much! I bet the Never Trump Kochs are rethinking their sneaky plan to team up with the AFL-CIO to destroy Trump & help Biden win. Their plan will destroy themselves!

MCCONNELL THINKS BIDEN IS A FIRST-RATE PERSON: 'I don't think the American people gave them a mandate to drive our country all the way to the political left,' McConnell told reporters at his home in Kentucky. "I'm going to fight them every step of the way. I like him (Biden) personally, I mean, we've been friends for a long time. He's a first-rate person. Nevertheless, this is a bold, left-wing administration. I don't think they have a mandate to do what they're doing."

LARA TRUMP ON FACEBOOK REMOVING HER POST ABOUT PRESIDENT TRUMP: "This is not the country we want to live in, this happens in communist countries. I think the message is they want to erase Donald Trump. They want you to forget he existed. They don't want you to see him, they don't want you to hear from him, look away, move on, shut up, and go on about your lives. Forget Donald Trump existed. This is really scary stuff. He is very upset by it and look, you've heard he might be thinking about a social media platform. Never a better time than right now to push that forward."

Mike Lindell is making the talk show rounds to introduce his latest documentary on voter fraud & his upcoming social media site called Frank. He said top officials from several box stores called him in January to tell him they would discontinue MyPillow products this year after he announced he was making a movie about voter fraud. It ended up being their loss. Mike says several sellers are now regretting the move and asking him to come back to their stores.

Lindell said he has spoken with Trump and his platform will not be in competition with the president’s plan to start up a social media platform, “No, No, even on the other platforms that are out there. The more we have the more voices we have the better. But you have to realize is you see what my platform has is those videos that were taken down by YouTube, Vimeo - there is a place for those videos on my platform. It’s very good for live-stream. It’s very good for video platforms. It can handle 1 BILLION users.”

Any conservative who matters either has been, or will be, banned from the major platforms like Twitter, Facebook & YouTube. They don't let you stay if you're effective. YouTube and Twitter actually canceled Steven Crowder to prevent him from providing negative coverage of the Derek Chauvin trial.

Looks like a real audit may happen in Arizona. The GOP-led Arizona state Senate announced that four firms have been hired to audit election results and recount the 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County’s 2020 general election. The independent audit will be conducted by four out-of-state companies; Wake Technology Services, CyFIR, Digital Discovery, and Cyber Ninjas. A report is expected to be released in about 60 days:

"Maricopa county Board of Supervisors has just crapped their pants and called an emergency meeting regarding the Arizona Senate deciding on a firm yesterday to go forward with the audit of Maricopa county Election.

They crapped her pants because Maricopa county has been fighting any real attempt to audit there election. They fight back against the Senate subpoena, the Senate went to a judge and got an order and they thought back against that, the Senate had to go and produce a stronger subpoena. The Maricopa county Board of Supervisors has been fighting this scrutiny tooth and nail.

“The AZ Senate took a highly discipled and methodical approach to their decision making process when choosing how to conduct a full forensics and signature audit on behalf of the citizens of Arizona. This was done over a period of months in a fully transparent way and the citizens of Arizona should be proud of the process, the transparency and the overall desire to get to the truth. This is about discovering the truth and ensuring the people of Arizona have full confidence in the election system and processes when it comes to executing our right to vote.”

Doug Wardlow is General Counsel for Mike Lindell & is running against Keith Ellison for AG in 2022. He ran against Keith Ellison in 2018 and lost likely due to absentee ballot fraud. I did an extensive analysis of Minnesota voter fraud and the numbers don't add up. He should have won. Maybe this time he'll win.

Nike sued the rapper who sold Nike Satan Shoes. Nike doesn't care that Muslim slaves in Communist China make their shoes but they draw the line at being associated with Satan. I guess that's something!

According to Hunter Biden's memoir he was smoking crack every 15 minutes for a period of time. His superpower was his ability to get crack at anytime or anywhere because of the Biden family name.

The man who beat an Asian woman unconscious on her way to church in New York was out on parole after he murdered his own mother with a kitchen knife. I kid you not. White supremacy?

New video shows that Chauvin's knee was on George Floyd's back - NOT his neck. As we said all along. It is a standard approved police procedure to pin down a drug-addled perp by placing your knee on his back muscle while your associates hold down his legs and feet. The fake news manipulated the video & photo to make it look like Chauvin was choking him. HE WAS NOT.

Floyd's girlfriend testified that she and Floyd were heroin & meth addicts and that the man in the car with them was their drug dealer - who has taken the 5th. She said Floyd had ODed two months before the 'incident' and almost died and was foaming at the mouth. He was foaming around the mouth on Memorial Day too, when the cops asked him what he was on. He said nothing - that he'd been "hooping" earlier. His girlfriend said the drugs made them both sick and there had been times when Floyd would be 'up and bouncing around' and other times when he would be 'unintelligible'.

Remember when Floyd kept repeating 'Momma Momma' over and over and the fake news told you he was calling for this mother. That was his nickname for his girlfriend & fellow heroin addict. His girlfriend said she was saved in Floyd’s phone as “Momma!”

Paramedic said cops continue to hold down people who have overdosed because they can become violent or "aggressive" if they are revived by paramedics. So cops don't just stop restraining a person simply because they stop moving. Because they can start up again...makes sense. 99% of the public has never seen a violent addict. I have. It's nothing to mess around with. Particularly one who is 6'6" tall and weighs 250 pounds.

Just listened to Shannon Bream of Fox News give an update on the Floyd case and she didn't think it was important to mention that his girlfriend was his fellow addict & testified that Floyd ODed twice in the two months preceding his "incident" at Cup Foods and that the man in the back seat with Floyd was his drug dealer. This is why they are ALL fake news!

Pete Buttigieg drove in an armored Suburban to bring a bike within a short distance of his destination so he could unload it and ride in with a security detail so he could pretend for the cameras to save energy due to climate change. It's all FAKE!

Scott Adams (Dilbert) is on Twitter telling his followers that NOBODY would ever knowingly take Fentanyl. That poor George Floyd was duped. This is the same clown who told his followers months ago that he would block anyone who spoke out against masks. He's a dangerous stupid person. Beware. He hangs out with Never Trumper Cernovich.

Hyper-inflation is coming

Steel +145%

Lumber +126%

Oil +80%

Soybeans +71%

Corn +69%

Copper +50%

Silver +38%

Cotton +35%

Coffee +34%

Wheat +25%

FAO Food Index +25%

Cattle +21%

Bitcoin +470%

Stock Market +23%

Home Values + 8%

Hourly Wages +5%

Money Supply Up +24%

Reported Inflation +1%

Georgia's Republican-controlled state House repealed a $35 MILLION tax break on jet fuel to retaliate against Delta Airlines for bashing their election reform efforts! Now we're cooking with gas. GOP growing balls! Delta doesn't think we need an ID to vote but they require an ID to fly!

Turns out that Matt Gaetz has text & email documents that prove his innocence. So the New York Times is doubling down now and trying to tie him to some sex trafficking scandal from two years ago and Drudge is pushing it hard. The reporter who 'broke' the Matt Gaetz 'sex story' previously worked for the Chinese Communist Party's Beijing Review in Beijing, China. The investigation and story are based on unfounded opposition research compiled by Democratic operatives. Funny how this happens right after the 10th woman comes forward to accuse Cuomo. Here's the bizarre narrative:

The documents in Gaetz's possession detail an alleged scheme that revolves around attempts by former Air Force intelligence officer Bob Kent and Beggs & Lane attorney David McGee, a former federal prosecutor, to free ex-FBI agent-turned-private investigator Robert Levinson from imprisonment in Iran. Levinson went missing in Iran in March 2007. McGee is the attorney for the Levinson family. Kent in December 2018 had planned a secret mission to try to rescue Levinson, but he was reportedly thwarted by the federal government.

Don Gaetz, a former Florida state Senate president, said he received messages from Kent on March 16. The message proposes “a plan that can make [Matt Gaetz’s] future legal and political problems go away.” Gaetz has denied any relationship with a minor. Despite the family members of Levinson saying in March 2020 that they presumed him to be dead based on information given by U.S. officials, the alleged message from Kent said he had located Levinson in Iran and has two “proof of life videos.” Kent also requested the Gaetz family’s help returning Levinson in exchange for giving Matt Gaetz credit for the operation and promising a presidential pardon for unnamed legal issues.

The next day, on March 17, Don Gaetz purportedly met with Kent, and Kent handed him a three-page document outlining “Project Homecoming.” That document detailed a plan to save Levinson at the cost of a $25 million loan. In the Project Homecoming document, Kent then asked that the loan should be deposited in the trust account of Beggs & Land, naming David L. McGee, and deposited no later than March 19.

The Project Homecoming document states that Gaetz is “under investigation by the FBI for various public corruption and public integrity issues” and alleges that the FBI is aware of photos depicting Gaetz in a “sexual orgy with underage prostitutes.”

“In exchange for the funds being arranged, and upon the release of Mr. Levinson, the team that delivers Mr. Levinson to the President of The United States shall strongly advocate that President Biden issue a Presidential Pardon, or instruct the Department of Justice to terminate any and all investigations involving Congressman Gaetz," the document reads. It also implied that the White House has some knowledge of the plan: "The team has been assured by the President that he will strongly consider such matters because he considers the release of Robert Levinson a matter of National Urgency." The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Stephen M. Alford, who has previously faced fraud and extortion charges, was also allegedly at the March 17 meeting and gave Don Gaetz his business card showing Captum Consultants. The April 2020 articles of incorporation for the company indicate they came from Beggs & Land, McGee’s firm. Another email chain appears to confirm the existence of the FBI investigating extortion claims.

“My client, Don Gaetz, was approached by two individuals to make a sizable payment in what I would call a scheme to defraud,” Jeffrey Neiman said in a March 25 email to the Department of Justice. “The FBI is not asking Don to voluntarily and proactively assist in their investigation, which Don is willing to do. Please confirm that your Office and the FBI would like Don’s assistance in this matter and that he will be working at the Government’s request.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney David Goldberg responded: “I can confirm that your client is working with my office as well as the FBI at the government’s request in order to determine if a federal crime has been committed. This has been discussed with, and approved by, the FBI as well as the leadership of my office and components of Main Justice.”

"Anonymous sources" at the DOJ told the New York Times that a convicted sex trafficker named Mr. Greenberg introduced women to Gaetz, who also had sex with them. One of the women who had sex with both men also agreed to have sex with an unidentified associate of theirs in Florida Republican politics. They said Greenberg had initially contacted her online and introduced her to Gaetz. Gaetz denied ever paying a woman for sex. Sounds like the fake dossier all over again with different players.

I KNEW THEY FRAMED THE PAPA JOHNS GUY FOR RACISM. A recently unsealed court filing revealed that Schnatter is suing Laundry Service and its parent company, Wasserman Media Group, over what Schnatter claimed was a "secret plot" to oust him from the company.

Lawyers for the Department of Justice have asked a judge for additional time to decide whether to turn Trump's taxes over to the House Ways and Means Committee. The committee subpoenaed Trump's taxes while he was president and the Treasury Department, at the time, declined to comply with the subpoena. The House filed a lawsuit against the Treasury Department to enforce the subpoena. Trump's lawyers intervened in the case.

Much of Europe is banning the second shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine for anyone younger than 60. This tells me they're worried about the immune system over-reacting in healthy people.

A Belgian court ruled that all Covid-19 restrictions need to be lifted within 30 days & found that the government did not have the legal standing to put the restrictions in place. Finland withdrew its plan to lock city dwellers in their homes to stop the spread of Covid-19, after it was deemed unconstitutional by a law committee. Wisconsin's Supreme Court struck down Ever's mask mandate & said his restrictions are unconstitutional. Many states are dropping mask mandates, outlawing vaccine passports, banning men in women's sports, banning sex change for children & giving businesses liability protection against COVID claims. People are awakening. Slowly but surely.

The Biden administration is doing everything to show us it intends to end Capitalism in America and move us to a Command and Control centralized Communist economy following the blueprint of the Soviet Union. Former KGB agents say that the Soviet Union actually faked their collapse - they are STILL a Communist State. Experts predict Russia and China will come together again in a military "scissor operation" to take down the United States & install Communism around the world. It is the last stage of the GREAT RESET before what they refer to as the new normal. In the past I'd say this was a conspiracy. Now, I think that's true. Trump tried to break up the bromance between China, Russia, Iran, Merkel's Germany & North Korea. Biden is bringing them all together to take us down.

Grand Valley State University of Michigan announced that they are holding separate graduations for Black, Asian, Latino, LGBTQ+, and Native American students. Team Biden is moving American back to segregation - just like the old Democrat Confederacy of the Deep South.

The number of people who were searching for "buy covid test results" in January 2021 had doubled since August 2020 and there are FAKE tests sold all over the internet. You can also buy NEGATIVE tests to fool the authorities.

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky: “Our data from the CDC today suggest that vaccinated people do not carry the virus.”

RAND PAUL: Paging Dr Fauci: Please end the mask theater now that the CDC admits evidence that the vaccinated do not carry the virus.

WASHINGTON POST: Can the vaccinated spread the virus? Scientists don't know.

I don't believe anything the fake news and the scientists say anymore. Nor should you. Do your own research. Study the issue from several perspectives. IGNORE the headlines. A buried study from the NIH indicated they believe there are 5 UNDIAGNOSED cases of COVID for every case. Meaning 150 MILLION people in America have been infected and recovered and another 153 MILLION have been vaccinated. Meaning nearly 300 MILLION people out of 332 MILLION have been exposed or vaccinated. Herd immunity is here.

Cuomo legalized recreational marijuana for people 21 and over. There goes New York. Stick a fork in it. It's done. The only reason Democrats want legal weed in every state is to take your weapons. You can NOT own a gun (it's against Federal law) if you use weed & you'll be so high you won't care if they try to take it!

As you're navigating the new information coming out on George Floyd & the Wuhan virus, it might help to read my in-depth reports on both issues to give you an overview. You'll find links below. Both articles are well documented & well worth your time. They've been viewed by hundreds of thousands.

For my in-depth report on George Floyd, click here.

For my in-depth report on the truth about the Wuhan virus, click here.

U.S. and Russian top military generals spoke by phone following the buildup of Russian forces on Ukraine's border and Biden's dog pooped on the floor of the White House in a show of force.

Video showed that two toddlers from Ecuador, 3 and 5, were literally DROPPED over the wall by human smugglers & Team Biden had nothing to say. Biden is turning America into Mexico's CVS. Poor illegal aliens are vaccinated at the border, children are dumped & used as pawns while Mexico's jet set get vaccinated in Miami, LA, and NYC.

For those of you who admire Lin Wood, Trump won South Carolina with 55% of the vote. Why did Lin Wood LEAVE Georgia to move to South Carolina to run for the head of a GOP that doesn't need fixing? Why didn't Wood stay in Georgia where the GOP sucks and Trump lost due to fraud? Wood's choice to run AGAINST Trump's endorsed candidate in South Carolina is very odd and very telling.

For more current news: https://www.tierneyrealnewsnetwork.com/post/tierney-s-real-news-3-31-21

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