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Tierney's Real News (3/29/21)

Let's put COVID deaths, population & immigration statistics into perspective. America has 332 MILLION people. Roughly 4 MILLION Americans will die every year - of those only 21,000 (or 6% of reported COVID-related deaths) were COVID ONLY deaths last year. Roughly 4 MILLION children are born every year. However, 1 MILLION American babies are aborted each year. 1 MILLION legal immigrants are admitted every year and another MILLION sneak across the border.

So, basically, we are replacing American aborted babies and growing our country with foreign immigrants. Got it? I think it's important that we promote family in America and CHOOSE & SCREEN the immigrants we want to let in to HELP grow our country and not just let ANYONE march in. Right? Why would we let people come here who hate us, hate God or want to destroy us or live off us? That makes no sense to any thinking person. It's NOT racist to love your country.

Pollution in Beijing, China is OFF the charts again. It turned the sky yellow and reduced the sun to a blue dot. This is why they want to invade & seize America. They can't live in their own toxic waste! They can't breathe their own air, drink their own water or grow food in their polluted soil. 90% of the plastic waste in the oceans flows from RIVERS in Communist China & the 3rd world! They dump their garbage in rivers in China and it flows to the rest of the world! Good thing American taxpayers will be paying MILLIONS into the Paris Climate Accord to send more money to Communist China so they can keep polluting their air, soil & water to no end & send their toxic waste West to the rest of us!

Fauci & his Communist collaborator, Dr. Zhong, are now pushing a new lie. Your children shouldn't play together until they're fully vaccinated. I thought the science PROVED that COVID wasn't a danger to children? What changed?

Zhong, who is often called “China’s Fauci,” is a pulmonary specialist and a long-time Communist Party member. He's Fauci's Communist pal. He and Fauci just appeared together on a COVID panel and both expressed hopes that COVID restrictions & mass vaccinations worldwide would continue well into the future: "It will take about two or three years time with global collaboration.” Trust me, their plan is to make COVID panic & enslavement the new normal.

We had a little over 30,000 unaccompanied minors apprehended at the border last year under President Trump. They predict 25,000 coming in May alone under Biden!

A Biden official, from Washington DC, traveled to the southern border to prevent Ted Cruz from taking pictures of Biden's border crisis:

TED CRUZ: How far is Joe Biden going to stop the American people from seeing inside the Donna CBP facility? Biden sent a political operative from DC to block our cameras and even threatened another senator to obstruct legitimate congressional oversight.

You knew it was coming. New York is the first state to introduce a vaccine passport for admission to events & businesses. Now, the Biden administration is working with private corporations to create a universal “vaccine passport” to restrict the movement of non-vaccinated Americans.

If you follow the natural progression of the effort, there will come a time when employers will be forced by federal regulation to require vaccination for all their workers. Keep in mind, while places like NY are signing vaccine passports into law, which prevent law-abiding Americans from entering our country, events & businesses without proof of tests or vaccination, these illegal immigrants can fly into and across the US without COVID testing or a legal ID. Let that sink in. Soon they'll be allowed to vote with NO ID. And cash stimulus checks with NO ID. And get free healthcare & free school with NO ID. Americans have become SECOND CLASS CITIZENS in their own country! We are paying for our OWN extermination!

Remember, all vaccines are not even FDA approved at this point. They are still operating under the Emergency Use Authorization. Whether to take a experimental drug must be a personal choice. NO COVID vaccine has yet been licensed by the FDA. We are in for a host of litigation on this issue. It's already starting.

This notion that people who choose NOT to take the vaccine are somehow putting innocent people at risk is absurd. Forcing people to be vaccinated, who don’t want to be vaccinated, doesn’t make the people who are already vaccinated any safer. Vaccine passports are going to be a very difficult thing to implement in a country where only about 42% of the population even has a standard passport and Democrats say millions of Americans are too stupid to figure out how to get an ID to vote!

The Biden regime apparently wants this pressure to come entirely in the form of corporate interests requiring vaccines, and does not want to use the weight of the federal government to require the vaccine passports. Corporate Communism. They believe the mandatory passport will force people to vaccinate who otherwise refuse. Meanwhile, businesses are offering FREE donuts & FREE joints if you agree to get vaccinated. See where this is going? It's NOT about your health. I'm not worried about what's in this vaccine. I'm worried about what they have planned for the next SHOT.

The same people calling you a racist for supporting voter ID - are now calling for a national COVID passport ID. Biden says you shouldn't need an ID to vote but you need a vaccine passport to do everything else. Does that mean the "vaccine passport" will now be an accepted form of ID to vote? You can only vote in American elections if you agree to be vaccinated? That will be the next step.

CBS 60 Minutes aired a segment last night about the VIRUS coming from the Wuhan lab. Facebook & Twitter removed my accounts for reporting the same theories one year ago!

CBS 60 Minutes: "There was a direct order from Beijing to destroy all viral samples -- and they didn't volunteer to share the genetic sequences. Beijing also hid that several researchers at the Wuhan lab had come down with COVID-like symptoms last November. The Chinese military was working with the Wuhan lab. We've seen the data. The Wuhan lab director published studies about manipulating bat coronaviruses in a way that could make them more infectious to humans, and there were reports of lax safety standards at the lab."

"They were doing research specifically on coronaviruses that attach to the ACE2 receptors in human lungs just like the COVID-19 virus. The place where this pandemic emerged was a few kilometers away from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Wuhan has China's level four virology institute, with probably the world's largest collection of bat viruses, including bat coronaviruses. China investigated themselves and showed the results to the global WHO committee and that was it. WHO was not allowed to send in their own experts. Imagine if we have asked the Soviet Union to do a co-investigation of Chernobyl. It doesn't really make sense."

The Left was terrified this week as the former head of the CDC Robert Redfield declared he believes COVID-19 was a bioweapon developed in the Wuhan lab and did not originate in a nearby Chinese ‘wet market’ as the Communists & their toadie Dr. Anthony Fauci want you to believe.

Now you can see why Twitter removed my account & Facebook harassed me endlessly. My report from March 2020 on the Wuhan Virus was totally accurate. Finally reported by CBS one year later! https://www.tierneyrealnewsnetwork.com/post/updates-wuhan-virus-3-20-1

Two black teenage girls, 13 and 15, were charged with felony murder after killing a man in DC during a carjacking. Muhammad Anwar, 66, of Springfield, Virginia, a Pakistani immigrant who came to America in 2014 for a better life, was driving for Uber Eats when the girls attempted to steal his car and tased him when he tried to stop him. They took off with his car with him hanging on the door - the car flipped - and Muhammad was killed. Instead of fleeing the scene after the car crashed and rolled on its side, one of the girls began looking for her cellphone in the vehicle — while walking nonchalantly past Anwar's body while others watched.

CNN & the Mayor of DC tried to make it sound like an "accident." Later that same day, D.C. Police said that two 13-year old boys have been arrested for what looks like two armed carjackings - with handguns. All this BLM-ANTIFA fake outrage is creating a generation of children with no conscience, willing to murder others! They train teens to steal, destroy & kill because they know they won't be prosecuted!

The people who demanded justice for George Floyd are silent on Muhammad Anwar. Not even Uber commented on the murder of their driver.

Christian and conservative leaders reacted with dismay after Lil Nas X, the artist behind "Old Town Road,” announced he is collaborating with the streetwear company MSCHF on a pair of "Satan Shoes” that contain a drop of human blood in the sole. The shoes, modified Nike Air Max 97s — are decorated with a pentagram pendant and a reference to Luke 10:18: “And he said to them, ‘I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.’”

The sneakers also contain a drop of human blood in the sole, drawn from members of the MSCHF team. A total of 666 pairs — a number widely recognized as a symbol for the devil — went up for sale Monday at the price of $1,018. The release of the Satan Shoes coincided with Lil Nas X's latest single, "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)," and its accompanying music video. In the video, Lil Nas X goes down a stripper pole and gives Satan a lap dance. The openly gay rapper, whose real name is Montero Lamar Hill, explained the song was about a guy he met last summer. The Satanic rapper gloated after his shoe sold out in 20 minutes! Don Lemon must be so proud!

CANDACE OWENS: "We’ve turned George Floyd, a criminal drug addict, into an icon. We are promoting Satan shoes to wear on our feet. We’ve got Cardi B named as woman of the year. But we’re convinced it’s white supremacy that’s keeping black America behind. How stupid can we be? It is so obvious to me that Nike is a racist, anti-American corporation. Everything they promote is meant to directly harm black youth, and simultaneously inject poison into American culture. They use black athletes and artists to accomplish this goal. According to FBI statistics, black Americans are the #1 violent offenders against Asian-Americans. The horrific murder in DC may not have fit the narrative, but is emblematic of the facts. If people cared about fixing black culture, they would start with telling the truth."

Dr. Birx revealed in an upcoming documentary on CNN that she had a 'very uncomfortable' call with then-President Trump in August when she tried to warn him about the VIRUS. Now they're sending out the scarf lady to lie on CNN about Trump. Biden's poll numbers must be in the tank!

Kristi Noem, Republican Governor of South Dakota, has been taking a lot of heat from Tucker, the Federalist & the Koch Libertarians about her decision to send back the transgender bill for revisions. She appeared on Glenn Beck to respond:

NOEM: "When have you ever known me to cave, Glenn? I didn't go through this whole last year, being the only one to keep my state open in the entire nation, to fight for what was right, and have everybody piling on, to cave on something like this. So, I'm trying to be smart and solve a problem. And I think a lot of times, we get bullied. We get bullied by the Left, but the Right can bully, too. And they're not looking at the facts. So in this situation, the coalition that I'm forming is to go after the NCAA. They have been bullying states for a long time with their policies by forcing us to allow men to participate in women's sports."

"I'm a small state. South Dakota is small. We have to fight hard to even get any tournaments or games in the state of South Dakota. And I recognize the NCAA can come in and crush me, and can make an example out of me, and point to South Dakota and say, 'See, no other state better challenge us whatsoever.' So that's why I'm trying to be smart about this and build a coalition of athletes, of states, of governors, of attorneys generals, and show the NCAA that we're going to fight to make sure that only girls can play in girls' sports."

"We have to stand and up defend the rights that we have, and the federal law that we have in place, that women are women and only women should play in women's sports. And we can do that in a way that picks a fight — and fails — or we can do it in the smart way, and build momentum, so that we can actually win."

"If people would do their homework for once, and go back and look, [they would see that] years ago, I fought the USDA and the federal government when they were trying to force rodeos to let boys into girls' events and to make girls participate in boys' events. And I fought them alone. And got South Dakota to be able to still keep boys' and girls' events separated. So there there's no gray area for me on this. I've proven myself for years on this issue. And I'll continue to do this, regardless of who decides that they want to try to attack me and bully me."

Biden has a history of making race-based accusations against his opponents. Remember when he said Republicans under Mitt Romney wanted to “put y’all back in chains”? Biden is no unifier. He’s as divisive as they come.

Two suicide bombers attacked a Roman Catholic church compound in Makassar, Indonesia, on Palm Sunday, injuring at least 20 people. Both terrorists died.

U.S. and Taiwan signed a Coast Guard cooperation agreement amid fears of Chinese attacks on the island. Experts believe Communist China plans to invade Taiwan sooner than later. I told you a year ago that I believed the VIRUS was another Cuban Missile Crisis, a distraction to allow Communist China to invade & overthrow the world for the Globalist banking cartel.

MSNBC is claiming Republicans will deny voters water as they stand in line to vote in Georgia and that Republicans would have barred Jesus from being given a cup of water on the cross. This is how sick the fake news is.

These states had the highest percentage of outbound moves (versus inbound) in 2020. In other words, these are the states that all studies agree people are fleeing...New York, Illinois, New Jersey, California.

Democrats are still trying to overturn the certified Iowa House election. The Democrat Party’s most powerful lawyer, Marc Elias, claims to have found extra ballots & wants Congress to overrule state elections officials in Iowa and seat his candidate. The 10th Amendment of the United States Constitution sets out the limits to the powers of the Federal government. It states that any powers that the Constitution does not give to the federal government are the responsibility of the states themselves.

Left-wing talk show host Bill Maher continued his attacks on cancel culture, this time going after the “woke” culture of America’s teachers. Maher went on the record to say we used to live in a country where teachers were afraid of what parents thought. Now, parents are afraid to go against what schools are teaching their children, even if they disagree.

Biden administration has removed the regulation requiring background checks for those who take custody of unaccompanied minor children as DHS starts allowing emergency contractors to step-in and take over. That's scary. Pedophiles can just line up and have their pick. It's almost like the "Biden" administration is screwing up on purpose!

96% of those polled think Biden has created a border crisis and 57% disagree with the way he's handling it. Yet somehow ABC says he has a 62% approval rating? Not possible. As usual, they're just making it up as they go along. It's all fake!

The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has unanimously ruled that an Ohio university violated a professor's First Amendment rights by ordering him to refer to students by their preferred pronouns.

Iran says it can be alternative trade route to the Suez Canal after the massive container ship somehow got stuck. Tehran is now talking about a 7,200-km multi-mode route with India and Russia. Iran wants to use the port of Chabahar as a link to India. Told ya. Iran wants the world to use a route through Iran & Russia from Europe to China to bypass the Suez canal. All part of the plan. That way Communists & the Brotherhood control world trade.

The 2021 political prosecutions against the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys for the Capitol riots are essentially akin to former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s 2018 indictments - on behalf of Mueller/Weissmann - for mysterious Russian operatives that never surfaced and were never prosecuted. MALICIOUS PROSECUTION.

RINO John Boehner is holding a fund raiser for Never Trumper ANTHONY GONZALEZ (R-Ohio) - Gonzalez was one of 10 House Republicans who voted for Trump's impeachment. Trump has endorsed a primary challenge to Gonzalez from MAX MILLER, a former Trump White House side. Trump hosted a fundraiser for Miller at Mar-a-Lago this week.

Biden plans to push another $4 TRILLION stimulus package on top of his $5 TRILLION infrastructure package and his recent $2 TRILLION package for COVID, of which only 10% was actually allocated to COVID. That's $11 TRILLION in new debt on top of the $30 TRILLION we already have. He's going to destroy America with hyper-inflation and debt on behalf of his Globalist Communist masters. If deficits don't matter - why don't we all just stop paying taxes?

“This is no small thing, to restore a republic after it has fallen into corruption. I have studied history for years and I cannot recall it ever happening. It may be that our task is impossible. Yet, if we do not try then how will we know it can’t be done? And if we do not try, it most certainly won’t be done. The Founders’ Republic, and the larger war for western civilization, will be lost.”

The White House has ordered all Federal agencies to refer to the regime as the "Biden-Harris" administration and Maria Bartiromo reports: "I know that Biden is on the phone with Obama all the time and I'm hearing Obama is running things behind the scenes."

Rush Limbaugh predicted that you would know it is the beginning of the end for Biden when the media started covering his family's scandals, then Obama would side with them and Kamala would be installed as president. That's happening now.

To increase inclusion and diversity, the U.S. Army will now allow soldiers who identify as female to wear nail polish, lipstick, earrings, wear their hair in ponytails, and add frosting or highlights. Soldiers who identify as male can only wear clear nail polish. They've hired a "diversity & inclusion" officer to make sure our fighting forces are as WEAK & WOKE as possible!

The Associated Press sent out a memo to its staffers ordering them not to refer to the sudden invasion of illegal aliens at the border as a "crisis..." Even though it IS a crisis! Note that the George Floyd trial starts today to deflect your attention from the border!

Former police officer David Dorn, killed by Black Lives Matter rioters, will receive an award from the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.

Here's a perfect example of how "RINOs" work with Soros Democrats & the Koch Libertarians. Orion Strategies, a Washington, D.C. lobbying firm run by "Republican" Randy Scheunemann of Burnsville, Minnesota, a former foreign policy adviser to Senator John McCain, was involved in the creation of the Center for American Freedom. The Chairman, Michael Goldfarb, was a vice president of Orion, “where his clients include Charles and David Koch.” Goldfarb had been Deputy Communications Director of the McCain 2008 presidential campaign.

But here’s where it gets interesting. It turns out that Scheunemann has himself represented the Open Society Policy Center, founded and funded by George Soros, on Capitol Hill. Scheunemann has personally registered as a lobbyist for the Soros group.

In fact, the lobbying disclosure documents on file with the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives show Scheunemann was a registered lobbyist for Soros interests on Capitol Hill. Justin Elliott of Salon.com wrote about the Scheunemann-Soros connection on November 12, 2010, “Top Palin aide is on Soros’ payroll,” noting that Scheunemann was also advising Sarah Palin, who had been McCain’s running mate in the 2008 presidential campaign.

Scheunemann’s mission on Capitol Hill was assisting Soros in his campaign of economic sanctions and other measures designed to destabilize the government of Burma. Also known as Myanmar, Burma is now ruled by a “reformist” military-backed government and the country is rich in natural resources as well as poppy fields that produce heroin. https://www.aim.org/aim-column/politico-falsely-accuses-koch-brothers-ignores-soros/

For more current news: https://www.tierneyrealnewsnetwork.com/post/tierney-s-real-news-3-27-21

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