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How Clinton, Biden, Bush & Obama sold us out to Communist China & decertification will happen!

Did you know that Hunter Biden is linked to two Chinese state oil companies looking to buy stakes in a Russian energy firm that has been sanctioned over Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine? Yep.

Paying attention yet?

"Hunter Biden is linked to two Chinese state oil companies looking to buy stakes in a Russian energy firm that has been sanctioned over Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Sinopec and China National Petroleum Corporation are in discussions with Beijing to invest in Russian gas giant Gazprom. Biden has done business with both Chinese firms, which hope to take advantage of deep discounts in the company’s shares in order to shore up their energy and commodity stockpiles. Biden held an indirect investment in Sinopec.

Biden is connected to Sinopec through BHR Partners, a private equity firm he cofounded in 2013. BHR bought a $1.7 billion stake in Sinopec Marketing in 2015. Biden at one point owned a 10 percent stake in BHR Partners through his wholly owned firm, Skaneateles, LLC.

The Biden administration sanctioned Gazprom and more than a dozen companies last month in hopes of depriving Putin of money to fund the Ukraine war. The administration has also blocked a Gazprom-backed pipeline, Nord Stream 2, that would transport natural gas from Russia to Germany.

Beijing is also weighing a stake in Rusal, a Russian aluminum conglomerate that was sanctioned in 2018. China’s purchase of Russian businesses and Russian commodities would provide a lifeline to Moscow at a time when the government is trying to fund its illegal war.

Biden has worked on several other deals that would help China meet its energy goals. CEFC China Energy paid Biden at least $6 million to find investment opportunities in energy companies in the United States and elsewhere in the West. Of that sum, the company paid Biden $1 million to represent an executive that was charged with trying to bribe African officials to buy oil drilling rights in their countries.

Biden was invested in BHR Partners when the company arranged a deal that allowed state-owned China Molybdenum to buy one of the world's largest supplies of cobalt, a precious metal used to make batteries for electric cars.

BHR Partners also facilitated the sale of Michigan-based Henniges Automotive to AVIC, a Chinese defense contractor that has been sanctioned by the U.S. government because of its ties to the People’s Liberation Army. Biden is under federal investigation over his taxes and foreign business dealings."

So Joe Biden's sanctions on Russia are helping Hunter Biden & Communist China take over Russian firms for cheap. Got it? Good cop. Bad cop.

So, not only is the Biden crime family sending our tax dollars to foreign nations so he can take a cut - he's taking bribes and facilitating arms deals, aluminum deals, cobalt deals, Big Pharma deals, GREAT RESET digital ID deals and bio-lab deals in Ukraine & other countries - he's destroying energy here at home so he can invest in it in foreign lands.

While the Biden crime family is making money in Russia & Ukraine through deals with Communist China & bribes from Oligarchs - China is calling meetings with their BRICS pals in India & Russia & Saudi Arabia & South Africa to dump the US dollar. Got it? Straight up treason.

Biden is literally taking money from our enemies to enrich his family in OTHER countries and destroy America. So are much of Congress & the Deep State - they are ALL invested in America to fail.

Meanwhile, President Trump and MAGA want to Make America Great Again. Trump found out about all the deals - so he had to be removed.

TUCKER: “The [Bidens] are getting paid off by foreign governments in exchange for favors. Foreign interference in our elections.

Of course the irony is the laptop showed that foreign companies and governments had been paying the Biden family in exchange for changing US policy toward those countries. Selling out our nation for cash. The Ukrainians most famously.”

Good point, Tucker! Now ask your boss and co-workers at Fox News why they helped rig the election for Biden by declaring Arizona early and telling Trump to go away and shut up about election fraud! The fake news knew all about Biden's treasonous actions against America but wanted him to be President anyway so he could destroy us and enrich them!

Some people wonder why NATO won't get involved. Victor Davis Hanson wrote this article a few days ago and it got little traction because it doesn't paint NATO in a flattering light. It's really good and points out things nobody is talking about:

VDH: NATO members have a collective GDP seven times larger than Russia’s. Their aggregate population is 1 billion. Yet the majority will not spend enough on defense to deter their weaker enemies. The second-largest NATO member, Turkey, is closer to Russia than to the United States. The Turks are overwhelmingly anti-American.

Germany is NATO’s richest European member and the power behind the European Union. Yet Germany will soon be dependent on imported Russian natural gas for much of its energy needs. In a recent Pew Research Center poll, 70 percent of Germans voiced a desire for MORE cooperation with Russia - not less. Germans also like Russia more than America. Most Americans have been taught to despise Russia.

Europe, NATO members and Germany in particular have de facto admitted that their past decades of shutting down nuclear plants, coal mines and oil and gas fields have left Europe at the mercy of Russia.

Worse, 60 percent of Germans oppose going to the aid of any NATO country in time of war. More than 70 percent of Germans term their relationship with the United States as “bad.”

We can translate all these disturbing results in the following manner: The German and Turkish people like or trust Russia more than they do America. They would not support participating in any NATO joint military effort against even an invading Russia — even, or especially, if spearheaded by an unpopular United States.

NATO’s BIGGEST two members are either indifferent to the fate of nearby Ukraine or sympathetic to Russia’s professed grievances — or both.

Putin ALSO knows that the US military leadership appears more worried about “white privilege” and "climate change" and "gender identity" than enhancing military readiness to deter enemies such as himself. Putin sees polls that show only 45 percent of Americans have confidence in their new politicized military. He would be right.

So he assumes with Trump gone, American deterrence against Russia also vanished.

Biden undid Trump's agenda that treated Russia with respect and strength. Trump’s now rejected agenda was to increase American and NATO defenses and pump oil and gas to crash the global price of Russia’s chief source of income.

With Putin’s nemesis, Trump, gone, Russia assumes the appeasement years of the Obama-Biden administration are back again. As in 2014, once more Putin is moving against his neighbors.

It is not traitorous to admit that Russia for centuries relied on buffer states between Europe — lost when its Warsaw Pact satellite members joined NATO after its defeat in the Cold War.

China is now pro-Russian. Beijing wants Russian natural resources at a discount. Russia will pay for overpriced access to Chinese finance, commerce and markets. Yet if Russia loses the Ukraine war, goes broke and Putin is ostracized as an international pariah, then China will likely cut the smelly Russian albatross from its neck.

Finally, there is the unfortunate role of recent Ukrainian government officials. Some were deeply involved in green-lighting the Biden family grifting and profiteering to ensure massive American foreign aid. Some Ukrainians helped ensure the first impeachment of Trump.

Now Ukrainians are exasperated that their prior intrusions into domestic American politics have backfired with the disastrous Biden presidency — and his apparent de facto acceptance of an inevitable Russian annexation.


Where does this entire mess leave America? In trouble. Meanwhile, China smiles, hoping the Ukraine blueprint can be used against Taiwan."

PS: My opinion is that they are vilifying Putin to dissuade Xi from invading Trump said if Communist China invades Taiwan - we all lose. There go HALF the world's computer chips.

Who can you thank for destroying America? These clowns and their families:

Meanwhile, the battle for decertification and rectification of the 2020 election continues on in Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia & Pennsylvania. Although many people are "tired" and just want to forget about 2020 - I am not. Like Mike Lindell's partner, Dr. Frank, says:

DR. FRANK: "Folks, we are over the hump. Wisconsin speaker Vos' public admission that there was "widespread fraud" during the 2020 General election is just the first of many.

We are dragging our officials, kicking and screaming, to accept and admit the fact that widespread fraud changed many of the outcomes of the 2020 election. Not just the top of the ticket. Don't let up. Keep after them. Be annoying. Be unbearably loud. We are winning."

What does he mean by "be annoying and loud" - well, here's an example:

In Wisconsin, two warriors are making the case that it's NOT the Government's decision to decertify a STOLEN ELECTION - that decision rests with We the People - that would be US.

Constitutional Attorney and scholar John Eastman and activist David Jose are STILL working on decertification - they both made unambiguous and authoritative speeches to the people of Wisconsin that their State Legislature has the legal power, authority and DUTY to remedy the illegalities and widespread fraud committed on Wisconsonians in the 2020 federal election.

And that if they do not act - the people must! It is our responsibility as voters!

Every voter in America needs to watch these videos, transcribe them and then send them to their State Representative and State Senator, TODAY! You can do this! Every voter needs to get behind those calling for decertification!

These men haven't given up! Nor should you!

Meanwhile, President Trump is still pushing decertification in Georgia, Pennsylvania & Arizona and he believes it will be successful. His goal is to replace GOP establishment traitors with MAGA during mid-terms.

Yesterday - he went after AG Brnovich of Arizona again:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "When is the Attorney General of Arizona going to rule on all of the Election Fraud and large-scale Election Irregularities that wait before him? People want to know whether or not Attorney General Brnovich is up to doing the right thing, or is it just politics as usual.

As an example, the strongly Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake, who is running for Governor, has made the Fraudulent 2020 Election a primary part of her campaign. She is leading by massive numbers over her weak RINO competitors.

This is both the issue of the day and the Crime of the Century! And now, on top of everything else, it was just announced by the New York Times that they, in collusion with other Fake News Media, covered up the Hunter Biden crime story prior to the Election (a 15 point difference!) Wow, what a Country."

AG Brnovich either needs to do his duty to prosecute widespread election fraud in Arizona - found in the forensic audit - or step down! Tell him that!

Then Trump took on RINO Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia - again - at a fundraiser for David Perdue.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Thank you all for being here to support a true America First warrior and the next governor of the great state of Georgia, David Perdue.

David is running against Brian Kemp, a horrendous RINO who has betrayed the people of Georgia, and betrayed Republican voters. As governor, Brian Kemp has repeatedly surrendered to Stacey Abrams and the Radical Left:

 · Kemp allowed himself to be bullied into a disastrous consent decree that effectively abolished signature verification and allowed massive voter fraud to occur throughout the state of Georgia.


· True the Vote released bombshell evidence revealing a gigantic illegal ballot harvesting scheme—involving more than 2,000 ballot traffickers—that took place on Kemp’s watch, and he does not even care.


· Under Kemp, Georgia officials took $45 million dollars from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to fund election-related activities—over 90 percent of which was given to blue areas of the state to bolster Democrat turnout.

· He allowed a left-wing organization to mail out 2.2 million absentee ballot applications and place unsecured drop boxes throughout the state.

A vote for RINO Brian Kemp in this primary is a vote for Governor Stacey Abrams. A vote for David Perdue is a vote to save Georgia from the Radical Left! Together, we will FIRE Brian Kemp, we will RESTORE Election Integrity in Georgia, and we will Make America Great Again!"

Governor Brian Kemp needs to be defeated by David Perdue in Georgia. Help make that happen. He is in bed with Communist China and rigged the election for Biden - they even murdered his future son-in-law to motivate him.

Here's what Kemp said about President Trump. I guess the money from Communist China was really really good!

While some people keep telling me that NOBODY is doing ANYTHING to fix 2020 - there are thousands of people, on the ground, doing SOMETHING! Perhaps if every voter started doing something themselves - anything - it might happen faster! Do you think the people in Government who helped rig the election for Biden and stole our country are going to give back power without a fight! NO.

Like Eastman said - We the People can decertify. The evidence is overwhelming and irrefutable. We don't need the Government's permission! Trump isn't going to ride in on his white horse to save us. He can't do this all himself. The corruption is too wide and deep.

Do not be afraid. Look at what the truckers' accomplished in just a few weeks! We need to stand up, speak out, make things right, save ourselves and ask God for help!

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