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How the fake news lies about everything - including Ukraine, George Floyd & Hunter's laptop!

The fake news has had quite a revealing week. One story after the other has come out to further prove that they tell us a boat load of lies - until they’re either forced to tell the truth - or until it’s too late, the damage is done and it doesn't matter any more.

Remember THAT as you listen to the garbage we’re being fed about the “war” in Ukraine right now. It is being debunked day by day. The fake news is truly the enemy of the people!

Here are a few MAJOR truths that came out this week!

First, it came out, that TWO MONTHS BEFORE George Floyd died on Memorial Day - May 25, 2020 - that another man died the EXACT same way as George Floyd on March 30, 2020 – wimpering and screaming “I can’t breathe” in California while being held down by 5 officers in California for 18 MINUTES. They FORGOT to tell you that! They kept it hidden for two years until the family pushed a judge to release the video!

His name was Edward Bronstein, 38, he was pulled over for a DWI, resisted arrest and he cried and screamed "I can't breathe" eleven times while 5 officers knelt on him and held him down for 18 minutes. He died and they tried to revive him. Why did you never hear about Edward? There is video of it all! What else aren't they telling us?

BANNON: They lie to you because they think you are stupid. The mainstream news is for stupid people.

The California Highway Patrol fought FOR TWO YEARS to keep the tape from going public but a federal court judge ordered it released on Tuesday. There were 2 other cases in Texas - with the same MO - a year before George Floyd as well. They forgot to tell us about those too!

Now you know where they got the idea for George Floyd – an “engineered” death designed to spark massive riots during the COVID “plandemic” and a color revolution in America, usher in massive cheat-by-mail and steal the election for Joe Biden.

I'm damn sure that George Floyd was an FBI informant and a patsy for the coup plotters! I'm pretty sure that ANTIFA-BLM rioters were paid agitators and many were shipped in from foreign nations to burn, loot & destroy! This is the exact same way the CIA-backed NAZIs overthrew Ukraine 8 years ago to steal their election!

It's now coming out that the CIA-trained NAZI mercenaries in Ukraine are LITERALLY preventing the Ukrainian people from LEAVING before the Russians bomb facilities during their "special operation" to demilitarize & deNazify Ukraine.

The Russians have repeatedly warned people to evacuate before they bomb but the NAZI militia are using innocent Ukrainians as human shields and shooting them in the legs if they try to flee! The fake news isn't telling you that part!

Everybody knew it was real but 50 former senior intelligence officials signed a letter in October 2020 before the election - saying it was Russian propaganda - and then 99% of the fake news repeated the claim to help Biden win.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden's son's laptop was in the hands of our enemies and was going to be used to BLACKMAIL Biden into submission if he was elected President. That's exactly what's happening. That's why we are in the mess we are in.

These are just a few of the 50 "intelligence" officials who lied to us and told us the laptop wasn't real and it was made up by Russia! So we're supposed to believe them now about Ukraine? HECK NO.

-James Clapper (Former DNI)

-Michael Hayden (Former CIA Director)

-Leon Panetta (Former CIA Director)

-John Brennan (Former CIA Director)

-John McLaughlin (Former CIA Director)

-Michael Morell (Former CIA Director)

It's high time that the CIA and our intelligence agencies stop blaming Russia for their plots!

So, if you think about it...the CIA basically started the WEF, created Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., funds and trains the world's terror organizations and spies on every country on earth - all of which have penetrated every country on earth and every organization on earth to basically control every movement and election on earth.

So the CIA and their intelligence agency partners around the world are basically the engine behind Klaus Schwab's New World Order - right? Yep.

This tweet is still up on Twitter from Biden's press secretary. More LIES. DAMN LIES.

NEW YORK POST: "The reason for the laptop coverup was simple: Many of the emails on it, to and from Hunter Biden, implicated Joe Biden in the international influence-peddling business run by Hunter and Joe’s brother Jim Biden.

If the whole country knew then that Joe Biden was corruptly using his office to help his family cash in, we would now be in the second year of Donald Trump’s second term. That’s a fact because 8% of Biden voters told pollsters they would have supported Trump had they known about the bombshell contents of the laptop.

But the New York Times, Facebook, Twitter, CNN and the Deep State couldn’t let that happen. They had spent four years trying to drive Trump out of office, mostly by falsely alleging he had colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. They were determined he would not get four more years.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping know everything about Biden's deals, including how many millions were wired from oligarchs and Communist-tied companies to bank accounts controlled by the Bidens. They also know what the Bidens did for the money."

And where did most of this corruption happen? UKRAINE. Hundreds of politicians & bureaucrats launder our money in Ukraine & the Biden crime family takes a 10% cut! I wrote about that three years ago! Now you know why Team Biden is so desperate to keep the world OUT of Ukraine!

For the rest of the story about the laptop reveal, read this:

And this:

Here is a twenty minute clip of all the fake news media marching in lockstep to tell us the laptop wasn't real and was created by Russians! Watch this. CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, PBS AND MORE all spread the Russian laptop lie & even painted Giuliani as a Russian stooge. Even 60 Minutes & Christiane Amanpour lied right to our faces! LYING LIARS WHO LIE.

Now you know why they kept Biden in the basement basically during the entire campaign!

Remember that President Trump said that Biden's laptop was real almost two years ago - before the election. He was removed from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for that reason!

TRUMP TO A REPORTER 2020: "Biden got caught; read his laptop! He's a criminal. And you know who else is a criminal? You're a criminal for not reporting it. I think it's one of the biggest scandals I've ever seen, and you don't cover it."

Joe Biden even lied during the Presidential debates and said the laptop wasn't real when he knew it was!

So, why did the New York Times decide to come clean now about Hunter's laptop? Because Hunter will likely be INDICTED shortly for information contained on the laptop and they won't be able to cover it up much longer!

So, what did Joe Biden do after the fake news finally admitted his son's incriminating laptop was real? He went on TV and started talking about how everybody knows somebody who gets in compromising sexual positions and those photos can get you in trouble! Seriously, our Commander in Chief went on TV and starting talking about revenge porn and how he needed to shut it down.

BIDEN: "I bet everybody knows somebody...that in an intimate relationship, what happened was the guy takes a revealing picture of his naked friend, or whatever, in a compromising position and then blackmails.”

To the people itching to get further involved in the Russo-Ukrainian War: Is this the commander in chief you want to roll into a potential nuclear exchange with?

So what was Joe talking about? Well, there is video of Hunter Biden saying that he was doing drugs with a Russian prostitute and he passed out - and three guys with her took his laptop. Guess who has that laptop now? Putin and Xi.

That laptop contained emails, texts & photos of Hunter in compromising positions with Ukrainian and Russia hookers - and having affairs with his dead brother's wife and her sister - but also detailed every money laundering scam he was running for the Biden crime family - all over the world! And classified information about the United States of America!

Rudy Giuliani has said MANY TIMES that there are underage girls on Hunter's laptops and he is guilty of MANY crimes.

Hey Joe! Who will you complain to when Putin seizes all the money and assets and weapons and drugs and bioweapons you were hiding in Ukraine that you can't admit to having?

But it's not just Biden who's worried about being exposed in Ukraine. Here's McCain, Graham, Klobuchar & Yavanovich. Not to mention Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney.

BANNON: The top foreign donor to the Clinton Mafia’s “Foundation” is Ukraine.

Is that why Lindsey Graham has called for Putin's assassination three times now - along with Sean Hannity? What does Putin have on Graham?

Well, it turns out Graham was part of the coup against Trump and told him that the Republican Senate was going to take him down with the 25th Amendment if he didn't let the stolen election go! Graham said that we are better off with Joe Biden - because we can get him to do what we want and "how mad can you get at Joe Biden!"

GRAHAM: "People will say, 'I don't want to be associated with J6. We're better than this. Biden is the right man for this time. I mean, how mad can you get at Joe Biden?'"

So Graham, Rubio, Romney & McConnell all told Trump they would impeach him and remove him from the White House - or declare him incompetent - if he didn't shut up and go away. They thought Biden's senility was a gift!

Remember that Sean Hannity told Trump to shut up about the election and let Biden win. What does Putin have on Sean Hannity? What else was on that laptop?

Former Australian Special Forces Commander Riccardo Bosi said Ukraine is literally the COMMAND POST for the GREAT RESET:

BOSI: "Ukraine is the center of the Deep State. It's the head of the snake and Vlad's taking the head off. Ukraine has been the center of the NWO globalists for decades and decades. The CIA has been working in the Ukraine for 70 years. Ignore all the chatter about nuclear war and Russia's attempts to take over the globe. Completely the opposite. Do your own research and stop watching the main stream media."

I just learned that Ukraine was the first nation to join the IMF and WEF's plan to digitally chip us all and was the first nation in Communist China's One Belt One Road initiative. Bosi is correct!

I have learned that Xi planned to invade Taiwan in the fall - if Putin's invasion was "successful." Xi wanted to invade Taiwan so he would be re-elected as leader for life of Communist China - and glorified as a unifier and savior. That's why they are calling Putin a monster - to dissuade Xi from being called the same. It's a PR war.

Communist China is our real enemy - not Russia. Xi can't afford that kind of negative press if he wants to be Supreme ruler of the free world instead of Klaus Schwab! I'll write more on that tomorrow - along with the latest on the dollar & gold.

Look how unpopular Putin is in Russia. NOT. The stadium in Moscow is packed with 180,000 people there to cheer Vlad and celebrate the 8 year anniversary of the unification of Russia & Crimea. Putin is speaking. Ask Fox News why they aren't covering this?

BTW - the US-built Ukrainian bio-labs that Putin is destroying are quite real - they were built by a company called Black and Veatch. Black and Veatch partnered with a company called Metabiota, Metabiota is owned by a Venture Capital Firm, Rosement Seneca, Rosement Seneca is owned by none other then HUNTER crackhead BIDEN!!

Apparently Team Putin found more dirt on Biden-funded bio-labs during their "special operation" in Ukraine:

RUSSIA: "Tomorrow morning, we will ask for an emergency meeting to discuss again the issue of US bio laboratories in Ukraine, using the new documents we obtained in the course of the special military operation."

CHINA: "Bioweapons are weapons of mass destruction. China is concerned by the relevant information released by Russia. We need to see comprehensive clarification from the [US and Ukraine].

The US has 336 biolabs around the world. They admit this themselves. The least they can do is provide clarification of what they are doing in those labs. The world can draw its own conclusions."

The US response was that Putin was spreading wild conspiracy theories from the dark corners of the internet!

Here's an interesting coincidence. Remember that Trump kept repeating that the virus came from CHY-NA? What if he wasn't talking about Wuhan, China. What if he was talking about Chy-na, Ukraine?

Because there is a town on the north end of Kiev, run by NAZIs and littered with biolabs, weapons, and money laundering Alfa & Privat Banks, that was invaded on day one by Putin. It is called TROIES CHY-NA. Just saying...hold that thought.

There are more lies that were debunked this week, about the Parkland Massacre & the Whitmer kidnapping, but that will have to wait for another newsletter. Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr. wrote an article about his dad - saying "Trump was right about everything." He sure was!

DONALD TRUMP JR: When my father wrote his book Our Journey Together last year, we looked back on how much he accomplished and how right he was when it came to just about everything.

From intelligence agencies spying on his campaign, to Hunter Biden's laptop being real, to COVID-19 very likely coming from a Chinese lab, he got so many things right that the media got wrong. Read on:

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