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Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa are battling the CIA-backed New World Order for control

As I predicted, the leaders of the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and their allies) all went before the UN and declared that the US has funded illegal bio-terror labs all over the world (including in Ukraine & Wuhan) and are basically responsible for threatening Russia & unleashing COVID. Russia, China, Brazil and India ALL want investigations into the biolabs that they say that Biden & Obama tried to hide.

Biden and his NATO-IMF-WEF GREAT RESET allies denied this before the UN but provided no evidence to dispute the claims. They basically said "trust us" - we don't need to show you anything. There is plenty of evidence. I reported evidence that Fauci, Gates, Harvard & Obama were behind the Wuhan lab way back in March 2020! Why do you think they had to suicide Epstein? He knew all about it.

Russia has plenty of evidence of US biolabs. China has plenty of evidence. Biden's son helped fund American biolabs and COVID! Biden's son helped fund the NAZIs in Ukraine. It's all on the laptops!

CHINA: "The US has 336 bio-laboratories around the world. This comes directly from the US. If they deny these allegations they need to present relevant evidence to conclude these allegations are false for all the nations at the council."

BTW - what happened to Dr. Mengele - I mean Dr. Fauci? Why is he hiding?

JIM JORDAN: “It’s been interesting to see some of the things written outside the mainstream press about the biolabs and Victoria Nuland, Susan Rice, Jake Sullivan, Bill Burns, Wendy Sherman… same crowd who ran foreign policy in the Obama/Biden administration…

We do know that there was a lab in Wuhan, China that everyone told us ‘Oh no no, the virus didn’t come from there’… there was a lab there doing gain of function research with our tax dollars and everything pointed to that lab and we know Fauci looks like he sure covered it up.

So I think all that makes this interesting and we’re gonna have to just figure it out.”

So, Jim Jordan is basically saying Obama-Biden-Fauci are behind the biolabs!

The entire scenario you're being fed about Ukraine is a LIE designed to crush Russia for the globalist banksters and usher in World War 3. The GREAT RESET wants Russia under their control - and they want China to convince Russia to cave.

“The United States actively funded the biological projects in Ukraine. Experiments were being conducted to study the spread of dangerous diseases…”

"Obama was involved in BIOLAB NEGOTIATIONS in Ukraine in 2005 when he was a Senator."

All of this is true.

But, now, look at the bigger picture and look at the population of the BRICS countries calling for an investigation into US biolabs:

China: 1.4 billion

India: 1.3 billion

Brazil: 212 million

Russia: 144 million

Mexico: 128 million

Gabon: 2 million

Add that up - that's half the world's population!

The US has 335 million people and the majority of the world's wealth. What the GREAT RESET is worried about is these countries banding together to fight the NEW WORLD ORDER and using a new currency OTHER than the US dollar.

What would that mean for the US? It would destroy the dollar and likely force us back under the gold standard. Would that be good? In my mind, it would be better than reporting to George Soros and Klaus Schwab! At least the US has significant gold reserves!

If you refuse a loan from the IMF, and don't agree to debt slavery, WOKE policies, rising taxes and cost of living increases, they overthrow your Government, destroy your currency and install someone who will.

I personally think the US would have an easier time defending itself from Russia & China than it would from the globalist atheist "transhumanist" climate change monsters running the IMF-UN-BRITISH CROWN-WEF. Don't you?

Remember that Archbishop Vigano said the GREAT RESET is a joint effort by the UN, the IMF, the WEF & the British Crown!

The amount of fake news coming out of Ukraine via our news media is appalling. The videos are old. The blood is fake. The "survivors" are fake. The bombing scenes are from movies or old conflicts in other regions.

This is an excellent rebuttal of Russia bombing a maternity hospital as the fake news says. There's tons of fake video & fake photos going around to convince you to get so upset you agree to go to war!

BBC REPORTER: "Lots of videos and images alleging to show Russian attacks on Ukrainian towns and cities going viral on social media already. It is customary to use old or false footage to go viral during a conflict, so please try to verify or check the source of the footage you see before sharing."

This video claims to show the war in Ukraine and has drawn 24 million views on TikTok. It is an Airsoft game and is unrelated to the current war.

This video, with 2.3 million views, is not a livestream of war in Ukraine. It's not real. The clip was created using CGI and has been circulating online for months.

This TikTok video claiming to show scenes from the war on the streets of Kyiv has 9 million views. It is an old clip from an independence day military parade in the city.

All but two of this TikTok account's supposed Ukraine war livestreams are old clips dubbed with the sound of gunshots, racking up nearly 28 million views in total. Most of these clips were taken from videos of Ukrainian military trainings in 2017.

They're literally using old footage of NAZI attacks from 2014 (by mercenaries funded by the CIA to attack Eastern Ukrainians for the coup) and pretending they are from 2022 and by Russia. It's a total con job!

We just spent two years letting the media con us about the virus and now we're letting them con us about the war in Ukraine. Makes me sick to my stomach that people actually believe this BS. My career was in advertising and marketing and I know how easy it is to create fake video and audio and photos to fool people!


Ukraine is a movie set - just like Joe Biden's fake Oval office! What is real is that Biden is destroying the Russian people!

Even Fox News is even airing these fake videos about Ukraine. They are cheerleaders for war! They love war. War is money. War is ratings. War is fun! The number of people who have fallen for this BS is appalling. Haven't we learned our lesson from the Scamdemic? With COVID you were supposed to sacrifice for "grandma." Now you're supposed to sacrifice for "Ukraine."

Inflation is at a 40 year high, gas is $6 a gallon, electric bills are doubling, home prices are surging, and most Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Yet elites keep telling us we need to make more sacrifices. Think about that.

FORMER UKRAINIAN PM AZAROV: "NATO wanted to unleash a third world war by using nuclear weapons against Russia. Since December 2021, Russia has been receiving information about NATO plans to deploy four military brigades (2 land, one navy, one air) on the territory of Ukraine.

One of those brigades could carry nuclear warheads. To prevent World War III and an attack on Russia with nuclear weapons, Putin decided to neutralize the threat and restore order in Ukraine. He saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

The NAZIs in the Ukrainian army also planned to launch a military operation in Donbass and wipe out the Russian-speaking population in Eastern Ukraine. The attack was set to launch on February 25, 2022."

Should we believe the former PM of Ukraine? You decide.

Still don't believe me? This is how the fake news reported on Ukraine before Russia invaded. They said Zelensky is a NAZI who is corrupt like everybody else in Ukraine!

"Welcome to Ukraine. The most corrupt nation in Europe!"

"Ukraine has a neo-Nazi problem. Zelensky aligns with the NAZIs."

In fact, the Democrats & Soros worked with Ukraine in 2016 to destroy both Trump & Putin!

The biggest clue that this is ALL engineered should be what's coming out of Soros' mouth - he is the mouthpiece for the globalist NEW WORLD ORDER.

Soros is publicly coming out and saying Xi, Putin, Orban, Modi & Bolsonaro and Trump ALL need to be stopped in order to save civilization. That’s rather rich from the man who has admitted he himself is trying to destroy civilization by breaking countries for the GREAT RESET.

Soros and the hedge funds BET AGAINST NATIONS, CURRENCIES AND INDUSTRIES - and then BRIBE Congress & the CIA & the leaders in other countries to make their bets pay off! It's all a big scam! It's a rigged game! Xi, Putin, Orban, Modi, Bolsonari & Trump aren't playing along!

Think about that. George Soros is saying that Trump, Putin, Orban, Modi, Bolsonaro and Xi all need to be destroyed. Many say that George Soros actually runs the Deep State bureaucracy in America. I believe that to be true.

See the pattern? Soros announces who must be removed from power and they are removed by CIA mercenaries conducting coup and stolen elections! They do this all over the world! They just did this in America. That's how we got Biden!

But, NOW, they have the corporations in their pockets - corporations are willing to do the dirty work of the GREAT RESET globalist banksters!

You'll notice that the multinational corporations are pulling out of Russia (McDonalds, Pepsi, Coke, Starbucks and more) at the request of the GREAT RESET - the same way that they forced people to vaccinate in America or they would lose their jobs. That is called fascism. Getting corporations to control people because Governments are not allowed to do it legally.

IMHO - the GREAT RESET fascists, like Biden and Trudeau, are no better than Xi or Putin.

Biden couldn't dispute the biolabs. Instead he said if there was a biolab accident in Ukraine - it would be Putin's fault. Just like he's blaming Putin for inflation in America!

BIDEN: “I’m not gonna speak about the intelliguhhh, uhhh… Russia would pay a severe price if they use chemical weapons.”

Translation: We have no evidence! We're planning another virus release out of Ukraine and this time we're going to blame Putin - just like we blamed Xi for Wuhan.

TRUMP SARCASTICALLY: "Why doesn't Biden bomb Russia and blame China?"

PUTIN: “Russia will never accept a world order which is headed by one single government."

PUTIN: "We will not allow the LGBTQ movement to spread propaganda to Russia's children."

BLOOMBERG: "Billionaire George Soros urged China to replace Xi Jinping with a less repressive leader, citing Xi's enemies within the party, a real estate crisis, ineffective vaccines and a falling birthrate as factors working against him."

SOROS: "American tech companies are so powerful that no one can compete with them but the can compete with each other. They dominate the global economy and are multi-national. Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon. There are similar conglomerates in China - less well known. China has turned its tech platforms into national champions.

AI can be used for good or bad. AI is good at controlling people. COVID legitimized the use of AI to control people. Xi uses AI & data to control China more aggressively than any other leader. He thinks he will be successful and many people believe him."

KLAUS SCHWAB: "People will walk around with biometric sensors on or even inside their bodies, which will allow Google and Facebook or whomever to constantly monitor what's happening inside their bodies."

BTW - Putin just removed Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp from Russia AFTER they said it was OK to temporarily call for "death to Russians." So, it is NO LONGER against Facebook's community standards to call for the death of Russians!

Meanwhile, Democrats are calling Russia "mean" for removing Facebook - while Biden banned Russian media in the US and instructed Big Tech to remove Trump & MAGA from Facebook & Twitter & YouTube.

Hypocrisy. Let's show the world how free we are in America by being just like Russia & China! INSANE.

How did this start in Ukraine? In January 2014, Nuland, who worked for Obama and Clinton's State Department, said the US needed to remove the current Democratically elected Ukrainian President because he was too close to Putin. Because Soros said so.

"Biden's willing. F the EU."

Guess who provided Nuland with dirt on Ukraine? Christopher Steele - the same guy who basically wrote the fake dossier for Hillary to frame Trump.

So, Soros and the globalist banksters rigged an election against Putin's choice for President in Ukraine in 2004 - he came back - so they forced him out again in 2014 - charged him with treason - and installed Hillary's puppet, Poroshenko.

Then the CIA occupied Ukraine with their own mercenaries & weapons and Hillary, Biden, Romney, Soros and other pals used it as their personal piggy bank for two decades. Putin got tired of it - and said no more - I'm bringing my guy back. He's been given asylum in Russia all this time.

In other words, they did to Putin's pal what they did to Trump. All at the direction of the WEF-IMF-UN and George Soros.

The good news is that Obama's Iran deal is dead. Putin killed it after Biden went after the Russia people.

Biden cut off oil, gas and fertilizer in America long before the 'war in Ukraine.' All part of the plan to starve us and freeze us into submission to the NWO. Their COVID plan failed - this is plan B - followed by massive cyber attacks to keep us from talking to each other.

Things Joe Biden has blamed for his failures, so far ... - Trump - Republicans - Joe Manchin - January 6 - Guns - Election laws - The unvaccinated - White Supremacists - Oil companies - COVID - Putin - Russia - Climate Change

- and, you're just too dumb to see Biden's success!

BTW - if you still have a Facebook account - please friend me there. I won't be posting but want to be able to connect to you there. There's a reason! Thanks!

This is a great example of how the fake news creates division. Axios is basically HBO - they're now telling us the Hispanics are the new "white supremacists." Why? Because Hispanics are smart, hard working people who are abandoning the Democrats and getting ready to MAGA!

The Economist, which is run by the GREAT RESET banksters known as the Rothschilds, says they never saw inflation coming. It's Putin's fault!

Don't forget that Trump has a rally tonight in Florence, South Carolina.

Trump “Save America Rally” in Florence, South Carolina When: Saturday, March 12, 2022

Time: 7 pm ET (6 pm CT)

Where: Florence Regional Airport in Florence, South Carolina

Translation? FJB

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