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Tierney's Real News (2/18/21)

ATTORNEY DAVID SCHOEN: “I’ve been incredibly impressed by how gracious and respectful President Trump is. I didn’t find him to be anything like what the media has reported."

Schoen said that much of the behind the scenes drama on the Trump impeachment team had to do with Bruce Castor. Trump told Schoen he was in charge but Schoen didn't stand up for himself when Castor took over and started telling everybody what to do. Trump had to call Schoen & give him a pep talk.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: "There's a good reason for the media hating me. One of the toughest things I had to do was learn to psychologically accept the fact that being hated was a sign of success."

I listened to President Trump speak to Greg Kelly on Newsmax. I didn't know that Greg Kelly's father was a former police commissioner of New York and Kelly used to work for the ABC affiliate in New York. He has known Trump for many years. Anyway, Trump sounded good, sounded focused and relaxed, resisted making a commitment to running in 2024, said he's not ever going back to Twitter but he's looking at other options for social media. He said Twitter was boring without him. He is correct. He said Parler couldn't handle his kind of traffic if he went there - and few sites can - so he might start his own social media site or buy another.

He spoke fondly about Rush Limbaugh, said many people want him to guest host the show but it's not his thing. He also spent a great deal of time reiterating the fact that the election was stolen, that Rush was ANGRY the election was stolen and that we need to get to the bottom of it, that Republicans are soft, that it's a disgrace that we allowed the rigged vote and fake tabulations on election night like some third world country, and that Biden is destroying America, is in China's pocket, and looks corrupt and foolish. ALL TRUE.

Bill Gates says we'll probably need to have people take at least THREE SHOTS for the VIRUS & Biden/Fauci say we don't know how long COVID will last - at least another year. How can you trust anybody, at this point in the game, that says "Well, we may need a third shot and another year." For a virus with 99.9999 7% survival rate.

On their first February 17 after election, Biden trails both Obama and Trump in Presidential Approval - but yeah - Biden is the MOST popular President ever with 80 MILLION votes. NOT:

Obama 61% (2009)

Trump 55% (2017)

Biden 50% (2021)

People are fleeing New York, Washington State and California and moving to Florida, Texas and Tennessee. More people moved to Alaska than moved to Washington State.

Research shows that Texas wind power failed on February 9th and was backed up with natural gas. Be­tween 12am on 2/8 and 2/16, wind power plunged 93% while coal in­creased 47% and gas 450%, ac­cord­ing to the EIA. Natural gas failed on February 14th and they had a hard time bringing plants back on line. So it appears to me the issue was two or three-fold. An over-dependence on unreliable wind/solar (Texas has 28% of the country's renewables) - and a lack of winterization for natural gas plants. Also, there is speculation that hackers could be responsible for KEEPING plants offline after the cold hit. Highly possible due to the fact that 1000 hackers have been accessing our water, election, health & electric systems for the past year through the Microsoft 365 front end!

The fake news is screaming "It's not the windmills." That means it IS the windmills. Several followers who LIVE in Texas confirmed that for me. A guest on Larry Kudlow's show, the former US Director of Energy, said that Texas spent too much money on wind and solar during the Obama and Bush years, because they got massive tax credits, and at the same time they didn't winterize and diversify other forms of energy. They need more natural gas, nuclear and coal to make sure there are NO more widespread collapses.

The Never Trump Lincoln Project, which is finally being dismantled, was started by disgruntled Republican consultants that Trump refused to hire or fired. It was fueled by Romney & McCain and funded by the Chi-Comms. They fundraised $90 MILLION off Trump hate to line their own pockets.

George Conway lives in Trump Tower and asked to be appointed Solicitor General. Conway became spiteful after Trump refused and offered him a lesser role. Rick Wilson was a political strategist & presidential appointee under President Bush. Wilson famously called Trump supporters Nazis and Trump refused to hire Wilson. Rick Wilson also worked for Never Trump Carly Fiorina. She HATES Trump. John Weaver was a political consultant to Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corp and worked for McCain and as a result of his ties to Russia, Trump refused to hire him. Steve Schmidt resigned from the Republican party and denounced President Trump when he moved the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. From that day forward Steve sought to destroy America's "Zionist President".

Vatican employees who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine will be fired. Pope Francis’ COVID-19 commission says that individuals have a moral responsibility to get vaccinated “given that refusing a vaccine can constitute a risk for others.” So the church is now mandating that the faithful get vaccinated by the atheist New World Order? What's next? Ex-communication?

Not only did Biden rejoin WHO, the global health organization run by Communist China, Gates & Fauci, who HID the virus, he's sending the Wuhan lab that MADE the virus $200 MILLION in US taxpayer money.

Australia told Facebook they had to pay for news access - so Facebook said they won't allow Australia's news organizations to post news at all. That includes Facebook members who want to post news links. Meanwhile, Twitter is considering offering people they've banned on the platform an opportunity to PAY to access their accounts if they agree to have every post monitored before upload. In other words, blackmail & Communist censorship.

People say that AG Barr is not connected to Dominion voting systems because he worked on a company called Dominion Energy at Kirkland & Ellis. Well, Barr, Bolton, Kavanaugh and Cippolone all worked at the law firm Kirkland & Ellis. So did LOTS of people in DC. Kirkland & Ellis represented Staple Street Capital which bought Dominion Voting systems. The latest is that Kirkland & Ellis is representing people who are being sued by Dominion voting systems. It's all connected. Kirkland and Ellis is the largest law firm in the world. Most of the people in our Department of Just-us came from there. Look at their pedigree. Look at their client list. Something tells me this is the tie that binds.

Looks like they're finally going after Cuomo for sending sick people into nursing homes to die. They need to go after all the other Governors who did the same. Let's be honest. Elderly and vulnerable people die from pneumonia and flu and respiratory viruses. Their immune systems aren't strong enough to fend It off. That's a reality of life. In fact, the old saying is that pneumonia is an elderly person's best friend.

So, if ANY Governor sent someone with a symptomatic respiratory virus, including COVID, back into a nursing home from a hospital, to save money, he/she basically sentenced everyone in that nursing home to death. I'm not kidding. They should all be prosecuted as accessories to murder. They knew exactly what they were doing. I have no doubt this was part of the Commie plan. They did the same thing in Italy! They were harvesting votes out of nursing homes. The more people that died, the more votes they got. Even Lindsey Graham said he had evidence that tens of thousands of voter registrations were SIMULTANEOUSLY uploaded from nursing home chains across the country. These were many of the DEAD people who voted for Biden.

Ronna McDaniel, Romney's niece, says the GOP is going to work on election integrity for 2022. How about working on it for 2020? This is all BS - we can't deal with 2022 until we agree on what happened in 2020. They won't do anything. The states are on their own.

TONY SCHAFFER: It's time to end the charade. No one wears the masks property - there is no standard, people touch the masks all the time - it's a joke.

Are face masks effective? So far, nearly every scientific study says NO. Here's the evidence.

Rush Limbaugh just passed away after losing his battle with lung cancer. His wife made the announcement on his radio show. May God Bless you and Keep you! We love you, Rush.

President Trump gave his first post-Presidential interview to Fox News to honor Rush Limbaugh. He said he talked to Rush 3-4 days ago. Then he gave interviews to Newsmax & OANN. Some excerpts:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “He was special. He was very brave. He was fighting to the very end. He’s a fighter. Rush is irreplaceable, unique. He had an audience that was massive. People, whether they loved him or not, respected him.”

“He was just a great gentleman. He loved this country. And he loved his fans. He’s irreplaceable. He loved talking about the country and the future. He just had an incredible instinct for politics. He was a very unique guy and had tremendous insight, he really got it, he was very street smart.”

"Rush Limbaugh thought we won [the election.] And so do I by the way. I think we won substantially. You would have had riots going all over the place if that happened to a Democrat. We don't have the same support at certain levels of the Republican system. You don't know how angry this country is. We should have had it. I think it's disgraceful what happened. We were like a third world country on election night with the closing down of the centers and all of the things that happened late in the evening. He was furious, many people are furious."

RUDY GIULIANI: My friend Rush Limbaugh was the most influential commentator in the world. He created a whole new genre. A genius, patriot, humorist, great golf partner, and a generous kind man. We will miss him but he lives on in heaven and on earth with those he inspired.

Watch how the left talks about Rush Limbaugh today. That's what the Commies think of you.

President Trump issued a statement about McConnell after McConnell repeatedly trashed him on the Senate floor and in a WSJ op-ed. It wasn't pretty. Trump doesn't start fights. But he fights BACK when wrongly maligned by bullies like McConnell. As he should.

"The Republican Party can never again be respected or strong with political ‘leaders’ like Senator Mitch McConnell at its helm."

Trump's impeachment lawyers said they'd love to depose McConnell, Pelosi, Schumer & Bowser to find out what they knew and when they knew it and why they told the police & the National Guard to stand down at the Capitol even though they had advance warning of threats from BLM-ANTIFA. Even AOC said that everyone in Congress knew that extremists were planning to invade the Capitol a WEEK before the 6th! That's why Trump told the DoD to ready 10,000 National Guard to protect it!

Even worse, there are receipts showing that CNN & MSNBC paid ANTIFA-BLM leader, John Sullivan, who organized and filmed the riots, $70,000 to use his footage! CNN staffers were embedded in the riots. So, did the DNC also pay him to use the footage at the impeachment trial? This is further proof that the fake news is an arm of the Democrat party and operates as on-the-ground mercenaries!

Rudy Giuliani told us this a few days after the riots but nobody listened and his evidence was removed from the internet.

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