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Tierney's Real News (2/17/21)

Rush Limbaugh just passed away after losing his battle with lung cancer. His wife made the announcement on his radio show. May God Bless you and Keep you! We love you, Rush.

President Trump gave his first post-Presidential interview to Fox News to honor Rush Limbaugh. He said he talked to Rush 3-4 days ago. Some excerpts:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “He was special. He was very brave. He was fighting to the very end. He’s a fighter. Rush is irreplaceable, unique. He had an audience that was massive. People, whether they loved him or not, respected him.”

“He was just a great gentleman. He loved this country. And he loved his fans. He’s irreplaceable. He loved talking about the country and the future. He just had an incredible instinct for politics. He was a very unique guy and had tremendous insight, he really got it, he was very street smart.”

"Rush Limbaugh thought we won [the election.] And so do I by the way. I think we won substantially. You would have had riots going all over the place if that happened to a Democrat. We don't have the same support at certain levels of the Republican system. You don't know how angry this country is. We should have had it. I think it's disgraceful what happened. We were like a third world country on election night with the closing down of the centers and all of the things that happened late in the evening. He was furious, many people are furious."

RUDY GIULIANI: My friend Rush Limbaugh was the most influential commentator in the world. He created a whole new genre. A genius, patriot, humorist, great golf partner, and a generous kind man. We will miss him but he lives on in heaven and on earth with those he inspired.

Watch how the left talks about Rush Limbaugh today. That's what the Commies think of you.

President Trump issued a statement about McConnell after McConnell repeatedly trashed him on the Senate floor and in a WSJ op-ed. It wasn't pretty. Trump doesn't start fights. But he fights BACK when wrongly maligned by bullies like McConnell. As he should.

"The Republican Party can never again be respected or strong with political ‘leaders’ like Senator Mitch McConnell at its helm."

Trump's impeachment lawyers said they'd love to depose McConnell, Pelosi, Schumer & Bowser to find out what they knew and when they knew it and why they told the police & the National Guard to stand down at the Capitol even though they had advance warning of threats from BLM-ANTIFA. Even AOC said that everyone in Congress knew that extremists were planning to invade the Capitol a WEEK before the 6th! That's why Trump told the DoD to ready 10,000 National Guard to protect it!

Even worse, there are receipts showing that CNN & MSNBC paid ANTIFA-BLM leader, John Sullivan, who organized and filmed the riots, $70,000 to use his footage! CNN staffers were embedded in the riots. So, did the DNC also pay him to use the footage at the impeachment trial? This is further proof that the fake news is an arm of the Democrat party and operates as on-the-ground mercenaries!

Rudy Giuliani told us this a few days after the riots but nobody listened and his evidence was removed from the internet.

LOU DOBBS: Never forget the lies still being spread about January 6th:

-No pipe bombs were ever placed on January 6th.

-No Trump supporter was behind those pipe bombs.

-Every person who died was a Trump supporter.

-No police officer was ever beaten to death with a fire extinguisher.

BRIGITTE GABRIEL: "NEVER Forget that Kevin McCarthy said he thought Putin was paying Trump. This man is not America First, he's Washington, DC First. President Trump should never forgive Mitch McConnell or Kevin McCarthy for losing the 2020 Election."

Amidst the media hysteria, the world was falsely led to believe that Trump supporters were behind the pipe bombs. That was an intentional lie — a media hoax. Our FBI conveniently can’t determine who was behind the pipe bombs which were used to spread that hoax.

It’s been 42 days since pipe bombs were dropped just a few blocks away from the White House outside of the RNC and DNC offices on the night BEFORE the Capitol riots. Our FBI has yet to produce any answers or leads regarding who was behind it. Remember how they are able to find patsies for every single one of their false flags within hours but never seem to find the REAL perpetrators if they're left-wing terrorists. That means they are in on the frame job!

CNN is reporting that Democrat Harry Reid said privately that Obama, as a black candidate, could be successful thanks, in part, to his "light-skinned" appearance and speaking patterns "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one." Sounds like Harry. A REAL racist.

Rumors are Trump plans to help Ric Grenell run for Governor of California against Newsom during a run-off if the recall comes to be.

I did some research on insulin prices skyrocketing and here's what I found. Conservative media are blaming Biden's revocation of Trump's EOs on price reductions for the recent spike in insulin prices. That's not exactly true. Trump did write EOs last year to reduce drug prices but they took effect on January 22 - two days after Biden took office. Biden shut them down pending "analysis."

Trump's focus on keep drug prices down HAS kept Big Pharma from raising prices - so the moment Biden took office they jacked the prices way up as they knew they would face no resistance. The real reason prices are up is due to exorbitant fees they pay middle men to work with pharmacists & insurance companies. Everybody takes a cut and the patient pays. the game is rigged and Big Pharma pays Congress to keep it rigged.

VP Kamala Harris has begun to take calls with foreign leaders on behalf of Biden. Harris has had two calls with Macron and Trudeau. Did Pence take calls from foreign leaders? I don't recall him ever doing that. They must be getting ready to "elevate" Kamala to the throne.

Joe Biden held a town hall last night on CNN. He said several strange things. He said there was no vaccine when he came into office on January 20th - when he had already received two doses of vaccine from Trump's Operation Warp Speed. He said we should all pay attention to the "bi-racial" couples on TV ads. He said America may be back to normal by Christmas - but maybe not. He said he loves "kids more than people." He said he wants schools open 5 days a week but his policies say different - right now they only allow 10% of schools to be open 1 day per week. Then he basically said that minorities are too stupid to figure out how to get on the internet:

"Not everybody in the community, in the Hispanic and African American community, know how to get on line."

Finally, Joe Biden declared that he will not speak out against China's genocide of the Uyghur ethnic minority because it would disrespect China's values. Biden essentially said that genocide must be respected when from a different culture. Meanwhile, China enslaves Muslim in forced labor camps & rapes, sterilizes, tortures the women while harvesting organs for profit from healthy slaves.

According to Joe Biden, THE FOCUS of his DOJ is white supremacy, not ANTIFA-ISIS terrorists, illegal alien sex traffickers, rapists, murderers and gang members?? I'm sorry but we have an INSANE PERSON in the White House.

NAVARRO: “Donald J. Trump’s success was really based on his ability to transform the Republican Party into the party of blue collar America, the party of the working class, the party of the big union bosses where the rank and file voted for Trump and didn’t listen to those bosses.”

Remember, even if they didn't steal the election from President Trump in 2020, the House would still have voted to impeach him for a rigged attack on the capitol, because that was their plan, and then I guarantee you enough Republican Senators, led by McConnell, would have voted to remove him from office and prevent him from running for office again for the same. In other words, them stealing the election and Trump being out of office is the best thing that could have happened. Now he has a chance to expose them all and fix the fraud.

How do I know that? Look at all of the Republican Senators who voted to certify the election, and not conduct a 10-day audit on the 6th, when they knew it was filled with fraud. 43 Republican Senators voted against Trump to not proceed with a 10-day forensic audit of the vote. Even though the state legislatures wanted to do it.

Fulton County Elections Board in Georgia just fired elections chief Rick Barron. "Issues cited were his handling of the 2020 elections." I thought everything was PERFECT in Georgia's elections! That's what Governor Kemp & SoS Raffensperger said. Now they're getting rid of the evidence that proves just how fraudulent it really was!

Jon Ossoff's campaign paid the Never Trump Lincoln project $20,000 one day before the Georgia run-off. For what? Somebody should investigate!

Having mocked and derided “Space Force” as irrelevant, the Biden regime is now actually just carrying on the baton created by President Trump. They mock his programs and then quietly try to pretend they came up with them. Same with Operation Warp Speed, the Abraham Accords and the USMCA.

Biden said he's going to try to seize our weapons through executive order since he knows he can't get it done through Congress. NEVER EVER give up your guns.

Remember, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post are owned by the Murdoch's who also owns Fox News. Trump is messing with their "globalist" pocketbooks. So he must go. Everything you read in those rags is designed to put America last.

Kevin Sorbo says Facebook deleted his page and hasn't told him why his page was deleted: "I’ve been told absolutely nothing." Welcome to the party, pal! They've been doing that to me for 5 years!

Project Veritas said that Mark Zuckerberg, back in July, openly stated on camera that he questioned whether the vaccines would alter a person's RNA or DNA. At the same time, he banned anyone on Facebook who dared question it themselves. I was one of them!

Communist Chinese scientists have developed a new "mRNA vaccine" that activates the immune system, shrinks cancer tumors, and prevents metastasis in mice. You all should be very concerned about what's going to be in that vaccine. Meanwhile, North Korean hackers tried breaking into the computer systems of pharmaceutical company Pfizer to access information on their coronavirus vaccine.

GRAHAM: "We don't have a snowball's chance in hell of taking back the majority without Donald Trump. If you don't get that, you're just not looking. He was a helluva President."

Texas is freezing to death due to "green energy" while China is building coal-fired power plants in record numbers. Is this a good time to remind everyone that during his first week in office, Biden reversed Trump's EO that forbade the use of electrical grid equipment from China & Russia? Is this a good time to remind everyone that Biden's Paris Accord means they take OUR tax dollars and give them to China to build more coal plants?

There is a lot of conflicting "information" about the Texas blackouts. Here's the bottom line: the root cause of the Texas blackouts is a national and state policy that has prioritized the adoption of unreliable wind/solar energy over reliable energy. Texans are sleeping in their cars as we suffer the stark realities of the Green New Deal. 30% of our power comes from renewables now - and it turns out they don’t work in the ice and snow. We shutdown our gas fired plants and now we live in the 3rd world. Thank goodness the cars aren't electric!

TUCKER CARLSON: "Green energy inevitably means blackouts. Someday that may change as technology progresses, but as of right now and given the current state of technology, green energy means a less reliable power grid. It means failures like the ones we're seeing now in Texas."

The fake news is spreading a rumor that Trump and Rudy are on the outs. Here's what's really going on. There are no pending cases where Mayor Giuliani is representing the President. The Mayor remains an ally and a friend.

Pelosi's district of San Francisco is delaying school openings but they can take time to rename schools for the Communists. Schools named after George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are among those being renamed because these figures "significantly diminished the opportunities of those amongst us to the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

DR DREW: "Amazingly, only 165 patients have been hospitalized with the flu in the US since October. Last season, we had 400,000 hospitalizations!" So COVID either cured the flu or they're coding flu cases to COVID because hospitals make more money that way.

LIAR Joe Scarborough of MSNBC says that BLM-ANTIFA just burned down a couple Taco Stands last summer - no big deal. Come to Minneapolis, they destroyed the heart of our city and torched many landmarks that can never be replaced. It will never be the same.

The liberal woke crowd says we're supposed to use the right pronouns, stop using "gender-specific" terms like mother, aunt & niece and call our fathers the "non-birthing" parent. I'm so sick of this crap. The majority of Americans don't want this Commie BS.

Twitter just cancelled Paul Sperry - one of the few honest journalists left in America.

65% of voters want Congress to investigate whether officials report COVID-19 cases accurately. Of course they don't. It's all rigged.

BTW, I'm NOT sending out multiple emails of my posts. Google is doing that - messing with me to get you to unsubscribe.

Thousands of people turned out to wish President Trump a happy President's Day in Florida yesterday. He did a drive by while planes flew banners overhead with streamers declaring him the BEST PRESIDENT EVER.

“Happy President’s Day, Donald Trump” was the number one trend on Twitter & Facebook even though those Communist platforms purged Trump & millions of his supporters. Over 1 MILLION people watched the video of him waving to his supporters while only 47,000 watched Biden's President's day address. But, yeah, Biden is the most popular President EVER. NOT.

MIKE JOHNSON: "Democrats used impeachment against Trump as an attempt to “equate” 75 million Americans who voted for Trump with the couple hundred criminals who came in and ransacked the Capitol." We know. They're not after him. They're after us. They're going to spend the next several years painting all conservatives as "domestic terrorists."

After the GOP asked Pelosi to tell America why she told the DC Capitol Police & the National Guard to stand down and let the rioters invade the Capitol, she called for a "911 style commission" to investigate. Meaning, she's flipping the script and pretending she had nothing to do with it. The DC Capitol police report to Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell & Bowser & they were responsible for calling in the National Guard. Trump told the DoD to have 10,000 officers ready to protect the Capitol from ANTIFA that morning. Pelosi & McConnell ignored that. They set it up and let it happen to frame Trump & his supporters.

Now that we know FOR SURE that Russia Collusion, Jussie's noose, Charlottesville, the Pulse massacre, the fake dossier and the Ukraine whistleblower were ALL false flags (engineered schemes that didn't JUST happen - they were planned) it's easy to see now how Vegas, Parkland, COVID, the election, the Capitol riots & George Floyd were ALSO planned and rigged to frame Trump & his supporters to further someone's agenda. From now on, every time you see something on the news that does NOT make sense - your first reaction should be - what really happened and who is behind it and why? Chances are it will all come back to politics -- either to eliminate our freedoms or enrich the portfolios of the Deep State!

In case you haven't figured it out yet, Trump supporters ARE the REAL RESISTANCE - to the corrupt establishment leadership in the Republican, Democrat, Libertarian & Green Parties in DC. They're ALL in bed together. They ALL take money from special interests who do NOT have our best interests at heart. They all have drinks after work and laugh at the stupid Americans who buy their BS and fake fights. They fund raise off our ignorance.

In 2019, CNN bragged that Texas was moving toward green energy like solar & wind. This week, as the polar vortex sent Texas into a deep freeze, over 5 million people lost power as half of the states' wind turbines FROZE SOLID. People don't understand that when the wind doesn't blow, wind turbines don't work. Common sense. Texas never had widespread outages like this before they went GREEN.

In order to UNSTICK the turbines, helicopters, running on fossil fuel, must spread de-icers, made of fossil fuels, on the turbines, which are made of fossil fuels, which must be re-started with energy, run by fossil fuels, in order for us to have GREEN ENERGY. JOKE! Even worse, these turbines only have a 3-5 year life span and must be buried because they don't degrade! Ever looked under a wind turbine? I have. It's a bird graveyard under those things. Ask the tree huggers & environmentalists & animal lovers why they don't care about all the dead birds!

In Germany, millions of solar panels are blanketed in snow and 30,000 wind turbines are sitting idle because there’s no wind. German's are freezing & desperate for coal-fired power. When the temperatures drop, and the wind stops blowing, other energy sources like coal, fracking, natural gas & nuclear energy sound pretty good. Communist China, meanwhile, is burning dirty coal paid with OUR tax dollars and they're doing just fine. Texas is freezing to death while China is building coal-fired power plants in record numbers.

While America is still under a pandemic, Biden is introducing a bill to grant citizenship to over 11 MILLION illegal immigrants. Why? So they can vote Democrat.

The New York subways are so rampant with violent crime due to DeBlasio & Cuomo's policies that they need 1,000 more NYPD officers to protect the innocent from rapists, robbers & murderers. But, thank goodness they're all wearing masks!

One of Trump's impeachment attorneys has received so many death threats & attacks on his home that he has sent his children to an undisclosed location & hired armed guards at home & work. The left are the REAL domestic terrorists. The interesting part of this is that Van Der Veen once spoke out AGAINST Trump & represented a client who sued Trump. Now he sees the nightmare that Trump has been living through for the past 6 years.

It wasn't until David Schoen, one of Trump's impeachment attorneys, was preparing for trial that he did enough research to understand that the fake news had been lying about Charlottesville for 3 years. He learned that the "fine people" hoax was totally made up. Up until that point, he'd been angry at Trump for the way he responded. So even smart, conservative lawyers are fooled by the fake news.

A school principal in New York City sent home a list of "white identities" with children so their parents could instruct them on which state of "white traitor" they are. This is what the Nazi socialists did to the Jewish people, gypsies and disabled before they sent them off to the camps. Taught children that they were evil and inhuman. Communists are doing the same thing to whites in America. History is repeating itself. We can either go willingly or stand up. The future of your children depends on your choice.

Greta Thunberg got caught red-handed in India trying to foment hate. She is a paid, global propagandist that incites protests and unrest around the world. I remember when delusional conservatives said we should be nice to Greta because she's just a child. No she's not, she's an indoctrinated tool of the Communist new world order that wants to enslave us all! I don't care how old she is. She's a useful idiot for the atheists.

Now that Parler is back, and considering the purge on Twitter and Facebook, I suggest that all conservatives don't put their eggs all in one basket. If you're able, please post on Telegram, Gab and Parler. Create an email list too and communicate that way. You never know which one is going to go down next or who will rise. I hear Parler is already censoring conservatives. This is no game, the Communists aren't playing around. Our ability to communicate with each other is of utmost importance.

Oregon's education department declared that "math" is racist and is saying that asking students to show the work behind their answers is "white supremacy." The Communist left will do anything to make sure America's children are dumbed down to the lowest common denominator and can't compete on the global stage. Even worse, mask-wearing & plexi-glass dividers are teaching school children to fear others and hate themselves all over the world. I'm sure Big Pharma will come up with a new pill for COVID-dysphoria disease. Watch.

Is this what you want for your children and grand children? This is ALL directed out of Communist China. The Communists are talking about forcing this mandate on the world's children for the next 7 years! For a "disease" that is less dangerous than the flu for people under 50!

Meanwhile, liberal teachers are teaching 3rd graders about transgenderism (you can choose to be a girl or a boy or whatever) & instructing 5th graders on how to make the Communist "black power" symbol and honor the Communist flag. Get your kids out of public school if you can. Run for local school boards and don't accept this garbage. Once children are indoctrinated under Communism - it's almost impossible to rewire their brains.

Also, teachers' unions are saying it's too dangerous for teachers go back to in-person teaching unless schools get BILLIONS of dollars and they get more salaries & perks but they're hiring $15 dollar an hour assistants, with high-school educations, to watch over the school kids while they stay home!

Remember, the Communists need to confuse our children & feminize our men and teach them to be weak & hate themselves. That way we'll lose our family structure and our ability to defend ourselves. Women who push to demonize men should think this through.

So far, 12 Republicans have been censured by state GOPs for voting against Trump. It's not nice to target the People's President. Romney's next.

BILL GATES: "All rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef. You can get used to the taste difference."

Bill Gates is invested in Memphis Meats — a lab meat company — and is also invested in other plant-based competitors. He also is now the largest private farmland owner in the United States, so he'll be selling American beef around the world while telling us to eat fake meat. Meanwhile, Communist China can't grow their own food & fake meat because their land is poisoned & toxic from years of neglect. Gates will help Communist China at OUR expense.

I wish Trump would release a tell-all book. One chapter at a time. It would drive them crazy. With a Dead man switch if they try to do anything to him or his family.

The latest poll from Politico shows this is who Republican voters prefer to run in 2024:

Donald Trump 53%

Mike Pence 12%

Donald Trump Jr. 6%

Nikki Haley 6%

Mitt Romney 4%

Ted Cruz 4%

Marco Rubio 2%

Mike Pompeo 2%

Josh Hawley 1%

Tom Cotton 1%

Tim Scott 1%

Kristi Noem 1%

Larry Hogan 1%

Rick Scott 0%

Meanwhile, Never Trump snakes like Mitch McConnell keep telling us that Trump is finished. Look in the mirror, Mr. Turtle.

MARK LEVIN: "If the Republican Party is ever to regain power, Mitch McConnell must go. He has severely harmed the GOP for more than a decade."

Myanmar's military is prosecuting the coup plotters, has removed the Central Bank Chief and declared that it will hold a free and fair election and "hand power to the winning party." We need that right here in America.

I'm seeing lots of posts about the price of insulin going up since Trump left office. I'm going to do a little research about what's really going on and will post tomorrow. If you have articles you'd like me to read, please send them to me by email. Thanks!

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