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Tierney's Real News (2/15/21)

Matt Gaetz said Team Biden is going after Ron DeSantis & Florida because they know if President Trump chooses not to run in 2024 - that Governor DeSantis will. He's Trump's first choice. Florida, get ready for Biden to try to lock you down & hurt your state in ways you can't even imagine!

GENERAL FLYNN: I don't know if President Trump will run again, but the reason he is so well-liked is because he's authentic & raw. People don't like fake politicians. They're tired of all the games & nonsense in DC.

Microsoft says that more than 1,000 hackers were involved in the Solarwinds hack - "the largest and most sophisticated attack the world has ever seen." Over 18,000 systems have been compromised through the Microsoft 365 front-end since last March, including corporations, local & Federal Governments. And Krebs at CISA and the Deep State covered it up! Yet, hackers didn't breach our election systems and our health systems? BS. The VIRUS provided a great distraction for the hackers to invade our systems, steal our secrets, access our data & manipulate the results and compromise our energy & water supplies! The invisible enemy!

Biden is slowly closing down the country, keeping soldiers in DC until the end of the year, mandating masks through 2022, opening our borders and killing American jobs while pushing gun control. My guess? Mass shootings will start again. Most people don't know, that in the 1990's, the UK Deep State engineered a massive school shooting in a town called Dunblane, murdering 16 kindergarteners. Why?

To horrify the nation enough to agree to turn over ALL their weapons to the Government. It worked. That's why the UK is defenseless against invading gangs, rapists & terrorists. IMHO, Parkland was an attempt to do the same in America. It didn't work. But they will keep trying until it does. Make sure your family is protected and NEVER EVER give up your guns no matter what they do. The 2nd amendment protects our 1st amendment!

The great thing about Trump's 2nd impeachment trial is it clarified more of the traitors in the GOP. McConnell, Cheney, McCarthy, Haley, Graham, Cassidy, Burr. Also, Peter Navarro said that not only was AG Barr working against Trump by helping Biden vet his executive orders over the last year, but that Pence is the ring leader of the resistance - and the ultimate betrayer.

Pence is a pal of Paul Ryan & Mitt Romney and believes he should be President. Pence's Chief of Staff, Marc Short, is a Koch Libertarian (Chamber of Commerce lobby) operative and helped the coup plotters in the AFL-CIO, FBI & DOJ frame Trump. Also, Pompeo said Barr & Haspel were great - so what does that say about Pompeo? Pompeo also wants to run in 2024 so he also had a reason to remove Trump. What a mess!

Mitch McConnell, after voting to acquit Trump, is now calling for Trump to be prosecuted as a private citizen "for everything he did while in office. He didn't get away with anything yet." McConnell is even threatening to campaign against anyone that Trump endorses. Why? McConnell is in bed with Communist China through his wife, Elaine Chao's, family. They build ships for the Communist Chinese military and allegedly trafficked drugs! Thus the reason he's called Cocaine Mitch.

Meanwhile, House Democrats are considering passing another set of articles of impeachment for Trump in March and prosecutors are trying to figure out other ways to take Trump down. It's going on 6 years of malicious prosecution against one man.

McConnell not only went on the Senate floor to trash Trump after he was acquitted, he told Congress that he reviewed the Constitution and it's not right to impeach someone who's left office. So he waited until AFTER Trump's trial to make that statement. Meaning, it was okay to do that to Trump but we shouldn't do it to anybody else. He doesn't want the GOP to impeach Obama, Bush or Clinton after they've left office. I say let's impeach McConnell right now!

After the Never Trump Lincoln Project's leader was exposed as a gay pedophile, the organization is falling apart. It's backers were Romney, Communist China & John McCain. Like Trump said, the Democrats are bad but the RINOs are worse.

On January 8th, the New York Times wrote an article blaming Trump supporters for the Capitol riots & the death of Officer Sicknick. They wrote that a Capitol police officer was beat to death by Trump supporters with a fire extinguisher. IT WAS A TOTAL FABRICATION. The rest of the media followed their lead & copied & pasted their BS. Now they are retracting the claim and admitting they got it wrong. He died from a stroke the day AFTER the riots & it was likely due to natural causes - his body showed NO trauma. Officer Sicknick was a Trump supporter himself!

Arrest records reveal many of the Capitol rioters NEVER VOTED FOR TRUMP, further separating the hooligans from the 74 million law-abiding American voters who did vote for Trump. The riots were pre-planned way back in November and several extremist fringe groups were behind it. The Deep State hired mercenaries to invade the Capitol wearing Trump gear.

Too little, too late from the New York Times. The lie has already gone around the world. The fake news is truly the enemy of the people. The real question is - who hired the rioters? Critics think Pelosi, Schumer, Pence & McConnell did it to frame Trump and his supporters as terrorists, give them a reason to impeach the President and allow Pence/Haley to emerge as the 2024 GOP ticket. In fact, the head of the Michigan GOP says he KNOWS the rioters were bussed in by McConnell & pals and wants an investigation. So do I - anyone who organized that riot is an accessory to murder.

Communist Chinese soldiers wearing exoskeletons were seen carrying heavy supplies on the India/China border. A "super soldier" program is currently in development within the Chinese military. They are using "gene therapy" to create robot soldiers that are resistant to all kinds of bio-weapons & weather. Canada lets them train near OUR borders.

After Keith Ellison & his son coerced the Minneapolis MPD, Mayor & City Council to defund the police after they engineered a totally fake narrative about George Floyd, Minneapolis is now going to spend $6.4 MILLION to hire more police officers after crime skyrocketed & people were left alone & afraid. Let's see who they hire. Ilhan Omar's cousins?

BILL MITCHELL: GREAT NEWS!: Covid cases are plummeting! BAD NEWS: This is only because WHO dramatically redefined what a Covid case IS on the day Biden was inaugurated. Before, just one positive Covid test meant you were a "case." Now, you must have a second test to confirm and ALSO display symptoms! In other words, the WHO has just declared that THERE IS NO ASYMPTOMATIC COVID and thus masks for healthy people are un-needed. And yet, they STILL demand masks.

Bill is only partially right. Before Biden was inaugurated you didn't need a test to be POSITIVE. All you needed was to have flu-like symptoms and be declared PRESUMED POSITIVE FOR COVID or be exposed to someone else who was presumed POSITIVE. Millions of Americans have been labeled COVID-positive that never had it. But NOW, they have YOUR DNA.

"Concentrations of carbon dioxide when wearing any face mask can cause undesirable symptoms, such as fatigue, headache, and loss of concentration." Remember, this is what we're allowing Biden to do to our school children.

SEAN PENN: "Evangelical leaders should themselves be impeached by the Vatican if they themselves don’t follow Nikki Haley’s lead." LMAO. So liberal whacko Sean Penn is campaigning for "conservative" Nikki Haley and says the Vatican should remove any Evangelical leader who doesn't follow Nikki's lead! Now you know Nikki is a Trojan Horse! Sean Penn is best pals with the demonic Jack of Twitter!

TORBA: "How is it that the majority of this country is Christian and yet Christians allow American culture, the media, Hollywood, Big Tech, academia, and more to walk all over them? If we collectively say enough is enough and exit their wicked system it will crumble."

Even though drug addiction & teenage suicide is way up due to school closings & lock downs, Biden's administration is ENDING Trump's plan to allow more physicians to prescribe an opioid-treatment drug. Who does that? How sick is that? Keeping a life-saving treatment from an addict? Trump's plan exempted many physicians from the “X” waiver — a two-decade-old requirement, first mandated by Congress, to undergo a day’s training before they could prescribe buprenorphine for opioid-use disorder. “The X-waiver was an outdated and cumbersome barrier to treatment, and it exacerbated stigma for those struggling with opioid use disorder,” said Mark Rosenberg, the head of a emergency-physician group.

Tom Ridge, the first Bush/Cheney DHS Secretary, is urging that Homeland Security be unleashed to go after "domestic" terrorists - that means Trump supporters. Biden is going to use Ridge's "color-coding" system to ALERT us to domestic terrorist threats. So, our borders are wide open and we're letting people in from terrorist countries - but Biden is going to turn US against ourselves. Got it? This is what Mao, Hitler & Stalin did.

After months of denying plans to introduce so called vaccine passports, the British government has now admitted that not only is it considering introducing them for travel, but also merely to gain access to events, shops, restaurants & bars. This is simply the modern day equivalent of "show us your papers or you're going to the camps." Think it can't happen again? WRONG. History is repeating itself. That's why THEY don't want you to remember history. Through out history, people have often traded liberty for safety and REGRETTED that decision every time.

It's finally been confirmed that Governor Cuomo not only sent sick people (with flu & colds) into New York's nursing homes to spread disease & die - he covered up 9,000 out of 15,000 deaths at nursing homes. His aide admitted they covered it up because they were afraid Trump would send the Feds after them. Cuomo also wanted to give nursing home executives enough time to get Congress to REMOVE their liability.

What will happen to comrade Cuomo, an old family friend of Fauci, who's likely mobbed up and taking millions from Big Pharma? Probably nothing. Biden is saber rattling but I doubt it's real. Hopefully the people will stand up and recall Cuomo like they're recalling Newsom.

Parler says they’re coming back today...we shall see. They've said that every week for the past several weeks.

GAB'S TORBA: "Good to hear that Parler will be back online today after an entire month of being down! Now the Mercers and their billion dollars combined with the entire establishment right grift machine can compete against grassroots Gab and The People on an even tech playing field." I still think Parler is controlled opposition for the UniParty. Tread carefully.

SMOKING GUN: The very day in January 2017 that then-FBI Director James Comey signed a FISA surveillance warrant application declaring content from Christopher Steele's dossier had been "verified," he wrote President Obama's outgoing intelligence community chief with a very different assessment of the British spy's intelligence on Russia collusion, a newly released memo shows.

"We are not able to sufficiently corroborate the reporting," Comey wrote in a January 12, 2017 email to then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper that was declassified and made public through an open records lawsuit by the Southeastern Legal Foundation. Bottom line? They knew the dossier was fake but used it to get a warrant to spy on Trump and keep the lie alive for THREE YEARS that he was "colluding with Russia." Now we have proof. Too little, too late. Where the hell is Durham?

Remember, on Friday, February 19th, SCOTUS has agreed to conference on taking election fraud cases from Trump, Kelly, Powell & Wood in Pennsylvania, Georgia & Michigan. Experts say if they agree to take them, they will likely NOT be heard until October. Thus, the reason Biden is keeping the fence up around DC and the National Guard on the ground until the end of the year. If SCOTUS declares the election was UNCONSTITUTIONAL, all hell could break loose.

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On a lighter note, please watch this short clip on "Why I wear my mask." And this clip on how to enjoy a Communist Christmas in America. Send these to your brainwashed friends & family!

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