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Tierney's REAL News (12/31/21)

Did you make out like a bandit during the George Floyd riots? Are you one of the thugs who is looting stores or car jacking across the nation? Did you bribe any politicians? Did you launder any money? Or maybe you’re just a good old fashioned meth dealer?

If you profited off of these – or any other – illicit activities at any point in 2021, Biden's IRS says to make sure you report it on your taxes.

"Tax season is around the corner. Remember to report your income from illegal activities and stolen property to the IRS." Don't you feel better now?

MINNESOTA: An 81-year old woman was hospitalized with a brain bleed after a teenage thug knocked her to the ground and stole her purse in broad daylight outside a St. Paul Walgreen's. This is happening ALL over the Twin Cities.

His mother recognized him and turned him in. He was already in custody for a recent car-jacking. The Twin Cities has gone to hell. We were once considered one of the safest places to live in America. NO MORE. You can thank Keith Ellison, Ilhan Omar & George Floyd.

No wonder over 1 MILLION people have already fled oppressive and dangerous blue cities and states, including Minnesota.

The New York Times proudly announced that a female contestant, "Amy" Schneider, has become the most successful "woman" to ever compete on NBC's Jeopardy after winning for the 18th consecutive time.

Problem is, he's NOT a female! He's a man wearing pearls! Gotcha! He beat out a REAL woman for the top slot!

America is so "woke" that the Holocaust Museum in Illinois is demanding you show your vaccine "papers" before entering...have they remembered nothing? The Jewish people were considered unclean & diseased and forced to brand themselves with a "yellow star" during WW2. History repeating itself.

Or maybe, just maybe, it's revenge? Think about that. I often do. Many of the wealthy "oligarchs" in America on Wall Street, Hollywood & Silicon Valley are ATHEIST descendants of survivors. Flipping the script. What perfect payback to the world - show me YOUR papers!

The pandemic made the world's banksters & wealthy even wealthier -- on the backs of small business & the middle class. The world's richest people added $421 BILLION to their fortunes in 2021. The top-ten billionaires now all have a net worth of over $100 BILLION. Coincidence? Nope. Planned.

Think about guys like Soros & Zuckerberg & Gates & Buffett & Bezos & Cook. All ATHEISTS. Atheists have penetrated EVERY religion, including Christianity, and are using their wealth to poison the faithful. Why? So you're easier to control!

Mike Lindell appeared on Bannon's show and gave an update on his election fraud lawsuits:

BANNON: "Ask a straight question get a straight answer. Mike Lindell is an ‘armor-piercing shell’ that has committed everything to save this country. To all his enemies, and they are a legion, the Lindell I know will Never Quit, Never Surrender."

BANNON: Mike Lindell could kick back and do nothing. But he's everywhere, every day. He never stops. He's the hardest working man I've ever seen. I admire him so much. He's either on a plane or in 30 meetings a day - grinding on election fraud.

LINDELL: We're going to do a mini movie on our filing against Dominion. Dominion is required by law to preserve evidence. After a 5 month investigation, we now have all the data to prove, starting in Colorado, that Dominion ILLEGALLY deleted all the data in the 2020 election.

BANNON: MSNBC says that Dominion is winning and they are running the tables on you, Mike.

LINDELL: Right now we're winning. All the data they deleted will be documented in the new filings to get these Dominion lawsuits dismissed. They will be filed within two weeks in DC.

BANNON: But Trump judges have ruled these cases can go forward, right? Dominion will argue that they deleted this data at the direction of the Secretaries of State...

LINDELL: The judges haven't seen this data. The Secretary of States can all go to prison. They have to preserve the data, by law.

We all know that Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted for sex trafficking. Jim Comey's daughter prosecuted her. Giuliani says Comey is slime - just like her father. The Comey's have been fixers for the Clintons for 25 years. The question is, what's next? Nobody knows. Is this a coverup? Is Ghislaine the fall girl? Did she take a deal behind the scenes?

Will they go after OTHER co-conspirators or will they go after Trump & anyone tied to him like Dershowitz? They've SEALED the files so they can accuse anyone they like! Here are some of my thoughts & the evidence to support my conclusions.

Sorry, but the left is way too happy about Ghislaine's conviction. I bet they will use the conviction to try to tie Trump & Dershowitz to Epstein & Maxwell - when the CIA, Bill Clinton & Bill Gates are the real connection. The next Witch Hunt. Watch. They are already pivoting that way...headlines are tying Trump to Epstein. Fox News is tying Dershowitz to Maxwell.

Maxwell has already met with ABC and plans an interview. ABC is owned by Disney which is owned by Communist China. What will she say? I guarantee it will NOT be good for Trump or the Deplorables. Will this be another set up? Ghislane is CIA & Mossad (they entrapped & blackmailed people all over the world) and will likely do as she's told. Unless she has the balls to out the GREAT RESET pedo cabal on live TV? Don't think so. I hope I'm wrong and she does the right thing...

Remember that right after Epstein "died" - Ghislaine was seen at In-N-Out reading this book about being a CIA operative. Couldn't be more blatant.

CEE CEE: "In order to lessen her sentence, Ghislaine will no doubt do some name dropping now that she’s found guilty."

My question is - whose names will she drop? Will they be REAL perpetrators or the ones she's been told by Comey's daughter to smear for political gain?

Look what Derek Chauvin just did for an easier sentence in the George Floyd case. Chauvin took a dive for the Deep State...told you this was a set up from the beginning...by Ellison, Omar, Frey & the MPD.

Based on the Noor reversal - Chauvin had a good case on appeal. Instead his lawyer bailed & Chauvin pled guilty to Federal charges too! Now the other officers are screwed. He did not appeal his conviction and instead pled guilty to a Federal hate crime - he literally sold out his 3 fellow police officers so they can all be charged too! Set up!

Ellison charged Chauvin with third-degree murder because that's what they used to convict Mohamed Noor for the death of Justine Damond. Now they overturned the conviction for Noor. But Chauvin did not use that to appeal! That PROVES he's in bed with Ellison.

NEW YORK TIMES: "Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial was expected to be a potential courthouse blockbuster. But high-profile friends of Jeffrey Epstein like former Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton came up only in passing."

See - the NYT is already trying to tie Epstein to Trump...

And, Comey is tying up loose ends in Epstein's death. Prosecutors dropped their case against Jeffrey Epstein's jail guards two weeks ago, in the middle of Ghislaine Maxwell's trial. Remember they were the ones who lied about keeping watch over him. The decision wasn't made public until yesterday.

DAILY MAIL: "Alan Dershowitz suggested that prosecutors behind the conviction of Ghislaine Maxwell for sex trafficking crimes could now try Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre for her alleged role in the abuse of under-age girls.

Dershowitz, a Harvard professor, who has previously represented rapist Harvey Weinstein and former President Trump, has been accused of rape by Giuffre and the pair are locked in a countersuit over a defamation case. He denies all wrongdoing.

Dershowitz was a member of Epstein's legal defense team for his first criminal case in 2008 where he pled guilty to two felony prostitution charges in Florida, and was given 18 months in a 'sweetheart deal' which effectively shut down an FBI probe into the sex crimes.

But on Fox News last night, Dershowitz said that Giuffre, who was trafficked by Epstein as a 17-year-old, could be tried for 'facilitating sex' between Epstein and a minor later on.

DERSHOWITZ: "The Government was smart NOT to call Virginia Giuffre as a witness because she's not credible. They jury would NOT have believed her and it would have destroyed their case.

Giuffre accused everyone in Epstein's rolodex of abusing her - like me and Prince Andrew and Ambassador Richardson - she accused anybody she could find...today was a good day for people like me who were wrongly accused...There will be an appeal - there are statutes of limitations issues - but she faces a long prison sentence.

Giuffre brought young girls to Epstein & had sex with Epstein as well. She's guilty as well. I hope they have tapes of all of that and find ALL the perpetrators. Will Maxwell make a deal and out these people for leniency?

Nothing opens people up more than facing a long prison sentence. She'll probably talk to the media and make her case. Nobody knows what she will say."

DERSHOWITZ 2019: "I welcome this trial. I'm accusing Giuffre of perjury. Defamation. I’m inviting the FBI to come to the trial. I have the emails that prove it—her own words, that she never had sex with me."

Is that why Comey’s daughter didn’t put Giuffre on the stand for the prosecution in the Maxwell trial? Even though she was supposed to be the star witness against Maxwell? Because Dershowitz has evidence that Giuffre is a liar and falsely accuses everyone of abuse? Likely. I read Giuffre’s testimony a few years ago. She sounds pathological.

So Comey's daughter did NOT call the star witness Giuffre, who has accused Andrews, Dershowitz & Richardson of abusing her, because she is a liar and not credible. She has accused everybody of abusing her - for money. Now it all makes sense....Why is no one reporting this?

I don't think Dershowitz is guilty. They've been trying to frame him for two years because he's tied to Trump & Lindell.

Dershowitz represented Trump at his impeachment trial and is working with Lindell and filing a class-action lawsuit on behalf of dozens of poll watchers who were allegedly harassed by Dominion and disenfranchised by election fraud. Of course they want to take him down. Think that's a coincidence?

Remember what they did to destroy Robert Kraft, the guy who owned the Patriots - because he was tied to Trump? Maybe they are going to do the same thing to Dershowitz. Because he's tied to Trump and Lindell.

Maybe they never offered Ghislaine a plea deal to name names because they want her to go on TV and name Trump & his associates...in exchange for Club Fed on some island somewhere - maybe with Epstein himself...

President Trump is planning a news conference on January 6th, a rally in Arizona on January 15th and had this to say to RSBN about vaccine mandates:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "The mandates are terrible. It's a disgrace what's happening. I think that's one of the primary reasons that our economy is doing so horribly. We can't get jobs. Small businesses are going out of business because they can't get anybody to work. I think the mandates are a big big problem in this country and it has a lot to do with how badly we're doing economically."

"The mandates are very harmful for our country. People have religious problems and medical problems with mandates. There are a lot of different difficulties. People can't work even if they want to! Forcing mandates is bad for America and bad for business. The mandates are a disaster. We aren't gonna take it."

Alex Jones is telling people that President Trump is "pathetic" and to "move on" from Trump and find another candidate for President. Why? Because Jones knows that Trump can win and he wants the Democrats to win.

I told you this was coming...remember that Alex Jones is tied to Laura Loomer, Lin Wood, Stew Peters, "Professor" Clements & Ali Alexander. Saboteurs.

“Ya, we all wish Trump would do the right thing. It's time for people to MOVE ON from Trump. In fact, to get Trump’s attention - maybe I should just dish all the dirt —you know what, you know what—I am going to dish it all on Trump next hour -- so people can know how pathetic he is -- when you think he is playing 4D chess, going to save you and he’s not!”

Meanwhile, pilots are suing the FAA stating that their bylaws state that NO drug can be administered to a pilot that has not received full FDA approval for ONE YEAR. Is this another reason so many flights are being shut down?

Meanwhile, SCOTUS has agreed to take the vaccine mandate case. Make your voice heard for freedom!

Steve Bannon made several noteworthy statements last week that I think you should hear. Better than any fake news headline:

BANNON: "Omicron is nature's vaccine. It's called herd immunity."

"We will not comply and you will not destroy this country. The average American citizen is the backbone of this country. That is what’s taking on the school boards. That is what is now taking over the election officials. That voice right there is what the entire power structure in this country fears because that’s an American going through the great awakening.”

"MAGA will take 100 seats and hold them for 100 years. Embrace it Hillary. Only Mitch McConnell can stop a MAGA sweep."

[CATES: GOP only needs to pick up FIVE SEATS in 2022. When I say we might see 30+ House Democrats bolt for the exits by Spring of 2022, I'm not joking. I mean it. Like Bannon's been saying, we will get a MASSIVE lead in the House in 2022 as MASSIVE backlash against that election theft in 2020. Can't you see? Can't you SEE that Democrats see it coming and the weaker ones are already heading for the exits?]

"Billionaire Peter Thiel is coming in heavy to support MAGA candidates."

"Pew Research shows the collapse of organized religion during the pandemic -- which was started by the China virus. This collapse will have catastrophic consequences for the New Jerusalem known as America."

"Germany knows. Fully vaccinated means you stay fully infected."

"Marc Elias is the architect of the Big Steal — now as the illegitimate Biden Regime grinds to a halt, he dreams up a masturbatory fantasy about how to steal the 22 midterms — by disqualifying GOP candidates because they are ‘Insurrectionists.’ Mark Elias — we are sworn to never let you pull the ‘red mirage/blue wave’ Transition Integrity Project steal again — ever … MAGA never forgets; never forgives."

"The fake news is unnerved by call for American citizens to volunteer as election officials, poll watchers, precinct committeemen, school boards — for all Deplorables, the Established Order fears you like no other."

"I’ve warned about this for over a month — with the death of BBB, the illegitimate Biden Regime needs another tax payer bailout — they are going to blame their reckless handling of Omicron to justify another $ Trillion stimulus package by March..."

"The CCP begins its roll up of Central America with its Communist partner Ortega — Biden Regime silent — complicit — we need the Monroe Initiative more than ever."

"For all those stuck in an airport or awaiting family and loved ones stuck in an airport: America’s Christmas 2021 has been destroyed by the illegitimate Biden Regime and Joe Biden through their arrogance and incompetence."

"Miles Guo is smart enough to film his entire interview and put it online to expose the lies and misrepresentations of Vice/HBO — these lies are what we expect from American Media companies that grovel and kowtow to the criminals in Beijing — where the unrelenting exposes the bio weapons lab in Wuhan, the lies of the criminal Fauci, the organ harvesting by CCP elites, the travesty of the Berlin/Genocide Games."

"Vice/HBO are running dogs for a criminal regime in Beijing that needs to be destroyed for the sake of the Chinese People, the American People and all mankind. Thank Heaven for Miles Guo."

"The Criminal Regime in Beijing (CCP) hits the fire alarm 6 weeks before the Genocide Games and desperately infuses cash into the system to prop up the insolvent real estate zombies — Larry Fink (Blackrock) and Ray Dalio should be very proud of what they helped create— financial enslavement for the Chinese people."

"Fauci at 48% approval among Independents, which in this highly partisan era stands the proxy for the American people… his lies and incompetence shine through in all their glory during this latest surge — trust the data, trust the evidence, trust science — America turns on this demon."

"The incompetent Illegitimate Biden Regime have not said one word about $100 billion STOLEN from taxpayers from Covid Relief Funds — not ONE word!!! Where is the Oversight Committee— nowhere because I guarantee you that the vast majority of these thieves are Democrats."

"Left-Wing rag, Los Angeles Times, panics that ‘Bannon is helping Bolsonaro‘ … what we are actually doing is making sure that all Brazilians understand what a puppet of the CCP that career criminal Lula is — we will not stop in our mission to take down the CCP and their running dogs."

"World’s leading left-wing paper The Guardian goes to DEFCON 1 over MAGA’s ‘hyper local’ strategy — school boards, election boards, precinct-by-precinct. The Left knows they cannot outwork or out hustle the WarRoom Posse — Merry Christmas Commies, your days are numbered."

"It's imperative that Florida claim their available seats in redistricting this year for Republicans -- it only happens once every 10 years. Contact DeSantis and other state officials and demand they do the right thing:

Governor Ron DeSantis: (850) 717-9337 and (850) 488-7146

FL Speaker: (850) 717-5065

FL Minority Leader: (850) 717-5075

BARIS: "60% of American voters (including 56% of Democrats) believe that a Second Civil War is likely, and that a peaceful resolution to our differences is not a likely outcome. Most prefer civil war over divorce and secession."

Fauci is finally admitting that cases and deaths from COVID are OVERSTATED. He says many kids are actually hospitalized “with” Covid, not “from” Covid, so child Covid hospitalization numbers are inflated. "We're over-counting."

We've known that for two years. They've been over-counting the entire time! They've been counting kids with broken legs or appendicitis as Covid cases.

They're pivoting fast. This is a major tell that Fauci and his pals are trying to get out from under their lies. Next they'll recognize natural immunity - which they have pretended for two years does not exist.

CNN: “I want to start with the change in the CDC guidance. So how did the CDC settle on five days for everyone?”

CDC: “We looked at several areas of science here. First, the science of how much how much transmission happens in the period of time after you’re infected. And behavioral science. What will people actually do when they get back to work? If we can get them to isolate, we want to make sure they are isolating in the first five days when they are maximally infectious.”

CNN: “So from what you are saying, it sounds like this decision had just as much to do with business as it did with the science.

CDC: “It really had a lot to do with what we thought people would be able to tolerate."

In other words, it had NOTHING to do with science.

Even Israel is rethinking boosters and considering going with herd immunity.

In order to hide the fact that WHO and the CDC have been coding flu deaths as COVID deaths - now they came up with FLU-RONA. This is how stupid they think you are.

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