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Tierney's REAL News (12/28/21)

Biden campaigned for months on the promise that the Federal Government would end Covid - but, failing, he reversed course yesterday and told Governors:

"There is no federal solution. This gets solved at the state level."

After campaigning on the promise that HE would end Covid himself - with more mandates & boosters & masks & tests & lockdowns - Biden admitted he failed and went off to Delaware for vacation...

Does Biden know that SCOTUS isn't going to back all his illegal and unconstitutional mandates? Polls show Biden has a record low approval rating and dropping fast...

The Biden "Presidency" just imploded. He not only admitted his campaign promise to "shut down the virus" was a complete failure, he totally absolved President Trump from any criticism for how HE handled COVID.

So far, 3 times as many people have died with Covid under Biden in one year (while vaccinated) compared to Trump in one year.

Remember what Biden promised. Send these screenshots to your liberal friends...

Meanwhile #NoPlanJoe is trending...

YET, the CDC just announced that there is a NEW meaning for being "fully vaccinated." You have to be "boosted" to be fully vaccinated. So your TWO shots are meaningless! The vaxxed but unboosted are now classified the same as being unvaxxed. Welcome to the party wokesters. Wait until they try to require 5-10 booster shots for YOU to be FULLY vaccinated!

Also, wokesters are freaking out over the CDC suddenly reducing Covid quarantine time from 10 days to 5. They now think the CDC is trying to kill them in exchange for corporate profits. The CDC changed it at the request of Delta airlines! The CDC said it's because of science! BS. Delta needs staff and 10 days is too long! .

After the airlines announced they want to eliminate masks because the airplanes' ventilation systems are safer than masks, Fauci doubled down and said he wants to make masks permanent on planes & also mandate vaccines to fly! Thousands of flights were cancelled over Christmas due to staff shortages, due to Biden's policies, and lack of bonus pay. Meanwhile, people on planes are beating each other over masks!

This 50 year old woman hit, scratched and spit on an 80-year old man for not wearing a mask while he ate. Meanwhile, she didn't have a mask on herself!

Watch: https://twitter.com/ATLUncensored/status/1474552407707242498?s=20

The white liberal female mask NAZI lost it on Delta when she compared herself to Rosa Parks and the 80-year-old man replied:

"You aren't black, you aren't on a bus, and this isn't Alabama. Sit down."

It comes as no surprise that this former cheerleader was arrested on a DUI one month ago. Likely drunk and disorderly.

Then, Oprah required guests to undergo a four-step Covid screening process BEFORE they were allowed in her home for Christmas! Getting a vaccine, a booster shot, a negative test, and a 10-day quarantine. Gayle King, Oprah's long time girlfriend, was not happy she didn't make the cut! The greatest awakening ever.

FEDERALIST: Of the top 10 states (including Washington, D.C.) with the highest COVID-19 infection rate at the moment, seven of them are governed by Democrats. New York, DC, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Delaware, Illinois, and Hawaii.

So, Democrat states have the highest vaccination rates, the most mandates & the most infections! What’s going on? Why aren’t they Following The Science? Are Democrats like the Mayor of DC trying to kill people?

Bill Gates liked the idea, when Anderson Cooper suggested it, that people should be DENIED Social Security if they refuse to be vaccinated for Covid. I told you this was the plan! They will try to withhold our own money!


I know many people are inundated with scary vaccine harm reports from the anti-vaxxer crowd. They either live in fear from the virus or in fear from the vaccine. I thought I would put all the numbers in context so you can make an informed decision. I don't like "data by headline."

As of December 16, 2021, 490 MILLION vaccine doses have been administered in America. Overall, about 240.3 MILLION people, or 72.4% of the total U.S. population, have received at least one dose of vaccine.

80% of the total U.S. adult population have received at least one dose of vaccine. About 203.2 million people, or 61.2% of the total U.S. population, have been fully vaccinated.

95.0% of people ages 65 years or older have received at least one dose of vaccine and 87.3% are fully vaccinated. That is almost every senior in America!

The CDC admits that some 140 MILLION people in America have already caught Covid and have natural immunity. So, 203 MILLION people in America have been fully vaccinated and 140 MILLION people have natural immunity. There are 333 MILLION people in America - so virtually EVERY person is either now fully vaccinated or naturally immune.

Since 140 MILLION people have caught the virus - if it was truly THAT deadly - there would literally be dead bodies stacked up in the streets. There are not. Since 203 MILLION people have received two jabs or more - and if the vaccine was truly deadly - there would literally be dead bodies stacked up in the streets. Again, there are NOT.

Studies show that the fake news has created such fear over Covid that HALF of the people in America believe that HALF of the people who get Covid end up in the hospital and die! That would mean 70 MILLION deaths!

The CDC admits that the ACTUAL death count from Covid alone is 48,000 deaths or just 6% of the total deaths! That is 1/100th of 1 percent of the population that has DIED FROM COVID.

CDC: “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned.”

Do you see how fear porn has scared people half to death over the virus? The DATA does not justify this fear. Now on to the vaccine...

So far, there have been 20,622 reported deaths from the vaccine in America. Basically Dr. Peter McCollough is estimating that 100,000 people, or five times that, have died from the vaccine in America after 490 MILLION doses were administered. Do the math. That's ONE death for every 5,000-25,000 injections. The DATA does not justify this fear.

We have NO idea what underlying conditions these folks had BEFORE the jab. Just like we have NO idea what underlying conditions those who allegedly died from the virus had - except for the fact that the CDC admits only 6% of the reported Covid deaths were actually CAUSED by Covid alone.

If you believe the numbers, that means 48,000 people have died from COVID and 20,622 have died from the jab. For this, we are closing down the world and making ourselves sick! More people die from the FLU every year than this!

All we get are breathless headlines and warnings to keep us in fear. Stop being afraid. Stop spreading fear. IT IS NOT HELPING.

One out of 108 people die in America every year - from ALL causes. Cancer, accidents, heart disease, flu, etc. People die! Have we all forgotten that death is a part of life?

Like Trump said, all this fear is doing is distorting the truth and turning America into a psychologically weak nation.

Since 80% of American adults - and 95% of American adults over 65 - have taken at least one dose of the Covid vaccine - that means a high percentage of Republicans have.

Alex Jones, the left, the Never Trumpers and the anti-vaxxers want Trump to tell his base - which has already been heavily vaccinated - that they are all going to die from his vaccine. Oops. Sorry, my bad! Great campaign strategy! NOT. They think this admission will force Trump out of the race in 2024.

Who are the anti-vaxxers? A survey shows that 8% of adult Americans have always identified themselves as an anti-vaxxer and 14% of Americans are "sometimes" an anti-vaxxer. So 22% of Americans are against vaccination all or some of the time. 2/3 of anti-vaxxers ADMIT they will take a vaccine if the disease is deadly enough!

That corresponds with the fact that roughly 80% of all American adults have received one jab - 20% have refused. Biden has hit a wall and he knows it. SIMPLE AS THAT. Hard core anti-vaxxers only account for 8% of the population but they scream the loudest and pretend they speak for the majority. They do not.

I am not an anti-vaxxer. I believe in common sense. I believe in freedom. I believe in God.

This is a good summary of why President Trump pushed Operation Warp Speed while simultaneously instructing the military to work on a "one and done" vaccine for all Covid variants. To STOP the GREAT RESET in its tracks...

Consider this alternative: let's say the vaccines weren't produced until after the election was stolen. Biden keeps them under wraps and has the excuse he needs to keep the country locked down for another year or two or three, with the economy in true ruins -- millions of excess people die from overdoses, starvation, isolation & OTHER diseases because they won't leave the house to see a doctor; these deaths are, ALL, of course blamed on the virus. This was their original plan!

Once the "vaccines" are finally made available, they are immediately deemed mandatory and people who are desperate to get back to normal take them in much greater numbers. Even the anti-vaxxers take them. They are able to stretch the panic into 2024 and force mail in voting everywhere, while the endless variants and endless booster narrative is firmly established.

Violence and unrest escalates, which is used as a further excuse to lock things down, and eventually people begin being disappeared into camps like Australia. "Oops, your relative died of Covid while they were in the camp. Guess they should have got their vaccine!"

Clearly that's what the globalists wanted: Maximum death and destruction. Trump sped up and forced the entire process, and therefore the entire narrative had to happen in one year before he even left office, and then he left the pharma companies holding the bag. They had to come up with the first "variant" narrative - remember Beta, Alpha, Delta, Gamma & Lambda - so fast most people hadn't even taken the vaccine yet. Now people who've had three shots are being told to take a fourth in LESS THAN A FRIGGING YEAR because of Omicron!

Are you beginning to understand why this is called "WARP SPEED?" Trump keeps telling you tens of millions of people would have died if he hadn't accelerated the time frame. He's right, and that's unfortunately as much of the truth as he can say at the moment without losing credibility with those who are still asleep which he needs in order to bring the country back together.

Our economy was supposed to be a smoking crater in the ground by now. We're all supposed to be locked down in perpetuity living on Ramen noodles and struggling to survive. See, their plan called for the absolute destruction of the American economy and plunging of the middle and lower classes into government dependency the likes of which this country has never seen before. BUT THEY DIDN'T GET. Trump successfully navigated multiple black swan events that were supposed to make implementing The Great Reset a snap.

Who thinks the Great Reset the way these cabalists wanted to do it called for the virus they unleashed and the variants and all the boosters coming in ONE YEAR? Or did somebody - who couldn't prevent them from releasing the virus in China and then literally flying it all around the world - really mess up their plan and force them to hit the WARP SPEED button? Yes, Trump did! God Wins!

Liberals like Milano are desperately trying to spin Biden's failure as a win win. Cracks me up.

PJW: The Minnesota Department of Health has published a document which instructs hospitals to discriminate against white people by ensuring non-white patients have priority access when it comes to potentially life-saving COVID-19 treatments.

Another reason people are fleeing blue states...

GWP: New York Democrats are proposing legislation to punish and silence critics of the latest and everchanging COVID policies, vaccinations and treatments.

THOMAS SOWELL: "People will forgive you for being wrong, but they will never forgive you for being right—especially if events prove you right while proving them wrong."

Right on cue, the Never Trumpers are starting to reveal themselves. First Lin Wood & Stew Peters attacked Team Trump, then Candace Owens went after Trump and called him "old and dumb" and "uninformed" - then Alex Jones went after Trump & called him a NAZI murderer. Hmm. All the grifters & saboteurs are showing their faces! It's election time!

Hmm. I heard Candace wants a job on The View - to replace Meghan McCain. Is that why she went after Trump? So Whoopi & Joy would recommend her for The View? I wouldn't doubt it. Candace lost my support when she went to work for Never Trumper Ben Shapiro.

Stew Peters is now pushing Joe Rogan who basically just said he LOVES Barack Obama and that he'll vote for Michelle Obama in 2024! See how they all work together!

If you are fan of Stew Peters - remember that he was INVENTED by Alex Jones...and promoted by Lin Wood. Stew Peters STOLE my work, pretended it was his own - and then when caught - lied about it and blocked me. He is NOT a Christian. He is a grifter & a saboteur. He's attacked every member of Team Trump. Now he's tied to Rogan who is pushing Obama!

ROGAN: “Michelle Obama and Kalama Harris. Harris comes back as the Vice President and Michelle Obama is the President. We get a double dose of diversity.”

“[They would run against] Trump and DeSantis together. They have to make a super team."

“I really believe if Michelle Obama runs, she wins. She’s great, she’s intelligent, she’s articulate, she’s the wife of the best president that we have had in our lifetime in terms of like a representative of intelligent articulate people.”

“The only thing that would stop her is if she bought into some of these policies that are destroying businesses in America that are making people scared. If she somehow or another supported or showed any support for lockdowns and mandates and all this craziness that’s going on.”

SATHER: "Someone told Rogan that he's gotta start towing the line again if he wants to keep getting that Spotify money."

Newt Gingrich thinks Hillary with run with Harris.

GINGRICH: “I think Kamala Harris is weaker than Biden. So, the last rumor I heard was that Hillary’s gonna run in 2024. And I think that would say a lot about chaos of America if Hillary Clinton reemerged one more time."

Now Big Pharma is saying the vaccine cures anxiety and depression. Got it? Soon, you'll be prescribed vaccines along with Xanax & anti-depressants!

TELEGRAM CHANNEL: "If you are turning on Trump at this critical moment in history (when we need you most), please feel free to leave this channel. No hard feelings. Come back when you realize you’re wrong and Trump was always looking out for you. We will accept you back & forgive you. But nobody needs your blackpill doom & gloom at this moment in time. I’m still in “the best is yet to come” camp."

I agree with this guy!

I find it interesting that even Drudge is pushing for Fauci to retire. Remember that Peter Navarro predicted Fauci would be gone by year-end...

Was the January 6th Capitol Hill Riot a Reichstag Fire Event? YES!

"The term “Reichstag Fire” today has become a metaphor for a staged event meant to manufacture a crisis and justify emergency actions. The Nazis likely used the event as part of a larger disinformation campaign to crush all political opposition on their way to achieving absolute power.

Whether or not Jan 6th was staged, the Biden administration is certainly using the Capitol Hill Riot to launch a campaign to combat the largely imagined “domestic terrorist” threat made up of “white supremacists”, eg. their name for 75 million people who had the gall to vote for President Trump in the 2020 election."

Fox News & the Wall Street Journal are both bashing Biden's energy policy. The tide is turning. Murdoch is awake and realizing what a monster he created in rigging the election for Biden.

BANNON: The criminal enterprise that is the CCP will now start to choke down Western technology production through the absolute control of Rare Earth MINERALS.

Team Biden has chartered dozens of flights with illegal immigrants into Scranton, Pennsylvania. Who is flying into your city in the dead of night?

76% of Americans now agree the media is simply a tool for political propaganda. One of Trump's greatest accomplishments has been educating us on FAKE NEWS.

64% of American believe Biden's policies were out to destroy Christmas. They were right!

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