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Tierney's REAL News (12/22/21)

FRANKLIN GRAHAM: "Which U.S. president gave this Christmas message? I'll bet you can't guess. President Trump. Do you miss him? I do."

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "More than 2,000 years ago an angel of the Lord appeared to humble shepherds and proclaimed the reason for our Christmas joy. 'For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.'


Our country needs a savior right now and our country has a Savior—and that’s not me. That’s somebody much higher up than me. Much higher up.

We just do what we have to do. But the life and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ forever changed the world. It’s impossible to think of the life of our own country without the influence of His example and of His teachings.

Our miraculous founding, overcoming Civil War, abolishing slavery, defeating communism and fascism, reaching boundless heights of science and discovering so many incredible things. Even right outside—the magnificent skyscrapers and the whole development that this beautiful church is a part of. So different. So beautiful however. So beautiful. And the United States ultimately becoming a truly great nation and we’re going to keep it that way.

We’re not gonna let it go. We’re not gonna let it go. But none of this could’ve ever happened without Jesus Christ and His followers and His church. None of it. And we have to remember that Jesus Christ is the ultimate source of our strength and of our hope. And here and everywhere and for all time—Jesus Christ.

Let us thank Almighty God for our nation, for our precious freedoms, and most of all—and I have to say this—for the gift of God‘s everlasting mercy and grace. We ask God to bless our nation and our people with faith and hope and love and peace."

Meanwhile, blue states welcome Satan with open arms this Christmas as the Satanic Temple is allowed to install the devil in the rotunda of Illinois' state Capitol.

The display, an art installation celebrating the satanic holiday of Sol Invictus, will go up near other religious art displays - and features a "satanic deity" known as Baphomet -- as a parody of the Baby Jesus.

DIOCESE OF SPRINGFIELD: "Mocking the millions of Christians in the state of Illinois and billions around the world by depicting the baby Jesus this Christmas with the 'satanic deity' Baphomet is the very definition of evil and causing division, but that is to be expected from an organization that is in existence to troll people of faith."

HUGE NEWS: The US Army has developed a vaccine that works against ALL Covid variants - even SARS. They began trials two years ago under the Trump administration. Biden will take credit for this. Watch.

Scientists at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research expect to announce that they have developed a vaccine that is effective against COVID-19 and ALL its variants, even Omicron, as well as from previous SARS-origin viruses.

The achievement is the result of almost two years of work on the virus. The Army lab received its first DNA sequencing of the COVID-19 virus in early 2020. Very early on, Walter Reed’s infectious diseases branch decided to focus on making a vaccine that would work against not just the existing strain but all of its potential variants as well. This work started under the Trump administration.

The US Army vaccine’s human trials took longer than expected because the lab needed to test the vaccine on subjects who had neither been vaccinated nor previously infected with COVID.

“With Omicron, there's no way really to escape this virus. You're not going to be able to avoid it. So I think pretty soon either the whole world will be vaccinated or have been infected."

Now I know why Big Pharma and the GREAT RESET needed everyone vaccinated ASAP - because if we are all vaccinated the US Army couldn't have created this vaccine because there would be no one available for clinical trials! But, now, Biden will try to spin it as his crowning achievement!

Now you know why Trump does NOT speak out against the vaccine. Because he instructed the US Army to find ONE that covers all Covid variants...Big Pharma doesn't like this.

CATES: Big Pharma is going to be SUPREMELY PISSED at this sudden unexpected competition from the U.S. military with a new vaccine that claims to do that does what Big Pharma's dangerous vaccines don't do. Were Gates, Fauci, Biden, Schwab at the WEF, etc. all just caught with their pants down by this?

POSOBIEC: When Biden eases up on the vaccine mandates he will blame Trump for rushing the vaccine. And they will all give Biden credit for ending the pandemic.

Fox News is pretending the army "just started" developing this vaccine in an attempt to give credit to Biden!

Scientists predict that the entire globe will be exposed to Omicron by year-end resulting in lasting GLOBAL HERD IMMUNITY. God wins!

O'REILLY: Trump intends to run again in 2024. Trump called me to say that he plans to run again for office. I told Trump that the move is “good for you.”

“This is good that people see another side of you, not a political side. You told the truth. Run on your record. He’s going to run again, all right. I said, ‘Run on your record because your record is pretty darn good.’”

TRUMP: “We won the first time, and the second time we won by even more. And it looks like we might have to think about very strongly a third time. First of all, I think that people are going to be very happy with what I do [and who I choose.]

DeSantis certainly is somebody that I like a lot. I can tell you that.”

General Flynn, Bannon, Meadows, Alex Jones & others are suing Pelosi to protect their private communication from her fake committee. The only purpose of her subpoenas is to get private information to use against Trump if he runs again.

This is a list of private correspondence that Pelosi has asked Team Trump and their email & cell phone providers to turn over to her "committee." What does this have to do with January 6th? First of all, her committee is illegal and these requests are broad, vague and unconstitutional. They have NO authority to do this.

a. “All documents and communications referring or relating in any way to plans, efforts, or discussions regarding challenging, decertifying, overturning, or contesting the results of the 2020 Presidential election.”

b. “All documents and communications relating in any way to purported election irregularities, election-related fraud, or other election-related malfeasance.”

c. “All documents reporting on the security of election systems in the United States.”

d. “All documents and communications relating in any way to alleged interference with the tabulation of votes by machines manufactured by Dominion Voting Systems.”

e. “All documents and communications relating in any way to alleged interference in the fall 2020 election by foreign governments, organizations, or individuals.”

f. “Any documents and communications relating in any way to foreign influence in the United States 2020 Presidential election through social media narratives and disinformation.”

g. “All documents and communications about strategies or plans for communications, messaging, fundraising, and social media relating to allegations of fraud, irregularities, or other malfeasance, including sample or suggested messages, emails, social media posts, voice mails, or telephone conversations.”

h. “All recordings of you or that you made related to the fall 2020 election or your, or others’, work with the Trump re-election campaign.”

i. “All communications with or about former President Trump or White House staff relating in any way to purported fraud in, or challenges to, the fall 2020 election.”

j. “All documents and communications relating in any way to the possibility of the Department of Justice filing documents in state or federal courts regarding allegations of election fraud and/or the certification of the results of the election.”

k. “All documents and communications relating in any way to state legislatures’ selection, or potential selection, of alternate sets of electors to cast electoral votes in the fall 2020 election.”

l. “All documents and communications relating in any way to Congress’s or the Vice President’s role in the certification of the votes of the electoral college.”

m. “All documents and communications with or about Professor John Eastman or Mark Martin relating in any way to the fall 2020 election.”

n. “All documents and communications relating in any way to any state legislature's selection, or potential selection, of alternate sets of electors to cast electoral votes in the fall 2020 election.”

o. “All documents and communications relating to protests, marches, public assemblies, rallies, and speeches in Washington, DC, on November 14, 2020, December 12, 2020, January 5, 2021, and January 6, 2021

(collectively, ‘Washington Rallies’).”

p. “Documents or other materials referring or relating to the financing or fundraising associated with the Washington Rallies and any individual or organization’s travel to or accommodation in Washington, D.C., to attend or participate in the Washington Rallies.”

q. “All recordings, transcripts, notes (including electronic and hand-written notes), summaries, memoranda of conversation, readouts, or other

documents memorializing communications between you and President Trump, any members of the White House staff, and/or Members of Congress on January 5 or January 6, 2021, relating or referring in any way to the fall 2020 election or the attack on the Capitol.”

r. “All documents and communications relating to the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol.”

s. “All documents related to your January 2021 meetings with individuals associated with Trump and his re-election campaign, including, but not limited to, meetings held at the Willard Hotel.”

t. “From November 3, 2020, through January 20, 2021, all documents and communications related to the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the Insurrection Act, or martial law.”

According to a letter from Pelosi, the Democrats plan a full day of events on January 6th. They will turn it into another 9/11.

Pelosi wrote, “In order for us to fully prepare for Member involvement in this solemn observance, it is necessary to know how many Members will be in Washington on Jan. 6. If you will be in Washington on Jan. 6, please email my office.”

President Trump will hold a press conference to counter this nonsense. Then, Biden announced he'd be giving a speech that day! Let's see which one draws more viewers!

FORMER DNI RATCLIFFE: "China & the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) pose the greatest threat to U.S. national security. Silicon Valley and Wall Street have fueled the rise of the CCP with massive investments.

Apple CEO Tim Cook secretly struck a $275 billion deal with Chinese authorities. Cook and Apple have been conspicuously silent about the CCP’s mass surveillance state and the ongoing genocide of Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

Billionaire Ray Dalio said it's fine for China to "disappear" people who disagree with their regime and instead America should look at its "own human-rights issues."

Millions of Americans -- often unknowingly -- remain invested in index funds with Chinese holdings. And since there is no such thing as a truly private company in China, these investments are funding the CCP’s human rights abuses.

The flow of American capital into China’s economy is becoming a serious national security issue for the United States, right alongside the CCP’s mass theft of American intellectual property and technology.

Elected leaders should prevent wealthy and powerful American financiers and corporations from trading away America's way of life in exchange for access to slave labor and a billion new consumers."

Meanwhile, Harvard scientist, Charles Lieber, a friend of Gates & Epstein who basically invented the biological microchip, was found guilty for lying about selling US research secrets to Communist China.

The New York AG is going after Trump again so he is suing her.

TRUMP: "Tell Letitia that she is not dealing with the Cuomo brothers, a corrupt Governor in a corrupt state, including your office and others, and Fredo, who did the Governor's dirty work for him. Despite many years of investigation that nobody else could have survived even if they did things just slightly wrong, yours is just a continuation of the political Witch Hunt that has gone on against me by the Radical Left Democrats for years.

This is not about delay, this is about our Constitution! You are nothing but a corrupt official doing the dirty work of your party. You should not be in office. This could well be the reason you were just rejected by the people of NY in your inept run for governor. You didn't quit for a higher purpose, you quit because your poll numbers were atrocious—you didn't have a chance. New York got lucky!"

TRUMP: "Joe Biden was supposedly “elected” because he was going to quickly get rid of COVID-19, sometimes referred to as the China Virus. How’s that working out?”

It's easier to get fentanyl or shoot up heroin in this country than it is to get a prescription written by your doctor filled at a pharmacy to prevent or treat Covid symptoms.

Want Fluvoxamine? Ivermectin? Nope, sorry. Not government protocol. Want some fentanyl or a "safe space" to shoot up heroin? No problem.

Look - suddenly every politician who is fully vaccinated is testing positive and going into quarantine right before Christmas. In lockstep. Another scam.

I told you Big Pharma will push endless boosters. Now we're up to 4 in Israel.

This liberal is waking up to the scam.

Biden won't talk about how natural immunity provides lasting protection because Big Pharma makes no money on that...

GAETZ: “If natural infection immunity resulted in some windfall profit to some industry, wouldn't it be more part of the discussion here in Washington?"

MASSIE: “It would be…there's no natural immunity lobby here in Washington. The concept of natural immunity just kind of disappeared after the checks were written for vaccines. That’s how political science works."

The EU is up to 5 shots.

Elon Musk: "Wokeness basically wants to make comedy illegal, which is not cool... do we want a humorless society that is simply rife with condemnation, and hate?"

He added, "at its heart, wokeness is divisive, exclusionary, and hateful. Basically, it gives mean people a shield... to be evil and cruel. Armored in false virtue."

Democrats love you so much they will kill you to protect your health.

The fact that the virus contains the same glycoprotein contained in the HIV virus - and they were using HIV drugs to treat it early on - has always been a concern for me. I am guessing this was the same concern for Trump and why he pushed a vaccine.

Bill Gates needs to be stripped of power.

People are fleeing blue states like New York, California, Illinois & Massachusetts. Largest population declines in 2021:

New York: -319,020

California: -216,902

Illinois: -113,776

Massachusetts: -37,497

Mayors who have called for DEFUNDING the police are calling to RE-FUND the police and make their cities great again.

The FBI is the American KGB.

Boris is failing in the polls and backing off.

Jack Dorsey of Twitter wants crypto to replace the dollar. Trump says NO.

They even rig elections in red states. Trump got 100,000 more votes than reported. Now you know how McConnell keeps winning.

They are cancelling New Year's in London, Rio, Sydney & Paris.

Marc Elias, Hillary's corrupt election lawyer, has a new plan for 2022.

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