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Tierney's REAL News (12/16/21)

Just like during the Russia Russia hoax & the Ukraine hoax & the impeachment hoaxes - Schiffty Schiff got on the floor of Congress and made up fake messages from Team Trump in order to come up with a way to imprison Trump's former Chief of Staff and waive Trump's executive privilege before Congress. A lying liar who lies!

Schiff should be held in contempt of Congress! Rumors are that Schiff runs ALL the anti-Trump committees in Congress. SNAKE.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "What a disgrace this sleazeball is. Shifty Adam Schiff is a disgrace to America. What is going to be done about this?"

Remember that Schiff was "close" to his g** donor - the convicted murderer - Ed Buck - and another Doctor who engaged in pedophilia.  

Is this what Trump was referring to when he wrote this tweet back in 2012?

Meanwhile, Democrat Senator Blumenthal of Connecticut, one of the most wealthy members of Congress, gave out awards at a Communist Party USA event!

“Thank you all. This is a beautiful tribute from all our labor leaders honoring how important the Communist Party is. And today, now we have a very special surprise guest, our state Senator Richard Blumenthal is here to be part of the awards today and to share some appreciations and recognitions of the awardees.”

Even so-called "moderate" Democrats are COMMUNISTS these days! It's NOT just the SQUAD.

While pretending to revert back to Trump's Remain in Mexico policy, as ordered by the Court, Biden is actually FLYING BACK illegal aliens - to America - that were deported under Trump.

Also, Biden has instructed ICE NOT to arrest CRIMINAL illegal aliens so long as they are at “protected areas.” Those protected areas include protests, rehab facilities, homeless shelters, schools, parks, places of worship, hospitals, rallies, and parades. But, if you're an American, you can be arrested anywhere!

Democrats are pushing back the BBB bill and now focusing on their corrupt FEDERAL VOTING bill. If they pass it - it will destroy America for good.

NBC News: "Senate expected to shelve Build Back Better bill, moving forward aggressively now on “voting rights."

COTTON: "When Democrats say "voting rights," they're talking about a bill to abolish voter-ID, mandate ballot harvesting, and use taxpayer dollars to fund political campaigns. This bill has nothing to do with voting rights—it's an election takeover."

If Democrats pass the Federal Voting bill - America is officially over. No more free or fair elections...ever. Illegal aliens will vote. No ID will be required to vote. Ballot harvesting will be legal and used to flood every election and fill our ballot boxes with fake voters. It will ALL be legal. The Constitution will be meaningless. States' rights will be overruled. Buy guns and ammo. Then buy more guns and ammo.

Steve Bannon: We told you that this is what Mitch McConnell has brought upon us. I told you this was going to happen. He gave them $3 trillion and now he’s given them a pathway to federalize all of these elections which is the only way they can win and they understand that. They understand. They’ve seen the polls. These are not dumb people. These are cunning and crafty people. You could see this a mile away. Rick Scott and the people of the Senate ought to have a conference today and they ought to take the leadership away from Mitch McConnell!

This is the climate change narrative in Minnesota being pushed on the fake news from the "latest" weird winter warm-up, where I live:

"Bizarre fog this morning. Could see a layer of steam rising right off the snowbanks. It's 55 degrees in right now, with 10 days to go until Christmas. We are experiencing climate change in real-time."

Meanwhile, Biden is promising to fund all tornado & storm-related expenses at 100% with our tax dollars. What does this mean? Another money laundering scheme - they will ENGINEER climate catastrophes - and the big guy will take 10%!

BTW - a newsletter reader told me that HAARP is old news as a means to generate heat - that they can use satellites NOW to generate radio waves to warm up the atmosphere & oceans to create floods, hurricanes and tornadoes.

Another reader just sent me this. I have the best subscribers! No wonder Trump pushed Space Force!

Harvey Weinstein may have his conviction overturned and may go free. Three justices at the appeals court have expressed serious concerns that prosecutors in his case had erred by allowing prejudicial evidence at his trial that impugned his character. The appeals court could overturn his conviction in the next few weeks. This means Weinstein would go free.

I predicted this long ago....it's all a set up. They used MeToo to steal his assets.

Meanwhile, in Minnesota, "Officer" Derek Chauvin reversed course and pled GUILTY to civil rights violations in the George Floyd case. In other words, he's helping Ellison take down the other three officers! Chauvin had a great case on appeal after they recently overturned Officer Mohamed Noor's conviction for the murder of Justine Damond.

Everyone expected Chauvin to appeal after Noor's ruling. Instead his lawyer bailed and Chauvin pled guilty to MORE charges! TOTALLY RIGGED.

Like I predicted, this was all a set up from the beginning. Chauvin & Floyd worked together for years at a bar owned by a friend of the Mayor of Minneapolis where they allegedly laundered money, they knew each other well. The market where Floyd died was owned by the Muslim Brotherhood - friends of Ilhan Omar - the first autopsy showed that Floyd died of a massive fentanyl, heroin & meth overdose - that Floyd was a patsy & an FBI informant and the entire event was filmed so that ANTIFA-BLM could burn down our cities and push cheat-by-mail. It worked.

All the world's a stage. Chauvin was offered a plea deal at the VERY beginning and Ellison stopped it! If you remember, back then, President Trump said: "There's something off about this." He was right.

They wait a few years so that you forget what happened and no longer care...meanwhile the entire world was CONNED by the false flag called George Floyd's "death." I was NEVER fooled. This happened in my neighborhood & I followed every twist and turn!

Remember Charles Leiber?

The Harvard chemistry professor arrested at the start of the pandemic because it was found that he was taking $50,000 per month from the Communist Party? He even took some trips to Wuhan between 2012 and 2017.

His trial starts today. Remember that Charlies Lieber helped build the Wuhan lab and is tied to Gates & Epstein at Harvard and was the guy who invented a "virus-sized" transistor that could enter a cell and control it without harming it. He sold that technology to Communist China.

What do you think they would do with it? Create a virus that could do the same? Yes!

Notable in Lieber's indictment is the arrest of Zaosong Zheng. "It is alleged that on December 9, 2019, Zheng stole 21 vials of biological research and attempted to smuggle them out of the United States aboard a flight destined for China."

Plus, Communist China wants Biden to stop arresting Chinese spies in America! I wrote all about this in March 2020. It's finally coming out two years later!

They're arresting innocent people at Applebee's and other restaurants in New York for not being vaccinated & boosted...

...while masked rapists & robbers are on the prowl in the subways and the streets and repeatedly set free to attack again...

...and Broadway is shutting down again. They won't stop until New York is dead so they can BUILD BACK BETTER. Get out of blue cities.

The Mayor of San Francisco actually took a stand against crime and says she's had enough! She said criminals are ruining her city & they should be locked up! Ya think? Good to see you are coming around! The Mayor of Edina, Minnesota just said the same!

BTW - the CEOs of American & Southwest airlines said MASKS do NOT help filter viruses on planes.

"I think the case is very strong that masks don't add much, if anything, in the air cabin environment. It is very safe and very high quality compared to any other indoor setting. An aircraft is the safest place you can be. It's true of all of our aircraft—they all have the same HEPA filters and air flow."

I agree. I'm not flying ever again until the mask mandate is DROPPED. It looks like a cattle car! It looks like a prison! Do not comply! Live FREE!

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