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Tierney's REAL News (12/13/21)

On the voter fraud front, David Perdue, Trump's endorsed candidate for Governor of Georgia, is suing Georgia for rigging the election with absentee ballots. I'm guessing Trump's endorsement is contingent on candidates taking up the election fraud battle! MAGA!

BTW - Perdue's lawsuit looks a lot like Lindell's lawsuit which looks a lot like Paxton's lawsuit. Meaning, each state will PULL OUT evidence from Lindell's lawsuit and present it in their own states. They are coordinating their efforts state by state.

REMEMBER, that on November 4th, Georgia's Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger told the Today Show that Georgia had 4.7 MILLION voters in the 2020 election and about 98% of the votes were counted. At the time, Trump had a 103,000 vote lead. Which means there is NO WAY Biden could have ended up winning by some 10,000 votes unless Biden got 110% of the ballots remaining!

In Wisconsin, Dr. Frank said that public hearings and data analysis revealed that Democrats in Wisconsin have been rigging elections since 2004 with absentee ballots and that the US Post Office is in cahoots with election officials to make it happen. Another hearing is happening tonight in Pima County, Arizona where hackers allegedly added 35,000 votes on election night.

Ask yourself how many politicians in office today were actually legally elected?

Trump said he had a great event in Florida with Bill O'Reilly and he even started up the "dance" again. This is a good sign...the next one is in Houston. Pray for his safety.

Trump gave interviews to Newsmax & others. Some highlights:

"New York is very much a different place; it's changed a lot. Very sadly, it's changed a lot. We've had a terrible mayor for too long, and the fabric is different. The city is different. I think it can come back with proper leadership. But we had a mayor (DeBlasio) who was absolutely horrible. Of course, you've heard about our governor who had some definite problems. But New York is changed."

"I still love New York, you know, because it's incredible. I hope it comes back. It's gotta come back, otherwise our country can't come back. It's gotta come back."

"I was a part of a family that was very well knit, that loved each other. I had really wonderful parents. Competitive, great, very different kind of people, but they loved each other. My father was a very strong guy, but my mother was equally as strong. We had a lot of great Christmases together."

"Then I had the White House years and having Christmas at the White House – being even in the environment. And Melania always did a fantastic job with fixing up the trees. She did magnificent in this place."

"We had New York, now we're in Florida. Florida's been a state that's treated me so well. Florida's been so good to me, both from an election standpoint – I wound up getting the highest number of votes I've ever gotten in Florida. I love this state – and they like me. You know, there's something about that. Now we're spending it in Florida, and Christmas in Florida is very beautiful."

"When you look, we were energy independent. And now, they're going to OPEC again and they're begging for oil."

"The gasoline price was $1.87, and now in California $7.50 a gallon, and it's going to follow that. And I said that during the debates. I said, 'Wait until you watch what they do to energy. What until you watch what they do with inflation.' Inflation is a killer – and so many other things."

"We're going through a very bad time and they're all self-inflicted errors. These are errors which should never have happened. With energy, as an example, we were doing well at all; we were doing poorly. I got in and we were bigger than Russia, bigger than Saudi Arabia and, within one year, we would have been bigger than both put together. And now we're begging them for energy. We have more than they do."

"If you look at ANWR in Alaska, Ronald Reagan tried to get it approved, couldn't do it – no president could do it. I got it done. And the Biden group just ended it. This is potentially bigger than Saudi Arabia in Alaska. The people in Alaska suffered over this. They have been trying to get it for decades and I got it done, totally done, ready to start, and they just ended it."

"And then we go to Russia, Saudi Arabia, we go to OPEC for help. We're asking them for help. And, by the way, they're turning us down, incredibly. It's sad. But our country will survive it, and I really believe we're going to be greater than ever before. We will be bigger and better than ever before. Good things will happen."

"Mitch McConnell is giving the Democrats victory on everything. What is wrong with this Broken Old Crow? He’s hurting the Republican Senators and the Republican Party. When will they vote him out of Leadership? He didn’t have the guts to play the Debt Ceiling card, which would have given the Republicans a complete victory on virtually everything. The Dems were ready to fold! Watch, they will use the Debt Ceiling against us at their first opportunity, and they won’t fold. It will not be pretty. GET RID OF MITCH!"

"Mitch McConnell, the Broken Old Crow, has just conceded, for absolutely nothing and for no reason, the powerful Debt Ceiling negotiating block, which was the Republicans’ first-class ticket for victory over the Democrats. He was afraid to play that card even though, without question, they would have completely FOLDED on the Build Back Worse Bill, which will destroy the fabric of our Country and virtually anything else that the Republicans wanted. It should have been used on the Unfrastructure Deal also. Proudly, House Republicans voted 100% like true patriots (Kinzinger, in my mind, is not a Republican!).

The Old Crow also allowed a breaking up of the filibuster, which allows the Democrats now to establish precedent for changing the number of Justices on the Supreme Court and, perhaps most importantly of all, a so-called Voting Rights Bill, which will make it almost impossible for Republicans to get elected in the future. He lost two seats in Georgia, didn’t fight for the presidency, and now gave away our most powerful negotiating tool—the Debt Ceiling. Other than fundraising, where he buys senatorial support, the Broken Old Crow is a loser, and very bad for the Republican Party!"

"It’s amazing how inaccurately the Fake News Media covers my statements. They will take something I say and literally write the exact opposite. They truly are a disgrace and disaster for our Country. Make America Great Again!"

The cast of Saturday Night Live kicked off the yuletide season by performing a disgusting skit called “Hip Hop Nativity.” Baby Jesus twerked while Mother Mary twirled on a stripper pole and “Baby Daddy” Joseph did a “pimp walk.” This is NBC. Sick!

The United Nations just unveiled a statue of a beast outside its headquarters in New York City. The statue resembles the beast from Revelation. These things are done on purpose. Satan is behind it. The UN is finally erecting an image of defiance. I'm just surprised it's not wearing a mask.

Chris Cuomo was fired by CNN - and his producer was charged with pedophilia. Then, Chris Wallace left Fox News for CNN. Connect the dots.

Trump has been pushing for Wallace to be gone from Fox ever since the debates.

Chris Cuomo’s CNN producer, John Griffin, was charged with luring underage girls to his Vermont estate for "sexual" training. Here's Chris with John.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Not even believable how bad the morning television ratings are for Psycho Joe Scarborough and his lovely wife, Mika. MSDNC is doing badly, but “Morning Joe” is in particular peril! How much longer can a show like that survive—are the advertisers not watching? The only good news is that CNN, believe it or not, is doing even worse!"

Australia will fine people over 14 years of age $4,000 each every three months if they refuse to take the Covid vaccine and all boosters - starting February 1st. The only exemptions are for pregnant women. They are also sending the unvaccinated to quarantine camps. Australians are NOT happy...

The massive night time tornado that traveled 250 miles through 4 RED states likely killed hundreds. The devil is busy.

As you know, tornadoes are spawned when cold air hits warm air and causes circulation. Reports that I read said that the National Weather Service knew there was a massive cold front coming and were aware this destruction could happen three days earlier. No warnings were given until 7pm that night. People were caught off guard.

Reports said that the tornadoes started when a massive cold front smacked into "unusually warm air" in the region and they couldn't understand why the energy was so sustained for so long at night. Hmm. Then, in lockstep, all the fake news starting pushing the idea that this "historic" tornado was the result of climate change. Hmm. Coincidence that it happened in red states where people are fleeing? That made me do some research.

HAARP (short for High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) has high-power radio frequency transmitters that can control the weather. In simple terms, they use radio waves to heat up the air or the oceans like a microwave. They've been using it for weather experiments since the 1960's. It was supposedly shut down. Not so.

The left dismisses this as a conspiracy but the military has said for years they used HAARP to control the weather in experiments. Since then, HAARP was sold to civilians and was just STARTED UP again in Alaska in June 2021.

HAARP has fallen out of the news cycle in recent years for inactivity, but there's reason to believe that it's being fired back up for "scientific research." A notice to airmen (known as a NOTAM) was issued by the Federal Aviation Administration on June 17 with the beginning date of June 21 through June 25.

A 2021 article says that HAARP is NOW under civilian control and operates 360 radio transmitters that can be directed to heat up the atmosphere or the oceans. This is no conspiracy. This is very real.

HAARP is fully operational and has been transferred to civilian control. Ask yourself, what civilians are controlling these massive transmitters capable of heating up the atmosphere or the oceans like a microwave. Would they use it for nefarious reasons? I believe they would.

For example, let's say you wanted to create tornadoes or hurricanes or glacial melting to PROVE that climate change existed. All you would need to do is point the radio waves at a region to warm up the air above it, or the oceans below it, when a cold front was coming. The more energy you pump into the region - the bigger the storm and the more widespread the devastation. Bam. Instant crisis. This would explain the unexplainable. It's not God - it's the devil.

50 years ago, they told us Twiggy was the definition of a beautiful woman. No wonder there are so many anorexics and bulimics.

Today, they tell us that morbidly obese & transgender & queer is the definition of a beautiful woman. Connect the dots.

Alec Baldwin's wife says he is suffering from PTSD. Right. Another victim.

Lindsay Graham has come out against McConnell and said he is going back on his promises to NOT raise the debt ceiling and the GOP is getting "shot in the back." Interesting.

New York City Council passed a bill that would let non-citizens who've been in the city as legal residents for 30 days vote for Mayor and other positions starting January 1st. It includes DACA and green card holders. Why not just send our ballots to Iran?

A gas & oil company, run by the Chinese Communist Party and part-owned by Hunter Biden, is building a HUGE gas storage facility in China. So, Biden is sending them OUR gas and they are storing it!

Julian Assange had a stroke just in time for extradition. Will that mean he won't remember anything?

Read this statement by Brian Williams. Connect the dots.

The "flu" took a break. This is how stupid they think you are.

The UK is going full-blown Commie for Christmas. As I predicted they would...

Right after cocaine was discovered near Boris' office & all over the UK Parliament, Boris is locking everything down and threatens Plan C.

Omicron is a mild cold. They are using it to create more fear & lockdowns in 1st quarter. In mid-2022, they'll introduce a mid-term variant to rig the election. Same playbook as 2020.

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