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Tierney's REAL News (12/03/21)

President Trump gave three interviews this week. Some highlights. These are not exact quotes but close:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: The left is ignoring that ANTIFA-BLM were leading the revolt on January 6th. Their motto is "pigs in a blanket" and "kill the police."

I wanted 10,000 National Guard deployed on January 6th. Pelosi stopped that and then gave the Capitol police bad instruction.

Wind is the worst energy there is. It has to be subsidized to work. Turbines only last 10 years. Boris is wrong for pushing wind. He's quite liberal. Turbines are made in Germany & China - not America. Making those & all those batteries will cause more pollution & emissions than clean fossil fuels!

The carbon tax will destroy America. Fossil fuels are our strength. Oil is liquid gold and we have it under our feet. Along with clean natural gas & clean coal. That's our strength against the world. They are trying to take it away. We need fossil fuels to fire up manufacturing plants so we can be independent and not rely on China and others for goods!

Things are happening on election fraud in the swing states. We will have a big 2022 and a bigger 2024. We can't forget 2020. It's not a foregone conclusion that nothing can be done. None of this would have happened if they hadn't stolen the election.

[Meanwhile, Trump's spokesperson is tweeting out Lindell's SCOTUS complaint - line by line.]

Fauci was there for 40 years. He's not a great doctor. He's a great promoter. I didn't fire him because that would have created a huge problem we didn't need. I just did the opposite of what he said.

Before the debate, I had a false positive test following by two negative tests.

Nobody trusts the vaccine under Biden. First, they all said they'd never take it if I developed it. Then they paused J & J and called it dangerous. They can't come back from that.

The border is letting in people with FAR MORE DANGEROUS disease than Covid. Not to mention criminals & drugs.

Biden's mandates are causing massive supply chain problems. People aren't working.

314 officers were shot this year - 58 died. Biden is doing nothing. Law enforcement isn't allowed to do their jobs and DAs don't prosecute violent criminals. That's why crime is skyrocketing

America has become psychologically weak. China & North Korea will take advantage.

If you donate $5,600 to a candidate - you can go to jail. But Zuckerberg & the left can donate hundreds of MILLIONS to rig elections and get away with it!

Dorsey is out at Twitter - he was losing too much money. Social media is important. I can't always write NICE TWEETS. I can be the nicest person in the world. But, I needed to move fast & break some eggs. We don't have much time to Make America Great Again.

[Trump announced a new offering for his coming social media site Truth Social.]

Mike Lindell spoke about the SCOTUS lawsuit. Again - quotes are not word for word.

MIKE LINDELL: Salem gets its news from other sources. They just regurgitate the lies.

My operation is called CAUSE FOR AMERICA. We have field operatives in 42 states. We are working to take down the election & remove all machines.

The SCOTUS cases includes ALL NEW EVIDENCE we've compiled in the swing states over the past 4 months. Every state has standing. These things have been in the courts. Several AGs loved it.

Nobody has committed yet. I had 6 states ready and then they said they needed more time. 18 states joined the last SCOTUS case out of Texas. This one is even better than that. Even Jenna Ellis is now behind this one. We need three states decertified to get below 270. We need SCOTUS to outlaw all the illegal stuff so they can't do it again in 2022 & 2024. We need every citizen to push their AGs to sign.

Lindell looks tired. Let's help him. Call your AG!

Louisiana U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty blocked a federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate for health care workers on Tuesday after Missouri US District Judge Matthew Schelp’s ruling on Monday blocked mandates in 10 states.

Judge Doughty based his ruling on the following. Boom!

“If boosters are needed six months after being “fully vaccinated,” then how good are the COVID-19 vaccines, and why is it necessary to mandate them?”

“The COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent transmission of the disease among the vaccinated or mixed vaccinated/unvaccinated populations."

"Mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for hospitals do not increase safety for employees or hospital patients."

"Additional treatment with other drugs and supplements has resulted in an 85% reduction in hospitalizations and death of high-risk individuals presenting with COVID-19.”

“In other words, even if you are fully vaccinated, you still may become infected with the COVID-19 virus."

“When infection and hospitalizations rates are dropping, millions of people have already been infected, developing some form of natural immunity, and when people who have been fully vaccinated still become infected, mandatory vaccines as the only method of prevention make no sense."

Hear that Bill?

Meanwhile, Big Pharma & the FDA are approving two "NEW" Covid pills - from Merck & Pfizer - which are basically just an expensive version of HCQ & ivermectin - and in-home tests - so when the vaccine mandates fail they have another money making operation in place! Until the next pandemic!

Here's what Rachel Maddow said to do.

1) Take your vaccines and every booster!

2) Buy a couple of in-home tests & keep them on the shelf!

3) If you feel sick, take a test at your kitchen table.

4) If positive, call the doctor & get a prescription for some Covid pills!

Witnesses authenticated Epstein's Little Black Book in court, which is 92 pages, and contains all the usual suspects -- including several others like Alec Baldwin, RFK Jr., Andrew Cuomo, Michael Bloomberg, Courtney Love, Tony Blair, Carl Icahn, Morgan Fairchild, Richard Branson, Mick Jagger, Dustin Hoffman, Ralph Fiennes, Phil Collins and more....

It was also revealed in court that Epstein visited the Bill Clinton White House 17 times & President Bill Clinton flew on Epstein's "Lolita Express" some 26 times. We know. He often flew WITHOUT secret service protection. We've known that for years. I was called a "conspiracy theorist" in 2017 for reporting that truth and blocked on Facebook!

It's also coming out in the Smollett trial that not only did Jussie & his pals do a trial run of his fake noose hoax, Jussie had intimate gay relationships with one or both Nigerian brothers. We know. I also reported that two years ago. They all "worked out together" and frequented the same bath houses. Did they know Obama?

The fake news breathlessly reported that a man was spotted with a shotgun walking outside United Nations Headquarters in New York. Another "white supremacist domestic terrorist."

This is the guy. Some homeless person the Feds paid to do this for the cameras. I guarantee it!

Cyber Monday sales fell for the FIRST TIME EVER. New reports show Black Friday Sales dropped 28% this year. After groceries, gas for the car, paying higher electric bills, there's not much left.

If the Democrats' tax-and-spend reconciliation bill is enacted, the average top tax rate on personal income would rise to 57.4 percent. This would give the U.S. the highest tax rate in the developed world, and stick all 50 states with a combined federal-state tax rate higher than 50 percent.

The combined federal and state top marginal income tax rates for each state under the Democrat bill are listed below.

President Trump said Prince Harry is being taken for a ride by Meghan Markle & likely regrets his marriage. I agree.

Elon Musk is getting ready for Mars.

Now they've come up with a new machine that can find COVID. $$$$$$$

Biden just extended the mask mandate on public transportation and airplanes until March 2022. Three years of COVID and they aren't stopping until we look like Communist China!

Roger Stone said to Tucker: "I don't get my news from CNN for the same reason I don't eat out of the toilet."

Tucker used to work for CNN.

The left is waking up to the GREAT RESET!

Fully vaccinated and Covid positive LeBron James is starting to think something fishy is going on.

This is a funny bit on obedience from JP:


Sweden is putting vaccine passports on chips under your skin! Told you! They couldn't get people to agree to be chipped so they are using COVID to scare you into it!

This Sunday. Part 2.

As the SCOTUS hears the abortion case, remember that Perrin Larton, Procurement Manager for Planned Parenthood’s procurement partner Advanced Bioscience Resources, admitted UNDER OATH in 2019 that intact babies with beating hearts are dissected outside the womb to obtain the specific organs and tissues requested by researchers.


Rumors are that President Trump upped his personal security after the CIA issued this latest threat against him. Remember, he's going on the road with O'Reilly next week. Will they send another John Wilkes Booth?

19 Democrats are retiring. They know what's coming.

George Floyd's nephew, a BLM agitator, was arrested for threatening the Rittenhouse jury. He should have been arrested for threatening the Chauvin jury!

The Waukesha terrorist had a LONG rap sheet. What was he doing on the street? You know. Likely an FBI informant. Just like George Floyd.

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