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Tierney's REAL News (11/5/21)

Wisconsin law enforcement uncovered & reported a widespread nursing home voter FRAUD scam - during Covid in 2020 - where facilities were shut down and Democrats voted for THOUSANDS of elderly, senile or DEAD nursing home patients in their names. I'm pretty sure this happened ALL over the country in a coordinated fashion!

The Wisconsin AG, a Democrat, is refusing to do anything about it. So the Racine County Sheriff filed criminal referrals against five Wisconsin election commissioners to the Racine County District Attorney.

As I reported earlier, Democrats are NOW trying to steal the New Jersey Governor's race after they failed to steal Virginia. Overnight, the race went from the Republican having a strong lead to the Democrat miraculously winning. There were numerous problems with the ballots & the machines and the RNC is sending 20 attorneys to contest. Yet, the fake news called it for the Democrat anyway!

RINOs and Democrats think because they GAVE us the Virginia win that MAGA will stand down on election fraud. Not a chance!

Some of the machines wouldn't allow the Republicans to vote. They also SHUT DOWN machines in dozens of precincts & did NOT count those ballots - and then claimed they forgot!


Democrats suddenly found 42,000 ballots for Murphy overnight and then we found out they shut down over 46 precincts to hold back Republican ballots! Jack Ciattarelli was way ahead when 83% of the vote had been counted - before the big "switch" - and said he is NOT conceding and trashed the fake news for calling it early!

"No one should be declaring victory or conceding the election until every legal vote is counted.”

Project Veritas also has undercover video from New Jersey showing how they allowed NON-CITIZENS and UNREGISTERED off-the-street voters with NO VALID ID to vote in 2020 & 2021!

How many thousands of illegal aliens have voted Democrat in both New Jersey & Virginia in the past? They are using those states to house refugees from all over the world - so they can vote - just like Minnesota, California & New York!

Also, in New Jersey, a Republican truck driver beat the Democrat head of the New Jersey Senate. Now the loser says he found NEW ballots and won! 12,000 ballots suddenly found in one county! New Jersey is one of the most corrupt states in America! Election fraud is rampant!

Notice in Virginia how election results changed as they were trying to cheat...At 94% reporting, they started removing votes from Youngkin and adding them to McAuliffe.

This is the same playbook they used in 2020 against Trump in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin & more...

The same thing happened in New Jersey.


The latest surveys show that the majority of Americans (including independents & Democrats) now believe the election was stolen & that Democrats want NO ID to cheat more.

The cool part is that all the people who denied voter fraud happens (like Elder & Ciattarelli) are seeing it happen to themselves!

Democrats, Never Trumpers, Libertarians & RINOs are all trying to make Trump irrelevant to the Youngkin win. Nothing could be further than the truth. MAGA put Youngkin in office at Trump's request. Guys like McConnell want Trump to go away so they can keep up the DC charade.

JOHN FREDERICKS: "If there were no Trump in this election, there would be no Glenn Youngkin."

Never Trump "Conservative" pundits like Byron York, Matt Walsh, Ben Shapiro, Brit Hume and Bret Baier are all trying to take credit for the Republican surge - as if the establishment RNC could have done this on their own - without President Trump!

Here’s the Loudoun County "transgender" rapist’s mother - a BLM-ANTIFA supporter. Her son, wearing a skirt, so**mized a girl in the bathroom and forced her to perform or** sex. The mother says it was the girl's fault:

There are now three parts out of Tucker's documentary on January 6th. It's well done & well documented. The first part deals with how the Feds engineered the "insurrection" to frame Trump supporters. The second part deals with how the Deep State & the intelligence community use the "war on terror" to spy on us and wrongly prosecute us. The third part deals with the murder of Ashli Babbit. Must watch. I've "fact checked" it all - and it is all true.

You can find the first three 20-minute episodes here - or you can subscribe to Fox Nation to get it. I suggest that every person send this to every non-believer you know. I am not a Tucker fan, and he hates Trump, but this documentary is very good.


US Marshals found that the DC Jails were macing inmates and refusing them showers for days leaving them with chemical burns, starving them, and torturing them. US Marshals immediately transferred 400 inmates out to Pennsylvania, but left the 40 January 6th political prisoners in DC so they could continue to be tortured. So Tucker's conclusions were correct.

Durham indicted a 3rd person, Igor Danchenko, a Russian national living in America, in his probe of the coup plotters behind the Russian Collusion hoax. Clinesmith & Sussman were the first two. The Russian Collusion was a huge hoax to hurt President Trump. The entire thing was a lie created by the Clinton team. Hillary worked WITH Russia to hurt Trump.

MAHNCKE: So here's where we're at:

Clinton advisor feeds story to Danchenko. Danchenko feeds story to Steele. Steele feeds story to Fusion. Fusion feeds story to media. Media accuses Trump of Russia collusion.

Danchenko was arrested and his indictment shows that Danchenko got most of his information for the phony dossier from a Democrat party operative, and former Hillary Clinton advisor, named Charles Dolan. He appeared in court today and was released with no monitoring. Hmm. He's supposed to be arraigned next week. Will he make it?

FEDERALIST: “It’s beyond obvious with this Steele associate (Danchenko) indictment that the entire Mueller probe was designed to cover up the fact that the Hillary Clinton campaign and FBI colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election and then run a coup against Trump after he won."

SUNDANCE: Chris Steele put a bunch of Danchenko garbage inside his dossier, and his dossier was used to get the Carter Page FISA warrant to conduct surveillance against the Trump campaign (October 21, 2016). Danchenko then disavowed the veracity of all the information he provided during FBI interviews in January, February and March 2017; but the FBI ignored the Danchenko statements and used the dossier ANYWAY for two more FISA renewals in April and June 2017.

Igor Danchenko falsely told investigators that he received a phone call in July 2016 from Sergei Millian, an individual he believed to be a U.S. citizen and the president of the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce.

Danchenko previously said Millian provided him with information for the dossier, and the two later agreed to meet in person in New York. However, Millian has said that phone call with Danchenko never took place, there was no conversation or sharing of information and they never met. The indictment affirms what Millian has claimed from the outset.

Danchenko falsely accused Millian of giving him information for the dossier because Danchenko was making it all up. Instead the information was really coming from Charles Dolan Jr, a Democrat campaign official who the indictment calls “PR Executive-1.”

Within the indictment, John Durham says that Danchenko and Dolan were working together to manufacture false information about Donald Trump in order to funnel it into the dossier through Christopher Steele. The FBI would then gain the fabricated dirt from Chris Steele for their Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

Charles Dolan (DNC campaign operative) later admitted to the FBI that the information he provided to Danchenko was bogus. However, Danchenko denied getting the information from Dolan, a lie that now becomes part of the indictment.

Here's Charles Dolan & Biden. Cozy.

SUNDANCE: "Igor Danchenko was indicted on five counts of lying to the FBI as an outcome of the special counsel investigation headed by John Durham.

However, it is important to note what Durham is doing here. Durham is charging Danchenko (working outside government) with lying to the FBI while simultaneously avoiding drawing attention to the FBI/DOJ officials (inside government) who knew Danchenko was lying and were willfully blind to the lying in order to continue attacking and investigating President Donald Trump.

So far, John Durham is willing to go after the co-conspirators outside government, but he is unwilling to target or call out the co-conspirators currently inside the U.S. government."

Remember when the New York Times won a Pulitizer for all their fake reporting on the Russia hoax. When will that be removed - now that it's all been proven a lie.

Remember that guys like Mark Warner were in on the hoax along with the coup plotters & the fake news.

TURLEY: "It looks like Durham is aiming for a higher target with this Danchenko arrest." All roads lead to Clinton & Obama.

So Sundance says this will go no where - and Turley says it will go right to the top. We shall see. Grenell agrees with Turley. So does Nunes.

Several Clinton pals are lawyering up.

Remember when Comey said Christopher Steele was "reliable." He lied.

Remember when President Trump said he "caught them all." I'm still praying that this was one big MASSIVE STING of the Deep State engineered by Team Trump.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “I caught the swamp. I caught them all. Let’s see what happens. Nobody else could’ve done that but me. I caught all of this corruption that was going on, and nobody else could of done it.”

General Flynn: "The entire Russia-Gate was one big fat lie and deception on the American people. All of these people in this video knew the truth, to include the former head of our illustrious intelligence community, James Clapper, and were lying thru their teeth and the media was totally complicit in this lie. This changed the course of history for the United States and now we face a relentless assault by an elite who are trying to take all of our freedoms from us.

Stand up for our rights…get involved in our local communities, that is part of saving our country from the communist takeover by these evil SOBs. There are no more conspiracy theories about Russia-Gate, there is only a conspiracy to defraud the American people by conniving elements in the Democratic Party and its despicable cohorts in the media. And they are now being exposed for what they are—pure evil."

Biden & his "health experts" are all pushing mandatory COVID vaccines for ALL children - even though the science says Covid is NOT an issue for children.

In fact, now they want to force everyone under 60 to take the Hepatitis B vaccine as well! Hep B is NOT spread casually - it's spread like HIV - through sodomy, dirty needles, blood & unprotected sex!

Dr. Toby Rogers, a risk-benefit specialist, determined that we will kill 117 kids to save one child from dying from COVID in the 5 to 11 age range.

“So, to put it simply, the Biden administration plan would kill 5,248 children via the Pfizer mRNA shots in order to save 45 children from dying of coronavirus. For every one child saved by the shot, another 117 would be killed by the shot.”

"Everyone knows that Pfizer was not even trying to conduct a responsible clinical trial of their mRNA shot in kids ages 5 to 11. Pfizer could have submitted to the FDA a paper napkin with the words “Iz Gud!” written in crayon and they would have approved the shot. They are all in the cartel together and they are all looking forward to their massive payoff/payday."

Dr. Ben Carson, a world-famous heart surgeon, believes that the elderly & vulnerable SHOULD be vaccinated for Covid, because they are the ONLY ones at risk of premature death, but says it is an EXPERIMENTAL treatment and should NOT be used for children or mandated for anyone. I agree with Ben.

Remember that the CDC even changed the definition of "vaccine" for Big Pharma and the mRNA jab because it does not officially meet the meaning of vaccine. It does NOT prevent infection or spread - it just reduces the severity of illness in the immune compromised.

Janet Woodcock is the same FDA official who helped Purdue Pharma get MILLIONS of people addicted to - and die from - Oxycontin. Once you realize that the FDA, CDC, the NIH, WHO, Fauci and Big Pharma worship profit & power over health, it all makes sense.

ZELENKO: "Janet Woodcock of the FDA advised Rick Bright of the HHS to block access to HCQ from the American people 15 months ago. She worked at the FDA and influenced Bright from HHS to craft an EUA to restrict HCQ to hospitalized patients only."

Rick Bright blocked physicians from prescribing HCQ and Trump fired him so he went to work at the Rockefeller (Great Reset) Foundation for pandemic response! He was appointed by President Obama on November 15, 2016 to head BARDA (Biomedical Advance Research and Development Authority, a sub-agency of the FDA). You can't make this stuff up!

Emails prove that Woodcock ALSO vilified Ivermectin!

Yet now, Merck has come out with an anti-viral pill for Covid, similar to HCQ & Ivermectin - which cost under $10, that they will charge $700 for - and laugh all the way to the bank!

Britain authorized Merck’s molnupiravir, the world’s first approval of oral covid-19 treatment pill. Regulators in Britain granted approval to the experimental drug molnupiravir from U.S. pharmaceutical giant Merck on Thursday, marking the first authorization from a public health body for an oral antiviral treatment for covid-19 in adults.

Pfizer is introducing their own anti-viral - to compete with Merck. Pills are easier to take, manufacture and store than "vaccines." We know! We had them all along! Another Covid scam!

Now that Covid is dying down - in spite of their best efforts to keep it alive - Bill Gates is warning of a coming smallpox pandemic and the need for BILLIONS of funding. Didn't I predict this 18 months ago? I think I did! MONKEYPOX is still alive and well in Africa & the Middle East - just like EBOLA.

Yet, Biden has opened America's borders wide - all DISEASE is welcome!

The Washington Post now calls EVERYTHING a virus. This is by design.

The Air Force says nearly 8,500 active duty members of the Air Force and Space Force have missed the deadline for getting COVID-19 vaccinations, including 800 who flatly refused and nearly 5,000 with pending requests for a religious exemption.

Rand Paul called Fauci a liar and told him to resign:

"The preponderance of evidence now points toward this coming from a lab and what you've done is change the definition on your website to try to cover your ass basically."

Biden's COVID-19 OSHA-enforced vaccine mandate has been delayed until AFTER the holidays - beginning January 4, 2022 - with hefty fines for noncompliance.

He says large employers with 100+ workers must mandate vaccinations and/or weekly testing and masks for those who refuse the vaccine.

OSHA plans to send out agents to check that workplaces are in compliance with the rule. For willful violations, a company can be fined up to $136,532. The standard penalty is $13,653 for a single violation. OSHA has 1800 employees and there are over 300,000 businesses with 99 plus employees. They can NOT monitor them all. DO NOT COMPLY.

OSHA's 490 pages rule:


OSHA said they will consider expanding the vaccine mandate to smaller businesses with fewer than 100 employees during a 30-day comment period, according to the U.S. Labor Department. There are 17 MILLION businesses in America with under 100 employees. DO NOT COMPLY.

A friend that I trust, a microbiologist, just sent me this about the OSHA ruling:

"I just watched a livestream from Robert Barnes regarding the OSHA ruling. He says it's poorly done ' puts their entire vax mandate on the line. Barnes said the OSHA rule is not a vax rule as it allows for testing. It's a testing rule & the employer must also accept religious & medical exemptions. He says it overstepped legal authority & they have no way of enforcing. It's likely to be adjudicated before January because of all the high profile lawsuits."

Kyle Rittenhouse is on trial for defending himself from ANTIFA-BLM rioters & murderers. Testimony so far vindicates Kyle. Anyone who was paying attention and viewed all the evidence knew Kyle was INNOCENT.

Ryan Balch, the man standing next to Kyle, just testified that ANTIFA-BLM threatened to kill them if they ‘caught them alone.’

Another witness also testified that the man Rittenhouse was forced to shoot in self defense after BLM-ANTIFA said fu** you and reached for Rittenhouse's weapon. There is video of all this. The FBI has kept it hidden for 14 months. That's why the Judge refused to allow the prosecution to call the people who tried to KILL Kyle - victims.

Also, it turns out that the CORRUPT Kenosha Sheriff & prosecutor are from the same family! Collusion - just like in Minneapolis against Chauvin & in Broward County against Cruz!

The lead detective in the Kyle Rittenhouse case is the nephew of the mayor who let Kenosha burn. And the DA prosecuting Kyle is the mayor's first cousin. Meet the Antaramian family.

Twenty-six states are fighting the resident’s illegal jab and testing mandates.

Attorney Generals in Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming signed on to one lawsuit, which was filed in a federal district court in Missouri.

A separate group of states including Georgia, Alabama, Idaho, Kansas, South Carolina, Utah, and West Virginia filed a lawsuit in federal district court in Georgia.

Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas have also announced anti-mandate lawsuits along with the Job Creators Network, The Daily Wire, and the RNC.

Biden said he knows nothing about the cash payments to illegal alien criminals. His DHS secretary says the DOJ is doing it!

63% of Americans do NOT want schools to teach CRT - that persons of color today are victims and white people are their evil oppressors. They DO want children to be taught that people SHOULD be judged by their character & not their race. That's good - but the 37% concerns me!

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