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Tierney's REAL News (11/22/21)

EX-US ARMY PSY-OPS OFFICER: “You are living in a multi-faceted psychological operations exercise, on every front. Everything in these operations is designed to make you afraid, so that you do what the powers that be want you to do. Stop being afraid.”

Remember this. Nearly everything you read and hear from the fake news has been scripted to scare you into submission! Every event has been ENGINEERED - these things don't just happen!


This is the message I get every five minutes when I try to write my newsletter about something controversial - like the terror attack in Waukesha. This has been going on for two months now. My local provider messes with me all the time. This is why I don't post a newsletter every day. It's exhausting to work around this censorship and start over.

This is the same playbook they used on me on Facebook and Twitter to disrupt my posts. Censorship is coming for our emails, texts & newsletters. Not just me. ALL OF US.

Here's what I know about the terror attack in Wisconsin. I will update as new information becomes available!

A Memorial for the victims of the Waukesha, Wisconsin terrorist attack will be held Monday night at 6:30pm CST at Veterans’ park in Waukesha. Also, please give blood as the hospital is in need of more!

President Trump responded:

5 confirmed dead, dozens wounded. 11 adults & 12 children were reportedly taken to six local hospitals. 10 children are in the ICU as a result of what happened in Waukesha. 6 are in critical condition.

After the attack, Chuck Schumer tweeted in honor of WORLD DAY OF REMEMBRANCE FOR ROAD TRAFFIC VICTIMS! Sunday was really that day! Then he DELETED it.

After a terrorist ran over people in the street, Schumer actually said his new infrastructure bill will help "road traffic victims" and keep our streets safer. You can't make this stuff up.


“On this World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, we mourn those we’ve lost,” Schumer said. “We stand with their families. We recommit to preventing these tragedies. The infrastructure bill we passed provides historic funding to help reshape our streets, make them safer, & save lives.”

FOX is being cautious in their reporting and saying it might not be intentional and might not have anything to do with politics or social issues. Right. They should have had the same restraint when they called Arizona early for Biden!

After police said they had a "person of interest" in custody, Karol Markowicz of the New York Post tracked down the driver at the jail & figured out who he was. Laura Loomer is trying to take credit for her work. As usual. Loomer used to take credit for my work also. Total opportunist. Just like Stew Peters.

After Brooks was IDed by the New York Post and internet sleuths, CNN & MSNBC & other left wing news sites stopped reporting on the attack. Doesn't fit their narrative.

The fake news is even speculating that the driver may have been under substances and unable to control the vehicle. Complete BS. He allegedly was able to back his car into the driveway after the attack!

Following the attack, the local police scanner captured the name of the suspect who left his ID in the vehicle.


The police won’t release the information they have - but internet sleuths found a recording of the police scanner of them saying they found a suspended license in the SUV.


Then a witness speaking live on the air from a local bar said "I'm a black guy and the driver was a black guy with dreads." The news host became very uncomfortable and nobody else reported that truth! It was buried!


He allegedly backed into the driveway. As if someone who’s able to “back the vehicle in to a driveway” and evade police would somehow be too impaired to drive is an irresponsible conjecture.

Earlier, BLM-ANTIFA threatened to retaliate over Kyle's verdict.

Darrell E. Brooks currently has two open criminal cases against him. He posted bond for two felonies and three misdemeanors two days ago He also posted bond for three felonies last March. Hmm. What do you want to bet he's another FBI informant - just like George Floyd?

Someone with the same name, approximate age, height, and weight was in a Nevada prison in 2007-8 for statutory sexual seduction. What is it with terrorists and pedophilia?

Because pedophiles & abusers will do ANYTHING to stay out of jail. The FBI knows that. That's why they HIRE them for false flags!

Darrell also has social media accounts under another name & is a Communist rapper who writes hate music against Trump, police & conservatives....sleuths tied his email address to these accounts...

YouTube actually deleted Darrell Brooks rapper page the same day of the attack. Brooks rapped about “F**k Donald Trump and F**k Pigs.” He actually had a music video where he's in front of the SUV that he used to run down those people. That's evidence tampering. Is YouTube running cover for a mass murderer?

Looks like Brooks hates MAGA, Christians & Kanye. He also tried to run over the mother of his child! This wasn't his first vehicular attack!

ANDY NGO: Brooks has posts on his social media in support of BLM causes, George Floyd & black supremacy. He also has a post about how to get away with running people over on the street.

Democrats on Twitter & Facebook are defending Brooks - just like they defended Rosenbaum. Democrats REALLY love pedophiles & abusers.

The same day Kyle was found not guilty someone paid this lunatic's bond to get out of jail. Who paid the bond? Was he paid to attack?

Isnt it interesting? The day Joseph Rosenbaum, another pedophile, got released from jail he showed up to riot in Kenosha & tried to murder Kyle Rittenhouse. Darrell Brooks got released on Friday & 2 days later ALLEGEDLY commits mass murder & a terrorist attack in a conservative town where families are planning to sue Wisconsin for election fraud.

My guess is that Brooks was likely paid off to do it. Or told he was going to stay out of jail if he did it. He's a pedophile and an abuser according to police records. The FBI hires pedophiles and abusers as informants to do their dirty work. They know they'll do anything to stay out of jail. Another false flag to try to hijack the news cycle during this important week.

The suspect Darrell Brooks appears to be a sex offender. He has a long record. Wisconsin NPR is running a segment on solar panels this morning. They'll do anything NOT to have to report about the real terrorist. Pay attention to how the media covers this story. Waukesha is a very conservative area in Wisconsin. Trump won Waukesha in 2020 over Joe Biden 59.6% to 38.8%.

Darrell Edward Brooks was just released from Milwaukee County jail on $1,000 bail. Here is the Soros affiliated Milwaukee district attorney John Chisholm bragging about abolishing bail and congratulating other Soros DAs. Chisholm is notorious for targeting innocent people with "John Doe" raids when Walker was Governor.

The Waukesha attack is on video, the driver, a serial violent criminal who had been released from Milwaukee County jail under the elected DA’s bail reform policy, is seen swerving towards people. It’s an act of terrorism, which means the corporate media will cover it up.

Democrats attacked the former Governor of Wisconsin for paying his respects.

This guy worked for CBS. He is laughing about the attack.

The terrorist mowed over several elderly women called “The Dancing Grannies.” The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies confirmed some of their members are among those killed.

Biden's DOJ is stepping in and trying to bury the truth. Like clockwork.

Biden's Vaccinations Coordinator, Biden's Communications Director & Kamala's Communications Director are all resigning. Damage control. Biden is telling his pals he plans to run again in 2024 - and they are "turning the corner" after a "summer slump" in his approval ratings.

POSOBIEC: "Last year when no one would stand up for Kyle, one Christian from the Midwest stepped up to pay his bail so that Kyle could finally go home to be with his mother. His name is Michael J. Lindell."

Get ready for Mike's election fraud lawsuit before the Supreme Court tomorrow. Pray for truth.

Dr Frank - a genius who is preparing data for the lawsuit - and has data on all 50 states which you will be able to access tomorrow - posted this chart of which states and counties have the most fraud. They have analyzed ALL the voter registration files. The ones in the upper right quadrant are the worst.

As you await the results - listen to what Dr. Frank says:

People who think "nothing can be done" about the 2020 election are simply mistaken. Lots of things ARE being done, and there is more in the works. Until we fix 2020, our country will continue to be in a very bad state of affairs.

It is helping that the current faux administration is doing so poorly. The approval ratings are at record lows, and the discontent is escalating... "Not only did we NOT vote for this, but this really sucks..." is the sentiment that is growing louder by the day.

Keep pressing on, folks. Make a stand. Tell everyone. We are winning! Big week ahead! Including all those lovely discussions during Thanksgiving dinner. C'mon, you can do it. And be sure to tell everyone to tune in to the FrankSpeech.com Thanksathon!

When Mr Lindell meets with AGs and SoSs, he often shows them the passwords for all their county election systems. (He has folks working with him that can extract these from the PCAPs.)

During one of these meetings I heard an obstinate clerk say, "Those passwords don't prove anything. They are available on the dark web."

Think about that for a second...

But Mr Lindell doesn't just show them their passwords. He also shows them "intrusions," complete records of successful attacks into their systems, with source and destination IPs and internal addresses within the networks. "Easy pickins" according to people who know what they are doing on the web.

Some of our officials don't know better, they've been hacked. But others are complicit, and I'm looking forward to the day when these dirty officials are exposed. Serves 'em right. They know that their networks are not secure. But they lie to the public to try to convince them otherwise.

The main steal in the 2020 election was fraudulent ballot stuffing and illegal ballot harvesting. The voting machines and tabulators play an important role in this, but the electronic pollbooks play an even more nefarious role.

Think about it... no one denies that the pollbooks are continuously online and are networked, often across an entire state. The moment a person is noted in the pollbooks, the bad guys know it. If you know who has voted, you have a pretty good idea how things are going, and how many ballots you need to harvest and stuff to tip things the way you want them to go.

Not only did I discover key elements in the algorithms they are using to stuff ballots, but I have personally examined all sorts of forensic and physical evidence proving how and when the stuffing took place. All this will come out in the upcoming Supreme Court case.

It's an old, tried and true method: Ballot stuffing. But today with real-time feedback over the web and automatic census tools to make the ballots easier to produce. Vote Amish: All paper, no electricity.

The number one reason to not use electronic equipment and databases in our elections is because they are too easily hacked.

The number two reason not to use electronic equipment and databases in our elections is because the people managing our elections are not IT experts, and they have their hands full just managing the election, much less trying to secure their systems from world-class hackers who spend their entire existence learning how to hack into anything and everything, including your phones, televisions, and thermostats.

We don't want our elections to be decided by who has the better team of hackers at any given point. We want our vote to count. How simple is that? Let's count the votes with our own hands. It is important.

Yes, votes were "flipped" in 2020. Millions of them. But not like most people think. Sometimes machines deliberately miscounted and flipped votes... but this is easy to catch, and we've caught them in several cases. But there is a better way.

Say you are behind in an election 80 to 100. To "flip" the situation, you need to stuff forty ballots. Now, it is 120 to 100.

To accomplish this, you need to do some fancy footwork, because forty ballots showing up all at once is suspicious. So you dump the ballots in a dropbox somewhere, and then add them slowly and steadily, manipulating the voter databases to make it look normal and gradual.

But sometimes, in desperation, you have to dump them all at once. Like late on election night.

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