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Tierney's REAL News (11/17/21)

President Trump gave an interview to Mike Lindell. I could tell you everything he said but I'd prefer you watch it yourself. Some highlights:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Now you're reading all about the Russia thing - it was a hoax. It was set up by Hillary Clinton & the Democrats & Russia. Durham, it's taking a long time. But he's coming out with very devastating things. I love the country and I had a goal. My goal was to do what we did."

"Pennsylvania has subpoenas all over the place. They're gonna get to the bottom of it. Did you see what happened in Wisconsin? They found thousands and thousands of votes. It was corrupt. Things are happening. It's important to know what happened in 2020. Once you know - they have a decision to make. I think enough people know what happened. They used the China virus to rig the election."

TRUMP: "There are thousands and thousands more ballots than voters. We need two big ones or three small ones. We know what happened. It's in the reports. They're still guarding the ballots. I hope the Republicans get rid of Mitch McConnell. It was very sad with Mike Pence. You were right. I was right. The press is dishonest. We have rigged elections. They don't want to cover it because we are too close."

"We're not going to have a country in three years. We can't ignore 2020. The border is a mess - millions are pouring in. At first I thought it was incompetence - now I know they are doing it on purpose. They cheat. People didn't vote for defund the police, no voter ID, inflation. Pelosi, Obama, Biden - have made a fortune in office. We're going to take our country back."


Remember, Lindell's election fraud lawsuit before the Supreme Court is slated for next Tuesday - before Thanksgiving. Pray.

The EU is going full-blown Communist. Austrian police are out HUNTING for the unvaccinated. Germany is following Austria. So is the Czech Republic. In France, if you fail to get a booster shot every six months you will be forced to stay home! Gibraltar has cancelled official Christmas events and urged people to avoid holiday family gatherings despite its entire adult population being fully vaccinated.

The BANKSTER GREAT RESET goal is to fill you with fear and make you feel comfortable with LIVING in a GLOBAL prison that they control. They will remove your healthcare, your job, your money, your home, your holidays, your places of worship, your family & your freedom if you refuse.

They’re tightening the noose to see what they can get away with. They're trying to change the world into a replica of atheist & totalitarian Communist China - where those who dissent are literally sent to camps for organ harvesting & cremation against their will. DO NOT COMPLY. That's the REAL reason they want your DNA. They use Covid as a guise to lock you up and then sell your organs to the highest bidder!

Our politicians in DC work for the New World Order who wants Communist China & Davos to run the world.

It’s legal & normal to refuse ENDLESS injections for a "disease" with a 99.99% survival rate and where over half the population already has natural immunity! Most pandemics last 8 months. They've stretched out this one to two years!

READER: "I believe the Pandemic is grossly overinflated. This past week, my mother and my sister both got sick and both are vaccinated. My sister has developed MS after her jab and my mother is 88 with multiple co-morbidities. My mother had a fever, a stuffy head and very little cough. My sister basically the same thing and both were tested and told they had Covid. Both are quickly feeling better within a week. There are multiple problems with this. First, the PCR test produces tons of false positives. The PCR test cannot distinguish between viruses if it is in fact a virus. What the heck happened to the cold and flu?"

"In Dr. Simone Gold's lawsuit against Kaiser Permanente, she has reclassified the jab as a treatment since it no longer prevents catching or transmitting the virus and purportedly reduces symptoms. This is important. This is also the assertion by the bill in the Oklahoma State Senate that wants to provide people recourse if injured by the jab. If the jab becomes a treatment rather than a “vaccine” it will affect the mandates in a big way."

Meanwhile, in America, OSHA has suspended the enforcement of Biden's vaccine mandate for private businesses after a U.S. appeals court rejected it.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans stated that OSHA’s mandate is “staggeringly overbroad,” and ordered it to “take no steps to implement or enforce the Mandate until further court order.”

At least 27 U.S. states, as well as private employers, religious organizations, and other groups, have sued the Biden administration, claiming that it’s exceeding its authority in issuing the mandate. The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has won the lottery to hear legal challenges to Biden's mandate - that's Kavanaugh's court.

Meanwhile, Biden doesn't care - he is meeting with Comrade Xi, is doing his bidding and has continued to call on employers to adhere to his illegal & unconstitutional mandate even though the courts ruled against it.

As Covid resistance increases, they suddenly found vials of smallpox at a Merck facility. But there are only two places in the world qualified to store it, a lab in Russia, and the CDC. Hmm. Sounds like another false flag & Bill Gates fear porn operation - just like Covid!

The Feds are investigating ‘questionable vials’ labeled smallpox found in a Pennsylvania Merck lab. "The frozen vials labelled ‘Smallpox’ were discovered by a laboratory worker while cleaning out a freezer in a facility," the CDC said.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates just started making the media rounds and suggested a few weeks ago that "terrorists would try to use smallpox to cause the next pandemic" and asked for a "smallpox pandemic exercise." Miles Guo, the Chinese defector who is Bannon's friend, says Communist China will introduce another "more lethal" virus in May of 2022 and a researcher who was in the Wuhan lab says they are working on one there.

The goal is to disrupt mid-terms and help Democrats keep the House & Senate. The fatality rate for smallpox can reach 90% - it's the perfect "disease" to scare the world into submission.

Gates' preparations for another pandemic sound a lot like Event 201 (the Great Reset's Covid Pandemic Exercise) that was hosted in October 2019 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum (WEF), and Johns Hopkins Center for Health and Security...with Gao, head of the Chinese CDC in attendance. RIGHT BEFORE THEY ANNOUNCED THE COVID PLANDEMIC.

GENERAL FLYNN: "These people are playing God because they don’t believe in God…"

“On October 18, 2019, the WEF partnered with the Gates Foundation and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security on a high-level pandemic exercise known as Event 201."

"Event 201 simulated how the world would respond to a coronavirus pandemic which swept around the planet. The simulation imagined 65 million people dying, mass lock downs, quarantines, censorship of alternative viewpoints under the guise of fighting “disinformation,” and even floated the idea of arresting people who question the pandemic narrative.”

"This is no conspiracy theory…it is a conspiracy against humanity."

Coincidence? No. Who ran the Covid dashboard and rigged the Covid case & death numbers? Johns Hopkins & Fauci! Who is behind the GREAT RESET? The WEF!

Who manufactured the small pox vaccination? The FDA granted it to Sanofi Pasteur. Sure enough, Bill Gates has given them grants and is collaborating with them on a NEW smallpox vaccination. It's ALL tied together!

Remember, Gates started GAVI, and GAVI, WHO, UN, and CEPI started COVAX - the worldwide effort to vaccinate everyone for COVID. They also started IA2030 (Immunization Agenda 2030) which is a global regular mandatory testing and vaccination program, as well as "one world order" globalized healthcare. In 2015, Bill Gates boasted about being able to vaccinate away many diseases, with endless boosters, by 2030!

As people are wising up to the long-term ineffectiveness of the COVID vaccine, Big Pharma is "coincidentally" producing a new Covid pill modeled after the cheap drugs called Ivermectin & HCQ - which they would NOT let you take because they couldn't make money off them! It's all about PROFIT & CONTROL. They create the cure and then create the disease to force you to take the expensive cure!

1) In 2014, Bill Gates funded Chimerix’s drug brincidofovir to allegedly treat Ebola. The trial was funded by the Wellcome Trust and led by Oxford University. The FDA authorized the study.

2) On June 4, 2021, the FDA approved Chimerix's Tembexa (brincidofovir) to treat Smallpox. Tembexa received priority review and fast track to expedite it. Smallpox was allegedly eradicated in 1980 but they are concerned about its use as a "bioweapon." BTW, monkeypox - a close cousin of smallpox - is still alive and well in Africa & the Middle East.

3) This is the same playbook they followed on Covid. Remdesivir was originally supposed to treat Ebola & AIDS. Then Fauci repackaged it to treat COVID! It's doesn't work for any of them but it costs $7,000 a treatment!

Just a few minutes ago, they confirmed a case of "monkeypox" in Maryland - which allegedly came here from Africa. Buckle up. Here it comes. Isn't it interesting that Biden just opened up international travel to America and our border is open wide? Once you know what to look for - it all makes sense.



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