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Tierney's REAL News (10/7/21)

PLEASE watch this. Please share this. EXCELLENT new documentary on COVID.


WINSTON CHURCHILL: “When you’re 20 you care what everyone thinks, when you’re 40 you stop caring what everyone thinks, when you’re 60 you realize no one was ever thinking about you in the first place. You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

So this woman, Sage Steele, on ESPN was pulled off the air after she slammed Obama for calling himself black when he has a white mother. She also slammed the station's vaccine mandate because she didn't want to get it.

Then suddenly they said she tested positive for Covid and needed to be off the air for a week. See how this works? Anyone anywhere can use a FAKE POSITIVE Covid test to get rid of anyone or avoid anything.

Right after that, an Australian firm, that shipped 3.5 MILLION tests into America, said "oops" - our test delivers FALSE POSITIVES. What is really on those swabs?

Stop believing that the tests are accurate! They are NOT.

Bill Gates & the GREAT RESET globalist Rockefeller crowd have been talking about vaccine passports for years - to force a universal vaccine for population control. Gates' father was the head of Planned Parenthood and the US "pandemic" just happened to start in Seattle - home of Bill Gates!

People are waking up. They're outside the Gates Foundation chanting "Arrest Bill Gates." No wonder Melinda divorced him.


Senator Rand Paul said Fauci is purposefully acting ignorant on the benefits of natural immunity to COVID because it would ‘foil his mass universal vaccination' plan. Dr. Rand Paul said Fauci's statements that everyone needs to be vaccinated for Covid is “nonsense.”

At least six states have grassroots teams going door-to-door verifying voter information: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Washington, Delaware. ALL SIX have found thousands of voters that don't exist at their registered address.


Dr. Frank says Lindell is going before the Supreme Court.

Emails show that Pfizer leadership knew the vaccine contained "aborted fetal cells" and wanted to keep that information from the public so they couldn't use a religious exemption. Cover up exposed.



Desperate to control the narrative, the inventor of mRNA has literally been censored by US medical journals - pretty much proving they are controlled by Big Pharma.

Vanessa Gelman is a Senior Director at Pfizer. Her emails were leaked that say Pfizer needed to cover up the aborted fetal cells. Her LinkedIn profile disappeared.

The brought the emails to Biden's DOJ and they refused to look at them.

The former head of the FDA says Covid is almost over. Yet Pfizer is just getting started with injecting your children!

Even after Pfizer scientists said they're concerned about the vaccine causing heart attacks in young people - Pfizer wants to jab your kids asap!

So, after Mohamed Noor's 3rd degree murder conviction was overturned two weeks ago in Minnesota - remember he shot Justine Damond in the chest and killed her - that gave Derek Chauvin an opportunity to appeal his conviction for the same charge.

Yet, Chauvin's law firm dropped him and the MPD union just abandoned him after the Supreme Court said he deserves NO public defender? Proof that they are all intimidated and controlled by Commie AG Keith Ellison! Even the Boston Bomber had public defenders, 5 of them!

Watch. Noor will walk free. Chauvin will rot in prison. The Commies of Minnesota are laughing all the way to the bank. TOTAL SET UP FROM THE START.

Obama told ABC that Biden's open borders are unsustainable and that America is a sovereign nation that should control her own borders. They edited out that part.

Notice, Biden waited to mandate the Covid vax until after employment benefits were dropped. People will do anything to eat.

Let's say you read an article about the victim of a sexual assault. If you search for information on him or her - Google will hand over your IP address to the Feds. Still think we live in a free country?

Germany is now giving LGBTQ special parking spots just like the handicapped. WTH.

Today, whenever somebody tells me they know someone who just died of Covid - I don't believe it. Show me the patient's medical records. Show me the blood work and the ME report. They enter the hospital without COVID and suddenly catch it before they die! I guarantee you they died from SOMETHING ELSE.

They call every death a Covid death - for fear, panic, control and money. My friend's mother entered with hospital with heart problems & dementia - was Covid free as was the entire family - and suddenly caught it in the hospital and died from Covid!

Scientists are implanting brain chips to "make you happy." Who believes this is their goal? Your happiness is NOT their concern.


Seattle is decriminalizing psychedelic drugs. Who thinks they are doing this to HELP people?

This is Communist Australia. An MP mentions Ivermectin and he's shouted down by rabid masked men hiding behind plexiglass.

Facebook is helping to keep information from the Australian people so their Commie Government can keep them locked down forever.

The Palestinians in Gaza may say they hate Israel but look what happened when they heard that 2500 of them can apply to to work in Israel. Ideology is one thing but eating is another….

This kid shot a teacher in the back & shot up his school.

He has a history of violence. His family says he was "bullied" by other kids because he lives in a nice house & drives a nice car. That's the reason he shot people. Right.

This school shooting in Texas was tragic - but Democrats will try to use it to take away your guns. There's video of him punching another kid - out of control. What do you want to bet he's on heavy duty psych meds or illegal drugs?


Studies show that 90 percent of mental illness is caused by abusing alcohol, drugs and pills. Less than one-half of 1% of the population have truly organic mental illness. We are trying to medicate away normal human emotion.

Why do you think our enemies are flooding our country with illegal drugs? Why you think Big Pharma is pushing psych meds down our throat from cradle to grave? Why do you think they want kids to start smoking pot or take meth (Ritalin) at age 8 and tell pregnant women that a little weed or an antidepressant will help their baby relax. It's not to help us. They teach our children to hate themselves & then hand them drugs to feel better. EVIL.

Nancy’s January 6th commission is a scam. Treasonous mall cop Harry Dunn said that 20 Trump supporters yelled the “N” word at him. Total lies. Where is his bodycam footage, or the 14,000 hours of Capitol footage? These are crisis actors and performance artists who belong in jail!

Finland has joined Sweden and Denmark in stopping Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine due to reports of heart attacks in young males until further research is done. Now do Pfizer.

NPR: California says they are going to pay people NOT to kill others and NOT to do drugs. Right. SOCIALISM does NOT work.


Boris is off the rails. He's never been the same after he "contracted" Covid and married his Commie girlfriend.

According to Medicare data, 60% of senior citizens hospitalized with COVID were ‘fully vaccinated’ and 71% of all Covid cases in seniors were fully vaccinated. I'm guessing these folks are dying from something OTHER than Covid. The average senior who dies from Covid has FOUR other health conditions. Please wake up. I know you're afraid but come on.


Facebook is helping the DOJ and FBI go after parents who don't want the Government to control their children.

These parents are suing a School Board for abusing their rights. Watch:


Further proof that the Facebook whistleblower, Frances Haugen, is a Deep State plant. Schiffty Schiff is all over her....

BANNON: "McConnell will cave on the debt ceiling." He did.

Now they're pushing us to give up meat and eat fake meat and insects instead. One reason steak prices are soaring. Social conditioning.

Watch this nurse. She's good.


A woman found a donor who will give her a kidney but the hospital won't do it because they aren't vaxxed. Still think this is about your health?

Biden's spending package will A) Bankrupt USA and B) Hand out trillions in bribes to his voters and C) Hand out trillions in government contracts to Democrat donors and D) Rig elections forever.

Why is Biden talking to us from a FAKE White House set? Look at the windows. This is a stage across the street from the White House. What else is fake? Who is in the Oval Office if Biden is not?

So Merck basically rebranded an off-patent, cheap Ivermectin - which is 80% effective - and creates a drug called Molnupiravir that is HALF AS EFFECTIVE as Ivermectin - and then sells it to the government for a fortune and charges us 40 times more! I mean, is anyone surprised even a little?


Now only that, but Merck's drug was developed using funding from the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense. We are literally paying them to screw us!

It's now confirmed that the ISIS K suicide bomber who killed 13 soldiers and hundreds of others at the Afghanistan airport was RELEASED from prison by the Taliban just days before!

If the Taliban and ISIS K hate each other so much, why did Taliban let them out of jail. It's likely that the Taliban is using ISIS as its proxy to do it’s dirty work just as Al Qaeda before it.

This makes the Taliban & the surrender of Afghanistan the biggest National Security threat in decades, all caused by the illegitimate Biden administration.

CNN won't talk about election fraud or COVID treatments but never turns down some looney willing to spread lies about Trump for cash.

That's why CNN's ratings are in the toilet.

Democrats plan to have the IRS investigate every transaction you make over $600 - while they spent TRILLIONS of your money.

The former chief of the Border Patrol Rodney Scott said that the Biden administration is still paying contractors who were supposed to build the border wall up to $5 million per day even though all construction has been halted.


Ted Cruz said that the COVID crisis has revealed the real character of Democrats in power, calling them “jackbooted thugs” and warned that “there is no decision about your life that they will not try to control.” He's correct. Liberals aren't liberal at all. They're liars, dictators and bullies.

Marc Elias, Hillary & the DNC's attorney, looks worried about Durham. Hopefully, he's next.

Fauci has been conning the world for three decades. Truly evil.


Scalise on the fake news.

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