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Tierney's REAL News (10/6/21)

PLEASE watch this. Please share this. EXCELLENT new documentary on COVID.


In addition to his $1.6 billion lawsuit against Dominion, Mike Lindell is working with State Attorneys General for a massive Supreme Court case aimed at looking into the vast evidence of fraud in the 2020 election. Lindell believes we must fix 2020 first before moving on. Dershowitz is working with him. He also started a petition at https://fix2020first.com/

President Trump said this week that several people around him - even those that "we all like" - are asking him to just forget about the stolen election and move on. He said he can't do that - we won't have a country left - they'll keep rigging elections until the Communists are totally in charge. I agree. I'm sick of moving on from evil.

Project Veritas out did themselves this time - with undercover video from 3 Pfizer scientists. Pfizer scientists admitted in private to Project Veritas that natural immunity works better than their “vaccines.”

Pfizer also said the "Delta variant" didn't have anything to do with increases in breakthrough cases. It's just because the vaccine will wane - because it's only focused on part of the virus - natural immunity is better because it recognizes the entire virus. We know this - but now we have confirmation from Pfizer scientists themselves!

They said Pfizer was paid a ton of money to make Covid vaccines and they are going to push them on everyone - whether they need them or not! Money!!

They are all forced to sign NDAs and can not tell the truth. They take classes in how to lie to the public. Not kidding.

Many Pfizer employees have refused to get vaccinated and think it's ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL to force people to out their vaccine status through a passport.

BTW - there is a NASTY cold going around - it is NOT Covid - everybody is catching it. Cough, congestion, sneezing, headache - no fever. Heads up! That's life!

They're trying to compile a roster of everyone who has been vaccinated. Ask yourself why.

Pfizer is quite worried about the vaccine causing heart attacks in young people. Not a conspiracy. They fear it will force them to recall the vaccines. That's why they are in such a hurry to vaccinate children and infants!

So, President Trump was right. Based on the words of 3 Pfizer scientists - ONLY the elderly and vulnerable need a COVID vaccine because they have a weak immune system - the rest of us are better off catching it and acquiring natural immunity. That the only reason Pfizer is pushing it on everyone is because they are afraid they'll have to pull it off the market due to heart problems in young people. That's why they need to get it in young people quick. We knew this. But now we have their own words. This is not a study. This is not speculation. This is right from the horses' mouths!

As I've said before, the mRNA technology was originally invented to treat individual cancers. They are using us all as guinea pigs in that effort.

Even though Project Veritas has brought forward several Facebook whistleblowers FOR YEARS to prove how they censor us all, the fake news & Congress would never interview them.

But suddenly, they all welcomed Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee to testify. TOTAL DEEP STATE FAKE PLANT. She testified before Congress & gave an interview on 60 Minutes.

Why? So she pretenda to care about us - yet pushes the need to censor conservatives even more - like Communist China does. Right after her appearance was announced, Facebook went down worldwide - and they said they couldn't fix it because Facebook employees couldn't get in the doors because their key fobs didn't work. INSIDE JOB for the narrative.

I knew the Facebook whistleblower was fake the moment she said there was an insurrection on January 6th. Haugen had help. Her testimony was coached by former Obama press secretary Bill Burton and his consulting firm, Bryson Gillette. She's a Democrat operative who has donated to:

▪︎AOC's political campaign

▪︎Courage to Change PAC

▪︎Act Blue, and

▪︎The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC).

Her lawyer used to work for the CIA and represented the fake whistleblower in the fake impeachment against President Trump.

And the Facebook outage? The routing changes that took apps offline, came from Facebook. It all appears part of the script. INSIDE JOB.

MATT WALSH: "The “Facebook Whistleblower” is one of the most transparent political ploys we’ve seen in a long time. She’s a Democrat operative whose primary beef with Facebook is that they don't censor right wing content enough. She hasn't revealed any actual secrets about the company. A farce. Pfizer whistleblowers get censored, but this one makes it to the Senate in less than 3 days."

Then, right on cue, Facebook called for new "standard rules" for the whole Internet after "whistleblower" hearing. Do you see how they play us all - 24/7???

It used to take the truth warriors 24 hours to uncover deep state lies. Now they do it in minutes! God is winning! Truth is winning! Keep spreading the truth!

Right after the Pfizer videos came out, Fauci's boss, Frances Collins, the Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), resigned suddenly on October 5th. Project Veritas released the Pfizer videos and new documents showed that Collins has been lying about the virus all along. Collins was appointed by Obama as NIH director in 2009.

A month ago, there was a release of new documents that showed the NIH had funded research in Communist China that was “used in part to identify and alter bat coronaviruses likely to infect humans. Even before the pandemic.”

New documents also just came out that show the Chinese Communist Party was ordering PCR tests for the new virus in May of 2019! Six months before it was "discovered." Planned long ago...I reported this all in March of 2020. Somehow the fake news just found it!

So Frances Collins, Fauci's boss, funded the research at the Wuhan lab, tied the US to the atheists in Communist China and lied about it - and then used his "evangelical" status to shame Christians into vaccinating!

Now he's out on the circuit doing damage control & trying to divert attention away from himself & the Wuhan lab!:

"I have no evidence at all to support it came from the lab. But I can’t exclude it. I wish the Chinese would come clean and reveal their lab records and hospital records of people who got sick in November 2019, just put this in a place where we actually have the information. They don’t seem willing to do that.”

Collins headed up the human genome project and Obama awarded him for his "brain initiative." Do you think Obama & Collins & Fauci want to do GOOD things to your brain?

These are the three stooges behind the virus - Gates, Collins & Fauci. All three push population control - otherwise known as genocide. IMHO, they push out viruses to eliminate the elderly & vulnerable, restrict the use of therapeutics that work and then try to make themselves look like saviors. EVIL.

When Bill Gates said in his Ted Talk that we can lower the population with vaccines and birth control, what did he mean? What does his pal Xi think about that - he's big into population control & organ harvesting & world domination.

This isn't a conspiracy. The Globalist banksters who run the world - who are behind the WEF and the Great Reset - have openly stated their goal is to DEPOPULATE the planet and remove 90% of human beings. That includes elites like Rothschild, Soros, Gates, Buffett, Bloomberg, Turner & Winfrey. Do you think they don't mean YOU?

Experts say Durham is going all the way to the top.

Communist China is saber rattling big against Taiwan - and threatening invasion. Trump said Communist China was taking advantage of American weakness by flying warplanes near Taiwan.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "I can guarantee you that if I were president, they would not have done it. They wouldn't be sending planes over right now. For four years you never heard anything. Taiwan wasn't even mentioned."

"Because the Election was rigged, and America now has weak and corrupt leadership, we may very well end up in a war with China who no longer respects the USA. They witnessed firsthand our television generals' complete surrender to the Taliban with the loss of 13 great Warriors and the handing over of $85 billion of the best and most expensive Military equipment in the World—China and Russia are already reverse engineering the equipment so they can build it for themselves."

"The only thing the Radical Left Democrats, who are destroying our Nation, are good at is rigging Elections and criminal activity, while always blaming the other side through corrupt prosecutors and prosecutions. Our Country is in big trouble—we better get going fast!"

Biden said he talked to Xi and they agreed the US will abide by the "One China Policy" and the "Taiwan Relations Act" - which basically says Taiwan is part of China.

Taiwan said they will "fight back."


Katie Couric was banned from her former employer CBS so she can't promote her new book blaming all the world's men for her failures.

Turns out that Couric used MeToo as an excuse to explain away her incompetence and poor ratings. She thought she was another Walter Cronkite. The audience thought otherwise.

Biden's DOJ has asked the FBI to investigate parents who are pressuring school boards to stop teaching critical race theory. Attorney General Merrick Garland and the National School Boards Association has effectively branded parents as domestic terrorists.

MOTHER: "I am what a domestic terrorist looks like? You owe parents an apology! This is a coordinated attempt to intimidate dissenting voices in the debates surrounding America's underperforming K-12 education – and it will not succeed. We will not be silenced,"

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "It's very tough because the parents are very wounded by what's taken place by, in many cases, radical left school boards. And you would certainly think they have a voice — and they have a voice — as to how their children are going to be educated, brought up and educated."

No wonder AG Garland wants to brand parents as terrorists if they protest CRT in the classroom. Garland's daughter helps write the propaganda! Her husband owns the firm that prints it!

CNN is finally admitting that gas prices are through the roof but they're lying about the cause. They're conveniently leaving out the fact that Biden is shutting down US supply (drilling, pipelines, transit) so people are forced to pay more from foreign providers!

The former head of Border Patrol says some 400,000 illegal aliens have crossed the border and haven't been counted and that many are terrorists. South America, Latin America, Asia & the Middle East not just emptying their jails and hospitals into America - they're sending terrorists. Also, several cases of leprosy were reported at the border. I have no doubt there is smallpox, ebola, TB and more...

Turns out Google is turning over "keyword" searches to the FBI so you can be arrested for your online searches.

A recent study in Nigeria shows that using Ivermectin-only (IVM) to treat COVID-19 patients is equally as effective as using the HIA triple therapy (Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and Azithromycin Combination) in all inflammatory, virological, and respiratory endpoints. Good to know!


Senator Ron Johnson CONFIRMED my earlier reporting that there is NOT an FDA approved COVID vaccine in America right now:

"There is not an FDA approved COVID vaccine in the US. The FDA approved the COMIRNATY version (German company BioNTech legally distinct from Pfizer) not available in the US “The FDA played a bait and switch.”

Also, a hospital chain in New York announced that 100% of its staff is now vaccinated. The truth is they fired 1400 staff who refused to take the jab. They forgot that part!

Like I said, Manchin is playing games. He is pretending to be behind a smaller package - when the smaller package is FILLED WITH COMMUNIST BS. Do NOT trust Manchin or Sinema. Commies stick together!

Boris is a two-headed snake.

What happens when you convert to Christianity.

After people defaced the Saint George Floyd gold statue, the Commies are trying to purge his long criminal record. He had numerous drug charges and spent 5 years in prison for holding a gun to a pregnant woman's stomach.

A CIA top secret cable was leaked that warned about large numbers of informants being arrested, killed or turned against the United States. Russia, China, Iran & Pakistan are hunting them down and killing them. Hmm. Who gave them the list?

I guess word has gotten around about CIA allowing the Iranian, the Communist Chinese & now the Taliban regimes to murder their entire agent networks in those countries. Is it any wonder no one will work for us? Intentional damage is being done to US National Security by those who stole the 2020 election.

Andrew Yang said he's no longer a Democrat. Yes he is. He wants universal income and free stuff - to pay people not to work.

Pence said his relationship with Trump is "amicable" and that all the January 6th BS is an attempt to demean Trump supporters.

"I know the media wants to distract from the Biden administration’s failed agenda by focusing on one day in January. They want to use that one day to try and demean the character and intentions of 74 million Americans who believed we could be strong again and prosperous again and supported our administration in 2016 and 2020."


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced that it is withdrawing its support of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill after it was reported that House Republicans were booting it from its strategy calls because Biden is linking the bill with the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill

Remember the "Chamber of Commerce" is a HUGE lobby that is funded by the Koch Libertarians - big business open borders cheap labor social liberals. They hate the flag, they hate America - they are NOT on our side. They want guns and the wild wild west so they can do what THEY want and damn the Constitution. They are in bed with the Communists - same way the Nazis were in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood. It's finally coming out!

The CDC is reporting that over 80% of COVID-19 vaccine adverse events, hospitalizations, and deaths occur within 14-days of getting vaccinated. The CDC doesn't consider people vaccinated until 14-days after the 2nd dose of Pfizer and Moderna.

In other words, the CDC is counting over 80% of vaccine adverse events, hospitalizations, and deaths as unvaccinated. Believe NOTHING.

This is the reason I do not want the mRNA vaccine for COVID - it compromises the natural immune system in a HEALTHY INDIVIDUAL and can result in lifelong auto-immune problems. Why would Big Pharma like that? So they can prescribe a lifetime of auto-immune drugs - they make a fortune off those!

If you've studied auto-immune disease like I have - you know that most are INDUCED by Big Pharma drugs. Most don't occur organically. IMHO, the COVID vaccine is great for the elderly & immunocompromised - but healthy people & children don't need it. They are better off with natural immunity - which even Pfizer admits!


Countless studies now prove that masks & social distancing do NOT work to stop COVID because it is aerosolized & can easily pass through ANY mask and can also be passed in waste water. Masks are COVERED with pathogens after only wearing them for a few hours. Stop forcing kids to wear them! They cause disease, oxygen deprivation, hamper natural immunity & make children afraid and feel alone.

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