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Tierney's REAL News (10/4/21)

A skateboarder threw silver paint at the statue of "Saint George Floyd" in Union Square. Here's how many on Twitter responded - before it went down:

"As a black person, I would rather see a statue of a confederate general with a plaque for historical context than a statue of a criminal (George Floyd) who died from a fentanyl overdose! Truth is the only weapon against ignorance and race baiting propaganda!"

Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks (75) died after a truck, driving the wrong way, suddenly smashed into him. The artist had been under police protection for years because he drew the Islamic prophet Mohammed as a dog. Accident or assassination? Duh. They've been trying to murder him for years.

In 2007, the Swedish artist drew a series of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a dog, to push a debate about political correctness in art. There were massive protests & death threats for "insulting" the Prophet. It looks like they finally succeeded.

Evergrande, Communist China's largest property company, said they plan to raise $5.1 billion by selling a 51% stake in its property service unit to Hopson - to fend off default. Trading in shares of both Evergrande and Hopson was temporarily suspended on Monday. Chinese Property woes persist as Hong Kong shares tonight start the week down 22% off the Spring highs.

The party of eugenics and pronouns and unlimited abortions (Democrats) now wants to force sterilize males after 3 children or at the age of 40. Any politician that has a he\him pronoun on his bio is a Communist plant! Communists must destroy marriage, procreation and the Christian family - it's a threat to their existence!

Vote him out!

Shelley Lynn Thornton, now 51, is the biological daughter of Norma McCorvey - the woman called Jane Roe - who was used to win abortion rights for women (in the first trimester) across America - in the landmark case known as Roe v Wade in 1973. She's very much alive. I bet you didn't know that. They've been lying about her for years.

"Jane Roe" had already given birth to Shelley and put her up for adoption by the time the case was settled. McCorvey died in 2017, without ever meeting her biological daughter Shelley in person. McCorvey put all three of her children up for adoption.

Shelley was two-and-a-half when Roe v Wade was decided. She had been adopted by Ruth Schmidt and Billy Thornton as a baby. She says she has never forgiven McCorvey for trying to 'use her for publicity.'

Remember when Bill Clinton said abortion should be "safe, legal and rare?" Now Democrats want to abort 9 month old babies and harvest their organs for the highest bidder - and call it "healthcare." Since 1973, America has aborted about 65 MILLION babies - mostly minority - and 5 MILLION of those were later term and able to live outside the womb - I call that murder.

Then we brought in 60 MILLION plus immigrants to replace the American babies we aborted - and called that compassionate. Does that make sense to you? Nobody has thought this through. Ask yourself why we are aborting Americans and replacing them with people from other countries. Whose genius idea was that? Not someone who loves God and country.

"A lot of people didn't know I existed. [My biological mother] didn't deserve to meet me. She never did anything in her life to get that privilege back. She never expressed genuine feeling for me or genuine remorse for doing the things that she did, saying the things that she did over and over and over again."

A new report shows that all of the states in the worst financial condition are Democrat run. See how your state is doing in the report below.


These conservative states reported that they can pay their bills and have the largest surpluses per taxpayer: Alaska ($55,100 per taxpayer), North Dakota ($39,200), Wyoming ($19,500), Utah ($6,500), South Dakota ($5,200), Tennessee ($4,400), Nebraska ($3,800), Idaho ($3,000), Iowa ($2,000).

The Democrat run states of Hawaii, Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, and Connecticut are in debt up to their eyeballs - with the average taxpayer on the hook for $50,000 each!

Starting next week, Connecticut’s National Guard will begin filling in for 25% of the state’s employees who have refused to comply with the vaccine mandate. Hmm. How much money will Connecticut save by doing this? America will look like a militarized police state. Why do Democrats want the military in the streets? You know why.

A Black History Month website in the UK claimed that white people are the “genetically defective descendants of albino mutants." This is how the Holocaust began. The globalists made the same claims about Jewish people. Got it?

The work of Dr Frances Cress Welsing, a racist American psychiatrist, was featured on the site.

The website's sick claims included things like when a white man gives “gifts of chocolate candy with nuts” for Valentine’s Day they do it so that they can “fantasize that he is genetically equal to the black male” when their “sweetheart” eats them --

and that the Holocaust was carried out “to illustrate to all non-white people that they are in peril of extermination."

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