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Tierney's REAL News (10/2/21)

A report released from a voter group in Delaware shows it’s quite possible Joe Biden didn’t even win his home state in the 2020 Election - once illegal ballots are removed. After they found nearly 300,000 suspect ballots in Arizona, it looks like forensic audits are proceeding in Texas, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania & Georgia.

Remember - if you are a conservative and you ONLY watch Fox News - you're hearing ONLY what RINO Paul Ryan wants you to hear. You're missing half the truth. Fox helped rig the election for Biden & are now CYA. Expand your horizons. Watch Newsmax, OAN, Real America's Voice, WVW & FrankSpeech. Read Trump's statements every day from his site. Trust me. You have to read or watch dozens of news sites a day - plus watch the competition - to figure out exactly how much they lie to us!

Lindell announced that he has filed a class action lawsuit (led by Dershowitz) against Dominion on behalf of ordinary Americans (poll watchers and election volunteers from all over the country) who were viciously threatened with lawsuits to keep their mouths shut and NOT tell the truth about all the fraud they saw during the election.

LINDELL: "Who would ever volunteer again to be a poll watcher if Dominion sends them threatening letters if they do their jobs? These people have been living in fear for a year. They bought security systems, they're hiding in their homes. All because of threats from Dominion. They push out their lawsuits for years. It's all a big stall game. They can keep people scared forever.

Lots of people are afraid to talk about things because of what Dominion has done. The result of the Arizona audit reinforces my case. They caught people deleting files. They proved that the machines were connected to the internet. They showed there were counterfeit ballots.

We currently have eight state attorney generals who are willing to file our OTHER case before the Supreme Court by Thanksgiving and we hope to have 30. They will all have standing."

The Arizona audit results also help Powell's lawsuit against Dominion.

I'm traveling and just had dinner with some friends who are from Grenada. His friend's mother went into the hospital a few days ago with heart failure and dementia. She was terminal. The hospital called and said she had Covid and the family was not allowed to see her. Then she died. They put her in a black body bag and the family is not allowed to see her body at all. She must be buried within 72 hours in a closed casket. No one is allowed to SEE any person who dies of Covid.

In Grenada, they have a lockdown curfew from 5 p.m. on Friday night until 5 a.m. on Monday morning every weekend. This is the world we live in. The hospital gets more money for every Covid death. They call every death a Covid death and nobody is allowed to examine the bodies of their loved ones to dispute it. Get it? Grenada is off the coast of Communist Venezuela.

MITCHELL: Folks, 700,000 Americans have NOT died FROM Covid over the past two years.

Hospitals get a fortune from the government if COVID is the CAUSE OF DEATH. People are dying of their comorbidities and being marked Covid deaths if they display any flu-like symptoms - which are often related to OTHER illnesses.

Millions and millions of Americans have been exposed to Covid. They are calling normal everyday deaths Covid. The CDC themselves have admitted only 5% of these deaths were actually directly tied to Covid. 95% of the people who die from Covid suffer from FOUR ADDITIONAL DISEASES.


Brazil's President said that if you agree with the concept of a vaccine passport, which discriminates against the unvaccinated, you are basically agreeing to your own demise. He's Trump's friend. I agree.

BOLSONARO: "If you are accepting this vaccination passport, another requirement will come soon, and another and another - and you know where it end - population control."

Meanwhile, Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, a Biden adviser and rabid liberal, says he's gearing up for the NEXT pandemic - a global influenza outbreak - which could be far worse than Covid and kill 33 MILLION people on earth in the next six months. Got it? Get ready for the NEXT pandemic - this time it will be INFLUENZA - designed to steal the 2022 elections!

Oh, and by the way, a new report out of the UK says all the BS about "long COVID" is actually influenza!

Here's how it works:

1) Biden pays Americans NOT to work

2) Biden opens the border - millions pour in

3) Biden floods the nation with money & cuts off the supply chain

4) Biden cuts access to American energy - causing massive hyperinflation

5) Biden mandates vaccines for the healthy & immune - millions lose their jobs

6) Biden calls in the National Guard to replace nurses, doctors, police & first responders

7) Big Pharma announces they now have pills to treat Covid - fooled ya!

8) Big Health announces the next pandemic is on the way - this one is even bigger!

9) Fauci calls on Americans to lock down, mask up and shoot up!

10) It's too dangerous to vote in person - you must vote by mail & email!

10) Wash, rinse, repeat

All the bills in Congress are confusing. Here's what I know. Miller, Meadows, Giuliani & Bannon say STOP focusing on the number - focus on what's in the bills! Even the $1.5 TRILLION bill is filled with Commie open border crap that will destroy America!

STEPHEN MILLER: "Conservatives are making a huge tactical error by focusing solely on Manchin & the $3.5 TRILLION bill. Schumer *never* planned to finish at $3.5 TRILLION (as the leaked doc shows). It’s all theater: Manchin can’t wait to play “hero” on the $1.5 TRILLION bill. It’s not about the price tag, it’s about the POLICY buried in the smaller bill.

The reconciliation bill is 2,400 pages of the most radical leftist/Marxist social changes in US history PLUS amnesty and unlimited green cards. Democrats will take bill at ANY number to get SOCIALISM. GOP must broaden their focus: expose ALL the policies within the smaller bill & pressure all swing state/district Democrats." I knew it. Manchin is playing games. Pretending to be on the RIGHT side.

MILLER: "Biden’s DHS is reportedly preparing for the “worst-case scenario” of up to 400,000 illegal border crossings in October alone. Congressional Democrats are meeting with Biden right now to advance a “budget” reconciliation bill that includes mass amnesty & uncapped foreign workers for big business."

MILLER: "The Biden Administration has issued an edict immunizing the vast majority of the nation’s illegal alien population from removal and decreeing large swaths of the Immigration & Nationality Act (INA) to be null and void, effectively abolishing ICE’s mission.

An imperial decree from Biden's DHS provides enforcement amnesty to illegals who arrived prior to November 20. It also ends worksite and Visa overstay enforcement, and most criminal enforcement.

Unvetted Afghan evacuees are also just leaving US military bases without approval. And the worst part: the House & Senate voted yesterday, and Biden signed into law, legislation providing them with: free federal welfare, healthcare, food stamps, public housing and cash assistance."

The Senate just *passed* Biden’s Afghan resettlement bill, 65-35, authorizing uncapped entry AND welfare. Just 6 more GOP nays would’ve killed it. Now on to the House for final passage. Only hope to stop in House is for GOP to make clear they’ll use vote against swing district democrats.

BANNON: "McConnell and the 15 GOP Senators who voted with the Democrats are a bunch of traitors. Don't ever underestimate Nancy Pelosi. She's tough as nails and mean as a snake."

Don't forget the RINO traitors in the House!

Biden's inflation is forcing the Dollar Tree to raise prices over one dollar!

MSNBC just reported that it works very well if you threaten to fire a person OR starve a person to death if they refuse to get vaccinated for an illness with a 99.9% survival rate. Over 90% will comply. It's a miracle!

If you look at the CDC protocols to treat Covid, Fauci's failed ebola drug, called Remdesivir, has a 54% death rate and ventilators have a 50% death rate. As I said almost two years ago, they are recommending treatments that don't work on purpose to INCREASE the death count among the elderly and vulnerable. Population control.

Ivermectin stopped Covid cold in India's largest state. If I were you, I would NOT believe one piece of data that comes out of the CDC or FDA - they make it up as they go along.

Big Pharma just announced that they have basically come up a daily pill and a nasal spray to PREVENT Covid infection and another pill, like Tamiflu, to arrest early COVID symptoms and they're going to let you to take that IN ADDITION to ANNUAL BOOSTER SHOTS. $$$$$$$. They've had this all along.

The big scam was getting everyone in the world to agree to take a universal vaccine every year and those who refuse will be "removed" from society. Now they can put whatever they want in those shots. Come on, kids and young adults do not need to be vaccinated for 100 non-lethal things - with leaky vaccines that spread viruses. They will shred their immune systems - and shorten their lives! That's exactly what they're trying to do!

Fauci even admits the vaccinated catch virus, can get sick & spread more virus! They're the real superspreaders. What a snake!

Several basketball players & football players are refusing the vaccine mandate until they do more research. They say a sports career is temporary but the vaccine is forever and they are young and healthy - and wonder why they need it. They say Covid poses no risk to them. More and more young people are being RED PILLED. Thinking for themselves!

My view is if you are elderly and vulnerable and want to vaccinate - go ahead - it's a free country - your immune systems are weaker. But do NOT force your fear onto the healthy & the children. Children do NOT need to be vaccinated against Covid. Trump said that. Every responsible doctor & nurse & scientist says that. Even FDA employees & scientists at J & J say that!

DESANTIS: "If a government agency in the state of Florida forces a vaccine as a condition to employment, that violates Florida law and you will face a $5,000 fine for every single violation."

"You can't have a robust free society with robust debate if speech is controlled by a half dozen oligarchs way out in Silicon Valley. It is great to be a citizen and a governor of the freest state in the United States."

Tens of thousands of nurses, doctors, police officers, teachers & more are filing lawsuits for being wrongly terminated for refusing to be vaccinated - when there are other treatment options and natural immunity is MUCH better. This will end up at the Supreme Court.

Durham issued new subpoenas to Hillary & the DNC's law firm. That explains why so many are jumping ship. I could speculate on the outcome - but let's wait to see how this plays out. I think the pieces are all falling into place. THE BIG STING.

Over a dozen BIG UTILITIES took more than a billion dollars from taxpayer funded pandemic bailout money and then pulled the plug on energy to vulnerable Americans more than ONE MILLION times! Communism 101! This is how it starts. The freeze out and starve out people until they submit or die.

People are waking up - and many are so angry they are to the point of succession. Dividing America into Communist states & Conservative states. We were at this point some 150 years ago when the Democrats wanted SLAVE STATES and the Republicans wanted to be FREE. That ended in civil war. Lincoln chose war over a divided nation. What will we choose?

Biden left this GAP in the wall in Arizona while thousands of illegal aliens are flooding in. Reports are that hundreds of thousands are being "staged in South America" for another HUGE invasion in October. Trump said to multiply the number that the fake news tells us by FIVE. That means 2 MILLION coming in October alone.

Illegal aliens who are released will never be deported. They can skip immigration court & defy court rulings with zero consequence. Even if you show, you leave on your own recognizance if you lose. Immigration courts run entirely on the illegal alien honor system. No detention=no removal.

The FBI sent 20 agents to arrest a Green Beret Trump supporter that refused to be an FBI informant on January 6th and never entered the Capitol!

Trump says the Communists' goal is to replace Schumer with AOC. "Progressive" is just a nicer word for Communist!

"The Progressives gain far more power with the legislation being currently talked about by failing than if it passes. It makes them a true powerhouse. Next up, AOC running against Chuck Schumer for his US Senate Seat!"

As I've said many times, the Communists used the Cuban Missile Crisis as a distraction to try to invade India. Today, they're using COVID as a distraction to try to invade Taiwan, India, Australia & America.

Biden is manufacturing a supply chain crisis on top of manufacturing a border crisis. This is a map of the cargo ships currently incoming and in a holding pattern offshore of America. America is under attack from both the inside and outside.

Where are all the employees to offload these ships and where are the trucks to transport merchandise to the warehouses? Where are the employees to sort and inventory the truck loads. Don’t forget that once they get all that done there is a shortage of CDL drivers! All part of the plan! Merry Christmas!

French media view the Biden administration as the "suicide of America." I agree.

Twitter told Alan Page he wasn't famous enough to get a blue check. LMAO. He was on the Minnesota Supreme Court, the NFL Hall of Fame, and President Trump awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He even has a public school named after him. But at Twitter, nobody knew his name.

Meanwhile, a new poll shows Democrat voters think LESS of Zuckerberg than Trump!

BANNON: "Mark Meadows knows how to win, even in a minority."

Meadows said he's sick and tired of McConnell and the Republican Senators who think because they're in the minority they can't do anything and they must throw in the towel and let the Democrats win until they have the majority again.

Mark Meadows has a book coming out about his time as President Trump's Chief of Staff which he says will blow the doors off the fake news.

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