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Tierney's REAL News (10/12/21)

General Flynn gave an interview to Tucker Carlson on Fox Nation about the reasons he was the subject of Obama & Hillary's Russia Russia Russia witch hunt for four years when he worked for President Trump. Remember that President Trump had to pardon General Flynn in the end.

These aren't exact quotes but close enough:

"I left the military in 2014 under Obama. I worked for Trump in 2015 and 2016 & early 2017. I wanted to create a more agile and effective National Security Council - the way that Trump wanted - Trump liked to move quickly - he wanted the ability to make better decisions with experts he needed when he needed them. That was my goal in the first 90 days. To downsize Obama's national security apparatus & bring in more qualified people."

"As Trump's National Security Adviser, I started to ask questions. About people, budgets & programs. About structures & decisions that have been made in the past. I was once the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) so I knew where the shortfalls were. I had studied it all. The intelligence community was "uncomfortable" with my being there."

"In the Federal Government's entrenched bureaucracy, you tell people to do something and they all do what they want to do instead. It was like going into an enemy camp. I found that all these people in the intelligence community that were there when I started were there to HURT President Trump."

"The security state of this country has grown probably by five times in the last 25 to 30 years. The DIA had about 3,000 people working in it in the early 2000s. By 2012, under Obama, 20,000 people there."

"We have two separate Governments. We have the one that actually gets elected. Then we have the one inside Washington DC that operates under no rules. The Deep State isn't a group of elected officials - they're part of it - but it's the bureaucrats that run the Security apparatus that are the real Deep State."

"Eisenhower warned us in the 60's about the Military Industrial Complex controlling the Government - today, I would add the National Security State - the Security State complex has grown 5 times and it runs the country behind the scenes. So the intelligence community agencies & the military leadership are working together to run the country. They aren't elected. They operate by their own rules. Who is in charge of them?"

"9/11 probably was the impetus behind this growth. Over time, this security state complex really joined with this military industrial complex that Eisenhower talked about."

"The American people are finally now just getting a taste of what the Deep State really is. The Department of Justice is now part of the Deep State. There is an extraordinary amount of money that flows through Congress into these Federal agencies. Then intelligence agencies collect "information" on elected officials that they use to control them."

"The Deep State came after me as a way to "get to" President Trump. The American people they saw through this from the very beginning, because it wasn't about Mike Flynn. It wasn't even about Donald Trump. It was about them. And when I left and the media started to attack the presidency of the United States of America, the American people saw that, hey, this is an attack on us."

"We still see stuff coming out now with this Sussman indictment, and some of the other things that I think that Durham is actually is going to probably start to look at."

"The Chinese Communist Party is now in every aspect of our lives. They want to control the world. They want America to be like them. Obama & Biden helped them. President Trump's goal was to stop that and keep America free. I'm very concerned. The Chinese are very shrewd. Everything is calculated. Everything is well timed. They've been planning this for decades & centuries."

"Biden looks at China as a competitor that he wants to appease and play nice with. I look at China as an adversary that wants to dominate and destroy the free world. China, Russia & Iran are the big winners in Biden's Afghanistan debacle."

"I want our military to operate with integrity. I want parents to believe in our military. These politically appointed TV generals are destroying the military. The purpose of our military is to fight to win. We have wonderful soldiers. We are being laughed at all over the world. We don't deserve that."

BTW, Tucker used the interview as an opportunity to bash President Trump for his political appointees - calling General Flynn basically the ONLY qualified one.

I find it interesting that FOX has banned Rudy Giuliani, Mike Lindell & Joe DiGenova from the network but they welcome their close friend - General Flynn. Did Flynn agree to NOT talk about the stolen election? Is that how he got an interview on Fox?

Remember that General Flynn is a master spy and Rudy owns the biggest private investigation firm in the world and knows how to take down mobsters with RICO.

Both the Biden crime family & the Chinese Communist Party are transnational criminal organizations.

Remember that Flynn, Giuliani & Sessions were all good friends and with Trump from the beginning. What does that mean? The big sting? We shall see.

Not to mention that Flynn, Lindell, Powell, Giuliani, Ellis, DiGenova & Wood all hang out together...coincidence or coordination? Remember that Steve Bannon said long ago that Trump is the master at head fakes.

Here's Eisenhower's MIC speech. Transcript & video.



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