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Tierney's REAL News (10/11/21)

Based on CDC estimates, nearly half of the United States has 'natural immunity' to COVID. There have been 44 million cases of COVID reported. The CDC estimates 4.2 infections for every case. That means there have been 160 MILLION Americans who have been infected & survived.

That means 160 MILLION people in America (about 50%) have natural immunity to COVID - which is LONG lasting and 27 times BETTER than the short-lived vaccine. Tell me again why those people should be FORCED to take the jab or lose their jobs or their schooling or their businesses?

In 2005, Colonel Ji-Wei Guo of the People’s Liberation Army described a new type of bioweapon. He said that Communist China intended to create new forms of designed "biotechnological weapons” that would be “controllable” and “recoverable” for which China had sole possession of the vaccine or antidote.

That tells us that Fauci's & Gates' original plan was to WITHHOLD any kind of treatment or an antidote for COVID for years - until the entire world starved & collapsed out of "manufactured fear" over a virus with a 99.9% survival rate. That was their original plan. God had other ideas! He gave us a reprieve. A chance for a great awakening! Use it wisely!

Remember, they are likely working on a bioweapon, a man-made pseudo-virus similar to the Nipah virus, with a 75% fatality rate, in the Wuhan lab RIGHT NOW. Their NEXT phase. Let's make sure it NEVER sees the light of day! SHUT IT DOWN.

WATCH: https://t.me/TierneyRealNews/61058

WAYNE ROOT: Obama, Soros, Communist China & the globalist banksters are behind the scenes and running America into the ground.

Bannon had a great show today about global shipping shortages and the coming economic disaster. All created by the Communists to destroy the free world.


“The revered Economist, what is their headline? “The Shortage Economy.” America needs to prepare. Get ready for the bleakest, darkest Christmas in living memory. This is far beyond stagflation. We’re entering into another phase. It’s all the converging forces. Remember, elections have consequences, illegal stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.”

“The new normal has arrived. These shortages are going to be commonplace. Who would have thought with the technology we have - that Americans would be in a position where we could not get basic items? There is a common phrase called ‘Winter’s coming.’ Well guess what, Winter is knocking on our door and they’ve got a foot inside our door.”

"Heating costs, fuel costs & food costs are going to devastate the American family this winter. All by design."

“This is about medical tyranny and this country is headed towards an industrial collapse, the scale of which we haven’t seen since the Great Depression, and if we have industrial collapse - that leads to a military collapse. You’re talking about the national security of America.”

"Larry Fink (CEO of BlackRock) is someone we’re going to make famous on this show because he rather slides behind the scene. I want to tax the super-wealthy a lot. And one of the reasons is they are supporters of the Democrat Party. All these guys on the woke corporations, the Wall Street they’re 100% for left-wing progressive (Communist.)

Most of them are atheistic, materialistic, cultural Marxists. It should be tax cuts only for the working class and middle class. The super-wealthy should be taxed a lot. Starting with this guy (Larry Fink)… I’m going to tell you, this is why we’re going to throw the bums out. They want you to be financially illiterate. They want you to be economically illiterate. You’re the one paying for the system and you’re being ripped off.”

“The Senate Republican caucus could actually vote out McConnell, and they should do that now because McConnell is going to use his position to corrupt all those people, all those conservatives running for office in 2022, those potential Senators… so it would be a much more effective governing device, at least for the Republican caucus, to get rid of him now and find someone else who really does want to lead, who really does want to represent the MAGA base.”

"The left-wing rats are all jumping ship. They know what's coming and want to shield themselves from the fall out. Rachel Maddow of MSDNC. Francis Collins of the NIH. George Clooney. Nancy Pelosi."

"I’m pro-vaccine. I also generally get the flu vaccine every year. I even got a shot last year, although for some peculiar reason, influenza vanished last winter while COVID was enjoying its greatest reign of terror. And naturally, my children have all been vaccinated against the usual childhood diseases.

But one thing I never thought of doing was forcing my neighbors to get vaccinated against the flu. Because we aren’t supposed to be a nation of slaves, but a nation of citizens. If someone had a personal reason why they rejected vaccines, we didn’t put them through an inquisition or try to burn them at the stake of public opinion. This was America — land of the free.

Did you know that influenza kills as many as 50,000 Americans a year? That’s approaching the number of U.S. soldiers killed in the entire length of the Vietnam War. On average, flu kills as many Americans every year as car crashes. Yet did anyone — even Saint Anthony Fauci — ever dare to suggest that vaccination for flu should be mandatory because it would save lives?"

"Their final goal is taking Christmas away. And then the subversion will be complete."

PS: In August 2020, in the middle of the global pandemic, BlackRock received approval from the China Securities Regulatory Commission to set up a mutual fund business in Communist China. This makes BlackRock the first global asset manager to get consent from China to start operations. Now do some research and tie Communist China & BlackRock to 9/11. When you realize that the global Communists have infiltrated EVERY institution and EVERY facet of American life - you'll understand what's going on.

Like Billy Graham, JFK, MLK, RFK, Nixon & Joe McCarthy warned 60 years ago - the atheist Communists are coming! In reality, they've been working to overthrow America for 100 years. It's time we stopped helping.


If you live in a county that is enforcing the vaccination mandate on your first responders, here's how you can get involved to stop this. They need our help!

-Call your Board of Supervisors

-Call your Mayor

-Call the Police Chief and County Fire Chief

-Attend city council meetings and speak up

A shortage of employees created by termination for not getting the vaccination is a danger to the safety of the community. There will be longer response times in emergency situations.

WAYNE ROOT: "I said vaccine mandates will tear this country apart. Large portion of America doesn't want the jab. That includes police, fire, nurses, border agents, airline pilots, air traffic controllers. USA going to hell. This is Biden doing the bidding of China. They want chaos, crisis, confusion, division. This is how China wins WWIII without firing a shot."

Drudge reporting the truth for once.

Even people who've called me a nut job and a conspiracy theorist for 5 years because I've been warning of the Communist infiltration and takeover of America -- are now saying:

"You were right. It's happening. How did it happen so fast? How did we let this happen?"

Why are they suddenly awake after years of complacency? Because they can see it with their own eyes - in their own neighborhoods and in their own households and in their own workplaces and in their own schools. It's good to be awake & aware! Jump out of denial and stand up for truth, freedom, God & country. If not us, who?

PLEASE watch this. Please share this. EXCELLENT new documentary on COVID. The first of a series. Well-documented & supported. I've vetted EVERY point. It's all true.


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