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Tierney's REAL News (1/4/22)

Mark your calendars. President Trump will be having a news conference on January 6th and SCOTUS will hear cases on Biden's mandates on January 7th.

MUST READ ON ELECTION FRAUD: There is quiet combat going on in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that may very well decide the future of the United States. If the America First team loses, we are unlikely to see a Republican President ever again.

In 2019, before COVID19 even hit, Pennsylvania’s Republican-controlled legislature passed a law called Act 77 which permits mail-in ballots for any reason whatsoever. Why they did it has been lost in what happened next: the Chinese virus pandemic hit, and Democrat operatives allegedly ran through the wide-open door to the corruption Act 77 created with boxes and boxes of falsified and harvested ballots.

As a result, Democrats successfully stole the state from Donald Trump. The corruption opportunities enshrined in Act 77 make it certain this will happen again and again, long into the future And as any presidential election expert worth a damn will tell you, there’s little chance a Republican can win a national election without Pennsylvania’s electoral votes. Without PA, the math gets hard.

The results of Act 77: mail-in ballots increased from 266,000 in 2016 to over 2.5 million in 2020. This created a remarkable discrepancy in valid votes which affected the outcome of the national election. This may be impossible to unravel.

But there’s a loose thread: Act 77 is very clearly against the Constitution of Pennsylvania, and a courageous county commissioner from the countryside of the Commonwealth sued to stop it. Miraculously, this David v Goliath litigation looks to be going his way.

Doug McLinko of Bradford County sued the state because its constitution clearly spells out precisely who may cast absentee ballots:

“…Voters can vote by absentee ballot (by mail) when they (a) are absent from their residence on the election day because of business, (b) unable to attend in person because of illness or disability, (c) unable to attend because of the observance of a religious holiday or (d) unable to vote because of election day duties.”

In fact, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has upheld this clear letter of the supreme law of the state in a 1923 attempt to create strikingly similar no excuse mail-in balloting. McLinko is expected to prevail in Commonwealth Court; arguments have ended and the judges’ decision is expected any day.

That’s why the forces who corruptly drove President Donald Trump out of office are lining up for open warfare. Obama’s Solicitor General Seth Waxman, arguably the Democrat’s top constitutional attorney, raced to Harrisburg at the last minute to assure the Democrat National Committee joined the suit and now has the standing to appeal.

This is key because the present-day Pennsylvania Supreme Court is stacked and blue. They are expected to overrule the lower court. And, it’s unlikely the US Supreme Court would even take up the case – but Waxman will be at the bar in Harrisburg and Washington to assure it.

But, just in case, the national cabal that funded systemic efforts to defeat President Trump in 2020 has brought in a ringer. On Monday, Democrat Governor Tom Wolf announced Leigh Chapman will be appointed Acting Secretary of State on January 8, 2022. She will be the state’s senior officer supervising all elections. This is another tell.

Today Chapman serves as executive director of Deliver My Vote, where she oversaw the Democrats’ national push to install no excuse mail-in ballots across the country as pandemic fear took hold. All kinds of corruption broke out: exploited ballot drop boxes, privately-funded illegal ballot harvesting, and other schemes made possible by Act 77-style legalization of mail-in ballots in many states. This defeated Donald Trump.

Chapman, a longtime partisan Democrat operative, worked as the Pennsylvania department’s policy director from 2015 to 2017 overseeing the implementation of electronic voter registration – another Democrat tactic to turn a purple state dark blue. The Deliver My Vote head will now step in to help the national Democrats defend Act 77 as the Commonwealth Court rejects the law.

And with Waxman and Chapman on the Leftist balustrade, the battle is joined.

But while national Democrats and their billionaire funders are lining up to fight like rabid dogs, the key to victory is the people of Pennsylvania, rock-solid patriots who have no tolerance for this kind of game. They hate Act 77. But, somehow, their elected legislators set the table for this disastrous feast.

If Act 77 is not eliminated, Pennsylvania Republicans will never win another statewide election and the people will be ruled by Democrat governors forever. Ballot fraud will soon ooze down to county and state officer races. And, of course, no Republican will win the presidential stakes there again, virtually assuring Democrat Presidents in perpetuity.

The Pennsylvania state legislature is not smarter than Ben Franklin. They must take immediate action which assures ballot security standards set forth in the state Constitution are preserved, protected and respected by the government, politicians and voters of the Commonwealth.

There are multiple ways to do that, and there are ways to just pretend it’s being done. Today the politicians are pretending. It is abundantly clear legislators will not do this on their own. The people of Pennsylvania must rise up now and demand affirmative action to kill Act 77.

The same Republicans who thought it was a brilliant idea to pass Act 77 and open the door to widespread vote fraud are not ready to admit they screwed up so badly. The same state Republicans who arguably cost President Trump the entire election aren’t ready to act to correct their egregious error. So they must be replaced.

The good and decent people of Pennsylvania, salt of the Earth Republicans in key state legislative districts from the Endless Mountains to the Philadelphia suburbs, from central Pennsylvania to the borders with all neighboring states must make it clear to their majority in Harrisburg: if you do not fix the problem you created for the United States of America, you will be primaried and defeated by an America First Republican who will.

My message to rank-and-file Pennsylvania Republicans is clear: Stand with Benjamin Franklin; demand your state legislator back this initiative.

Select candidates who will challenge them if they do not, and vote for these challengers in primaries to defeat the Keystone state Quislings who have pushed our entire nation to the precipice of disaster.

We are almost out of time. Act now.

-Roger Stone

In addition to that, Schumer is plotting to CHANGE the Senate rules to allow their Communist election fraud bill to pass without 60 votes - which would centralize elections under the cabal and legalize CHEATING - and no Republican would ever win again. Also, DNC attorney, Marc Elias, is trying to disqualify President Trump and several Republican House members from running again due to January 6th.

BTW - election fraud isn't only in the "swing states" - they just found 450,000 duplicate registrations in Texas. Imagine what Trump really won Texas by. They've been rigging our elections for two decades.

Remember what the REAL counts were in the swing states:








Both Twitter & Facebook suspended Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) - a Republican House member from Georgia - who has been attacked relentlessly by Lin Wood, Dan Crenshaw, Stew Peters, Wendy Rogers, David Clements & Joe Oltmann.

Then Trump came out in SUPPORT of MTG - and told people to LEAVE Twitter & Facebook NOW. Let's see what the haters do next...

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Twitter is a disgrace to democracy. They shouldn’t be allowed to do business in this Country. Marjorie Taylor Greene has a huge constituency of honest, patriotic, hard-working people. They don’t deserve what’s happened to them on places like low-life Twitter and Facebook. Everybody should drop off of Twitter and Facebook. They’re boring, have only a Radical Left point of view, and are hated by everyone. They are a disgrace to our Nation. Keep fighting, Marjorie!"

Marjorie Taylor Greene made a comment during her Sunday remarks at “AmericaFest,” a conference organized by Charlie Kirk's Turning Point USA. I bet this is the real reason that Twitter used to deplatform her. The fake news is accusing her of being a "racist" for these comments:

MTG: “When I walked in to the conference yesterday, I was like, what kind of people come here? So I’m walking around and seeing some good people, and I see white people, black people, brown people, yellow people. And then there’s talk of freedom and loving America and conservative principles, some crazy people in here were talking about how much they love this guy named Jesus. And I heard — someone I really like — I think I heard that a lot of people here like a guy named Donald J. Trump. And then I said, ‘Oh, oh, I know exactly what this is. The left calls this a white supremacist party.’”

CHARLIE KIRK - TPUSA: "Marjorie Taylor Greene is a Christian wife, mother, businesswoman and now Congresswoman representing Northwest Georgia. In just a few short months, MTG has changed Congress by forcing members to actually go on record and vote. Congresswoman Greene puts the people over the politicians every day in Congress by fighting for our America First values. That’s why she’s the biggest threat to the Democrats’ Communist agenda."

MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE: "I’ve told everyone what a horrible person Lin Wood is. Lin should go to jail for what he did to Kyle Rittenhouse. I also fully blame him for why Georgia lost our Senate seats. Lin Wood is from Georgia and we know him as a life long Democrat not a Republican. He grifted off of Trump & told people not to vote on Jan 5th saying their vote would be stolen."

MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE: "Stew Peters is a monster."

LIN WOOD: "I have been asked by many if I believe Steve Bannon is Deep State or a RINO-Republican. I do. I also believe Marjorie Taylor Greene is a RINO Republican or worse."

Do you think it’s a coincidence that TruthSocial is about to come out in the next month or two, before the 2022 election? What else is going to be revealed when we have a safe space to share information?

President Trump just asked us to leave Twitter & Facebook.

If you support Marjorie's haters - like Lin Wood & Stew Peters - or are still on Twitter or Facebook under censorship - may I suggest you leave the table.

BTW - Dr. Malone appeared on Joe Rogan's show (who is a liberal) - I'll review his interview tomorrow. The good news is that Malone brought Rogan over to Bannon's social media platform called GETTR - and Rogan now has over 8 MILLION followers on Bannon's conservative platform.

Now we are able to RED PILL Rogan's followers! The great migration to GETTR - and next month to TRUTH SOCIAL - is underway. Please make sure you have accounts on both platforms.

President Trump always says that the Never Trump RINOs are the worst saboteurs. He's right.

In order to grow the MAGA base, we need to attract Independents and moderate Democrats to the right side to make up for the RINO haters. Because Biden is so awful, many are finally ready to listen. Many are realizing they've been lied to by the DNC for years.

We need to Red Pill (educate and inform) as many in the middle and on the left as we can. The way to do that is to BRING THEM over to our new platforms and bring them home. Got it? We ALL can do that!

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