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Tierney's REAL News (1/14/22)

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "The Supreme Court has spoken, confirming what we all knew: Biden's disastrous mandates are unconstitutional. Biden promised to shut down the virus, not the economy but he has failed miserably on both—and mandates would have further destroyed the economy. We are proud of the Supreme Court for not backing down. No mandates!"

Isn't it great when SCOTUS agrees to hear a case, fast tracks it and actually reviews the evidence & arguments?

Now let's see them do that with the election. They don't need to decide who won. But they do need to take the case and hear the evidence and decide if the constitution and laws of the land were followed to determine the outcome!

The OSHA case is no different that the rigged election! OSHA has no authority to decide who should be vaccinated. Zuckerberg and unelected election commissioners have no right to circumvent the constitutional authority of the states either by changing election rules and rigging elections! Neither does a fake insurrection have the power to upend the electoral process.

So far SCOTUS has skirted their responsibility on the election due to standing. Let's see if we can change that...

Here's how a few other people reacted to the SCOTUS ruling:

GOVERNOR KRISTI NOEM: "Unvaccinated Americans are still Americans. I'm bringing legislation this session to protect the people's right to a medical and a religious exemption from COVID vaccines."

SENATOR RON JOHNSON: "To ensure that Big Pharma can profit from vaccines and patented drugs, safe generic drugs are being suppressed."

MTG: “Dr. Fauci is responsible for all of this. He created the gain-of-function. He gave it to China. They created the bioweapon, which is Covid-19, and it broke the world. But our government and anyone that goes along with this and doesn’t fire Fauci, investigate him, prosecute him and hold him accountable is failing the American people.

We can still compete and dominate in the world’s economy, but we MUST put our country and our people first. Right now, because of the Communist Democrats, China is dominating and Americans are losing. It’s time to declare the end of the Fauci-China bioweapon pandemic.

When Republicans take back the House, mass produce monoclonal antibodies for all, pass my Fire Fauci Act, end ALL vaccine mandates, stop panic induced mass Covid testing, and stop incentivizing people to stay home. We have a country to save!"

WENDY ROGERS: "Healthcare workers - you do not have to obey the SCOTUS. You must follow your conscience and God. That is it!

Fat is not the new fit. Fauci is not God. Biden is not the real president. J6 was not an insurrection. Voter ID is not voter suppression and the voting machines are not secure. We need to tell the truth around here if we are ever going to make it."

TONY TRIANO: "The Supreme Court ruled against mandating PRIVATE employees. However, it left the door open for them to sue on behalf of health care workers by filing a new lawsuit. Now, health care workers refile citing today's precedent."

DR. PIERRE KORY: "The system is broken. The system is structured in a way that only patented drugs get accessed and approved, whereas those highly effective and widely available generic drugs beneficial to early treatment of COVID, such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, are ignored and suppressed. The system needs to be fixed to save American people."

MTG: "My question is how many people died because doctors and scientists refused to treat people with Ivermectin and other therapeutics? I would like to inquire in the covid death rates of these medical doctors versus covid death rates of brave doctors who prescribe Ivermectin for their patients. Then we will decide whose medical opinion matters more."

ANONYMOUS NURSE: "To those saying "but the healthcare workers": I left the nursing field in Feb 2019. I'd been an RN since 2008. I'd worked many jobs in 5 states, multiple departments. I couldn't find a single one that I could work where I didn't eventually meet with corruption so deep and/or NPC's that were causing harm. I've fought up to the VP in a major hospital and won, and still not seen the change needed to practice with a clear conscience. I felt like a failure until the Covid drama started and I realized God had literally spared me from being a part of the crimes against humanity on ANY level. Big Medicine needs to be taken down. If it's through the vax mandate, so be it. Time to stand up, healthcare workers. If there is a void of care, we will fill. We're waiting. Sincerely, an RN who'd love to work again."

BTW - I had a good friend who was a nurse and she admitted several years ago that nurses and doctors both over prescribed & promoted drugs like OxyContin because it's easier just to go along - than do the right thing. They knew that they were creating addicts and they did NOTHING. They did as they were told and damn the ethics. They were afraid of losing their jobs. That's just one drug. Now think about all the rest that are over prescribed, withheld or wrongly prescribed.

My doctor tried to push statins on me and gabapentin. I didn't need them. I proved I didn't need them. They're driven by kickbacks & quotas & profit. Take charge of your own healthcare decisions - doctors & nurses are NOT always right and they are NOT God!

Vice is a joke!

The UK government is expected to end the use of Covid-19 vaccination passes by the end of January. That didn't last very long! We the People say NO. Also, WHO and EU regulators warned that frequent Covid-19 booster shots could adversely affect the immune response and may not be feasible. They can't justify boosting people every 2-4 months forever!

Mandates and lockdowns and passports are being overturned all over. Do your part! Speak up. Stand up. Do not comply!

But Pfizer wants LOTS and LOTS of shots!

Looks like Biden won't get his wish to legalize cheating in American elections. He's not happy and yelling again. Watch this clip. This tells me that Biden isn't as demented as he pretends. He's just evil. He needs to flip the script and claim that Republicans are rigging the vote by skirting the state legislatures... because he knows he's about to be caught.

“I don’t know whether we can get this done...We missed this time and the state legislative bodies continue to change the law, not as to who can vote, but who gets to count the vote, count the vote, count the vote!"


Here's what True the Vote Founder Catherine Englebrecht had to say about her massive ballot trafficking investigation:

“It appears to be criminal. Despite the serious nature of the allegations and the thoroughness of the evidence (surveillance footage, GPS data, and a whistleblower) - the federal authorities, Governor Kemp, and the GBI all declined to follow-up."

“It’s ballot trafficking and voter abuse and it preys upon the most vulnerable in our communities… it’s an organized effort to target… certain voter groups to take their ballot on exchange for some remuneration. It's been going on for years.”

“What we saw in 2020, though, was catalyzed. It was the magnum opus of ballot trafficking because we had this massive influx of money, we had mass mail-out of the paper ballots, and of course our rolls are corrupted 6 ways from Sunday.”

"We have collected evidence of organized ballot trafficking operations in 6 states: Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Texas. We are in a better spot than now than we have been since I’ve been a part of this movement [2009]. It’s difficult but I think the tide’s about to turn.”

The Pennsylvania Senate President revealed that they have video proof of guys stuffing ballot boxes in Pennsylvania in broad daylight.

Did you know that in 2021, 19 states passed 34 election integrity laws and that more than 440 election integrity bills were introduced in 49 states? To top it off, at least 88 bills in nine states will carry over into the 2022 legislative sessions. So, no, it's not true that there's nothing going on at the state level to fix election fraud. What is your state doing besides talking? Find out - and help them!

BANNON: "We are winning on every front, but we can’t take time out for a victory lap. We have to press on. There are more and more fights."

There IS progress in Pennsylvania. Keep going!!

Survey results for January: 70% now doubt that Biden was elected fairly.

Many suspect that Ray Epps and Stewart Rhodes of the Oath Keepers along with John Sullivan of BLM-ANTIFA worked closely with the FBI to set up Trump and the Patriots on January 6th. They are either Feds or paid informants. There's tons of video showing them opening doors, inciting violence & leading the crowd.

Epps, Rhodes & Sullivan were subpoenaed by the attorney of an IMPRISONED Oath Keeper - to find out why Epps, Rhodes & Sullivan are NOT in jail and his client is.

Yesterday, the FBI suddenly arrested several Oath Keepers - including Stewart Rhodes. Hmm. Timing is suspect.

Rhodes, a former US Army paratrooper who went on to attend Yale, has been charged with seditious conspiracy along with 10 others. Most believe the FBI was forced to do this after the subpoena & pending discovery - now they need to go after their own to CYA - and will fortunately exonerate Trump while doing so. The FBI is still hiding 14,000 hours of video from that day!

Rhodes’ arrest calls into question why Ray Epps has not yet been charged, a marine veteran who was seen on multiple videos urging the crowd to enter the Capitol Building while he was accused of being a “fed.”

Nowhere in Rhodes' indictment is there ANY evidence presented that supports the false claims that Rhodes, Epps & the Oath Keepers or anyone else - were under the command of, inspired by or working in coordination with President Trump or anyone associated with President Trump.

EPPS WROTE: "All I see Trump doing is complaining. I see no intent by him to do anything. So the Patriots are going to take it in their own hands. They've had enough."

So, the Rhodes indictment has basically exonerated Trump for January 6th. Now, let's indict Chris Wray for organizing the insurrection and LYING about it!

Lindsey Graham is finally backing Trump over McConnell. Does Lindsey want the Senate leadership job? NO WAY should he be in charge of the Senate. Also, it looks to me like McCarthy is finally growing a pair in the House - he fears losing his Speaker position to Trump. Good.

BANNON: "BBB is dead. The Federal Steal of the Election Apparatus is dead. The Illegitimate Biden Regime is close to dead — Only McConnell can save it by allowing more stimulus. They’ve been so jacking up the system with cash, that to have this humiliating miss (on the jobs report) shows you the deep problem we have in the economy."

After the SCOTUS ruling against Biden's vaccine mandate, a desperate Biden told social media sites to censor Americans more and told companies to ignore the Supreme Court and force vaccinate or fire as many people as they can.

That's illegal and unconstitutional according to Lara Logan.

This is Union Pacific Railroad in Los Angeles. It looks like a 3rd world country - filled with garbage, cardboard and stolen Christmas gifts. If you didn't get your package this Christmas, now you know why. Thieves are breaking into and looting containers and trains ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. There aren't enough police or security to stop them. Organized theft & looting on behalf of George Floyd. You can thank Keith Ellison & BLM-ANTIFA.

Jane Addams Elementary School in Moline, Illinois has come under fire after allowing the Satanic Temple to host after-school games for children from grade one to five.

"Hey Kids, let's have fun at After School Satan Club!" Parents, stand up!

USA Today is defending pedophiles. Not kidding. Cancel your subscription.

Desperate to justify 24/7 face masks, the Daily Mail says they make you more attractive! GARBAGE....they make you sick!

Right after Biden tweeted about his election cheating law - Sinema & Manchin came out and said they won't vote to end the filibuster to pass it.

In a new statement, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) joins Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and vows that he will not “vote to eliminate or weaken the filibuster,” in the latest blow to Biden’s hope of changing the rules to pass his federal election takeover.

This is great - but I do not trust Manchin. He always backs down.

This is a picture of the illegal aliens that Democrats want to vote in US elections. Remember, every time an ILLEGAL votes - they cancel YOUR vote. ONLY citizens should be allowed to vote in America - per the Constitution.

It was a bad day for the Communists & Biden. That means they are desperate. Time for war, new viruses and more false flags. Prepare accordingly.

During the 70s and 80s the Soviets had an aggressive biological warfare program that was aimed at basically wiping out most if not all of the American population. They even weaponized smallpox after it was eradicated through vaccination.

The Communist Chinese are even more ruthless than the Soviets ever were - and the Soviet program is the model for the Chinese program. I can guarantee you that the Chinese probably have weaponized smallpox or worse - having purchased it from the Russians and they probably weaponized everything from Ebola to Marburg. The GREAT RESET crowd and the banksters will order them to use whatever it takes to "control" the people and "control" the next election. You can count on it.

The Gates Foundation’s GAVI Vaccine Alliance predicted last April that the Marburg virus could be the next pandemic.

They even wrote a book about it in 1982. They always tell us what they have planned:

“In August 1967, a cluster of patients in Marburg and Frankfurt, in Germany, and in Belgrade (then Yugoslavia, now Serbia), began showing symptoms of an infectious disease – a high fever, chills, muscle ache, and vomiting. The patients worsened over the next few days, until they began bleeding from every orifice in their body, including needle puncture wounds.

Three months after this outbreak, virologists in Marburg had discovered the first filovirus, a cousin of the equally-deadly Ebola virus. The virus had been carried by infected African green monkeys from Uganda. After this first sighting, the virus was then mostly seen in African countries, in bat-infested caves or mines.”

Something is going on in Communist China and the only thing people will say is that nobody knows what's going on and Xi is evil. Dr. Zelenko sees a Marburg release and even posted this:

-Not Corona variant

-Marburg is not spread through air

-Spread through direct contact

->30% mortality rate

-Stockpiled by Russia as bio-weapon

-No known treatment

-Marburg virus is a ssRNA virus

-Marburg uses RDRP to replicate

Don't forget. President Trump is holding a rally in Arizona tomorrow night. Mike Lindell will be a guest speaker. Please tune in!

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