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Just what I needed to hear!

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Sunday! I'm going to do something a little different this morning and share a personal story. I'll send out a news update later today.

As many of you know, I was born with progressive nerve deafness - my mother was totally deaf in the normal speech range. The doctors think she was born deaf due to the fact that her mother was exposed to German measles while she was pregnant with my mom. Back before the vaccine was invented for measles, many children were born deaf and deaf schools were common.

My mother learned to read lips as a young girl (back then they taught lip reading and body language in deaf schools - not just sign language) and my mother told me two things I never forgot: "Most people don't say anything worth hearing and you don't need to know how to sign because most people can't sign. Who would I talk to? Only deaf people? I need to live and work in a hearing world."

She also told me that being deaf can be a blessing - we don't hear all those annoying high-pitched sounds that bother others - and deafness allows our brains to totally FOCUS in on the task at hand - and heightens our other senses - without being distracted. She told me that we'll hear what we are SUPPOSED to hear.

My mother was right. Only 1% of Americans know how to sign - so if you want to live in a hearing world and communicate with 100% of the world - sign language won't help. My mother wrote letters at work instead of using the telephone and was one of the most productive people in the office!

My hearing has gotten progressively worse over the years - they told me I would be totally deaf by the age of 40 - and gave me hearing aids when I was 17. They didn't help. My deafness is called "consonant" deafness - meaning I can hear sounds but I can't understand what people are saying. The words CAT, BAT, HAT, SAT, MAT all sound the same to me so I need to spend an extraordinary amount of time and energy DECIPHERING what you are saying. Most hearing people don't get that. Even more importantly, most elderly people will succumb to this kind of hearing loss as they age. The silent disability that nobody really understands.

Lip reading, close captioning, microphones, speakers & transcripts DO help the 99% of hearing impaired people decipher speech - who don't know how to sign. I also learned, for my kind of deafness, that hearing aids hurt more than help. They actually make me go deafer faster because they focus loud noise in my ear canal and traumatize & kill the very hearing cells I need to use to hear! Our hearing cells are like antenna - and once they die - they don't come back! That's another article for another time but it's a major reason I don't wear hearing aids 24/7.

OK - so what's my point? Well, every night I go to bed and ask God to instruct me on what to do and say the next day - and every weekend I go looking for a sermon to inspire me with God's word.

I start with my favorite Pastors. If I can't hear their sermons well - or if they're not closed captioned - I become despondent. I ask for help - and if they don't help me - I feel "persecuted." That has happened to me often lately, particularly trying to understand people who mumble at me behind their masks. So, out of frustration, I ventured out to a new church in a new town near where I'm staying.

What happened? They forced the congregation to wear masks for the entire sermon & NOT sing. I refused to enter and wrote a letter to the church expressing my disgust. Then I went to visit a friend in another town who took me to a wonderful church where nobody wore masks, the Pastor spoke loud & used a great microphone, delivered a great message and everybody sang & chanted! I felt at home. The problem is, that church is 300 miles away now. So now what should I do?

Well, today, instead of having a pity party & feeling sorry for myself because I can't hear the sermons online at my favorite churches, I decided to go online and search for messages that I COULD hear - because they were loud and close captioned! What did I find? Just what I needed to hear!

I spent the next 30 minutes listening to two powerful Pastors express God's word in ways I needed to hear. The first was directed at those of us who are "afraid" and love to use excuses to stay home and say "What's the point of trying?" Listen to Pastor Jentezen's powerful message called CHASE THE ROAR here: https://jentezenfranklin.org/podcast/chase-the-roar or here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wnv09RwCcMk&feature=youtu.be

The second thing I found was Pastor Jeffress on a Fox News clip talking about what the Republican party needed to do going forward in the era of Biden. It was good to hear him describe himself as a person who "identifies as a Christian but primarily votes Republican and supports the pro-faith agenda of President Trump." Many Christians try to separate politics from religion - but given the fact that the American left has been hijacked by the atheist Communists - it's really not an option, in my mind, to separate the two. Listen to his words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6k3tiCtTUk

When I submitted to God's will - instead of MY will - I heard JUST WHAT I NEEDED TO HEAR! Amen!

UPDATE: Senate votes to acquit President Trump. 7 Republicans voted with Democrats: Romney, Collins, Murkowski, Burr, Toomey, Sasse & Cassidy. Here's President Trump's statement to the American people:

BREAKING: The Michigan Senate majority leader was caught on tape in a conversation on February 3rd saying that the Capitol riots were staged by the Deep State and rioters were bussed in by Trump's enemies. He said McConnell was part of it and he WANTED the riots to give Congress an excuse to bypass election fraud evidence and quickly certify the vote so that the House could impeach Trump & PREVENT him from ever running for office again. He said everybody knows that it was a frame job. We already suspected this but now we have proof. In my opinion, all the people who staged the Capitol riots are accessories to murder. Just like the people who staged Charlottesville.

After Trump's acquittal, McConnell went on the Senate floor and blamed Trump as the SINGLE PERSON who caused the riots! McConnell must be scared to death of what's coming!

Rumors are that Trump will begin his comeback after the Senate acquittal. Good, it's too quiet & the RINOs are letting Biden destroy our country!

UPDATE: House managers fold and don't want to call witnesses after Trump's team threatens to subpoena Pelosi & others. Closing arguments commence.

As you all know, the UNCONSTITUTIONAL Senate impeachment trial started this week. Trump's legal team started out weak & ended strong. Democrats took 16 hours to present their case. Team Trump took 3 hours.

There apparently was much drama behind the scenes about what to present - but in the end Trump's lawyers did a great job and were able to CORRECT the record on many things - about how the Democrats routinely incite violence & help rioters - how Trump is the law & order President and Democrats are big on criminals - and how the Democrats & the fake news routinely edit & distort Trump's words to mislead the public. Even the "fine people" hoax from Charlottesville was finally cleared up and they were able to play ALL of Trump's words for all the world to see - which clearly vindicated him.

After it came out that Trump's team won the impeachment trial and McConnell was going to vote to acquit, Democrats said this morning that they want to subpoena one witness and not allow Trump's lawyers to subpoena any witnesses.

House impeachment manager Raskin wanted to subpoena Republican Rep. Herrera Beutler to testify on her knowledge of a conversation between Trump and McCarthy during the Capitol riot - which was leaked yesterday - see below. All the parties are disputing the substance of the call - so nobody knows what was really said.

The Democrats are now opening the door to Donald Trump fighting back and calling witnesses. That tends not to work out so well for Democrats.

If we're going to have witnesses, let's go for it, let's call hundreds. Let's call the FBI, the CIA, the Capitol Police, the DoD, the Department of Justice, Schumer, Pelosi, Bowser, McConnell and all the people that told the police & the National Guard to stand down. Let's call the Capitol Police who opened the gates and welcomed people in. Let's call John Sullivan of ANTIFA who organized and filmed the riots. Let's call Rudy Giuliani and have him make the case for election fraud and let's call former DNI Ratcliffe and have him prove that Communist China interfered in the election.

Let's call Durham and Barr and ask them to update us on the investigation into the coup plotters who helped steal the election. Let's call the FCC, Twitter, and Facebook, and ask them why they wouldn't allow President Trump to defend himself after their phony accusations of incitement. Let's call the author of The Time magazine article and ask them to tell us about all the coup plotters who bragged to reporters that they stole the election for Biden.

Democrats brought up all of these issues and said they were the BIG LIES that caused Trump supporters to be incited to violence. First, let's show these are not lies, the election was stolen & we have proof, and second let's show that it wasn't Trump supporters who were the violent rioters. It was people pretending to be Trump supporters to frame us all as "domestic terrorists."

Senate voted to proceed with witnesses and it passed 55-45. A Senator just asked what they just voted on and "President" Leahy, who resided over the trial because Chief Justice Roberts refused to, says debate isn't allowed! Graham changed his vote to support witnesses. 5 Republicans voted yes on witnesses: Collins, Romney, Sasse, Graham & Collins.

Republican Senator Jerry Moran, who voted against calling witnesses, speculated that the impeachment trial could go on "maybe months” now. Trump’s defense team says they have 301 witnesses "so far" that they want to call.

Sounds like when McCarthy called Trump at 2:30pm on the day of the riots and told him the Capitol was breached, and Pence was being escorted out, Trump correctly said that ANTIFA was behind it. We KNOW that is true because John Sullivan of ANTIFA filmed it and was the first arrested for organizing it on Twitter & Facebook!

McCarthy denied it was ANTIFA and asked Trump to tell HIS supporters to stand down! So Trump knew they were trying to frame him from the beginning. Including McCarthy, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, Pence etal! Remember how Trump moved his speech back several hours to protect Trump supporters at the rally because ANTIFA was planning the assault at the Capitol, a mile away, at 11am? Now you know why.

RINO McConnell refused to come out and say Trump was innocent of incitement but says he will vote to acquit because the Senate has no jurisdiction over a private citizen.

Graham, on the other hand, wants witnesses. Trump's legal team said if Democrats plan to subpoena witnesses, they will subpoena D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and Nancy Pelosi said they will need to depose 100 people. What did they know and when did they know it? Good.

Democrats rushed to impeach Trump without calling any witnesses at all.

GRAHAM: It is my firm belief that the House Managers are trying to investigate the case AFTER it was brought to the Senate. It is better for the country to go to a final vote. However, if the body wants witnesses, I am going to insist we have multiple witnesses. We can start with Speaker Pelosi to answer the question as to whether or not there was credible evidence of pre-planned violence before President Trump spoke? Whether Speaker Pelosi, due to optics, refused requests by the Capitol Hill Police for additional resources like the National Guard? Her testimony is incredibly relevant to the incitement charge.

After voting 55-45 to call witnesses, the Senate adjourned until 12:30pm ET to decide what to do. They voted to NOT call witnesses after all. Closing arguments to commence.

First WHO said the VIRUS didn't come from a lab. Then they said maybe it did come from a lab but aren't willing to allow anyone to examine the evidence from the actual infected parties! We are just supposed to take the word of our enemies in the Communist Party! Communist China refused to provide WHO investigators raw details on 174 early cases of COVID that allegedly happened before December 2019 in Wuhan. Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing! After first giving them a pass, when WHO said the virus was NOT made in a lab but refused to turn over data to prove that, Biden's now being forced to hold WHO & Communist China accountable for the VIRUS. Let's see what he does.

Not only did Bank of America turn over the private banking details of non-violent & innocent Trump supporters who attended Trump's rally in DC, Facebook helped law enforcement identify Trump supporters who posted photos and videos of the riots on their pages! If you're a law-abiding conservative, I would strongly recommend you shut down your Facebook account & Instagram accounts and make sure your BANK protects your privacy.

Nikki Haley - who hopes to run in 2024 with Tim Scott or Mike Pence - turned on Trump again. She flip flops constantly for political gain. No conviction. She must NEVER be President.

“He went down a path he shouldn’t have, and we shouldn’t have followed him, and we shouldn’t have listened to him. And we can’t let that ever happen again.”

Nikki Haley has declared her allegiance with the Liz Cheney wing of the GOP at the height of the impeachment trial. Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott are both helping Nikki Haley make the rounds and meet high-dollar donors. Donors aren't impressed.

The total NUMBER of US deaths has NOT increased during COVID and flu deaths have disappeared. How can that happen? On average, the US has nearly 700,000 unexplained deaths each year that the health authorities can CODE to COVID and nobody will question a thing. More proof they are using deaths from OTHER causes and coding them to COVID to keep the panic alive.

During a pandemic, while Americans still suffer from loss of jobs, businesses and benefits, Biden is opening the borders to allow 25,000 asylum seekers with active court cases into the United States while their cases are processed. History proves they will NOT show up for trial and will never be seen again. President Trump demanded they REMAIN in Mexico while their cases were pending. None of these people are required to take COVID tests or vaccinate before Biden releases them into the US. See how that works? They matter. YOU don't. Democrats will do anything for votes. I'll let you into America, and let you take American jobs & American benefits, if you promise to vote for Democrats!

In a speech to the National Institute of Health, Biden said that American citizens could be required to wear masks “through the next year.” Then the CDC was forced to recommend "double masking" after Biden pushed them. See where this is going? If masks work SO WELL, why don't they work? We've gone from 15 days to slow the spread and NO masks, to everyone must be vaccinated, wear two masks, carry papers & take an ANAL swab before traveling! Communist CONTROL.

RON DESANTIS: "The recent report that the Biden administration is considering restricting the travel of Floridians is completely absurd, especially when Biden allows illegal aliens to pour across our southern border. We won’t allow Floridians to be unfairly targeted for political purposes."

After Biden threatened to shut down travel to and from Florida based on a threat of a new "mutant" virus, apparently DeSantis held a call with Biden & Fauci. I don't know if this is true, but I hope it is!

Governor DeSantis told Dr. Fauci he trusted his own state health authorities over him.

“How much do you stand to earn from these vaccines, Dr. Fauci? And, Joe, if you continue with this course of action, I will authorize the state National Guard to protect the movement of Floridians,” DeSantis said.

“Address me as Mr. President or President Biden,” Biden said.

“I will not, and you can go fuck yourself,” DeSantis said before hanging up.

In 2017, the Democrats spent a lot of time trying to figure out a way they could OVERTURN the election based on FRAUD if they could convince the world that Trump colluded with Russia. They could not. IMHO, that was the real reason behind their "Russia collusion" strategy.

We're pretty sure that Biden colluded with Communist China to steal the election in 2020 and the Democrats just ADMITTED they circumvented the Constitution to take away our votes. We have LOTS of evidence pointing that way. Yet, they don't want us to talk about foreign election interference in 2020 and its impact on the Constitutional veracity of our elections. We're just supposed to pretend it never happened and, even worse, let it happen again in 2022 & 2024!

Bottom line? Nobody knows if it's possible to address a flawed election AFTER the fact because it's not clear in the Constitution. That means it probably is possible but nobody wants to try. There are several election fraud cases still pending before the Supreme Court. Stop telling me it's over. All things are possible with God.

Oxford researchers are testing AstraZeneca's COVID vaccine on children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 17. The first tests are to begin this month. Up to 240 "volunteers" will receive the vaccine, while the rest will receive a placebo. Remember, they said children didn't need to be vaccinated because the virus poses virtually no risk to children. What changed?

IMHO, this is in preparation to mandate annual "shots" and "updates" for EVERY human being on the planet from birth to death. Now ask yourself what they intend to put in those "shots" in the future. My belief is it will be used to download a nano-operating system used to control every cell in our body - mRNA code that will turn us on and off if we do not obey. This isn't a conspiracy. It's well documented. Harvard scientists, Gates, Epstein, Fauci, WHO & the New World Order have been working on this technology for decades.

mRNA is like computer code that tells your cells what to do. What we need to worry about is who WRITES the code & what that code is telling our cells to do now OR later. Also, it is possible to have an auto-immune response to mRNA vaccines (because they make a spike protein on our cells which could be attacked and which may not show up until later if the spikes don't degrade) or it is possible to have an over reactive response to the actual VIRUS after being vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine - as seen in animal trials.

There are lots of wonderful applications for mRNA technology (replacing human stem cells & used for cancer treatments) but there are also unknowns and numerous ways to use it for nefarious purposes. It's still considered experimental.

SCIENCE now says they can't trace back human origins to a single point in time. Wait, I thought "science" had it all figured it out. You know, the Big Bang? That's what they told me in school. That they had it all figured out! Not so much!

Did you know that the world-renowned physicists at CERN Laboratories said a couple years ago that SCIENCE can't figure out how the universe started and it must be due to a creator. Not kidding. That's what they said. Yet, the secularists continue to play God when they can't even figure out how the universe started!

The Newsom recall has over the needed 1.5 million signatures to force a recall election of California's Governor this year. The group wants to collect 2 million signatures before the March 17 deadline. If you live in California and can sign the petition, please do so. They need two million signatures, over the limit, to make sure they have enough in case some people aren't legitimate. Grenell, the openly gay conservative Trump supporter & former DNI Director, still plans to run.

For more current news: https://www.tierneyrealnewsnetwork.com/post/tierney-s-real-news-02-07-21

On a lighter note, please watch this short clip on "Why I wear my mask." And this clip on how to enjoy a Communist Christmas in America. Send these to your brainwashed friends & family!

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