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Tierney's REAL News (02/07/21)

Lou Dobbs was fired by Fox Business even though he has the highest rated show on the air. Why? Well, Dominion & Smartmatic sued Fox and several anchors & I think Dobbs intended to air clips from Mike Lindell's new documentary last night proving how the machines helped steal the election. So they fired him before he could. Here's how Trump & Lou responded to the news:

Biden told CBS News he doesn't think Trump should receive intelligence briefings "because of his erratic behavior unrelated to the insurrection. What value is giving him an intelligence briefing? What impact does he have at all, other than he might slip and say something?"

“We didn’t talk about Larry Summers,” Pelosi said after she was asked what she thinks about Summers' criticism that Biden’s COVID proposal could be too big.

Gas prices in my area are already up 70 cents a gallon since Biden took office. Critics are worried about hyperinflation - which is the beginning of the end - and marks the road to Communism. Look at Venezuela - where money is worthless. Once it starts - it can take off fast.

According to Rasmussen polling, Biden's approval rating among independents & men is around 40% & dropping fast. I guess they don't like the fact that Biden wants boys to shower with girls, wants the military to pay for sex change operations, wants to fund abortion up to the day of delivery in every country around the world, wants the military reprogrammed to be America LAST, wants to kill millions of energy jobs in America and force high paid workers to move to China to make solar panels while letting illegal aliens & criminal detainees flood our country, with NO testing, take our jobs, take our benefits, get FREE everything & vote in our elections.

Time Magazine wrote an article admitting that the fake news, Koch Libertarians, Big Business & election officials conspired with the RINOs and Communists to steal the election for Biden. But they call it a good thing - they "fortified" the election.

Nevada is pushing a plan to let multi-national corporations create Governments and tax residents. Corporate slavery. That's what the TPP was all about. We eliminate countries and borders and laws and become citizens of Corporations. They tell us whether we can live or die, decide what's legal and illegal and what's right and wrong, where we can work, who we can marry, where we can live, who we can worship and what we can say and think. We have no recourse in court, we have no due process, and the only arbiter of our future is the corporate oversight committee. Sound familiar? I think Facebook is already doing this. So is Twitter. People fear Sharia law. That's bad. This is much much worse.

Democrats say THEY are going to fix Section 230. Sounds like a plot to use it to target conservatives as "domestic terrorists" even more! Senators Mark Warner, Mazie Hirono & Amy Klobuchar have announced the Safe Tech Act to "reform Section 230 and allow social media companies to be held accountable for enabling cyber-stalking, targeted harassment, and discrimination on their platforms. This bill doesn't interfere with free speech - it’s about allowing these platforms to finally be held accountable for harmful, often criminal behavior enabled by their platforms."

Democrat Governors have imported BILLIONS of dollars of masks from Communist China. They make a fortune off selling us masks. MIT tested Chinese made N95 masks and found that only **one third** performed as expected. Ask yourself - what does Communist China put on those masks?

A female co-founder of the Never Trump Lincoln project resigned after it was outed that the founder, John Weaver, who used to work for McCain & Kasich, is a gay pedophile. Actually, she resigned after the Lincoln Project refused to pay her a $250,000 bonus & give her a raise. Money talks. The outrage is FAKE.

Newsmax is reporting that Trump opened an official account on GAB and already has 1 million followers. Must be, because GAB has slowed to a crawl & I can't open my account. Let's hope they can scale it fast enough! I like the format of GAB a lot but it's been ridden with problems since they took on millions of new users. We shall see!

It looks like Gavin Newsom, Democrat Governor of California, will be recalled. They already have 1.4 MILLION signatures and need 1.5. Some are encouraging the openly-gay conservative Trump supporter, and former Acting DNI Director, Rick Grenell, to run. Narcissistic opportunist Mike Cernovich is threatening to run on his latest "I hate Trump just like you" platform. What an asshat.

BOBBY PITON: The only True Way for US to find our Way Back as a Nation is to take back control of the Education of our Youth. There are about 50 million children in grades K-12 in the United States. We need to get involved on the grassroots level and get elected to school boards, make all of the finances and curriculums public and easily accessible for us to compare notes and then vote the Communists out.


1. When we take action.

Not unlawful use of force but lawful actions that show we will not tolerate the enemy stealing our country and threatening the future of our families and friends. Speak out and do not fear speaking TRUTH. If you see someone being persecuted for speaking truth, speak out yourself. If necessary, boycott the offender. Flood the offender with phone calls and emails. Stand up for your fellow citizens. Hit the offender in the pocketbook even if it means you cannot shop at what used to be your favorite store. Turn off the TV. Get off Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and turn off Fox and Newsmax. Stop wearing that silly mask. It only makes you sick and hides your beautiful face from others. Share your smile even in dark times. It makes those around you feel better!

2. When we stop sitting around, complaining, and waiting for someone else to act to save our freedom.

Get involved in the political process. We have to fix November 3, 2020 and part of that fix means to demand a return to honest elections and demanding honesty from elected officials. If they are dishonest, recall them. They hate recall movements.

When 100 million Patriots are focused on taking lawful steps to maintain their freedom, their freedom will be maintained. Freedom is enjoyed by ALL of us. We ALL have a dog in the fight. We ALL must join the fight and do our parts. There is power in numbers. We have the numbers. We The People have the power.

3. When we stop trusting a mere mortal person to solve the problem (yes, I love Trump but he like me and you is a mere mortal) and get on our knees and start asking God to save us, trusting that He will. Walk by faith and not by sight.

Only God can save us. Read your Bibles more. Share your faith with your family and friends, especially those who live in fear of the present and the future. Show them that your faith in God makes you fearless. Fearlessness is contagious. And it scares the enemy to death.


I don’t mean to sound like I am chastising you. But maybe I am a little. I want you to think for yourself. Are you doing your best to fight for freedom? Support your fellow Patriots in any way you can. Be a God-Fearing Patriot! And always demand that every lie be revealed and that justice be achieved. Pray for both. I love My Followers. God loves you too and He will bless you and your efforts for Him. Rest well and resume the battle tomorrow.

UPDATE: Mike's documentary on election fraud has been removed on YouTube & Vimeo but you should be able to find it on OANN and on Rumble at https://rumble.com/vdlebn-mike-lindell-absolute-proof-exposing-election-fraud-and-the-theft-of-americ.html

Mike Lindell developed a Documentary on election fraud, with the support of President Trump, that dropped TODAY. "If you knew what I know you would be so confident. Anyone who sees this documentary will see the election was stolen by foreign invaders. It'll be the most important documentary you ever watch in history."

It's called ABSOLUTE PROOF and it has been released on his website at michaeljlindell.com. Mike's documentary has been removed on YouTube & Vimeo but you should be able to find it on OANN and on Rumble at https://rumble.com/vdlebn-mike-lindell-absolute-proof-exposing-election-fraud-and-the-theft-of-americ.html

I'm watching it right now and it's very good. He's asking ALL of us to send it everywhere we can. If you want to jump to the REAL TIME hack by Communist China - check out the 1:30 mark.

Remember, Dominion's & Smartmatic's lawyers are doing everything they can to suppress the evidence along with filing intimidating lawsuits against everyone who dares to tell the truth! Even Time Magazine is doing damage control for the Deep State fraudsters! 27 states have machines hooked to the internet and they manipulate our votes nationwide and around the world!

A week ago, President Trump declared: "We're not finished yet." Since then we've learned that SCOTUS will hold a conference to consider taking THREE cases on election fraud - based on Constitutional grounds - Trump's Pennsylvania case as well as Lin Wood's Georgia case & Sidney Powell's Michigan case.

Lindell's argument is that once SCOTUS & the American people see all the evidence in the documentary, they will have no choice but to act. Before you tell me that NOTHING can happen and it's hopeless - remember that Myanmar's military stopped a fraudulent election, called a national emergency and plans to schedule a new one - all based on their Constitution. All things are possible under God. Pray!

For all those who are brainwashed & say there's no evidence of election fraud or foreign election interference, send them this link. All the evidence is right here: https://www.tierneyrealnewsnetwork.com/post/evidence-of-election-fraud-foreign-election-interference

Just today, there's new video showing illegal ballots being delivered in the middle of the in Detroit. They've refused to release this video for 3 months!

Democrats asked Trump to testify under oath at their fake impeachment trial and he refused - saying why would he testify at an unconstitutional & illegal trial? Then he resigned from the Hollywood union called AFTRA-SAG saying they do NOTHING for the workers. True!


"In recent months there has been a massive effort to infiltrate the "awakening" or "truth seeking" community with social media personalities who push absurd theories and click bait misinformation. Classic controlled opposition will offer you 95% truth with a subtle 5% of untruth and reel people in by telling elaborate stories and hooking people through emotion ("they make me feel good to listen to"). Many unsuspecting listeners who are new to "conspiracy theories" gobble up the word salad given by these story tellers and make it go viral.

The mainstream media and "alt. media" propagandists then use these personalities and their now viral misinformation to bash the whole movement of truth seekers. Psy-ops on psy-ops. It's interesting because you will still see the content of these so-called "pro-truth" social media personalities on the Big Tech platforms like YouTube and Facebook. They claim they get censored but it doesn't really look that way. [If they are so CONTROVERSIAL why is Big Media & Big Tech still allowing them to post their BS?]

They also often claim to have "inside contacts" and "secret, anonymous sources" yet never offer any evidence or proof of this. I can go down a laundry list of names who I would fit into this category of questionable personalities, but if I did I would inevitably receive comments calling me a "divider" or saying that I'm "tripping off my ego" by shills looking to protect them or from folks getting cognitive dissonance from my statements. I know you already have a few individuals in your mind from this reading this post, though. Never stop questioning - don't let yourself become gullible to those online looking to manipulate you. Discernment takes effort and time to hone, keep practicing it!"

The Bank of America is giving the FBI access to the bank records of Trump rally goers & they are visiting the homes of people who DID NOT even go to DC! We already live in a full-fledged POLICE STATE under Biden.

House Democrats voted to strip Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committee assignments based on statements she made BEFORE she was elected - effectively disenfranchising the people who voted for her and that she represents! Yet, Ilhan Omar, who married her own brother & has said despicable things about America, still sits on committees - so does Eric Swalwell who slept with Chinese spy! This is what the spineless RINOs in Congress have done to themselves!

Hunter Biden is getting a $2 MILLION advance on his memoir about his "drug addiction" - the purpose of which is to bury his laptop & make you feel sorry for him while ignoring the fact that his entire family is in bed with Communist China.

Wilbur Ross & Larry Kudlow, former Trump cabinet members, filed with the SEC to form a SPAC to raise $345 million. A SPAC is a "blank check" vehicle that raises money from investors to acquire a private company and bring them public. The SPAC craze exploded in 2020, with more than 248 blank check companies that raised $83 billion. Rumors are they're raising money to start a media company for Trump.

Meanwhile, Parler's CEO, John Matze, the guy who hired Amazon to host Parler's website, only to have Amazon remove it, was fired by Rebekah Mercer - a huge Trump donor. Sounds like they figured out Matze was a Communist PLANT. Like I suspected. Dan Bongino even admits that Matze was a snake & that Parler had LOTS of internal problems.

House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy defended Liz Cheney, the 3rd most powerful person in the House GOP, after she voted to impeach Trump. Why? Because Dick Cheney's daughter draws lots of money from pro-war Defense Contractors & big donors for the GOP. Then he held a PRIVATE vote in the House (so we can't know their names) and only 61 voted to remove her. Meaning there are nearly 150 House GOP members who are privately in the tank for pro-war and Big Money.

Meanwhile, only 10% of GOP voters in Wyoming intend to re-elect Cheney. Further proof the GOP doesn't care about its base - they care about money. Meanwhile, Matt Gaetz (a lawyer) offered to leave his House seat to defend Trump in his upcoming trial and House Democrats plan to hold a vote to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees because she defends Trump.

The UK can't figure out why the FLU suddenly disappeared after COVID arrived. Right. It's because they coded all the FLU cases to COVID. We now have the data to prove it. If my estimates are correct, roughly 24,000 have actually died FROM COVID in the United States in the past year - compared to an annual average of 30,000 who die from the FLU each year. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to realize we've been conned.

New research shows that seasonal heat & humidity determines how fast viruses spread - not masks or social distancing. Didn't President Trump say that in March 2020? Yes, he did. Also, the minute Trump left office, COVID infections dropped 44% in the US and 30% globally. WHO experts are baffled about the "phenomenon" and say vaccines cannot be the main driver. They think we're all that stupid. Now we can wait for them to announce the next "mutant strain" to keep the panic alive. The World Bank actually lists the "Covid-Pandemic" as a "project to be continued" until 2025!!

Biden's new Defense Director, Lloyd Austin, said he's going to force the military to weed out right-wing extremism, "white" supremacy and "nationalism." Nationalism is simply allegiance to one's country! Translation: If you're a conservative in the military you will be removed and labeled as a terrorist. Only Communists who put America LAST will be allowed. This is the same thing Mao, Stalin & Hitler did. Austin is a BIG WAR liberal & in the pocket of Defense Contractors.

It's not just the military. Biden is removing ALL Trump anti-war appointees from every committee in America under the guise of "national security" - a total purge. Some are fighting back with lawsuits. He's also removing Elon Musk from the space program as a favor to China, leaving our troops in harm's way, reversing Trump's deal with the Taliban so we could end the war in Afghanistan and upping America's refugee program to allow people to enter from terrorist countries during a pandemic!

As Biden kills American pipelines & American energy jobs during a "pandemic", he's approving foreign off-shore wind projects, putting kids back in cages as caravans full of illegal aliens storm the border & bringing back catch & release so that anyone who claims asylum is released in to the United States pending trial - to take American jobs, take American benefits & vote in American elections - never to return. Meanwhile, CBP caught 11 IRANIANS trying to cross into Arizona yesterday. America is LAST under Biden.

First AOC started engaging in some weird back and forth with Ted Cruz, then she declared she 'feared for her life' at the Capitol riots when she wasn't even there, then - when made fun of - she declared she was a victim of 'sexual abuse' to detract attention - now she is telling her followers to report anyone who makes fun of her on Twitter & Facebook so they can be removed. Paying attention yet? This is how the left works. They lie and lie and lie some more. Then try to cancel you if you figure out their lies.

I think Matt Gaetz should quit the House & defend Trump. Then DeSantis should give Gaetz's seat to Trump pending a special election. Gaetz should run against Rubio for the US Senate. Then when Rs win back the House & Senate in 2022, Trump can be Speaker of the House, Gaetz can run the Senate - they can impeach Biden/Harris and Trump can become President again in 2023. In the meantime, after SCOTUS sees Lindell's new documentary, they can nullify the election and call for a new one. The military can call for a national emergency, neuter Biden's power and seize all the voting machines & voting records and conduct a forensic audit of EVERY race in the US since 2018 to find out the truth and make sure this never happens again! All legal & constitutional and a way to save the Republic from the ATHEIST COMMUNIST NEW WORLD ORDER!

Men who think they are women now want taxpayers to pay for them to receive "uterine" transplants in addition to hormones, breast implants, castration & a vagina. Will they also want us to pay for the abortion of any child they try to "make" in their fake wombs? 90% of these people are completely INSANE and regret sexual reassignment surgery after it's done.

Mark Elias, the DNC lawyer who convinced all the election officials to bypass the Constitution and allow Democrats to rig the 2020 election, now says that the vote tabulating machines caused one of his Democrat candidate to lose. How can that be? I thought all the vote tabulation machines were perfect!

Steve Bannon said it's time for Christians to stand up and defend religious liberty. It's do or die time. It's no longer enough to sit on the sidelines, turn the other cheek and hope for the best. Atheists don't sleep. And they won't stop until they remove God from every facet of our country.

Rudy Giuliani told Steve Bannon that it was he who went from City to City making presentations on Election fraud, not anybody else. He said he had help but he was the one that did it. In other words, he is disputing Patrick Byrne's story that Byrne was somehow involved or in charge. Just like I thought.

Rudy said that big Pharma literally owns all of the Republicans in Congress and half the Democrats. That's why they hate Trump. He's trying to lower drug prices & replace prescription drugs with cheap, effective OTC drugs.

Now that it's coming out that China did use Microsoft's Solarwinds to hack into government election databases and Mike Lindell's documentary is coming out on Friday, CISA says well maybe there was some interference that we didn't catch.

CROWDER: It is clear the left is going to use this impeachment of Donald Trump as a foothold to get themselves in the door to remove your ability to exercise your First Amendment.

Remember we told you that teen climate change gal, Greta Thunberg, was just a puppet of the Communist New World Order? Well, now we have proof. Greta accidentally posted a document to Twitter containing tweets that she was told to post and actions she should take regarding the current protests in India. She quickly deleted the tweet. Now India has filed a "criminal conspiracy charge" against Greta!

After the most profitable quarter for Big Tech in history, Jeff Bezos suddenly decided to step down from Amazon as CEO. Lots of speculation as to why - no real evidence. We shall see.

While Biden and the fake news use the false flag Capitol riot to paint all Trump supporters as "domestic terrorists" - new audio tapes reveal the Oath Keepers came to defend the Capitol & the DC police from BLM-ANTIFA who planned to storm Congress.

Did you know that left-wing terrorists have stormed the Capitol 6 times in our history? In 1971, far-left extremist, Bill Ayers (founder of the Weather Underground) bombed the US Capitol causing $1,929,437 in damage. In 1983, 6 left-wing extremists bombed the US Capitol. Ringleader, Linda Sue Evans was sentenced to 35 years in prison but was pardoned by Bill Clinton. It's obvious that the Democrats are trying to replace a LONG HISTORY of left-wing anarchists attacking the US Capitol with the 1/6 false flag. Proving it's another Communist attempt to rewrite history & remove their involvement. Same thing they did with slavery - rewrite history to remove the fact the REPUBLICANS stopped Democrats from holding slaves - not the other way around.

Detainees & guards say Communist China's Xi subjects Uyghur women in his "re-education" camps to rape, sexual abuse, and then often forcibly removes their organs.

"Yes, the rape has become a culture. It is gang rape and the Chinese police not only rape them but also electrocute them. They are subject to horrific torture."

POMPEO: "Not only has the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) destroyed millions of American jobs, but they’re behind the gates. They’re lobbying members of Congress. They’re working our school boards and city councils to try and change our way of life. We, along with our allies, must take the China threat seriously."

Want more proof that it's NOT about the science? The new CDC Director said it's not necessary for teachers to be vaccinated before children return because transmission is LOW in schools. Biden's press secretary said NOT SO FAST. We haven't made that decision yet!

If Jeffrey Epstein owned blackmail on the world's most powerful people, don't you think he would set up a "Deadman's Switch" that would trigger upon his death as an insurance policy to keep himself alive? I would.

The latest BS on vaccines is that some "block transmission" of the virus better than others and some are better for people "who've already been infected" than others and some tackle "mutant versions" better than others. In other words, they're going to develop "special shots" for every kind of resistance. Just a few weeks ago, they said you can "mix and match" - now they say that might not work.

CDC is now considering whether they should mandate TWO masks! In the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, which was later determined to be SWINE FLU out of China, over 50 MILLION died worldwide while WEARING heavy masks of many layers. Masks were mandated for ALL people 24/7 unless sleeping or eating and you could be imprisoned or fined if you refused.

DID MASKS WORK TO STOP VIRAL TRANSMISSION? No. ALL THEY DID WAS CAUSE BACTERIAL PNEUMONIA and help to kill 50 MILLION people. Does Fauci know that? Yes, that's the reason why masks were NEVER mandated again in the past 100 years until now.

NIH: "The majority of deaths during the influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 were not caused by the influenza virus. Instead, most victims succumbed to bacterial pneumonia. The pneumonia was caused when bacteria that normally inhabit the mouth, nose and throat invaded the lungs."

Want to see what is growing under that mask you wear all day long, put down on dirty surfaces and then back on your face, and then suck back deep into your lungs, bronchial tubes & nasal passages? This is the bacteria you are breathing in.

Trump was ridiculed for claiming he could remove enough red tape and inject enough money to get a Covid-19 vaccine in less than a year. That lesson is being ignored as SOCIALIST leaders predict they'll have to keep their countries locked down for 7 more years!

Biden just made a deal with the airlines to install cameras so they can monitor every passenger to see if they're wearing their masks properly & signed an executive order to allow them to FINE any person not in compliance! Biden's Press Secretary said even if you've had the virus, or take the vaccination, you'll be expected to mask up and socially distance FOREVER! This is NOT about your health. This is TOTAL Communist control!

Biden's Press Secretary, red-headed Jen Psaki, is turning out to be woefully under qualified for her position. A vocal member of the RESISTANCE from the Obama White House, she doesn't appear to be well-informed on any topic, once tweeted that Trump supporters were the worst, mocked the US military & Space Force & even asked reporters to submit questions "in advance" so she could prepare. I call her ORANGE HAIR BAD.

Biden just pulled Elon Musk out of NASA's space program and is going to allow China & Russia to beat America to Mars. Meanwhile, Yellen, Biden's new Treasury Secretary, warned of “tough months ahead” for the U.S. economy due to the VIRUS. Huh? Things were improving under Trump!

In an effort to keep the popular conservative leader Salvini OUT of office, the Italian Government is bringing back the head of the European Central Bank to run Italy after the Socialist regime ran it into the ground! The Communist New World Order CENTRAL BANKERS will do ANYTHING TO KEEP populists (Presidents of the people) like Trump, LePen & Salvini OUT of office!

It's hysterical watching all the "conservative" pundits who made fun of Trump everyday, and whined about his tweets, to help usher in Biden, now realize what a great President that Trump really was and just how evil, devious and twisted the Communists behind Biden really are. Enjoy the shit show, guys and gals! You helped bring it on!

Ron DeSantis said he's going to take on Big Tech and Section 230 because Congress, the FCC & the courts won't. He's going to allow citizens & Florida residents to file civil lawsuits against Big Tech, if they are wrongfully banned or harassed, citing FTC bait & switch marketing practices and fine Big Tech $100,000 per day if they censor or remove any elected official or candidate. I recommended this two years ago. Good. Now let's every RED state adopt the same penalties!

On a lighter note, please watch this short clip on "Why I wear my mask." And this clip on how to enjoy a Communist Christmas in America. Send these to your brainwashed friends & family!

As many know, I was one of the first Trump supporters to be permanently removed from Twitter & Facebook for truth telling after 5 years of constant harassment & temporary bans for NO reason. Long before the latest purge.

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