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PRESIDENT TRUMP: "We're not finished yet."

President Trump just declared: "We're not finished yet." What does that mean?

After Barr & Cipollone refused to file Trump's Pennsylvania case before SCOTUS - which was based on proof that hundreds of thousands of ballots were cast illegally due to unambiguous Constitutional violations - Trump asked the AG of Texas to do so. As you know, SCOTUS declined to hear the Texas case based on "standing." So, on December 23rd, Trump's personal attorney, John Eastman, filed a request for an expedited hearing on the Pennsylvania case before SCOTUS.

SCOTUS kicked the can down the road and asked for responses from the Pennsylvania Secretary of State & other electoral offices on January 22nd - after the inauguration. That way they wouldn't be interfering in the electoral process. The same thing happened with DNI Ratcliffe & the intelligence community. They withheld their report on foreign election interference until January 7th so Trump could NOT use his 2018 Executive order to delay the electoral college meeting on January 6th in Congress & sanction the coup plotters. Both of these actions neutered Trump's ability to act - which we all assumed meant the ballgame was over. Maybe not.

As of January 27th, every single party has apparently waived their right to respond to the Pennsylvania SCOTUS case - believing the case to be moot - since Biden is now in office. Yet, SCOTUS received an amicus brief from team Trump & scheduled a conference for 2/19/2021. Here's the link to the OPEN SCOTUS CASE.

When I read the conclusion of Trump's ORIGINAL lawsuit, it says (paraphrased:)

The Issues Addressed by this Petition Are Not Moot

"Respondents may contend that these cases are moot because Pennsylvania’s certified electors already met on December 14, 2020. None of the other election dates, such as the so-called December 8, 2020 “safe harbor” date or even the January 6, 2021 date for the joint session of Congress are constitutionally required. Indeed, if this Court vacated a State’s appointment of presidential electors, as having been illegally certified because of illegal and unconstitutional conduct by election officials, those electoral votes would not be counted in the joint session of Congress on January 6, 2021.

Even the swearing in of the next President on January 20, 2021 will NOT moot this case because review could outlast the selection of the next President under “the ‘capable of repetition, yet evading review’ doctrine.” The legal issues presented by this petition, namely, whether the alteration of state election laws by non-legislative officials in the states is unconstitutional, will likely recur in future elections—including in the presidential election in 2024, in which Petitioner is constitutionally eligible to run. Mootness is therefore not an issue."

What this says is that, due to bogus contrived dates, election fraud can NEVER be prosecuted because there simply is not enough time to present a case. Therefore, unless it's fixed now, it will never be fixed. Trump shouldn't be forced to face a rigged system in 2024 after facing a rigged system in 2020 with no recourse.

Perhaps this is the REAL reason the Democrats are so anxious to make sure Trump can't run again in 2024 - even pushing a censure to make sure that happens? So he can't use that excuse of "repetition" to get SCOTUS to overturn the 2020 election based on Constitutional grounds - even after the inauguration? This same lawsuit was filed in 4 swing states. I would love it if there are any Constitutional or election lawyers out there who could send me an email and give me their thoughts.

Here's further clarification on the mootness doctrine:

This is not a Q prediction, and some kind of massive "trust the plan because the military will round everybody up" at the inauguration BS, which I've never believed or supported. This is documented reality happening on the ground.

Immediately AFTER the Supreme Court announced they'd consider Trump's Pennsylvania case, the Pennsylvania Secretary of State RESIGNED her post. Looks like Lin Wood's & Sidney Powell's court cases in Georgia & Michigan are also scheduled for conference the same day.

At the same time, Mike Lindell announced he has produced a documentary on election fraud that will be released on his website and OANN. It covers all the bases and shows that the Deep State knew Microsoft's Solarwinds was the back door into our election systems & they let Communist China & other enemies in the gate! All right before the impeachment trial starts next week.

What did the Communists do? Started publishing articles that the fraudsters weren't trying to hack into the election - they were FORTIFYING it! Damage control!

BTW - here's a summary of ALL the reports done on election fraud so far. I will add the documentary here when it's released.


On a lighter note, please watch this short clip on "Why I wear my mask." And this clip on how to enjoy a Communist Christmas in America. Send these to your brainwashed friends & family!

As many know, I was one of the first Trump supporters to be permanently removed from Twitter & Facebook for truth telling after 5 years of constant harassment & temporary bans for NO reason. Long before the latest purge. Twitter just banned me permanently for NO reason and Facebook has "dismantled" my personal account for NO reason & refuses to give it back without a copy of my drivers' license or passport. NOT happening! This is the 3rd time Facebook has pulled this Commie BS. I'm not starting over again! I've lots tens of thousands of followers due to their illegal bait & switch acts.


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