• Tierney

The great unsinkable ship, Titanic America, has hit an iceberg. Time to wake up.

I can’t take credit for this, but it's right on the money.

“This morning, I realized that everything is about to change. No matter how I vote, no matter what I say, EVIL has invaded our nation and our lives are never going to be the same. I have been confused by the hostility of family and friends. I look at people I have known all my life - so hate-filled that they agree with opinions they would never express as their own. I think that I may well have entered the Twilight Zone. You can't justify this insanity. We have become a nation that has lost its collective mind!

We see other countries going Socialist and collapsing, but it seems like a great plan to us. Somehow it’s un-American for the census to count how many Americans are in America. People who say there is no such thing as gender are demanding a female President.

People who say they have faith in Jesus want us to close our churches and send our money to the Gods of man-made climate change, man-made viruses & social justice - just a nicer word for GENOCIDE. Universities that advocate equality, discriminate against Asian-Americans in favor of African-Americans. Some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, and other people are not held responsible for what they are doing right now. Criminals are caught-and-released to hurt more people, but stopping them is bad because it's a violation of THEIR rights. People who have never owned slaves should pay slavery reparations to people who have never been slaves. Meanwhile, over 30 million Africans are still sold into slavery, by their own brothers in open markets, and nobody says a word. Iran executes homosexuals & China sends Muslims to concentration camps and nobody says a word. If a dude pretends to be a woman, you are required to pretend with him. People who have never been to college should pay the debts of college students who took out huge loans for their degrees. Immigrants with tuberculosis, mumps and polio are welcome, but you’d better be able to prove your dog is vaccinated. Irish doctors, Indian engineers and German scientists, who want to immigrate to the US, must go through a rigorous vetting process, but any illiterate gang-banger who jumps the southern fence is welcome. $5 billion for border security is too expensive, but $1.5 trillion for “free” health care is not. If you cheat to get into college you go to prison, but if you cheat to get into the country you go to college for free. And, pointing out all this hypocrisy somehow makes us "racists"?! Nothing makes sense anymore, no values, no morals, no civility.

We used to vote in person on election day and thought our vote counted. Now we go to bed on election night with one result and wake up with another. The "vote counters" keep finding phantom votes until they get the candidate THEY want. Then they call us crazy for realizing we've been had.

The news keeps telling us we're ALL going to die of a cold virus with a 99.999% survival rate and we believe the con as if we enjoy being duped & fearful. Meanwhile, Communist China laughs at our stupidity & sends us more masks.

We ignore the REAL reasons people are dying - loneliness, despair, neglect & addiction - from a year of lock downs, isolation & humiliation. Tests are rigged to give false positives & death certificates are forged to create the myth that, these days, people ONLY die of COVID.

Scientists create & distribute treatments & vaccines in record time, but Governors & state health leaders refuse to get them quickly to the vulnerable and elderly in nursing homes who really need them! EVIL. We are clearly living in an upside down world where right is wrong and wrong is right, where lies are truth and truth is vilified, where moral is immoral and immoral is moral, where good is evil and evil is good, where killing murderers is wrong, but killing innocent babies up to the day of delivery is right.

WAKE UP. The great unsinkable ship Titanic America has hit an iceberg, is taking on water, and is sinking fast."

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