• Peggy Traeger Tierney

UPDATES Wuhan Virus (6/15/20)

Here's the truth about the Wuhan virus they're not telling you - it's all about taking down Trump.

Democrat Governors & Mayors are still threatening to arrest law-abiding citizens for violating social distancing and mask rules yet are ENCOURAGING thousands of rioters to flood the streets. CONTROL.

Archbishop Vigano says the VIRUS is social engineering to control us & distract us so Communists can expand their evil empire.

If they can riot together, we can worship God together!

If they can riot, we can rally! MAGA.

Nurse at New York hospital says Elmhurst does NOT treat patients. They let them die & use COVID POSITIVE as a fake cause of death for money. Now you know how BLUE states & SOCIALIST countries ratcheted up the death count.

Global mortality studies of WUHAN virus confirm that the VIRUS is no more fatal than a bad SEASONAL FLU. We knew that in February. Remember, if we sent infected FLU patients into nursing homes, that would cause massive death as well.

Remember, immune-compromised elderly succumb to influenza & pneumonia all the time. WUHAN virus is just another FLU.

After Communist China sent contagious workers to spread VIRUS at US meat packing plants, now they're doing the same to fruit & vegetable farms. Purpose is to sicken the work force & disrupt our food supply.

The Democrats said the VIRUS impacts African-Americans at a higher yet are are encouraging BLACK LIVES MATTER to riot in the streets with NO social distancing. Hypocrisy.

Communist China wants to destroy our food supply & our economy by paralyzing America with irrational fears of DYING from the FLU.

Association of American Physicians & Surgeons is suing the DHS & FDA for trying to keep doctors from prescribing Hydroxycloroquine! They don't WANT a cure.

Democrat Health Director of Tulsa "wishes" that President Trump would postpone his rally "indefinitely" due to Wuhan virus. FRAUD. He never said a word while thousands of Black Lives Matter & ANTIFA rioters gathered together to tear up our cities and worship the transgender movement.

NAVARRO: Communist China used the Cuban Missile crisis to invade India in 1962 just as it's using the VIRUS & riots to invade nations in the South China Sea, Caribbean & Persian Gulf today.

Minnesota's nursing homes, already leading the nation with 81% of Wuhan virus deaths, continue taking in infected patients. Why? The FLU turns into pneumonia & kills the elderly.

New York's State Health Department KNEW there were hundreds of empty beds available but sent infected to nursing homes anyway! So did many other BLUE states.

Charles Lieber, a Harvard chemist & the inventor of a VIRUS-SIZED transistor, was indicted for selling his technology to Communist China & lying about his work with Wuhan labs! Think about that.

FEDS arrested the president of Arrayit Corporation for selling FAKE Wuhan VIRUS tests to double stock price during the PANDEMIC.

Fauci has flip flopped three times on masks, social distancing, a 2nd wave & school openings. Don't believe a word that man says.

Trump administration just FIRED 54 scientists & cut off 77 grants at Fauci's NIH for not disclosing their ties to Communist China!

WHO changed its mind & now says that people who carry the VIRUS with NO symptoms DO NOT spread VIRUS and that it is NOT readily transmitted on surfaces. In other words, they've been lying ALL ALONG.

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APRIL: Democrats hope to hype the virus for months to destroy the economy, shut down rallies & debates & force voting by mail so they can rig absentee ballots. Democrats are really good at rigging absentee ballots. It’s how they won the mid-terms.

17,000 Americans died from the SWINE FLU under Obama and the fake news & CDC never said a word. So far, 9000 have died from WUHAN FLU, we shut down our country while the media and medical "experts" call it our Pearl Harbor!

Trump is pissed that 3M was selling face masks to foreign governments instead of putting America first. He says they will pay.

TRUMP: "America is the greatest country in the world & we were attacked. We’re winning the battle & we’re going to win the war."

Dr. Ben Carson said that new tests, drug approvals & clinical trials could change the entire ball game within the next week or two!

Honorary chair of the Minnesota Trump campaign, Republican Mike Lindell of MyPillow, will run for Governor of Minnesota in 2022!

Trump to announce a new ECONOMIC task force to reopen America, to fight with Fauci's SCIENTIFIC task force that wants to keep America shut down for 10 months!

Bill Gates & Tony Fauci are pushing a Wuhan death model built by their climate-change cronies & say America will see 2.2 million deaths and must shut down until February 2021!

TRUMP: Shutting down TOO long will cause massive drug use, depression, anxiety, disease & suicide. We can't let that happen. We can’t let the cure be worse than the disease.

Obama sold all our ventilators to Communist China and shut down our mask making factories. Trump is rebuilding our medical supply chain from the ground up.

TRUMP: Just as our military had NO ammunition when I took office, our medical supply chain had no stockpile. We're filling it up.

Trump asked Battelle, MyPillow, Jockey, P&G, Honeywell, Ford, GE, Cardinal, Humana, Abbott & United Tech to share their work to REBUILD our medical supply chain!

Larry Klayman, attorney who founded Judicial Watch, is suing Communist China for $20 TRILLION for creating & releasing the VIRUS.

Cartels planned to flood the US during the virus. Trump, Barr & DoD organized a huge military & legal operation to take them down!

It's looking more and more like the virus was a distraction by the Communists so they could attempt an invasion or attack. Another Cuban missile crisis. The virus ITSELF is an invasion that Trump called the "invisible enemy."

Why do you think Communist China & Russia have been building military installations in Venezuela, Cuba, the Bahamas & Central America, off the coast of Florida, for years, that President Trump is trying to stop? To invade America.

TRUMP: “I want America to be ready. The moment we open we'll take off like a rocket. We'll be back stronger & better than ever! America will come back quickly in a "burst of light." Visualize that!

Idaho's Republican Governor signed a law prohibiting men who identify as women from competing in women's sports. Sanity returning!

President Trump just told John Roberts of FOX News to stop spreading fake news & asked him if he was working for CNN!

Trump to reporters: Called man from ABC a cutie pie, wise guy. Told PBS gal she was too nasty. Told a 3rd from CNN he was a liar.

6 days ago, Joe Biden's former staffer accused him of "penetrating her against her will" and the liberal media hasn't said a word. She told Elizabeth Warren & Kamala & they did nothing.

Kathy Griffin had diarrhea from an abdominal infection after she vacationed in Mexico. She lied & said she had Wuhan virus & blamed Trump!

FOX Business fired Trish Regan for saying the Wuhan Flu is just another attempt to demonize & impeach the President. She was right.

Mayo Clinic will release an anti-body test on Monday, April 6, that can tell if a person HAD Wuhan virus & has recovered already. Meaning those people are immune & can return to work.

On January 16, WHO & the CDC said the virus was not transmissible between humans. On January 21, the NIH & Fauci said the Wuhan virus posed NO threat to America. 10 days later, on January 31, Trump shut down all travel from Communist China against ALL recommendations. Trump was called a racist and a fool for doing that.

PELOSI: Virus proves that the US needs total vote-by-mail & all states must pass it. Told ya! The “virus” is all about Democrats rigging absentee ballots!

How do Democrats rig absentee ballots? Either they make FRAUDULENT ballots or they INTERCEPT them & CHANGE them before tabulation.

Trolls on Twitter are saying "I wish Bill Gates could be President." Is that why the Mr. Communist “Depopulation” Snake resigned from Microsoft? To run for President?

KIRSTIE ALLEY TO LIBERALS: "When you’ve gotten so rotten, that you can’t even praise when praise is due, you are lost."

TRUMP: After I endorsed a conservative judge in Wisconsin & his poll numbers shot up, the Democrat Governor delayed the election & pushed absentee ballots!

Trump should invoke the Domestic Production Act & order the NY Times & Washington Post to stop printing newspapers & start manufacturing toilet paper!

TRUMP VINDICATED: 6,000 doctors around the world confirm that hydroxychloroquine & Z-pak is the best treatment for Wuhan Virus.

CBS FAKE NEWS was caught using SKY News footage from an Italian hospital and pretending it was live from a New York hospital!

Democrat Governor of Nevada, who said Trump's drug combo didn't work on virus & banned it, was found to be hoarding the same drug in his state! Liar & fraud!

Both Democrat Governors of Nevada & Michigan suddenly REVERSED their bans on Hydroxychloroquine to treat Wuhan. Why? It works.

On March 24, the CDC told hospitals to code deaths to Wuhan virus without ANY positive test. RIGGED to extend the shutdown an extra 30 days!

On April 2, CDC instructed those who fill out death certificates to call "unexplained" pneumonia deaths as Wuhan virus! No positive test required! RIGGED to increase death count.

Democrats are telling hospitals to flag each patient as "possible Wuhan" so they receive more money from the Federal Government!

Worldwide, 4,646,000 people die EVERY year from influenza & pneumonia. So far, 68,000 have died from Wuhan virus and half those are coded wrong. No comparison.

An infant was suffocated by its caretaker. Connecticut's Democrat Governor lied for money & PR & said the baby died of Wuhan Virus!

The woman who blamed President Trump for her husband's death from drinking "fish tank cleaner" is a HUGE Democrat donor and hates Trump! Total set-up!

Schiffty says that Wuhan virus is Trump's Pearl Harbor & he is calling for a commission to investigate Trump so the House can IMPEACH again!

Trump FIRED Michael Atkinson, the DNI IG who changed whistleblower rules to allow Schiffty's hearsay to be used for impeachment!

Translator at the Trump Tower meeting was offered a bribe to frame Don Jr. He refused & cleared him instead. Mueller buried it.

Trump & Saudi Arabia convinced Putin to terminate Russian State oil operations in Venezuela & liquidate their Venezuelan assets!

2 months before the "outbreak" the FBI caught Chinese nationals smuggling in vials of SWINE FLU & a new H9N2 flu virus from Asia. What else they did smuggle in?

A New York City health executive said Cuomo & DeBlasio refused his offer to provide the city with 600 hospital beds & 100 doctors while crying he doesn’t have enough beds. Cuomo LIES.

Cuomo has 7000 ventilators, asked for 40000, but is only using 4126. Cuomo took 1000 from Trump’s friend Jack Ma, said they were from China & said Trump wasn't doing enough! LIES.

REPORTER: "Why is Cuomo going on TV everyday?"

NYPD: "I think he wants everybody to be scared of this whole thing. He's fake news. Misinformation. Follow the money."

LIMBAUGH: Don't forget ObamaCare raised taxes on medical devices which drove US medical supply manufacturers to Communist China!

The GOOD NEWS about the virus is that America is finally awake! I don't know anyone who is still for open borders. We are bringing our pharmaceuticals and medical supply manufacturers back home and have become totally energy independent.

We're exposing the evil Communists and snakes like Bill Gates and proving that "scientific" modelers like Fauci & Birx are frauds who can't predict a damn thing! In the end, this will be a WIN WIN for America. I have NO doubt. God's in charge!

Fauci has been the left’s LEAD infectious disease GOD since 1984. Now you know why this crap keeps happening over & over again. He doesn’t’ want cures. He wants more viruses, tests & vaccines.

BUSTED: Kamala Harris says America should ONLY get briefings on Wuhan virus from Tony Fauci, Bill Gates' & WHO's pal. Rigged!

They're finding HUGE security & safety issues with China’s ZOOM videoconferencing. User data is routed through Communist China and hacked! Children are being streamed HARD CORE PORN. DO NOT USE.

If your state tells you that it's a punishable CRIME to invite your friends into your home, do you still enjoy private property rights?

If your state tells you it's a punishable CRIME to go to church, do you still enjoy freedom of religion, liberty & the right to assemble?

I bet if America stopped shaking hands & simply practiced better hygiene we could reduce total flu virus transmission, pneumonia & death by 80%!

IMHO, Fauci, Gates & Obama released SWINE FLU virus in April 2009 to push Congress to pass ObamaCare. It worked. Took only 6 months.

99% of ALL viruses come from China. Even the 1918 "Spanish" flu came from China. That's why Gates & Fauci built the Wuhan lab. Every virus requires a NEW test & a NEW vaccine.

Ever since the Murdoch boys drove out Roger Ailes & Bill O'Reilly from FOX NEWS & hired Paul Ryan, it's turned into RINO NEWS!

Never forget Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan threw the 2012 election to Obama. Ryan gave the House to Pelosi and is now turning FOX News blue. Romney voted to impeach Trump.

Some researchers in Communist China's Wuhan Biohazard Lab SELL animals to street vendors after infecting them with viruses!

Did you know the contaminated Juul e-cigarette was made in Communist China & CHINA marketed the fake Juul pods that made our kids’lungs sick?

United Nations & WHO want to charge nations a 10% global tax to pay for Wuhan Virus mitigation. You knew it was coming. Rigged! Another Paris Accord climate change scheme!

Obama just blamed Communist China's man-made virus on man-made climate change. What a Commie snake oil salesman. Alert Greta!

Trump's DHS declared gun dealers, ranges & manufacturers as "essential" businesses & forced Democrat Governors to keep them open!

TRUMP: Some cities & states are releasing violent criminals due to the virus. People don't like it. I don’t like it. I'm going to see if can stop that.

NAVARRO: What this crisis has shown us is America is WAY TOO DEPENDENT on other nations for medicines & medical supplies!

Trump's plan will give 30 Million small businesses an average of $12,000 each in loans they DO not need to repay if they keep their employees.

WTH? China threatened to attack the USS Theodore Roosevelt nuclear ship in the South China Sea with EMP & the crew suddenly got infected with virus and the Commander violated protocol! Sabotage!

If you're an independent contractor, church, charity or a freelancer you are also covered by the SBA paycheck protection program! It turns into a grant if you keep your workers employed.

An engineer, Eduardo Moreno, 44, deliberately ran a train off the tracks in an attempt to BLOW UP the USNS Mercy hospital ship at the Port of LA! The Mercy & Comfort are now both guarded by Counter Terror Officers.

Japan's Vice Prime Minister says the World Health Organization (WHO) should be renamed the CHINESE HEALTH ORGANIZATION!

I couldn't figure out how Communist China was infecting so many nursing staff at once with virus. They sent them infected masks and infected tests!

From 2013-2015, Obama & Biden pushed for a total of $1.23 BILLION in cuts to the CDC budget. The fake news never reports that truth!

Home Depot stopped selling N95 masks at its stores and website and DONATED all shipments to hospitals & first responders.

Idaho's Republican Governor signed a law banning people from changing the gender on their birth certificates. Sanity returning!

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "With interest rates for the United States being at ZERO, this is the time to do our decades long awaited Infrastructure Bill. It should be VERY BIG & BOLD, Two Trillion Dollars, and be focused solely on jobs and rebuilding the once great infrastructure of our Country!"

DO YOU SEE THE PLAN to MAGA NOW? 1st phase, rebuild our military & become energy self-sufficient. 2nd phase, use private industry to rebuild our medical supply chain and CUT OFF COMMUNIST CHINA. 3rd phase, REFINANCE our debt and put America back to work rebuilding our infrastructure.

IG Horowitz wrote FBI Director Wray the FBI regularly LIES to the FISA court to get illegal spy warrants & the judges let them!

WINNING! 15% of Bernie's pissed-off supporters say they will vote for President Trump in 2020. 12% did in 2016.

TRUMP: Governors must report hospital bed capacity, ICU capacity & itemized lists of medical supplies on hand, to the task force, DAILY! No more projections!

PRESIDENT TRUMP: The FDA has approved Battelle to sterilize up to 120,000 masks a day! Total game changer.

Trump says 5G technology is great but malicious actors are exploiting 5G for nefarious motives! He means China's Huawei is BAD!

On March 20th, fear-monger Rachel MadCow warned the USNS hospital ship would NOT reach New York for WEEKS. It arrived in 10 days!

Here's the real scam. Fauci, Obama, Gates & the ChiComms engineered the virus & unleashed it from the same lab in Wuhan that THEY BUILT. The Wuhan lab then tried to steal the US patent from the US company Gilead for a cure -- before they announced the virus was out there - with WHO's help.

In an average flu season, the US usually conducts 77,000 influenza tests. We've already done 1.5 Million Wuhan virus tests!

TRUMP: Somebody should ask Cuomo & DeBlasio how one hospital, that's always FULL, can go from 10,000 masks to 300,000 in a week! Rigged!

I believe the shutdown has NOTHING to do with VIRUS. It's because Trump is cutting off Communist China & REPLACING our medical supply chain.

President authorized the DoD to order the National Guard & Ready Reserves to active duty & sent warships to the Caribbean. Who thinks this is just about the CHINESE VIRUS?

Ring of Communist Chinese spies in the US were caught smuggling 21 vials of bio-research material out of a Boston lab in December – where an outbreak of Wuhan virus occurred!

TRUMP: Abbott Labs developed a test that will give us a result in 5 minutes. They'll start next week & do 50,000 tests a day.

CDC reports Japan's data shows Wuhan virus is 20X more infectious INDOORS than outdoors. Viruses hate sun, heat & humidity. So, why are we locked indoors?

I don't believe the shutdown or delay has anything to do with the Wuhan virus. It's just like the flu - with a fatality rate of .1-.4%. SERIOUSLY. I could be wrong, but I really really don't think I am. We would never shut down America for the flu.

For all those who continue to argue that President Trump was wrong to want Congress to pass the last $6.2 TRILLION Wuhan virus stimulus bill, you're missing the big picture. HE WANTED THE BILL TO PASS AND WAS THRILLED IT DID.

In Italy, if ONE person died in a hospital from Wuhan virus, ALL deaths in that hospital were coded to Wuhan virus. NO tests done.

In Italy, if you were 85 & admitted with terminal cancer, dementia & heart disease, your cause of death was coded as Wuhan virus!

Disgusted Italians are burning the EU flag while Italy's national anthem plays declaring: "We will save ourselves!" from the VIRUS!

President Trump called Israel's Netanyahu to congratulate him on his victory! Bibi will remain Prime Minister and head a new unity Government with Gantz. The left AND right-wing saboteurs have been shut out! Trump’s peace plan will pass!

The virus mutates slowly so scientists can prove strains in Washington, California & New York ALL came directly from Wuhan, China!

The President of the United States DOES NOT have line-item veto authority. The Supreme Court last ruled against it in 1998.

Anyone who sided with Libertarian Thomas Massie AGAINST our President, on the $6.2 TRILLION bill, is a Never Trump Libertarian snake working for the SWAMP.

President Trump wants & needs the Senate bill to CUT OFF the Communists. HE TOLD US SO.

A Las Vegas attorney filed a lawsuit against Communist China, on behalf of small businesses, for China's deception on Wuhan virus.

Communist China "unleashed" the virus right as Congress voted to condemn China for running prison camps & killing freedom fighters. Coincidence? I think not.

The Communists running Venezuela are abducting "suspects" who MAY have virus. Now you know what they did in China to the protesters.

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