• Peggy Traeger Tierney

REAL News Updates (8/2/20)

Trump gave Microsoft 45 days to make a deal to buy TikTok's US operation if there's complete "separation" from Communist China. Hmm. Microsoft has worked with the Chinese military on AI enabling surveillance, censorship & human rights abuses.

Please take 30 minutes and watch this interview with Heather McDonald which totally destroys the fake news narrative that police in America are "systemically racist."

HUGE! New studies show that 83-91% of individuals, who've NEVER been exposed to COVID, have pre-existing memory T-cell immunity AGAINST the virus - derived from previous exposure to "common cold" coronaviruses. Meaning most people are IMMUNE to the VIRUS.

57 out of 61 sailors on a ship in Argentina tested positive with the VIRUS after 35 days at sea, after they took a NEW test, despite the entire crew testing negative before leaving port. They had never left the ship. How can this be? What was IN that test?

Drug companies are airing lies about Trump's new prescription drug policy. DRUG PRICES ARE COMING WAY DOWN. Favored Nations Clause means the US will pay the lowest price of any nation in the World. I say any FCC-licensed station who airs these lies should be fined.

Communist China bought Smithfield Foods under Obama. The key raw ingredient in Heparin (prevents blood clots) comes from pig intestines. China controls 45% of the US Heparin market & their US Smithfield distribution network infiltrates every US town & city!

The FBI is warning about faulty test kits used at nursing homes that came from Communist China. How many tests, gloves, masks, face shields & gowns, bought from China, have been pre-contaminated with virus & introduced to CREATE a positive infection? Know what you're using & where it came from.

Bill Clinton apparently signed off from Secret Service protection for some of those Epstein Island trips. Why, if it was just business as usual? Why did Tom Hanks & his wife flee the country & become Greek citizens? Did they ever really have the China VIRUS?

China's applications like TikTok & Zoom can send your personal information back to servers controlled by the Chinese Communist Party & military. They're a HUGE personal risk and national security threat to the free world. India banned 47 Chinese apps & may ban 275 more.

Crooked lawyers at China-backed Brookings' LAWFARE want cheat-by-mail to delay reporting of the Presidential election results until January 6, 2021. So they have over 2 months to rig enough ballots to elect Biden. This was their plan all along. The new "insurance" policy.

Trump administration to establish 7 offices dedicated to solving cold cases involving missing and murdered American Indians and Alaska Natives. There are more than 1400 unresolved missing person cases in the US - 10% of those in Minnesota.

LIN WOOD: "Americans do not hide behind masks. Americans do not distance themselves from others. Americans do not blindly follow anyone out of fear. Americans will not be brainwashed. When our country & freedoms are threatened, Americans will Fight Back. It is time to fight. BE FEARLESS."

A well-known doctor shredded Fauci's testimony about Hydroxychloroquine, his nonsense about the efficacy of "randomized control trials" and his purposeful deceit to promote his OWN drug. Read this thread.

A paramilitary force is flooding the streets of London. This is what the Communists of BLM-ANTIFA want for America after they remove our police & disarm our citizens.

MILLIONS are marching in Germany protesting against COVID-19 restrictions. NOBODY IS WEARING A MASK. People are DONE being controlled.

AG Barr tasked US Attorney Bash with examining the Obama administration's queries in the NSA database about private citizens. Obama hired John Podesta in 2014 to "overhaul" the NSA databases. That's where ALL the spying began.

Proof from the Chicago website that they include MULTIPLE positive tests for the same person in total COVID test positivity rates. FAKE MATH.

Google dropped a project that could have helped US troops while keeping a similar program with a Chinese University that helped the Chinese military.

The left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) declared that Dr Ben Carlson is a terrorist & Amazon/Facebook were put on the hot seat for using the SPLC to "rate" charities.

Only 23% of U.S. voters say illegal immigrants should be included in population counts for determining representation in Congress.

Big Tech is following the Communist China playbook & compiling your online & cellular information to "score" your behavior. They will sell your "social rating" to employers, insurers, retailers, landlords, health care providers & financial companies to determine whether you are "worthy" enough to serve.

Pelosi says Hydroxychloroquine doesn't work but she's pushing POT for COVID. She knows if you use pot you can't legally own a gun & won't care if the Communists overthrow America.

ANTIFA-BLM are now burning BIBLES in Portland. Another way they're grieving for George Floyd? What does burning the Bible have to do with protesting police brutality? NOTHING.

A lot of “Christians” who were UPSET about President Trump HOLDING UP a Bible in front of a Church in DC are QUIET about left-wing “protestors” BURNING Bibles in Portland.

BLM-ANTIFA are ATHEIST COMMUNIST TERRORISTS who don't care about black lives. They likely "engineered" the "death" of George Floyd for the cameras to start race riots & rig the election.

The Democrat Mayor of DC said anyone who travels to a "high-risk" state must quarantine for 14 days. However, she EXEMPTED all the Democrats who traveled to Georgia for Lewis' funeral. Democrats exempt themselves from all rules.

Bill Gates is suddenly very nervous and doing damage control denying the "conspiracy theories" about his ties to the Communist Chinese & COVID. He's nervous because they're true. I wrote about his connections 6 months ago.

Pundits say Fauci looked "bewildered" when challenged by Jim Jordan at the House hearing. He wasn't bewildered. He was surprised & angry. Trump puffed up Fauci the other day by saying how "popular" he was. Why? To inflate his ego so Fauci would overplay his hand.

Lord Fauci thought he was untouchable and invincible. Jim Jordan proved he's not. Now the takedown of Fauci & his minions begins. Trump just corrected Fauci on Twitter.

St. Louis prosecutor will NOT charge the police officer who fatally shot 18-year old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. The grand jury declined to indict Officer Darren Wilson. Evidence shows a large number of Brown's witnesses admitted to MAKING UP their stories!

President Trump is banning TikTok through executive order. “We’re banning them from the United States." TikTok is a video-sharing app owned by Communist China & poses national security risks. It's spyware. TikTok users sabotaged Trump's last campaign rally.

TikTok is available in over 150 markets around the world, in 39 languages. The latest available official statistics show that there are 500 million TikTok users around the world and it's been downloaded 2 Billion times.

Microsoft considered purchasing TikTok. TikTok's US General Manager says they're not going anywhere.

"King" LeBron James led the NBA in kneeling to BLM during the National Anthem, raising his fist and declaring: "I hope we made Kaep proud." Who cares?

Meanwhile, Jonathan Isaac, a Christian forward for the Orlando Magic, was the lone brave NBA warrior who stood during the Anthem. He said he only bows to Jesus.

Just as Democrats demand nationwide mail-in voting, the US Post Office announced they're cutting hours & may close several locations. Is this President Trump's insurance policy? What's Amazon going to do if the Post Office cuts way back? They've got a sweet deal.

James Murdoch, Mr. liberal Climate Change, resigned from the Board of his father's News Corporation (Fox News, WSJ & the New York Post.) Not sure this will make any difference. Paul Ryan is still on the Board of Fox News. We shall see.

WINNING: The Supreme Court ruled it's OK for President Trump to reallocate $2.5 Billion in Pentagon funds to build the wall to protect America.

HUGE: Dr. Didier Raoult is the French doctor behind Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine.) He's receiving death threats from a doctor who works for Gilead. Gilead is behind Remdesivir - Fauci's competing drug.

JESSE WATTERS: "We know if the election is vote by mail the Democrats will keep sending ballots until Joe Biden wins."

MARK LEVIN: Mitt Romney says he's a fan of voting by mail. He's getting creepier by the hour.

In the Democrats’ HEROES Act, the bill that was supposed to be for VIRUS relief, they actually have a provision in there barring voter identification as part of any mail-in balloting.

Republicans want to replace the flat, EXTRA $600 a week extended UI benefit with one that will be scalable. When combined with state benefits, the total payment would equal about 70 percent of a worker’s wages and be capped at $500. But for Democrats, they don't want any money to go the people unless taxpayers prop up failing Democrat states.

Liberals have been telling black people for decades what blackness means. Now they are trying to tell white people what whiteness means and tell everyone what masculinity, femininity and faith means. How's that working for you?

Studies show that those obsessed with political correctness make the worst employees - they spend so much time censoring themselves & critiquing the behavior of others that they get nothing done.

TOENSING: "Politics, NOT the law, is the basis for the DC Circuit Court agreeing to an en banc hearing on August 11 regarding General Flynn's dismissal. Court has 7 Democrats and 4 Republicans (1 of whom has recused.)"

"The court wants to save Judge Sullivan’s reputation by pretending he has an argument worthy of hearing. The court can’t allow him to question the DOJ dismissal."

Jim Jordan asked Fauci why he was against people gathering in church, at work, at the gym & at festivals yet says nothing about millions of protesters flooding the streets. He smiled & refused to "opine."

ANTIFA-BLM terrorists dumped a bloody severed pig's head on an American flag outside the Justice Center in downtown Portland. They put a cop's hat on it and set it on fire.

Herman Cain had stage 4 colon cancer that had metastasized to his liver and was given 5 years to live in 2011 and Bill Montgomery, founder of TPUSA, had kidney disease & was removed from dialysis, but according to the fake news they died from COVID for not wearing masks.

Instead of saying "women" need pap smears - Big Health, Democrats & the fake news are saying "people with a cervix." We live in clown world.

Obama lashed out at John Lewis' funeral - angrily pushing cheat-by-mail while bashing the police, our President & our "racist" country. He sounded just like Reverend Jeremiah Wright yelling "G** Damn America."

Why are all these people allowed to gather in church for a dozen funerals for George Floyd & John Lewis when so many American families are forbidden from going to church AT ALL or burying their loved ones?

After documents were released in Ghislane Maxwell's case naming Alan Dershowitz and many others as Epstein's "clients" on Lolita Island - he responded:

“I demanded release of all documents because they contain emails and manuscripts proving that she never met me. I knew they would repeat her false accusations against me which her own lawyers admit are wrong."

The documents reveal testimony that stated Bill Clinton was on Lolita Island at the same time as two young girls. Epstein said that Bill Clinton "owes me favors."

Comey's FBI worked hard to try to coerce witnesses into implicating then-citizen Trump - they failed.

Comey's daughter is the lead prosecutor against Ghislaine Maxwell, yet it was the FBI under the leadership of her father who let Epstein skate in 2014.

Jason Richards, the FBI agent who investigated the Epstein/Maxwell allegations in 2011, said "he was having trouble doing it from the people [at the FBI] above him."

Dr. Simone Gold, a board-certified ER doctor, with 20 years of practice, was FIRED for giving a press conference on her experiences treating COVID patients. The fake news, YouTube, Google & social media pulled down her website, smeared her reputation and said she was spreading disinformation.

The good doctor hired Lin Wood, the attorney for the Covington Catholic boy, Nick Sandmann, to sue them all for defamation.

Mask wearers report they get headaches, fatigue, the sniffles, anxiety, shortness of breath, dizziness, coughs & nausea from WEARING a mask. It appears masks could spread more disease than they stop and direct infected air toward the eyes.

SWEDEN: “With numbers diminishing very quickly in Sweden, we see no point in wearing a face mask in Sweden, not even on public transport.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "With Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history. It will be a great embarrassment to the USA. Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???"

"Mail-In Voting is already proving to be a catastrophic disaster. Even testing areas are way off. The Dems talk of foreign influence in voting, but they know that Mail-In Voting is an easy way for foreign countries to enter the race. Even beyond that, there’s no accurate count!"

Brilliant move. This will force the Democrats to arrive at a compromise and stop pushing for total mail-in voting.

After 35 days, New York still doesn't know who won their election conducted by mail-in vote. Over 30% of the votes were rejected because they were cast invalidly or with NO postmark. This is what the Democrats want for the Presidential election. MASSIVE FRAUD.

Ohio suddenly banned Hydroxychloroquine citing an FDA rule change. LIES. The REAL reason is because they found it reduces the effectiveness of Fauci's favorite just released $3000 drug, Remdesivir, and because doctors say Hydroxy is cheap & it works!

UPDATE: After MAJOR pushback, Governor Mike DeWine has just announced he's reversing the decision to block hydroxychloroquine prescriptions for treatment of COVID-19 in Ohio.

Regis Philbin left $20 million to President Trump’s campaign.

NBA opened a player development academy in Xinjiang, where most athletes were Uyghur Muslims. Communist China ran the facilities like concentration camps and the coaches physically beat the players. That's gonna put a damper in the NBA's social justice scam.

AG Barr: “The threat to black lives posed by crime on the streets is massively greater than any threat posed by police misconduct. The vast majority of [blacks], around 90%, are killed by other blacks, mainly by gunfire. Each of those lives matter."

Pelosi's now wearing masks AND gloves. Next step to ratchet up fear to push cheat-by-mail before the election? GOGGLES.

Fauci is now recommending everyone wear face masks AND GOGGLES! Why not Hazmat suits for all? Why not adopt the blue prison for all? America, aren't you tired of being manipulated?

If you follow Maggie on Facebook, she has been banned for 30 days for posting the truth off the CDC website that you can test POSITIVE for COVID if you've ever had a common cold caused by a coronavirus. 30% of ALL common colds are caused by coronaviruses.

Then they increased the number of phony violations in her "inbox" from 6 to 10 to 80 to "justify" the length of punishment. Proving it's ALL fake. Facebook has NO standards.

Trump directed the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to clarify that Section 230 does not permit social media companies to alter or editorialize users’ speech & escape civil liability. In other words, they can NOW be sued for censorship.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "If Congress doesn’t bring fairness to Big Tech, which they should have done years ago, I will do it myself with Executive Orders. In Washington, it has been ALL TALK and NO ACTION for years, and the people of our Country are sick and tired of it!"

Google & Facebook CEOs both REFUSED to state under oath that they will NOT manipulate their platforms to help Joe Biden win the election. Sidney Powell said Big Tech can be criminally prosecuted for election interference. Do it!

In an internal email in 2012, Zuckerberg wrote, “[W]e can likely always just buy any competitive startups, but it’ll be a while before we can buy Google.” Now he says he was just kidding.

Amazon, Google, Facebook & Apple just testified that they will not allow any product made with slave labor to be promoted or sold on their platforms. I'm not sure they realize what they just agreed to.

GOOGLE CEO 2017: "A lot of work Google does is to help Chinese companies. Many businesses in China take advantage of Google to get their products to many other countries outside of China.” Yet, Google's CEO just said he doesn't work with China.

The City of Minneapolis sent out an email acknowledging that violent crime has skyrocketed due to their new "policing" strategy. Here is their advice. Be a compliant victim and be prepared to hand over your wallet, cell phone & car! This is called REDISTRIBUTION of wealth.

In a smack down to Merkel for not paying her fair share, Trump is pulling 12,000 U.S. troops out of Germany & moving US EU Command to Belgium. 6,400 are returning to America & 5,600 to other EU NATO nations. F-16 squadron is also leaving Germany & moving to Italy. USAG Bavaria is the largest US Army installation outside the US.

"Germany's delinquent. They haven't paid their fees, they haven't paid their NATO fees. They've been off for years and they have no intention on paying it. Germany pays Russia billions of dollars a year for Energy, and we are supposed to protect Germany from Russia? The United States has been taken advantage of."

Not only that but Germany & Russia are working together on the Nord Stream II pipeline under the Baltic Sea to deliver gas to Europe - which poses a HUGE security threat.

Trump rescinded the Obama-Biden AFFH Rule meaning suburban households will no longer be forced by the Government to have low income housing built in the neighborhood. Housing prices will go up based on the market, and crime will go down.

BEN CARSON: "The Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule was a ruse for social engineering under the guise of desegregation, essentially turning HUD into a national zoning board."

The AFFH was designed to put an end to single family housing while also pressing suburbs to build high-density low-income housing to be occupied by residents of the inner city. It hurt low income Americans by forcing federal funds into wealthy areas who simply "rezoned."

BLM-ANTIFA are spray-painting over NYPD security cameras in New York City preventing authorities from catching criminals & combating Islamic terrorism in the city which is STILL the #1 target of jihadists who took down the Twin Towers nearly 20 years ago.

STEPHON TUITT, PITTSBURGH STEELERS: "I’m not kneeling for the flag and screw anybody who has a problem with that. My grandmother was a immigrant from the Caribbean & worked her ass off to bring 20 people over the right way. She had no money and educated herself to be a nurse. She's living good now."

Milwaukee Democrats ordered police to stop using tear gas or pepper spray to control rioters so more than 100 Police Agencies have REFUSED to provide security for the Democrat National Convention.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "We will make America the world's premiere producer & supplier of medical equipment, supplies & pharmaceuticals."

Eastman Kodak secured a $765 Million loan from the US Government for drug production: "By the time we're done, Kodak Pharmaceuticals will make 25% of the country's ingredients for generic pharmaceuticals so we will not be dependent on anybody else."

Jim Jordan showed a video of clips from BLM-ANTIFA violent attacks across America to dispute the fake news "peaceful protest" narrative & AG Barr implied he's using RICO to take down BLM-ANTIFA terrorists at today's House hearing.

Hysterical Democrat Hakim Jeffries demanded Barr admit President Trump is disobeying the health experts by telling people to inject themselves with bleach & not wearing a mask, to which Barr replied: "Which guidance? The earlier guidance that masks wouldn't work?"

Meanwhile, after Nadler woke up from a quick nap - Nadler yelled at AG Barr to wear a mask on his way to the bathroom while NOT wearing a mask himself. It's clown world.

Barr is making Democrats look like fools so they are not letting him respond to their questions, which only makes them look like tyrants. Barr responded: "I mean, this is a hearing. I thought I was the one who was supposed to be heard."

Barr said he tapped John Bash, U.S. attorney for the Western District of Texas, to investigate unmaskings by Obama officials that don't "readily appear" to have been conducted in "the normal line of business."

A Muslim woman was arrested in Phoenix for sending her COVID money to al-Qaeda to kill Americans, calling her COVID stimulus check FREE MONEY for terrorists to use against the "infidels."

Minnesota's mask mandate per Executive Order 20-81 directly conflicts with Minnesota’s Statute making wearing a mask in public a misdemeanor crime. Wearing a mask in public is a crime under Minnesota law

AG Ellison doesn't want ANY cameras in the courtroom during the George Floyd trial. The 4 officers accused of felony murder DO. What's Ellison hiding? Next court hearing is scheduled for the anniversary of 9/11.

Coincidence? I think not. Floyd was "murdered" on Memorial Day. Communists love to "rewrite" American holidays. They rewrote Easter as COVID Death Day & July 4th as BLM Day.

Liberal female terrorists are FINALLY getting arrested by the Feds at riots after they threw Molotov cocktails & launched fireworks, bottles and bricks at the Federal courthouse in Portland. So much fun to watch them squeal!

The Feds arrested 74 people in Portland and charged 60 of them with federal crimes for terrorist actions against Federal personnel & facilities. Trump said they will get 10 years!

Matt Gaetz sent AG Barr a criminal referral for CEO Mark Zuckerberg for LYING before Congress about Facebook's relentless censorship & conservative bias, exposed by Project Veritas & many others.

AG Barr testified before Congress on Tuesday, July 28th at 11 am ET. Here's his opening statement. Must read.

Over 600,000 people were marked POSITIVE for COVID by Humana's Tricare, a health care system of the DoD. Evidence showed that 569,000 of those HAD NEVER BEEN TESTED. No wonder case counts are through the roof! FAKE.

FINALLY. A group of American doctors held a Press Conference in DC to tell the truth about the VIRUS. They say FEAR & MONEY is driving the virus - not reality or science. They say Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc & Z-Pak is a CURE, we don't need masks & Fauci's wrong. LISTEN.

After President Trump retweeted the doctors' video and it received over 17 million views, Facebook & Twitter PULLED it down - after the New York Times complained. Proof that the fake news is ENDANGERING American lives.

The good doctor said the reason Fauci keeps taking off his mask in public is because he's likely taking Hydroxychloroquine to PREVENT COVID. She asked him to take a urine test to prove he's not!

"We know that hydroxychloroquine helps Zinc enter the cell. We know that Zinc slows viral replication within the cell. Regarding the use of azithromycin, I postulate it prevents secondary bacterial infections."

Here's Dr. Simone Gold's White Paper on Hydroxychloroquine. Here's her interview on YouTube.

New research shows that COVID RNA camouflages itself as human RNA which increases the likelihood of autoimmune disorders from any COVID vaccine. That doesn't bode well for Big Pharma.

MY BOTTOM LINE: You can NOT prevent CHINESE VIRUS transmission, no matter WHAT you do. It's ubiquitous and been around a long time. The tests are NOT specific or conclusive. The case & death reporting is NOT accurate or timely.

It conveniently kills elderly people who are already susceptible & terminal. It's the perfect bio-weapon. The Communists have been working on this a LONG time. The invisible enemy.

An innocent man who shot a BLM rioter in self-defense, after the terrorist approached his car and pointed an AK-47 at his head, was released from custody. The fake news said he drove in to the "protesters" in Austin. ALL LIES.

BLM-ANTIFA are dressing up as the PRESS now to avoid arrest. The fake news probably gave them this idea. They're all terrorists who hate America. They're ALL enemies of the people.

This is Manhattan. Masked BLM-ANTIFA breaking into cop cars & terrorizing the city at will.

BERNIE KERIK: "In the 60s and 70s when the Black Panthers, Black Liberation Army and FALN thought that riots weren’t enough, they reverted to bombings and police assassinations." That's the next step.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Homeland Security or Federal Forces are little involved in Seattle, other than we have a large standby team in case of emergency. The media is calling that one wrong also.

In Portland, we are protecting Federal property, including the Courthouse, which wouldn’t last a day!"

CBS poll (if you believe polls) said 30% of the public will take a COVID vaccine right away, 50% said they'd wait to see what happened to others and 20% said NO WAY.

Maskless Democrat Jerry Nadler, Mr. Impeachment, said the Portland riots, looting & violence are a "myth." No wonder the networks cut away from the horrific footage. If you don't air it, it's not real. We live in clown world.

Democrats are suddenly warning that we may not know the "results" of the November election for weeks. So in addition to cheat-by-mail, ballot harvesting & absentee ballot fraud, will ANTIFA-BLM be burning down polling places?

MIKE DITKA: “If you can’t respect our National Anthem, get the hell out of the country.”

We spend $15,424 per child per year in public schools. Imagine if that money went directly to families. A GOOD teacher could set up a small private school with just 10 students and pull in $154,240 a year in revenues.

Two consecutive studies have shown Trump's recommended drug, hydroxychloroquine, to be effective in fighting COVID-19. Now a Yale epidemiologist says it is ‘the key to defeating’ the virus. Yet, Democrats & fake news would rather Americans DIE than admit Trump was right.

The same two pollsters (Wasserman & 538) who predicted on November 2nd that Trump had an 11% chance of winning in 2016 say he has a 8% chance of winning in 2020. See how that works?

CHAD WOLF: "What is going on in Portland is very different than any other US city. The Portland authorities refuse to work with the Federal Government to stop the rioting & deadly violence that's been out of control in their city for 56 days." Now they're picketing his house.

GRAHAM: "Not only did the FBI lie to the FISA court [about the veracity of the Steele dossier) they lied their asses off to Congress."

GRAHAM: "70% of those who lost their jobs [due to COVID] make more on unemployment than they do working. We need to change that."

NUNES: "Facebook, Google & Twitter are partisan hacks and no longer represent the public square. Parler allows everyone to participate." We've known that for 5 years. When is Congress going to remove their liability protections so we can SUE their asses off?

Nunes says the left-wing think-tank, Brookings Institute, distributed the "sick fantasy" dossier for Hillary & the DNC. They are also behind LAWFARE, the lawyers hired by Pelosi to handle impeachment, and are funded by Communist China. I reported this last October.

NUNES: I find it odd that the party who hates white people & calls everybody a racist used an avatar of Robert Mueller. They made an "old white guy" their hero.

After meeting resistance & experiencing several "dangerous encounters" due to mask mandates - retailers like Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, CVS & Walgreens say they won't enforce mask wearing upon entry.

"We will not ask our associates to put their safety at risk by confronting customers about wearing masks." I'm guessing they realized mandating masks was a money-losing proposition for brick & mortar retailers in RED states.

Ask yourself, why did the CDC, WHO, and Fauci and Surgeon General Jerome Adams so emphatically dismiss the effectiveness of masks, then flip 180 degrees to shame people who don’t wear them, without ever explaining what changed?

If me not wearing a mask transmits the virus to others who are wearing a mask, then is that not an admission that masks do not work to stop a respiratory virus that is microscopic and gets through the mask?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "So Obama and his team of lowlifes spied on my campaign, and got caught - Open and shut case! More papers released today which are devastating to them. Will they ever pay the price? The political Crime of the Century!" GLOVES ARE OFF!

Obama & Comey's FBI secretly inserted an agent into Trump's first counterintelligence briefing in August 2016 to RECORD Trump & Flynn's questions & responses in an effort to frame them.

A new book about Matt Drudge reveals he calls himself a Libertarian and helped elect Obama. Drudge only helped the Trump campaign in 2016 for power, money & clicks, not ideology.

Kushner called him Lady Drudge - for obvious reasons. Matt didn't sell the Drudge Report as many say. His roots are LIBERAL and his motivation is POWER & GREED.

A 41-year-old father & his 22-year-old daughter were viciously beaten & attacked with beer bottles by a mob of 8 black men & women while shopping in New York. The father was knocked unconscious & the daughter was stripped naked.

This is what BLM is doing to our country.

Another Communist front group associated with BLM-ANTIFA, the Youth Liberation Front (YLF), declared Saturday, July 25 as a day of retribution, sending terrorists to cities across America as payback for the arrests of their "comrades."

CDC BOMBSHELL: People can continue to test POSITIVE for up to three months AFTER the infection is GONE because the PCR test picks up DEAD viral fragments. Also, a person is NO LONGER contagious 10 days after symptoms begin.

That completely REVERSES everything we've been told for months by Fauci and the "health experts" about the CHINA VIRUS. Both tests (PCR & ANTIBODY) deliver huge numbers of false positives & people CANNOT spread the virus after 10 days!

If Swine Flu (H1N1) in 2009 under Obama were coded & reported like COVID is under Trump in 2020 there would have been MILLIONS of recorded deaths in the US from Swine Flu.

COVID-19 is a "pandemic" engineered by the Communists & the socialist "health experts" & hyped for maximum panic by their liberal media lap dogs.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “[Fauci] would like to see [America] closed up for a couple of years, but that’s okay, because I’m president. So I say, ‘Well, I appreciate your opinion, now give me another opinion, somebody, please.’”

Freedom of religion is our first freedom. Yet John Roberts sided with the liberal justices of SCOTUS AGAINST the faithful & ruled that casinos can host hundreds of gamblers, while churches cannot welcome their full congregations. The dissent from Gorsuch was right on.

The faithful can't attend or sing in church but thousands of BLM can dance & twerk in the streets.

The Feds arrested & charged 18 BLM-ANTIFA terrorist ringleaders, aged 18-45, in the Portland riots for vandalizing Federal property. They face 10 years in prison.

Massive riots are planned for Seattle this weekend and the Mayor of Seattle & Governor of Washington are trying to prevent the Feds from using non-lethal crowd control methods like tear gas or pepper spray.

The Democrats want another massacre like Kent State. That was their goal with CHOP/CHAZ. The Communists of BLM-ANTIFA will do ANYTHING to gain power over America.

Dozens of people in Utah, Washington & Virginia received small packages of seeds, disguised as jewelry, in the mail sent from Communist China. Is this the next CHINESE VIRUS?

It could be an invasive or poisonous species sent to harm America. Do not open the seed packets or plant - it could poison people or livestock. Call the FBI.

FBI warned US companies that do business in Communist China that the tax software they require is embedded with malware that can infiltrate their networks and steal their property. The massive uncoupling of the US from China is going to happen faster than I thought.

San Francisco Giants pitcher, Christian Sam Coonrod, was the ONLY player who refused to take a knee prior to the national anthem last week & bow to BLM:

“I’m a Christian. I just can’t get on board with things that I have read about Black Lives Matter. How they lean towards Marxism and they’ve said some negative things about the nuclear family. I just can’t get on board with that. I’m a Christian. I can’t kneel before anything besides God."

POMPEO: "If we bend the knee now, our children’s children may be at the mercy of the Chinese Communist Party."

On March 6, over four months ago & before the lockdown, I wrote the truth about what the VIRUS was really all about. Turns out I was correct. One of the very FEW who predicted what would happen. Stop listening to the fake news & clueless pundits. They're usually WRONG.

The Communist Chinese consulate in Houston may have been coordinating, funding & recruiting for the riots & terrorist activity across America. After China refused to leave & locked the doors, the Feds broke in! Pro-American demonstrators are cheering on the Feds.

A Communist Chinese scientist who was hiding out in their San Francisco consulate was captured. It's been a bad day for the Communists! The invisible enemy is invisible no longer!

Looks like the ChiComms have been committing espionage for a decade on US soil - causing chaos in 25 US cities - using their embassies in DC, Houston, New York, Chicago, LA & San Francisco. I'm guessing the Feds extracted proof of subversive activity from recent arrests.

Harris Faulkner of Fox News CUT AWAY from the White House Press Conference when Kayleigh showed a clip of the violence in Portland. WHY IS FOX NEWS HIDING THE TRUTH! Faulkner said "management" instructed her to do so. She wasn't very convincing.

DEFUND THE MEDIA. Spread the word!


President Trump unveiled his executive order to lower prescription drug prices. Big Pharma is pissed & refusing to meet with President Trump at the White House to discuss.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "I signed four measures that will massively reduce the prices of prescription drugs, in many cases by more than 50%. Nothing like this has ever been done before because Big Pharma, with its vast power, would not let it happen. Expensive Insulin went from big dollars to virtual pennies. Epi-pens went from their incredibly high, jacked up prices, to lower than their original give away bargains. Biggest price reductions in history, by far! Nothing like this has ever for our citizens, especially our Seniors. REMEMBER YOUR FAVORITE PRESIDENT!"

SEEMA VERMA: “Thanks to this bold step, Medicare will no longer be a powerless price taker, and American seniors will no longer foot the bill for the world’s innovation while other countries take a free ride.”

Catholics for Trump announced the addition of Dr. Taylor Marshall to its advisory board. Marshall is a fierce critic of Communist Pope Francis.

A new study projects that "legal immigration will fall by 49% between FY 2016 and FY 2021 due to Trump administration policies,” a drop from 1,183,505 to 601,660. We already know that ILLEGAL immigration into America has fallen 90% thanks to President Trump.

Chicago police say armed children, aged 10-17, have been on a carjacking spree across the South Side, since June, stealing cars at gunpoint in broad daylight.

Nick Sandmann turned 18 today and settled his $250 Million defamation lawsuit against the Washington Post. He's not done yet. He beat CNN & WaPo and has six lawsuits still pending against the fake news and Twitter.

At least 3 federal law enforcement officers may go permanently blind after BLM-ANTIFA terrorists used a type of “green laser” to target their eyes, day after day. These are EVIL people. LOCK THEM UP.

Sports leagues are making a huge mistake trying to turn their games into political statements for the Communists. Most people watch sports to escape real life, now more than ever. This isn’t going to go well for them.

If I don’t have a choice to wear a mask because I can harm someone near me then late-term abortion & using alcohol or drugs, while pregnant, shouldn’t be a choice either because that’s also harming someone. Common sense.

President Trump left his press conference yesterday to play ball with the Little Leaguers on the White House lawn. Then he did an interview with Barstool Sports. Here's Part One and Part Two and Part Three.

Trump said if states refuse to open public schools the funding should go directly to the parents so they can choose alternate charter schools, private schools, religious schools or home schooling. All about choice.

Imagine if you were forced to pay salaries, maintenance & rent for your local grocery store even if they didn't reopen. They would have little incentive to reopen effectively You have essentially just imagined the K-12 school system.

The largest lobby in America, the US Chamber of Commerce, backed by the Koch Libertarian Party and the NRF, is suing President Trump to bring in cheap foreign labor, take jobs from Americans & undermine wage increases. These are the REAL Never Trumpers.

After he threw out a wayward first pitch, while MASKED and alone on the baseball field, Fauci took OFF his mask in the stands & was not social distancing. Do as I say, not as I do. FRAUD. He's exempt from his own mask orders. They call it Dr. Fauci’s Maskerade.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Great job by Elon Musk in agreeing to build, in TEXAS, what is expected to be the largest auto plant anywhere in the world. He kept his word to me. Texas & Tesla are big winners. MADE IN THE USA!"

Multiple sources say Peter Strzok is cooperating with the investigators. He's not the only one.

Watch this. So sweet. Made me cry. Now watch this. Makes me angry. Look how liberal parents teach their children to HATE.

John Ratcliffe declassified the memo that described the August 17, 2016 briefing the FBI gave Trump. The FBI said it was a defensive briefing. The evidence proves it was a setup of Flynn & Trump engineered by the Obama administration.

Rasmussen's Daily Tracking Poll shows President Trump's TOTAL approval rating is at the same level as Obama's during his 1st term, his black approval rating is over 40% & his non-white approval rating is over 50%. HUGE.

Fauci threw out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals game. It didn't go well. Fauci's pitching is as accurate as his advice. Way off target.

Trump said the "Jacksonville" portion of the GOP convention is cancelled for "safety" reasons. He brought up Portland so I'm guessing ANTIFA-BLM had massive riots planned for Jacksonville.

Trump said they will still hold events in North Carolina & online but didn't say what. Watch rigged VIRUS cases plummet in Florida now that Trump's speech in Jacksonville has been cancelled.

A judge authorized the release of flight logs, police reports & deposition testimony related to Ghislane Maxwell's case, while another judge refused to block prosecutors and lawyers from publicly discussing it.

The spineless leaders of the Washington Redskins will call itself the “Washington Football Team” for now. New merchandise is, of course, for sale.

BRAD PARSCALE: "I talked to a police officer today. He said a child was shot and killed in Florida. The child had covid after blood testing. He was marked as a covid death. If this is true, this madness must stop."

California has SIX EXTRA representatives in the US House because illegal aliens have been included in past Census counts. You can thank Clinton & Obama for that.

Top 5 most profitable companies during the pandemic were Visa, Microsoft, Pfizer, Intel & Facebook. How does that make you feel while you're hunkered down behind a mask?

A federal judge ordered the release of Michael Cohen who said the decision to return Cohen to jail after he violated house arrest was retaliation for a planned book on Trump.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Trump is sending federal law enforcement to crime-riddled cities because the Mayors are women. Desperate times call for playing the gender AND race card. How did the Communist rioters pay her back? They descended on her home.

Former US Congressman, Democrat Michael “Ozzie” Myers, 77, of Philadelphia was indicted for election fraud: stuffing ballot boxes, bribing election officials, falsifying records & voting more than once in Federal elections. Yeah, but Democrats say this never happens.

The FBI has started interviewing Chinese researchers in more than 25 cities who are suspected of being "undeclared members" of Communist China's People's Liberation Army.

The Communist Mayor of DC just exempted many Federal & State workers from her mask mandate on the same day she launched an investigation into President Trump for not wearing his mask at his own hotel. You see where this is going, don't you? It's NOT about your health.

The NBA revealed their "new" look: Black Lives Matter written on the court, socially distanced bench using spaced out chairs and plexiglass in front of the announcer's booth and EVERYONE kneels during the Anthem. Ted Cruz is not happy.

HERSCHEL WALKER: “To say that you’re going to put BLM [Black Lives Matter] on the field or on a jersey, well some people may not believe in what BLM stands for.”

After being called out for aligning themselves with a Communist regime that uses Muslim slave labor in concentration camps, the NBA cut ties with China's Xinjiang region. Only the beginning. Apple, Nike & others are on the hot seat as well. Can't wait to see where this ends.

How can ANY poll be correct when majorities of Democrats (52%), independents (59%) and Republicans (77%) all agree they have political opinions they are afraid to share in public.

Isaiah Jackson, 20, was arrested after posting a photo of him holding his knee on the neck of a crying 2-year-old child, with her hands pinned behind her back, with the caption "BLM now." Further evidence that BLM doesn't care about their own children's lives.

Ivan Robles Navejas, an illegal immigrant, was arrested for causing the death of 3 members of a motorcycle club for retired police officers in Texas, the Thin Blue Line Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. He was intoxicated, crossed over the median & hit 9 people.

When you read statements about Kanye West being "bipolar" from his "wife" Kim Kardashian, remember they've been considering divorce for a long time. Kanye, a Trump fan, wants to get away from that crazy family and Kim's liberal cronies will do ANYTHING to help Biden win.

World-class epidemiologist said herd immunity to COVID-19 kicks in at a 25% exposure rate - a much lower rate than thought. People have an "innate resistance or cross-protection" from exposure to seasonal coronaviruses. Odd, Fauci & the fake news failed to mention that.

Florida residents are reporting they are being called with positive test results when they've NEVER been tested. Another way the case numbers are rigged & inflated by the liberal "health experts."

President Trump & his White House now have over 200 million followers on social media - compared to 12 million for Biden. But, yeah, Biden's allegedly winning in the "polls."

Fauci's infectious disease agency in the NIH has been charged with ethics violations many times over the years for granting money to sketchy causes & keeping sloppy books. I hope this will all come out in the end. Fauci collaborated with Gates & Communist China in Wuhan.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has been directed to give data to the president about the number of illegal aliens nationwide, by region, so Trump can exclude them from the census total. This number will be used to apportion seats in Congress & cap legal voter counts.

DeBlasio spent $52 Million on a temporary coronavirus hospital in New York City but only sent 79 patients there while other permanent hospitals & nursing homes were crowded with patients. Doctors were paid as much as $732 per hour to do nothing.

A New York artist put up a banner of Communist Mayor DeBlasio holding the severed head of Lady Liberty. After the NYPD asked him to take it down, he said he has lots of other "murals" going up. Her life matters.

Nightly riots in Portland continue on. The Portland Mayor joined the terrorists, was booed by protesters & tear gassed by the Feds. Meanwhile, Seattle is freeing criminals & closing jails. Vote OUT the Democrats who are encouraging & enabling violence in their cities.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Recently watched failed RINO Tom Ridge, former head of Homeland Security, trying to justify his sudden love of the Radical Left Mayor of Portland, who last night was booed & shouted out of existence by the agitators & anarchists. Love watching pathetic Never Trumpers squirm!"

Sweden sentenced a 39-year-old Somali immigrant to 11 years in prison for his SECOND child rape in three years. He held 11-12 year old girls at knife point & threatened to kill them and their families if they told. Ahmed wore plastic gloves. US media never reports these stories.

Over 100,000 "white girls" between the ages of 10-22 have been raped in the EU by Muslim grooming gangs from Africa & the Middle East since they opened the borders wide. Many girls are impregnated and their children will be the next generation of Europeans.

MARK LEVIN: The big "surge" in VIRUS deaths is a media-created MYTH.

Minnesota's Democrat Governor Walz mandated masks indoors statewide, and outdoors if you're not able to maintain a 6 foot distance from non-family members. The order exempts those speaking to the hearing impaired, those with medical conditions & children under 5.

Businesses were told to ask customers to comply but if they cannot, due to medical reasons, they should NOT ask further questions & simply let them enter. HIPAA rules. They're afraid of lawsuits.

Walz said NOT wearing a mask is NOT a crime yet he's calling it a petty misdemeanor & levying a fine. How is it not a crime if there's a criminal penalty? This ridiculous statement is going to cost him LAWSUITS. THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

Minnesota is mandating masks 5 months into a pandemic in the heat of summer in a state where 87% of the counties have had NO deaths - while the Minneapolis Park Board debates letting people roam "naked while masked" in Minneapolis parks. Minnesota is turning RED.

President Trump is sending hundreds of Federal agents to Chicago and across America to deal with violence, radical extremists & "vigorously charge federal crimes."

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Help is on the way!

AG Barr says he is rolling out Operation Legend, to fight crime, in three cities at first: Chicago, Albuquerque & Kansas City. Others to follow.

At the White House, Trump recognized the parents and grandparents of LeGend Taliferro, a 4-year-old boy who was fatally shot in Kansas City. Operation Legend was named in honor of the boy.

Since the "death" of George Floyd, 18 police officers have been killed in the line of duty, 1,300 injured & hundreds are on PTSD disability & unable to return to work. Why doesn’t the fake news ever talk about this?

US Attorney for Minnesota announced a new Violent Crime Task Force with Federal agents from the FBI, ATF, US Secret Service, Marshals Service & DEA to assist local law enforcement to investigate, arrest, and prosecute individuals responsible for gun violence in the Twin Cities.

Only 23% of Americans want to DEFUND the police where they live. This is a losing platform for the progressive left. Trump said the DOJ will disperse $61 million in grants to cities to hire more police officers where needed under Operation Legend.

Billionaire investor Bill Ackman said he’s bullish on the U.S. and markets, including restaurants, hotels & entertainment, over the long term, but companies with high debt will have a hard time surviving. "The Fed won't bail out companies with debt."

Pompeo called for an international coalition to check China: “We’ve seen Hong Kong’s freedoms crushed. We’ve watched the CCP bully its neighbors, militarize the South China Sea & confront India. We want every nation to work together to push back against the Chinese Communist Party.”

Trump is giving Communist China until 4pm Friday to vacate their consulate in Houston - a massive spy center. Hours later, the Houston Fire Department was called to the property because people were burning documents in the courtyard.

Besides its embassy in Beijing, the U.S. has five consulates in mainland China in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan and Shenyang.

A co-founder of the Never Trump Lincoln Project, John Weaver, a political consultant who worked on McCain’s & Kasich’s presidential campaigns, registered as a Russian foreign agent for uranium conglomerate TENEX in a six-figure deal last year

TENEX’s parent company is Rosatom, a Russian state-owned corporation, that paid Bill Clinton $500,000 in speaking fees and millions to the Clinton Foundation after Obama & Clinton signed off on their merger. The ties that bind! No wonder these guys HATE Trump.

After RINO Kasich announced he was endorsing Joe Biden, his Never Trump SUPER PAC allies in Ohio were arrested by the FBI in a $60 Million energy-related bribery scheme.

Scaramucci is involved with the SUPER PAC. Scaramucci said he was "very confident that we can convince a large group of Republican voters that Biden is the right person to vote for if they want to stay true to their principles and to the legacy of the Republican Party."

Communist sympathizer Nancy Pelosi said it's not the CHINESE Virus - it's the TRUMP virus. How much money has Pelosi & her family taken from the Communists who unleashed the virus on the world? Lots.

Back in January, President Trump banned travel from China, taking swift action to save lives. He did the same thing to Europe & South Korea in February. But Pelosi's House, and Ilhan Omar, is trying to strip him of his authority to ban foreign threats to keep Americans safe.

Twitter is banning accounts who use the Star of David in their profile picture - calling the Jewish symbol "hateful imagery." But they're just fine with ISIS, ANTIFA & Communist flags.

NYPD dismantled ANTIFA-BLM squatting at “Occupy City Hall” in Manhattan in an overnight raid.

BLM-ANTIFA terrorists dismantled surveillance cameras & demanded that people stop filming right before they destroyed a Starbucks in Seattle while chanting "F*** Starbucks" & "I don't know s**t, I don't see s**t." The Democrat Mayor of Seattle called this a "peaceful" protest.

University of Minnesota infectious disease expert Dr. Michael Osterholm says cloth masks DO NOT work: “Never before in my 45 year career have I seen such a far-reaching public recommendation issued without a single source of data or information to support it.”

“Exhaustive studies have found masks make no difference. The only study on cloth masks found that 97% of particles pass through the fabric. Cloth masks may stop large droplets, but “it’s the little particles coming around the sides that are the real problem.” I said that 5 months ago.

President Trump ordered the US census to exclude illegal immigrants in its population count for determining representation in Congress. That means blue state will LOSE electoral college votes.

The American Civil Liberties Union called his EO "patently unconstitutional" and said they will take it to court. Last year the Supreme Court blocked the Trump Administration’s move to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. Chief Justice Roberts sided with the liberals.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: The “radical left is trying to erase the existence” of American citizenship by concealing “the number of illegal aliens in our country” as “part of a broader left-wing effort to erode the rights of Americans citizens, and I will not stand for it.”

"Just as we do not give political power to people who are here temporarily, we should not give political power to people who should not be here at all.”

Immediately after the Chicago Mayor told Trump she didn't need help in her city, because HE was a terrorist, 14 people were shot in a drive-by shooting at a funeral. Likely gang violence. One suspect is in custody. Out of control.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Mail-In Voting, unless changed by the courts, will lead to the most CORRUPT ELECTION in our Nation’s History! Rigged Election!"

India & America are close to a new trade deal to edge out Communist China. That's why Trump met with Modi months ago. Meanwhile, Israel, Russia & India are joining forces against Communist China at Trump's behest. Strategy.

Major League Baseball has gone full-blown Kaepernick-BLM-Communist and started kneeling during the National Anthem. I've been a MLB fan since I was a kid. I'm done.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Looking forward to live sports, but any time I witness a player kneeling during the National Anthem, a sign of great disrespect for our Country and our Flag, the game is over for me!"

Dr. Harvey Risch, an epidemiology professor at Yale School of Public Health, said hydroxychloroquine could save 75,000 to 100,000 lives if the drug was widely used to treat COVID-19.

Matt Gaetz called for Liz Cheney to be removed as the GOP Conference Chair and accused her of opposing President Trump's agenda "behind the scenes."

A Michigan school district fired a popular high school teacher and coach after he pointed out that he was done being silent and that "Trump is our president" on social media.

Minnesota judge lifted the gag order in the George Floyd case. No decision yet on whether to release body camera video footage that can only be viewed by "appointment" at the Hennepin County Government Center. What are they hiding?

5.8 MILLION people watched President Trump’s interview with Chris Wallace.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “When you are not able to socially distance, wear a mask, get a mask. Whether you like the mask or not, they have an impact, they'll have an effect.” After Trump said that at his press conference, Jon Karl of ABC took OFF his mask to ask a question.

Trump announced that masks "have an effect" so now Democrats can't claim they need cheat-by-mail & that they need to "release" criminals from prison.

Trumps said masks "have an impact" so schools can be open and campaign rallies & the GOP convention can resume in some form. Maybe masks can even help push the need for Voter ID. Check mate.

They are trying to put Italy conservative leader Matteo Salvini in prison for stopping ships full of illegal aliens coming into Italy. They’re literally trying to put him on CRIMINAL TRIAL.

A Catholic hospital in Maryland faces a lawsuit from a woman who identifies as a man because it would not perform a hysterectomy & remove her healthy uterus. Thanks SCOTUS!

What part of the Constitution gives Trump authority to act in Portland and other US cities under siege by BLM-ANTIFA terrorists? 40 U.S. Code 1315, which gives DHS authority to deputize agents to protect federal properties.

Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile shut down a trial run of the Trump campaign's new text messaging program, sending to spam over 1 million messages over July 4th. Twitter and Facebook are censoring conservatives & Gmail is sending Trump emails to spam folders.

The DOJ charged two Chinese hackers with trying to steal COVID-19 research and other information from hundreds of businesses, activists and government agencies over the last 10 years to aid the Communist Party. Over a dozen have been arrested in the past 6 months.

Twitter banned 7,000 QAnon accounts, limited 150,000 others & classified QAnon as "harmful activity" because they've been "harassing" high-profile critics of Trump like Chrissy Teigen. Last year, the FBI designated QAnon as a potential domestic terrorist threat.

Russia says their new COVID-19 vaccine has been tested, is safe and works and expects to begin limited distribution of by the middle of August with mass production, immunizing 30 million Russians, by the end of the year. Who's in?

The coup against Trump is a remake of the coup against Nixon by many of the same players. Trump knows this. That's how he knows how to defeat it.

Romney, Kerry, Biden, McCain, Pelosi, Schiff, Mueller, Soros, Brennan, McMaster, Obama and Clinton are all tied to Communist China's sketchy money laundering deals in Ukraine. No wonder they need to take down President Trump!

Here's the truth about the Wuhan virus they're not telling you - it's all about taking down Trump. Democrats hope to hype the virus for months to destroy the economy, shut down rallies & debates & force voting by mail to harvest & rig absentee ballots.

Here's what they're not telling you about the ENGINEERED death of George Floyd & his connection to Ellison, CAIR, Frey & ANTIFA. It's about fueling race riots & turning Lake Street into an extension of Cedar Riverside for election fraud. Read this and open your eyes.

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