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REAL News Updates (7/1/20)

ALERT: If you follow Maggie on Facebook, Facebook banned her for posting this truth from the CDC's website:

CDC confirmed they count the COMMON COLD as a positive WUHAN virus test & the GAO reports that the CDC grossly OVERCOUNTS cases in many other ways. No wonder there are millions of cases. If you've ever had a cold caused by a coronavirus, you TEST POSITIVE. It's all a scam.

The head of New York's Black Lives Matter organization said on Fox News that if America doesn't give BLM what they want, they'll "burn the system down." Trump called that treason & sedition & said that the organization behind BLM is a "symbol of hate."

700 bikers, police & armed citizens surrounded 80 BLM & ANTIFA Communist rioters, who invaded a small town in Ohio, & DROVE them OUT!

We wouldn't have lockdowns & mobs & riots if Democrats believed all the fake polls that say Biden's going to beat Trump. Think about that.

Sean Hannity reached out to the father of one of the teenagers who was shot in gang wars in CHOP/CHAZ. Police & ambulances weren't allowed in, he wasn't allowed to see his son & the Seattle Mayor tried to sweep it under the rug. Heartbreaking interview.

Seattle's Mayor knows lawsuits are coming & the city attorneys likely told her to keep her mouth shut & not acknowledge anything!

The Trump administration just FIRED 54 scientists & cut off 77 grants at Fauci's NIH for not disclosing their ties to Communist China! Draining the swamp.

New York Mayor de Blasio said religious gatherings & BLM gatherings are apples & oranges, because BLM has "profound meaning."

Rand Paul told Fauci that a small group of "health experts" doesn't know what's best for America and they should stop spouting off like they do.

Did you notice THAT Fauci started fear-mongering again after Gilead announced they'll charge $3000 for a 5-day dose of his failed Ebola drug, Remdesivir to treat WUHAN? Greedy & corrupt. Trump's hydroxychloroquine costs $8 a dose & actually works.

SCOTUS blocked US federal funding to Soros' foreign AIDS NGOs. Does this STOP Soros from laundering millions of dollars in AIDS money from Fauci's NIH? It's a start.

Hundreds of Never Trump Bush administration officials announced their support for Democrat Joe Biden. Tells you all you need to know.

NYPD: The CRIMINAL who pushed a 92-year-old woman to the ground causing her to hit her head on a fire hydrant has been CAUGHT. He’s been arrested 104 times before.

67,000 US pediatricians called for America's schools to REOPEN this fall with “students physically present" in the classroom. Fauci reluctantly agreed.

Trump signed an EO to suspend foreign worker visas through 12/31 so companies can't replace laid off US workers with non-citizens.

A US Postal worker was caught on video tossing campaign mailers for a Texas Republican Congressional candidate in a dumpster. 4 City Council Members in New Jersey were arrested for forging 800 absentee ballots. Now think what they plan to do with mail-in ballots!

The US Supreme Court sided with Republicans and blocked Democrats from expanding cheat-by-mail ballots in Texas. Need cheat-by-mail ballots shut down nationwide in the name of national security.

AG BARR: Mail-in ballots are stolen out of mailboxes & foreign countries print counterfeit ballots we can't detect. RIPE FOR FRAUD!

AG Barr asked the Never Trump United States Attorney of SDNY to resign. He refused to leave so President Trump fired him. CORRUPT. Draining the swamp.

Mobs of BLM & ANTIFA Communists blocked entrances & became violent outside the arena at Trump’s rally so the Tulsa Mayor was forced to shut down outside viewing & send home the overflow crowd.

Inside, liberal staffers sabotaged the rally as well. They removed screeners & flagged seats as unavailable. In spite of all that, some 60,000 tried to enter & 12,000 made it inside.

Even better, a record 18.8 MILLION viewed Trump’s Tulsa rally online & on television & gave Fox News its largest Saturday night audience in history. Trump hired a NEW rally overseer change rally procedures in the face of BLM resistance & the WUHAN hoax.

Bubba Wallace pulled a Jussie at NASCAR with another hate crime noose hoax. Ever since the Osundario brothers agreed to testify against Jussie, suddenly nooses are popping up all over America.

Did Bubba Wallace agree to pull a Jussie & race-bait for BLM to attract corporate sponsors & be the next "Kaepernick" of NASCAR?

I hope officers who quit Democrat-run cities are hired by Republican-run cities to protect people who appreciate law enforcement.

The silent majority must stop being silent. There's too much at stake.

Only racists want Aunt Jemima taken off the syrup. The rest of us just want pancakes!

Atheist Shaun King, a red-haired white man who pretends to be a black man for the Communists at BLM, says statues of Jesus are symbols of white supremacy and must be torn down. Oh, and stained glass & murals have to go, too.

Mayor of Seattle announced she'll finally dismantle BLM's anti-cop zone known as CHAZ after a 2nd person was murdered. She couldn't get Trump to take the bait and send in troops. She hoped to set him up for another WACO.

Trump signed an EO to defund cities who allow vandals to destroy Federal statues & monuments & ordered the DOJ to prosecute them for 10-year sentences. Dozens of arrests were made. Vandalism stopped.

Just like Minneapolis, due to Democrat defund the police pandering, the Atlanta PD are refusing to answer the radio & walking off the job. Let's see how folks like mob rule.

TRUMP: We ask our police to put on the uniform & risk their lives for us every day; the least we can do is give them our gratitude.

BLM & ANTIFA terrorists surrounded a young couple in a truck in Atlanta & threatened to drag them out of their car. This is what NO-GO zones are like in Europe.

New York City is named after James Duke of York, who BOUGHT slaves from Africa. Why hasn't Mayor de Blasio pushed to change the city's name?

European slave traders didn't invade Africa to capture slaves. African Kings brought their own brothers to the coasts & SOLD THEM. BLM leaves these things out.

9 million blacks are still enslaved, tortured & sold by Muslim leaders in Africa today. Their organs are harvested & they are roasted for dinner.

Seema Verma, head of Medicare and Medicaid, said Democrat Governors who sent infected patients to nursing homes violated Federal standards & Scalise says they will be investigated.

There is NO massive WUHAN virus resurgence anywhere in the US. Deaths are plummeting. Herd immunity is near. Fake news is gas lighting us before the election. Cases are up because testing is up and states redefined how cases & hospitalizations are coded.

On May 15, the CDC allowed states to adopt a new definition for positive WUHAN patients as "probable COVID" if they felt warm & had a headache. JOKE.

In many states, if you go in for elective procedure, and you test positive for WUHAN, they code your hospitalization as CAUSED by WUHAN!

First the CDC coded deaths to WUHAN that weren't caused by WUHAN. Now they're doing the same damn thing with hospitalizations!

Trump confirmed masks don't filter out viruses & every time you adjust your mask you actually bring toxic particles TO YOUR FACE. Here's a visual to confirm that. All cloth masks do is give you a false sense of security, impede your breathing & force you to inhale your own waste.

NEW MEXICO: ANTIFA terrorists smashed a man in the face with a skateboard & threatened to kill him. He shot one in self-defense. Video exonerated him.

A mob of ANTIFA & BLM Communists took over the downtown block where the Democrat Mayor of Portland has a condo. All of a sudden he’s not happy with the “occupation.”

350 Orthodox Jews in New York City just CUT THE LOCK that Comrade DeBlasio put on their park to stop their children from playing there. Well done!

Thousands are gathering in Democrat cities across America in "Liberation Events" to celebrate "Black Transgender Lives Matter" and “Black Bisexual Lives Matter” during Pride Month while local leaders cancel 4th of July fireworks for the family. Are you WOKE yet?

NFL Commissioner Goodell wants a team to hire Colin Kaepernick so he can "guide" the league on social justice. Is this a joke?

All 10 police officers of the Hallandale Beach, Florida SWAT team QUIT after their Chief knelt down to ANTIFA & BLM rioters.

Trump SHUT DOWN a radio station owned by the Communist Party that broadcasts propaganda into California & Arizona from towers in Mexico.

Archbishop Vigano says the VIRUS is social engineering to control us & distract us so Communists can invade nations and expand their evil empire.

Communist China LIED to the free people of Hong Kong & will enslave them under atheist totalitarian rule on July 1st. Taiwan is next. Dissent? You face life in prison.

Morgan Stanley says they predict Trump's recovery will skyrocket due to "surprisingly" strong growth data & his aggressive economic policies.

You are far more likely to be discriminated at work for being a Republican or a Trump supporter than being female, LGB or a POC.

The City of Minneapolis is spending $4,500 PER day to provide private armed security details for 3 Minneapolis Council members. This the same City Council, run by Keith Ellison's son, Jeremiah, that just voted to ABOLISH ARMED POLICE for the rest of us.

Governor of California suddenly ORDERED all Californians to wear face masks. The VIRUS is gone & summer is starting. CONTROL.


Now that we've ALL seen that the Democrat Party's goal is to destroy America, what do you call a person who still votes Democrat?

President Trump signed the 200th mile of new border wall.

Federal appeals court upheld the DOJ's request & ORDERED Judge Sullivan to dismiss ALL charges against General Michael Flynn. Sullivan is still resisting.

Trump wants a $4,000 tax credit per adult to vacation in the US at least 50 miles from home. GREAT idea to spur domestic travel.

AG Bill Barr agreed to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on July 28th. Mark it down. This should be MUST SEE TV.

BLM blocked the street and surrounded a car in Provo, Utah. Several terrorists shot into the car as the driver tried to escape the mob.

SLEEPY JOE: "I’m going to follow the doc’s orders. I will not hold any [campaign] rallies.” Which doctor? Fauci?

While Communists can use the VIRUS as a weapon against us, Trump can use it as an EXCUSE to punish our enemies & keep them OUT! Two edged sword.

Sidney Powell confirmed that Flynn was targeted by Obama's minions because Flynn was going to audit the intelligence agencies & knew about the BILLIONS that Obama's CIA Director John Brennan & his Deep State pals were running off the books.

Rumors are the Communists will unleash a new H1N1 Swine Flu like the one Obama used to scare Congress into passing ObamaCare in 2009. Fauci said he's "monitoring" the situation.

In a blow to Communist China, Trump removed Hong Kong's special trade status & labeled China's technology companies, Huawei & ZTE, as national security risks.

Know how far left Fox has gone? The new Fox SOUL network was going to air a message from the anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam on July 4th.

Remember, the ONLY footage we've seen so far of George Floyd was uploaded online from the cell phone of a BLM activist & from the surveillance cameras outside Cup Foods - the local store owned by a BLM leader from "Palestine."

Judge scheduled the George Floyd trial in Minnesota for March 2021. The black officer, one of 4 charged with felony murder, pleaded not guilty and said he was defending his life & followed procedure. He says body cam footage will clear all 4 officers and wants it played for the public at pre-trial hearings.

The officers charged with murder in the Rayshard Brooks murder say they are innocent & believe when a jury sees the entirety of evidence they will be acquitted.

Obama provided taxpayer-funded Secret Service protection for Hunter Biden on at least 411 international and domestic trips.

Scientists in Spain started testing OLD sewage samples for WUHAN VIRUS & found it in Barcelona in March 2019! The VIRUS has been around a long time.

Damn, this virus is smart. Seems to be spiking in all the states where President Trump has rallies planned.

All major studies show WUHAN virus is NOT spread on surfaces or by carriers without symptoms and has a fatality rate near zero for healthy people under 80.

Federal judge in New York said de Blasio & Cuomo violated the Constitution by forcing people of faith to abide by stricter rules than everyone else.

Communist "health experts" recommend we wear blindfolds & ear plugs along with masks so we can't hear & see what's really going on.

IMHO, the VIRUS is a trojan horse to make us cower in our homes while the Communists take over our streets & destroy our nation!

The concept of SOCIAL JUSTICE was used by the NAZI SOCIALISTS to justify the Holocaust. It means "I envy what YOU have & I'm going to take it." If your church preaches it, you need to find a new church.

TRUMP: Rioters, arsonists, & left-wing extremists, who identify as Marxists, have launched a sustained assault to destroy America.

TRUMP: Mueller hired 18 angry Democrats, ALL geniuses, to come after me. They spent 2.5 years & $55 Million & found NOTHING.

TRUMP: Sorry to inform the Do Nothing Democrats, but I am getting VERY GOOD internal Polling Numbers. I will win AGAIN! THE VAST SILENT MAJORITY IS ALIVE AND WELL!!!

Anyone pushing the fake news that "polls show that Trump is losing ground & will lose unless he changes course" is pushing DNC talking points.

On June 29th, Tulsa Police Sergeant Craig Johnson was shot multiple times, after a traffic stop. One shot was a fatal wound to his head. Officer Johnson leaves behind a wife & two boys. Last year, 89 police officers were murdered, hundreds wounded. The fake news never reports that.

Pointing at the police, a BLM terrorist shouted: "I wanna put my foot on his f****** neck like he do us. I wanna put my foot on his back like he do us. I wanna hang him from a f****** tree like he do us.”

If every cop is guilty because of what one cop did, then EVERY BLM supporter is guilty of murder and mayhem. DEFEND the police & DEFUND BLM & ANTIFA.

BLM terrorists call for white people to form human barricades to protect them. BLM views white liberals as useful idiots who will be the first to go. They probably shouldn't have kneeled & kissed BLM's feet so soon.

If you are afraid to express your personal, religious or political beliefs at work or around friends, you need to get a new job and new friends. We cannot normalize this in America.

TUCKER CARLSON: "How did Peter Strzok's text messages become more important than foreign nationals taking American jobs." So we're supposed to ignore the coup against our President?

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