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REAL News Updates (6/14/20)

I liked it better when corporations just sold me stuff, without needing to remind me every 12 minutes how racist I am and they're not.

UPDATE: Over 800,000 people have registered so far for Trump's next MAGA rally in Tulsa. Only 68 people are watching Biden online. Yet all the polls say Biden is ahead by double digits. FAKE NEWS.

Senate Judiciary Committee gave Lindsey Graham the power to subpoena 50 Obama-ites including Rice, Comey & Clapper. Let's see what he does.

A Christian street preacher in CHAZ, Seattle’s new anti-cop zone occupied by BLM/ANTIFA, who didn't want to be kissed by a man, was surrounded, tackled, beaten & choked. COMMUNITY POLICING.

Keith Ellison’s kid, Jeremiah & his Minneapolis City Council, just voted to dismantle & replace the MPD with the new concept called "community policing." They’ll put to work all those criminals that the Democrats just released from prison for COVID.

The greatest danger to the public is not from police but from politicians who use & abuse the police to further their liberal agendas.

MPD told the DOJ that the City sided with the community against them & refused to let them defend themselves against bombs & rocks.

The Minneapolis PD are angry that Mayor Jacob Frey abandoned the 3rd Precinct to the rioters & over a dozen have already walked off the job.

The Democrat Governor of Maine is demanding restaurants collect private information on their patrons BEFORE she lets them open.

Left-wing Bolsheviks (Lenin/Stalin) who overthrew Russia, to form the Communist Soviet Union, believed only MARXIST LIVES MATTER.

The founder of the left-wing People's Republic of China, Chairman Mao ZeDong, believed that only COMMUNIST LIVES MATTER.

The head of the left-wing national SOCIALIST German worker's party, Adolf Hitler, believed that only NAZI LIVES MATTER. Are you seeing the pattern here?

TODD STARNES: If your church does not believe that ALL lives matter you should leave that church. We are ALL made in God's image.

After abusing the LAPD to keep Los Angeles safe during riots, the Mayor announced the city is broke & can't pay the overtime due.

Black Lives Matter & ANTIFA terrorists in San Antonio are now demanding to tear down The Alamo. Texas ain't playing.

The Christopher Columbus statue they pulled down in Minnesota was sculpted by an Italian immigrant & his son. The two men helped build Grand Central Station & gave the statue as a gift to Minnesota during the Great Depression as a symbol of the acceptance of Italian immigrants in Minnesota. Do their lives not matter?

ARCHBISHOP VIGANO: "The plans for a international New World Order by a powerful elite must be unmasked, understood and revealed. Hidden behind these acts of social engineering & violence are those who hope to create a world WITHOUT freedom. The good are held hostage by the wicked & by those who help them either out of self-interest or fearfulness."

Instead of blaming Democrats for unleashing the VIRUS & RIOTS on us, Koch Libertarians blame Trump & the GOP for not STOPPING them.

CARDILLO: "ANTIFA and BLM’s power comes from a lack of enforcement and prosecution. Miami PD got them under control in 40 seconds. They have no will to fight those who fight back." Time for Mayors & Governors to STOP telling police to stand down and let them do their jobs.

In case you forgot, Tucker Carlson used to work for CNN, the New York Times, PBS & MSNBC & ran the CATO Institute for the Koch Libertarians. He hates Trump, just like the Kochs do. Don’t be fooled. He was brought in to replace Bill O’Reilly after the Murdochs got rid of Roger Ailes. Bait & switch saboteur.

NAVARRO: “Communist China used the Cuban Missile crisis to invade India just as it's using VIRUS & riots to invade nations today.” I was right. The VIRUS was a distraction for invasions.

90% of the Natives living in the Americas DIED from vaccine-preventable illnesses like measles, small pox & influenza. They didn't die from war. They died from imported DISEASE.

The US anti-vaxxer movement is run by the Communist Party and was started in the US in 1879 by a socialist ”vegetarian” from the UK to stop Americans from using the small-pox vaccine. Think about that.

NAVARRO: The Chinese Communist Party is coming for our economy. They've taken our technology, our intellectual property & jobs.

NAVARRO: Biden operated out of a PO Box in Delaware & helped many multi-national corporations send US jobs freely to China.

Communist China is using the VIRUS & RIOTS as a cover & excuse to enslave Hong Kong & invade India, Brazil, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Mexico & Malaysia.

NAVARRO: Communist China's culture is NOT truth. It's perfectly acceptable for the Communist Party to LIE to achieve their goals.

Who is behind the surge to legalize marijuana in America? The Communist Party. They want us high & stupid when they invade US.

A gang of 200 Black Lives Matter looters swarmed in and cleaned out a Tampa Walmart while it was closed for COVID.

One of the lawyer-rioters who tried to torch an NYPD patrol car is a “Palestinian” who interned with a Soros' anti-Israel organization on the West Bank.

TRUMP: Toughness & discipline is sometimes the most compassionate thing. Being soft & weak is not compassionate. Do you think suburban women want to DEFUND the Police? I don’t think so.

Funny how Biden all of a sudden got dementia after he was accused of rape & Ukraine leaked tapes showing he committed treason!

JOHN DOWD: Retired Generals (like Mattis) can't denounce a President. It's a court-martial offense. They can be recalled & prosecuted.

New York's State Health Department KNEW there were hundreds of empty beds available but sent infected patients to nursing homes anyway! So did several other BLUE states. Scalise to investigate.

Communists of BLM & ANTIFA are extorting donations from businesses, or else, and funds are routed through ActBlue to the DNC. Like the mob.

Scott Adams asked ANYONE to come forward with a CURRENT example to prove America is SYSTEMICALLY RACIST against African-Americans. So far, NOBODY can.

Over 46 MILLION people in the world are STILL held in slavery - yet the Communists who run those countries tell America that WE are the evil "white supremacists" and we BUY it.

Stop believing Satan. Stop buying the con. Stop feeling guilty for something you didn't do. Stop shaming yourself & teaching your children a LIE. Your self-loathing is DESTROYING our nation.

The truth is America is the MOST free, the LEAST oppressive & the LEAST racist country in the world. Get OFF YOUR KNEES, stand up and declare your allegiance to the greatest country on God's green earth.

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So far, President Trump has exposed corruption at NATO, WHO, WTO, UN, ICC, CDC, NIH, FBI, CIA, DNI, DOJ, NSA, NSC, DNC & State. Pretty amazing.

Chicago police union boss says he'll fire cops who kneel with anti-police BLM & ANTIFA protesters. GOOD.

Funny how Biden all of a sudden got dementia after he was accused of rape & Ukraine leaked tapes showing he committed treason! You should see his "fundraising" eulogy for Floyd. PERFECT delivery.

China has at least 174,000 fake accounts on Twitter they use to troll & distribute Communist Party propaganda in the United States & they are inviting BLM & ANTIFA to Beijing for a meeting!

Communists of Black Lives Matter are extorting donations from businesses on behalf of George Floyd, or else, and funds are routed through ActBlue to the DNC. It's ALL a DNC fundraising scheme.

Since Seattle's "Mayor Jenny" told police to leave & let ANTIFA/BLM take over CHAZ, 911 calls for robbery, rape & assault have tripled in the area and police can't answer them.

TRUMP: “We have to respect & take care of our police. They protect us. If they’re allowed to do their job, they do a great job. We’ll make NO progress and heal NO wounds by FALSELY labeling tens of millions of DECENT Americans as racist or bigots.”

National Guard, in DC to protect our Nation's Capitol from ANTIFA & BLM, were delivered pizza by Uber Eats containing GLASS!

ARCHBISHOP: The VIRUS & the George Floyd riots were ENGINEERED by the EVIL Communist DEEP STATE to stop President Trump's re-election.

Communists want to overthrow America & enslave us all. They use tactics like Mueller, Impeachment, the VIRUS, ANTIFA, CAIR & Black Lives Matter to make it happen.

Rioters all over the country are "occupying" territory, toppling and beheading statues and parading them around in celebration. Eerily ISIS-like.

ANTIFA & BLM Communists fenced off a 6-block area in Seattle, after the East police precinct fell, for a cop-free, no-go zone and are calling for "volunteers" to run it. "You are now leaving the USA." There are over 700 of these in Europe.

TRUMP: Seattle, take back your city NOW. If you don’t do it, I will. This is not a game. Anarchists must be stopped immediately!

Director of National Intelligence Ratcliffe declassified more ObamaGate documents & sent them to Congress. A big release is coming.

The Republican Party has tentatively decided to hold its August 2020 convention in Jacksonville, Florida after the Governor of North Carolina played games.

150 anarcho-terrorists toppled the Christopher Columbus statue at the Minnesota State Capitol. The police did nothing. The Mayor did nothing. The Governor's office said they would protect it but they did not.

NYPD: "We've been told not to even touch criminals unless you want to get collared or lose your job."

President Trump will restart MAGA rallies in Oklahoma, Arizona, Florida & North Carolina. First one to be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 19th.

Now that the "riots" are over, & Trump is planning MAGA rallies, the Democrats, the fake news & Fauci will ratchet up the fear on Wuhan virus again. Don't buy the con.

This is what the Communists behind Black Lives Matter wrote on the street in front of the White House: BLACK LIVES MATTER = DEFUND THE POLICE.

CANDACE OWENS: "I’m always confused by people who say things like “Don’t you see yourself in George Floyd?” No. Why?

Do all White people see themselves in Ted Bundy? Do all Chinese people see themselves in Mao Zedong? If you expect me to relate to people based on skin tone, you’re an idiot..."

Over 27 million are STILL traded & enslaved by their Muslim brothers in Africa. Why don't their BLACK LIVES MATTER? America is the MOST free & the LEAST racist nation in the world.

After HBO Max removed the all-time best selling 1938 movie "Gone with the Wind" due to RACISM it's the #1 selling movie on Amazon.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Incredible! Fox News just took the Congressional Hearing off the air just prior to important witness statements. More like CNN!!! Fox is lost!!!"

Only 9% of likely voters say they don't like the POLICE. This is the exact OPPOSITE of what Democrats, ANTIFA, CAIR & BLM have been telling us.

NYPD BOSS: "Stop treating us like a*****s and thugs and start treating us with some respect. Our legislators abandoned us. The press is vilifying us. It's disgusting."

Rumors are that AG Keith Ellison is working to get his ANTIFA son, Jeremiah Ellison, elected Mayor of Minneapolis in 2021. He already runs the City Council. That explains a lot about Minnesota.

FEDS arrested the president of Arrayit Corporation for selling FAKE Wuhan VIRUS tests to double stock price during the PANDEMIC. How many more are there just like him?

MATT SCHLAPP: I will never buy another NFL ticket until they go back to playing football and stop dividing America.

Democrats want unarmed psychologists & social workers to replace police. If you're robbed, you take a knee & beg for your stuff back.

75-year-old ANTIFA agitator in Buffalo, trying to hijack police communications, dramatically fell back "unconscious" still HOLDING his phone! STAGED.

Shutting down salons, gyms, churches, fairs, concerts, clubs & rallies while making you kneel is called Communist dehumanization.

Trump hired McLaughlin to analyze the latest polls from CNN, NBC & ABC. He says they're FAKE & intentionally rigged for Biden!

LA County Fair is cancelled for the 1st time since WWII but thousands of people are smashed together on Hollywood Blvd for BLM & ANTIFA.

Comrade Whitmer, the Communist Governor of Michigan who threatened to send citizens to jail if they left their homes or went to the beach, is marching with Black Lives Matter & ANTIFA. No social distancing required. Do as I say, not as I do.

Uber Eats is waiving all delivery fees for Black-owned restaurants. Not Latino, White or Asian? Isn't that discrimination?

RASMUSSEN POLLS: President Trump has earned a 41% Approval Rating among African-Americans, up from just 8% in 2016. HIGHEST EVER. This upsets Democrats so they must BUY & BULLY it back.

Global mortality studies of WUHAN virus confirm that the VIRUS is no more fatal than a bad SEASONAL FLU. We knew that in February.

Fauci, WHO, CDC & Democrats shut down Easter Sunday because they said we could spread VIRUS even if asymptomatic. It was a LIE. Only people with SYMPTOMS spread VIRUS.

AG BARR: "I disagree with defunding the police. It's the exact opposite of the way we should go. I think holding the entire police structure responsible for the actions of certain officers is wrong. It's dangerous to demonize police."

Hollywood celebrities have donated over $20,000,000 to bail out rioters, looters & torchers but donated ZERO to their victims.

CANDACE OWENS: Black lives ONLY matter to white liberals, every 4 years, ahead of an election. I’m so sorry you thought otherwise.

A black state trooper from Georgia, O'Neal Saddler, refused to kneel to Black Lives Matter after they DEMANDED he take a knee, telling them: "I only kneel for God." Be like O'Neal. Stand up. Courage is contagious! Amen!

I will NEVER kneel to anyone but God. How about you?

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