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REAL News Updates (7/19/20)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said in spite of "rumors out there about a looming shutdown" - "let me tell you, there is NO shutdown coming" in Texas.

20% of Texas’ TOTAL VIRUS deaths have been reported in the last week. Proof the health officials are rigging the numbers and recoding OLD deaths as new.

A Florida Health Officer admitted this week that one of the victims, in their twenties, listed on their dashboard, actually died in a motorcycle crash. How many others have been miscoded like this? Tens of thousands!

Health officials from a dozen states admit they "mistakenly" lumped together results from antibody tests in with PCR tests for COVID-19 reporting to CDC, inflating new cases. A positive antibody test could simply mean you were once infected with the common cold.

After it was revealed that COVID deaths in England were widely inflated, the UK Health Secretary called for an urgent review into how VIRUS deaths have ACTUALLY been recorded in England. The worldwide Communist scam is finally unraveling.

Businesses want liability protection against COVID-19. So far nearly 3,000 lawsuits have been filed by customers & employees. One reason so many are mandating masks. This needs to get done.

Prosecutor John Durham says his report into SPYING on Trump's campaign will be released by the end of summer and says: "There is a story to be told there. The American people deserve resolution, and frankly, justice deserves resolution."

Fox News’ Chris Wallace released a clip of his upcoming interview with President Trump saying Trump is wrong to claim that Biden wants to defund the police. Wallace is WRONG. Biden said police are the ENEMY & we must "redirect" funds. We have Biden on tape!

TRUMP ON MANDATING MASKS: "No, I want people to have freedom. I don’t believe in that. I don’t agree with the statement that if everybody wears a mask, everything disappears. Hey, Dr. Fauci said, "Don’t wear a mask." Our Surgeon General – terrific guy – said, "Don’t wear a mask."

"Everybody who is saying don’t wear a mask – all of sudden everybody’s got to wear a mask, and, as you know, masks cause problems, too. With that being said, I’m a believer in masks. I think masks are good.”

The Libertarian Party is siding with the ACLU & says Federal Agents should NOT be deployed to arrest BLM-ANTIFA terrorists in Portland or any other city. BS. If local & state governments can't handle crime - the Feds MUST step in. America DOES NOT negotiate with terrorists.

JILLIAN ANDERSON: The COVID-19 death rate WITHOUT a vaccine is lower than the flu death rate WITH a vaccine.

Florida gang members are being paid to organize COVID-19 parties for up to 400 people with the intention of spreading the virus.

Federal agencies in the US are worried face masks may be used by terrorists & extremists to evade facial recognition technology. Ya think?

Graham's Senate Judiciary committee released new documents that further reveal just how evil the coup plotters against our Preisdent at the FBI & DOJ were.

Researchers say a VIRUS can live outside a mask for up to 7 days. Again, if the VIRUS is so deadly, why didn't Fauci & the CDC mandate that cities & businesses provide biohazard containers for masks & gloves instead of letting people strew them in parking lots, shelves & carts!

Workers in post-Brexit England will no longer be told to work from home and avoid public transit as the UK's Boris Johnson ends the lockdown. Meanwhile, Democrat Mayors & Governors in the US are going the opposite direction to hurt Trump.

At the socialist European Union (EU) Summit, it's all masks & elbow bumps for the leaders & the cameras.

Herd immunity is the most effective way to handle COVID-19. It would be the normal and most effective plan for a disease with such a low death rate in a normal year. But Trump's running for re-election & the Democrats won't let him do that.

COVID has EXPOSED the putrid incompetence of the public health bureaucracies at the WHO, FDA, CDC & NIH, the deadliness of our fake news outlets and the widespread corruption of our hospital & laboratory administrations.

Flooding from the crippled and crumbling Three Gorges Dam on the Yangzte river is inundating much of central China right now. This is Wuhan - where the big V allegedly started. How convenient. The scene of the crime is wiped out. Water in the reservoir is 50 feet higher than flood level.

Unidentifiable militarized agents are policing Portland, arresting people, and putting them in unmarked vehicles. They're from a patchwork of Federal agencies (in rented minivans vans) and cleaning up Portland without the approval of the Democrat Mayor. I love it!

Federal agents in unmarked vans are removing BLM-ANTIFA terrorists, rioters, arsonists & looters off the streets of Portland without the Mayor's consent. I'm guessing Trump & Barr will implement this all over America.

Remember when all 50 states signed an "emergency declaration" and handed over control to the President for COVID money? That means he's in charge, NOT them.

Trump couldn't have done this at the beginning. He would have been labeled a tyrant & a dictator. The people are demanding it now. It's time.

Sports Illustrated is blaming Trump for messing up sports when the leagues themselves are shutting down to hurt Trump: “Trump's coronavirus response could kill the college football season.”

A large group of black women beat up a white woman at the airport until a man jumped on top of her to shield her from the violence. Airport employees did nothing but stand around filming. That boyfriend is a keeper. I’m missing toxic masculinity.

If you get mad at cops for arresting your kids, but not mad at your kids for getting arrested; you are part of the problem.

How are marijuana stores, strip clubs, and liquor stores considered “essential businesses” but schools & churches aren’t?

Stanford University Dr. Scott Atlas said there are “zero excuses” to keep children from returning to school. “There is virtually zero risk for children getting something serious or dying from this disease. There’s no science or rational reason in keeping schools closed."

BABY LIVES MATTER was painted on the street in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Salt Lake City overnight. We need more of this.

Three fires were started intentionally by a 39-year old Rwanda immigrant at the Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul cathedral in the French city of Nantes. Another Notre Dame. The blaze destroyed stained glass windows and the grand organ at the historic cathedral, which dates from the 15th Century.

Expecting children to wear masks in classrooms for eight hours a day is idiotic and unnecessary. Here's Minnesota's Governor Walz & Minnesota leaders. No masks. No social distancing. Kids, do as I say - not as I do.

We spend nearly $17,000 per student per year in public schools. We’ve TRIPLED education spending since the 1960s. Yet academic achievement hasn't grown. Propaganda is out of control. The problem isn’t under-funding. It’s bad teachers' unions & bad budgeting.

REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR KEMP: "I refuse to sit back and watch as disastrous policies [like mask mandates] threaten the lives and livelihoods of our citizens."

Black civil rights attorney Leo Terrell says he plans to vote Republican for the first time in his life because the Democrats have become too radical. Welcome Leo!

FREE IRAN 2020: Millions of freedom fighters at 30,000 locations in more than 100 countries are coming together right now to call for Iran’s Communist-Islamic dictatorship to be replaced by democracy!

The Pentagon effectively banned Confederate flags from US military bases and will only allow the U.S. flag and state banners, flags of other allies and partners, the POW/MIA flag and official military unit flags.

SCOTUS Justice Ginsburg, 87, just revealed she's been receiving chemotherapy twice a week since May for a recurrence of liver cancer. “I wish her the best,” President Trump said.

Democrat Fundraising machine 'ActBlue Texas' - considered to be a money laundering front for BLM-ANTIFA - was caught paying out small sums to hundreds of individuals for unknown purposes.

US civilians own over three times more guns, 393,000,000, than all the world's militaries combined.

The 5 million strong NRA endorsed President Trump for re-election.

Michigan Libertarian Justin Amash, once a star in the Tea Party, will not seek a 6th term in the US House after he left the Republican Party and tried to run against Trump for President on a 3rd party. Don't let the screen door hit you in the ass on the way out.

The three Georgia men accused in the shooting death of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery "while jogging" pleaded not guilty.

LIMBAUGH: "I can see secession coming. Don't know how or when. But I could see California and the northern half of Illinois leaving. Don't know how they'd survive."

BERNIE KEREK: Mayor DeBlasio has 27 cops guarding the Black Lives Matter "mural" on the street in front of Trump Tower. That’s one sergeant and 8 cops for 3 tours a day! Violence, shootings, and murder is up in NYC and this clown has 27 cops guarding a mural!

Ontario police shot & killed a 73-year old man following a dispute over wearing a mask in a Valu-Mart store. Police followed him home where he was shot to death. There has to be more to this story, right?

Bank of America has pledged to give the Communists behind Black Lives Matter ONE BILLION DOLLARS.

Democrats allow ballots to be turned in 17 days after the election in California - how many people have handled them along the way?

BRAD PARSCALE: "The media is a criminal network that has very few honest people. They have zero intention to tell the truth. I am happy I get to continue to fight with President Trump against America’s biggest enemy, the media!"

A Utah meeting on a student mask mandate was cancelled when residents without masks packed the room. Looks like America has had enough.

ROGER STONE: "I really do believe that those who are trying to undo this President, those who are trying to destroy me, trying to destroy Michael Flynn — I do believe they're satanic."

After a staffer said Kanye West dropped out of the race for President, his name will appear on the Oklahoma ballot. He's also working on South Carolina. Sounds like he IS running to take votes from Biden & just toying with the media.

The $600 weekly unemployment check from the federal government will end July 25. Kudlow & Mnuchin are working with Congress on a new stimulus plan to incentivize workers.

It took four days to put out the massive fire after an explosion on the U.S. Navy amphibious assault ship, the Bonhomme Richard, in San Diego. Cause unknown? Sounds like proportional response.

NEW YORK: Three men were arrested in the horrific drive-by shooting death of a father who was crossing the street holding the hand of his six year old daughter.

Hockey commentator Jeremy Roenick is suing NBC Sports for discriminating against him for being straight. Roenick says he was fired for making suggestive comments about women but NBC allows gay men to say whatever they like about women.

The White House removed portraits of George W. Bush & Bill Clinton from the foyer & replaced them with Presidents McKinley & Teddy Roosevelt.

John Hawley asked the Department of Justice to open a civil rights investigation into the St Louis Attorneys Office for targeting the law abiding couple who were defending their property from BLM terrorists.

In the last three years, ICE has deported over 16,000 gang members and arrested over 2,000 members of MS-13.

Michael Savage is receiving serious death threats and appears to be altering his tune on Twitter. BLACKMAIL.

Georgia State Representative Democrat Vernon Jones is endorsing President Trump. Here's why.

Hundreds of ANTIFA and BLM terrorists tried to pull down the Christopher Columbus statue in Chicago. They were hurling fireworks, rocks & bottles at police. Reinforcements arrived & drove them back with pepper spray. 18 officers were wounded. 12 arrests made.

NASCAR fans booed at Bubba Wallace. It's not nice to fake hate crimes.

OPERATION PAINT DROP: A group of Trump supporters splattered blue paint onto the BLM street sign outside Trump Tower on 5th Avenue in New York, saying "All Lives Matter" and "Blue Lives Matter." This is happening all over America. Four people were arrested.

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel is the greatest threat to Mexico. They have caravans of armored vehicles and powerful weapons that put El Chapo's Sinaloa cartel to shame. Looks like a world class army. Who wants this in America?

The coup against Trump is a remake of the coup against Nixon by many of the same players. Trump knows this. That's how he knows how to defeat it.

Romney, Kerry, Biden, McCain, Pelosi, Schiff, Mueller, Soros, Brennan, McMaster, Obama and Clinton are all tied to Communist China's sketchy money laundering deals in Ukraine. No wonder they need to take down President Trump!

Here's the truth about the Wuhan virus they're not telling you - it's all about taking down Trump. Democrats hope to hype the virus for months to destroy the economy, shut down rallies & debates & force voting by mail to harvest & rig absentee ballots.

Here's what they're not telling you about the ENGINEERED death of George Floyd & his connection to Ellison, CAIR, Frey & ANTIFA. It's about fueling race riots & turning Lake Street into an extension of Cedar Riverside for election fraud. Read this and open your eyes.

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