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REAL News (5/23/20)

100 HEADLINES you need to see!

The face mask is the new pussy hat. That's the reason I'm NOT wearing one.

President Trump got fireworks approved at Mount Rushmore for the first time in 20 years so he's going to South Dakota on July 3rd!

TRUMP: “Hope you had fun investigating me. Now it’s my turn!”

President Trump declared HOUSES of WORSHIP as ESSENTIAL and ordered Governors to allow them to open this Sunday if they wish:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Some Governors have deemed liquor stores and abortion clinics as essential but have left out churches and other houses of worship - that's not right - so I'm correcting this injustice."

Republican Mike Garcia WON the US House seat in California's 25th with 56% of the vote. The 1st flip from blue to RED in California since 1998!

Due to national security threats, President Trump banned the US power grid from buying or installing ANY foreign-made equipment (including Huawei’s 5G!)

Boris Johnson sided with President Trump & decided the UK will not be allowed to install any part of Huawei's 5G technology!

If masks work, why can’t people use them to go back to work? If they don’t work, why are people forced to wear them?

President Trump said he will NOT close the country even if they say there’s a second wave of Wuhan Virus!

Communists will shame you into wearing masks & staying home & call you a murderer if you don't. Latest leftist version of "You're a racist."

STUDY: "Neither surgical nor cotton masks filtered SARS–CoV-2 during coughs by infected patients." Masks don’t filter VIRUS. Too small.

EPIDEMIOLOGIST: There is no justification for social distancing, masks or proof of a 2nd spike. All inventions to cover up their mistakes.

Surgeons say cloth masks are MORE dangerous than NOT wearing a mask at all!

REMINDER: The common flu has a vaccine & still kills over 600,000 people globally each year. They forget to tell you that part.

75% of all mortality studies show Wuhan Virus is NO more dangerous than the common flu. I know! We reported that 3 months ago!

Wisconsin's Supreme Court TOSSED OUT the state's lockdown order. All salons, churches, restaurants & bars can reopen immediately!

COMMUNIST MSNBC: "Americans are too OBSESSED with FREEDOM." This says it all!

HHS: We've NOT seen any spikes in states that have REOPENED. In fact, the only LOCAL spikes we're seeing are in CLOSED states.

CNN lied & said GALLUP polls show 68% of Americans say they "need" a vaccine to return to normal life. The real number? ONLY 9% say they NEED a vaccine!

If Hillary had been elected, COVID-19 would not exist. When all else failed, they unleashed the REAL insurance policy to take out Trump.

The REAL purpose of masks is to keep people afraid. Afraid to leave home, to talk to others or gather with others before the election.

A Costco employee shamed a customer, and took away his cart, for not wearing a mask. The customer said he woke up this morning in a free country. The video is going viral. Remember, Bill Gates’ father ran Planned Parenthood & sat on the Costco Board. Seattle Communists.

In a major reversal, the CDC now says that Wuhan virus DOES NOT spread easily via contaminated surfaces. Do NOT trust the CDC!

40,000 frontline healthcare workers in the UK will be given Hydroxychloroquine proactively to help PREVENT viral infections!

Trump will withhold funding from all states who plan voter fraud & cheat-by-mail, threatening Michigan & Nevada already.

Fauci pushed HIS Gilead drug Remdesivir, which costs $900-$1000 per intravenous dose, from the Oval Office as the future "standard of care" for Wuhan virus. The stock soared and the FDA approved it for "emergency" use. Communist China stole the patent & made millions of doses. Studies came out yesterday that IT DOESN’T WORK. MORAL? Don’t believe Fauci.

Trump can't TELL liberals how wicked the Democrat Party is. He has to SHOW them how wicked they are. How's he doing so far?

It shocks the hell out of me, after Jussie Smollett & the Covington Catholic HOAXES, that thinking people STILL believe headlines!

Ladies, I'm not wearing a mask. My body. My choice. Isn't that what the liberals say?

If masks work, why didn't they just give masks to prisoners, instead of releasing criminals into the public to commit more crimes...wearing masks?

Pennsylvania & New Jersey allowed dozens of people inside mosques for food & prayers during Ramadan. Yet Christian churches stayed closed? Why?

FINALLY. Christians with spines. 3,000 California churches, with 2.5 million members, to defy Governor Newsom & open for worship on 5/31.

TRUMP: "We’re not going to need a vaccine. It's gonna go. It's gonna leave. It's gonna be gone. It's gonna be eradicated.”

Scientists say Wuhan Virus is mutating quickly, becoming WEAKER and will likely go away. Just like SARS did in 2003.

It's not just Democrats who framed the Trump campaign. McCain, Bush, Ryan, Romney & other RINOs helped. We voted for those clowns!

After "globalist" Never Trump traitor, George W. Bush, called for Americans to unite, with a feel-good video, President Trump responded:

“Oh, by the way, I appreciate the message from former President Bush, but where was he during Impeachment calling for putting partisanship aside? He was nowhere to be found in speaking up against the greatest Hoax in American history!"

Obama sent a letter to the National Archives, home of Presidential records, & told them NOT to release documents on Biden-Ukraine!

Why don't the Democrats & the fake news REALLY want to admit that Hydroxychloroquine works? It cures the need for cheat-by-mail.

Wow! The GoFundMe campaign for jailed Dallas salon owner Shelley Luther, who refused to close her shop, made $500,000! Courage is rewarded! America has had enough BS!

Professional association of 500,000 California barbers and hair salon owners are suing Governor Newsom to re-open their shops!

RONNY JACKSON: "When I was President Trump’s personal White House physician, the Deep State Swamp came after me for not being willing to lie about President Trump. Same thing happened to General Flynn. The Swamp hates America First Patriots, but their day is coming."

President Trump is blocking the federal employees' pension fund from expanding their investments in Communist China's stocks!

HUGE! Turkey is treating EVERY "positive" adult with Hydroxychloroquine & Azithromycin. Only 38 deaths/Million. Working well!

The Association of American Physicians & Surgeons states Hydroxychloroquine is 90% effective at helping Wuhan virus patients.

In 2008, NIH said high doses of Hydroxychloroquine had potential to treat Influenza A. Funny, Fauci never mentioned that.

HUGE! Doctor at a Texas nursing home says he gave 39 elderly residents a 5-day course of Hydroxychloroquine when they tested positive for Wuhan virus and they ALL recovered with NO side effects.

Trump sent out MILLIONS of doses of Hydroxychloroquine & it's FDA approved for off-label use. Democrat Governors are BLOCKING it.

Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans should sue the Minneapolis Mayor for blasting Muslim "calls to prayer" over the city. Many suffer PTSD from that.

69-year-old German Christian sued to stop "call to prayer" broadcasts over his city & won. Minneapolis, what are you waiting for?

AG BARR: The curve is flattened, the spread has slowed & our system has not be overwhelmed. It's time to roll back restrictions.

CHICAGO MAYOR: “We are watching you. You must stay at home. We will cite you. We will arrest you. We will take you to jail. PERIOD!” This has NOTHING to do with VIRUS.

Republican Tom Tiffany won the Special Election in Wisconsin's 7th District in a landslide to serve out Congressman Duffy's term.

Trump KNOWS the Communists unleashed a benign VIRUS as a TEST RUN for a REAL bioterrorist attack. He can't say that or we're at WAR!

Mexico is suddenly experiencing Wuhan virus problems & now Democrats in California want to shut down their border with Mexico!

Communist China bought Smithfield Foods in Virginia in 2013, under Obama, the world's largest pork producer. They have a huge distribution network in America. They carry brands like Nathan's, Eckrich, Farmland, Armour & John Morrell.

Obviously Smithfield can easily spread any VIRUS they want, wherever they want. Now you know why the Smithfield meat-packing plants & their competitors suddenly had viral "outbreaks" to sicken workers & mess with our food supply. The invisible enemy.

AG Barr's DOJ says a church can’t be treated differently than any other business & that faith's ESSENTIAL during a pandemic. Amen!

Democrat states can’t code Wuhan deaths correctly, but the American people are supposed to trust them to count mail-in ballots?

Restaurants, salons & shops are reopening in many counties in California. Defying Governor Newsom's statewide lockdown order.

Traitor Fauci openly disagreed with Trump, Pompeo & 17 intelligence agencies & said the VIRUS didn't come from HIS Chinese lab!

Fauci likely broke the law when he took research, banned in the US by the NIH, to Communist China. That's how we got the VIRUS!

TRUMP: "We're going to build the greatest economy in the world, AGAIN!" THIS time, they can't give credit to Obama!

HUGE! IDF says Israeli scientists are ready to mass produce an antibody (antidote) which attacks & kills the virus in a sick body. Others are working on the same therapy!

All NEW Wuhan cases in Minnesota are at meat & poultry plants, likely SEEDED by virus mules to mess with our food supply and DELAY reopening for Walz.

The DOJ DROPPED its criminal case against General Michael Flynn. He's EXONERATED!

Then, Obama basically instructed Judge Sullivan to sentence Flynn anyway, after AG Barr dropped the case, and drag out the process. So Flynn filed to remove Sullivan & the court ordered Sullivan to respond by June 1.

TRUMP: Flynn was targeted by Obama's administration. Dishonest. Human scum. Media's complicit. Treason. Big price should be paid.

Deputy AG Sally Yates testified that she was shocked to learn President Obama knew details of Flynn's wire-tapped phone calls. Proving the order came from the top!

John McCain's staffer flew to the UK to get a copy of the Steele dossier & then leaked it to the media to set up Trump.

TRUMP: Obama & Sleepy Joe were both involved. They tried to take down the duly-elected President of the US. It's all coming out.

In 2017, Obama's team testified UNDER OATH Trump NEVER colluded with Russia. Then, for 3 years, they lied on TV that he DID. Stop believing ANYTHING the media says.

Trump confirmed Obama used his last weeks in office to target incoming officials and sabotage Trump's entire administration!

TRUMP: Unless people are indicted for treason, and put in prison, the corruption will continue. People will continue to run with fake news and conspiracies until they are shown individuals being handcuffed and prosecuted. It's also time to fire people from the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and DNI.

TRUMP: Who will be 1st to demand prosecution of those who tried to overthrow the Presidency? The ones that step up will live in history as they prosecute the greatest political crime in American History.

Italian leader says the numbers are fake. 96% did not die of Wuhan virus but from other causes. It's nothing more than influenza!

California's Governor signed an EO to mail out 21 million ballots for November. The REAL purpose behind Wuhan virus. CHEAT BY MAIL.

Matt Gaetz says RINO Trey Gowdy was a coup plotter against Trump, along with Paul Ryan, & Flynn's attorney Sidney Powell confirms!

John Podesta testified under oath that the DNC & Hillary split the cost of the fake Steele dossier to frame Trump.

TRUMP: I am the first President in history with the courage to stand up to China, especially after Obama's disastrous foreign policy. Obama was too busy spying on me. Obama was the most corrupt President in history. He got caught.

NBC's Chuck Todd of Meet the Press deceptively edited a clip of AG Barr. The DOJ is pissed!

Democrat Governors of NY, NJ, MI & PA ordered nursing homes to take infected elderly while Florida's Republican Governor banned it.

Cuomo ORDERED New York's nursing homes to take infected patients, who infected others and died. So did many other Democrat Governors & socialist leaders around the world.

Many Democrat Governors also BANNED nursing homes from treating patients with Hydroxycloroquine & Z-PAK, which has now been proven to work 90% of the time, with few side effects, when prescribed early.

Mexico asked Trump to investigate Obama & Holder for their "Fast & Furious" gun-running scheme. Was this part of the USMCA deal?

RAND PAUL: Fauci, your predictions have ALL been wrong yet you continue to advise on the economy & school closures? It's ridiculous.

Trump disagreed with Fauci & said schools should absolutely open in the fall. "Fauci wants to play all sides. It's unacceptable."

Michigan's Governor Whitmer ordered a 77-year-old barber to shut down his shop or else. He said: "I'm not shutting down until Jesus walks in the door or they arrest me. I don't need the Governor to be my mother!"

The local police refused to arrest the barber and a judge refused to grant the Governor a restraining order! So the Governor pulled his license & a judge gave it back! Communist tyranny in Michigan!

Michigan’s Governor Whitmer warned people to stay home Memorial Day Weekend or she'll punish every one with a 2nd total lockdown!

Michigan Governor Whitmer's budget is short $3.2 BILLION so she doesn't have enough money to open the state & provide services!

Before 1965, if you wanted to emigrate to America you had to be self-sufficient, learn the language and pledge allegiance to our Constitution. Immigration was based on merit.

In 1965, Lyndon Johnson changed our immigration laws so that the ONLY requirement for entry was having an existing family member already here. That's called chain migration. Trump is reinstating merit-based immigration!

The Pennsylvania Secretary of Heath, transgender Democrat Rachel Levine, admitted that she/he sent her/his own mother to a HOTEL to escape Wuhan virus as it spread through her nursing home. 70% of deaths in Pennsylvania were in nursing homes!

Will victims' families file class action suits against blue states for sending infected patients to their parent's nursing homes?

Kentucky's Republican AG fought against the Democrat Governor's ban on in-person church services. And won. Churches are open!

RICK SCOTT: We cannot give hard-earned federal taxpayer money to incompetent liberal Governors to fund their budget shortfalls.

FDA ordered Seattle to stop promoting Bill Gates' in-home testing kits. The data is NOT being used for the right purpose! Knew it. Seeking our DNA!

Former Tea Party Republican, Never Trumper Justin Amash, changed his mind & will NOT run against Trump on the Libertarian ticket!

Trump told the CDC he wanted them to audit each state's Wuhan virus deaths and report back the methodology used for cause of death.

Trump administration has also directed ALL US nursing homes to report total # of Wuhan virus infections & deaths by midnight Sunday!

Colorado's death count from Wuhan just dropped 25% after they admitted there's a difference between "dying from" & "dying with."

Why are marijuana shops open on Sundays in California but churches are forced to stay closed? You know why. Liberal atheists rule!

Washington State will require dine-in restaurants to keep a timed log of customers, phone numbers & emails so they can EACH be TRACED.

Isra Hirsi, the 17-year-old daughter of Minnesota’s Somali-born COMMUNIST Ilhan Omar, believes America should be overthrown to become a Communist nation, that the Constitution should be massively "edited" and says that US soldiers are "bi**hes" who are "furthering US imperialism" and “actively killing innocent children abroad.”

The beach at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront is closed but it was packed anyway. The people have had enough being told what to do by petty Communist tyrants.

The United States, Russia, the EU & 100 other countries are calling for an investigation into Communist China & WHO over the VIRUS.

AG BARR: Terrorist who shot & killed 3 people at NAS Pensacola last December had ties to al-Qaeda well BEFORE he came to America.

President Trump has been taking hydroxychloroquine & zinc every day for the past 14 days to prevent Wuhan flu. "I'm still here!"

Wait until manufacturers of Hydroxychloroquine sue the fake news for repeatedly lying about the safety & effectiveness of its drug.

Pelosi said Trump shouldn't be taking Hydroxychloroquine because he's "morbidly obese." Trump said she was “mentally ill.”

Wouldn't it be cool if they found Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine) prevented replication of all flu & cold viruses & made it OTC? That’s what the Democrats REALLY fear.

People who say “I like Trump, but..." irritate me. But what? We backed two Bushes, McCain & Romney & all that got us was Obama!

There's audio of Biden/Kerry pushing Ukraine's President to fire the prosecutor investigating Hunter in exchange for $1 BILLION & Ukraine has named Joe Biden in criminal proceedings.

Turns out you test POSITIVE for live or DEAD virus. Meaning even those with positive tests may be immune & have fully recovered!

President Trump will sign an executive order to permanently ELIMINATE 600 regulations that impede American progress & ingenuity!

HHS: Estimates show that the Wuhan VIRUS lockdown will result in 65,000 additional deaths due to suicide, abuse & addiction!

HOUSTON: 80-year-old Rosalie Cook was stabbed to death, in the heart, in a Walgreen's parking lot by a career criminal who robbed her & tried to steal her car. She had just picked up a prescription. The murderer, Randy Lewis, had been arrested 67 times and was out on bond. Where's the outrage?

DELAWARE: U.S. Army veteran Paul Marino and his wife, 86, visited the grave of their son, Anthony, at the Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery almost every day for the past three years. That is until Sheldon C. Francis, 29, shot them to death as they stood at their son's grave. Where’s the outrage?

GEORGIA: Shaun King of BLM engineered a "jogging while black" narrative to race bait before the election and recreate Charlottesville. DOJ to get involved.

LMAO: Obama doesn't want President Trump to unveil Obama's official portrait at a White House ceremony & prefers to wait 'til 2025!

37 Planned Parenthood abortion clinics illegally applied for $80 million in PPP loans & got them. Mnuchin wants the money back!

Jason Lewis, Trump's endorsed candidate for US Senate, is suing Minnesota's Governor for banning gatherings of more than 10 people.

More than 600 doctors signed onto a letter sent to President Trump pushing him to end the "national shutdown" in all 50 states.

Michigan's Attorney General, Comrade Dana Nessel, said President Trump MUST wear a mask in Michigan or he can't visit the state! He told her she was stupid and lazy.

Susan Rice confirmed that Obama's White House counsel INSTRUCTED her to write the January 20, 2017 email to herself.

Why do so many Democrats, who say gender doesn't exist, keep saying they want Joe Biden to select a FEMALE Vice President?

President Trump implied that his 3 oldest children were ALL spied on by Obama's administration during & after the 2016 election.

Turns out CNN's Chris Cuomo took a less-safe, non-FDA approved version of Hydroxychloroquine, while mocking the drug for others!

Minnesota's Catholic Church & Missouri Synod Lutheran Church to defy Governor Walz & resume in-person worship services on May 26th.

Minnesota's Communist Governor said he's not sure when he'll let churches open, but when he does SINGING will NOT be allowed!

Minnesota's Communist Governor said he's not sure when he'll let salons open, but when he does HAIR COLOR will NOT be allowed, only HAIR CUTS!

Trump said this to reporters about the SpaceX rocket launch: "I'd like to put you on the rocket and get rid of you for a while."

TRUMP: DOJ filed charges against Philadelphia Judge of Elections who was bribed by Democrats to stuff ballot boxes from 2014-2016!

Minnesota's Amy Klobuchar finally let it slip, under pressure, that her OWN husband took Hydroxychloroquine to help cure his bout with Wuhan Virus! She covered it up for weeks!

On March 8th, Fauci said masks were for show, not protection: "There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. Wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better but it’s not providing the protection that people think that it is. And, often, there are unintended consequences — people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face."

Joe Biden just apologized to African-American voters for saying they "ain't b***k" if they don't vote for him. NOT KIDDING. Trump made t-shirts!

President Trump has said many times we won't need a vaccine because the VIRUS will go away, just like SARS did. We should listen!

90 days into the pandemic, the Communist Minneapolis Mayor suddenly mandated masks for everyone older than 2, starting on May 26, or pay a $1000 fine? Keeping fear alive! DIAL 311 to report violations! Yet criminal aliens can roam FREE?

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