• Peggy Traeger Tierney

REAL News (4/30/20)

45 days to "slow the spread" ENDS today. If your business is closed or you're under house arrest, blame your Mayor & Governor.

President Trump NEVER mandated social distancing or closing businesses & churches. It was voluntary. Communist States made it law.

New York Funeral Directors say they are putting COVID-19 on every death certificate to pad the numbers and scare the people.

TRUMP & BARR: Some Governors have gone too far with stay-at-home orders. Telling people where to work, how to shop, where to worship, what to buy & trying to take their guns.

Over 4 million people die every year from pneumonia & flu viruses but we don't shut down the world for that. We've been hoodwinked by the CDC, NIH, WHO & the Communists. Time to say a prayer for the fallen and get back to worship and work.

Every American realizes this is NOT about a virus, right? We're at war with the global Communist Party, the invisible enemy.

TRUMP: Fox News is feeding us Democrat talking points. The people watching are angry. They want an alternative to Fox. So do I!

Hospitals get $5,000 per REGULAR pneumonia patient but $13,000 if they call it WUHAN pneumonia & $39,000 if they go on a ventilator! Rigged game!

I knew this wasn't about "health" when states closed down churches & gun stores but made abortions & marijuana shops essential!

Why is it OK for reporters to sit six feet apart and NOT wear masks but it's too dangerous for us to do the same thing at church?

Why is it OK for doctors wearing masks to perform abortions but it's not OK for dental hygienists wearing masks to clean teeth?

Why is it OK to stand 6 feet apart at Walmart to buy toilet paper but it's too dangerous to exercise 6 feet apart at the gym?

In 1957, Asian flu killed 116,000 Americans, the equivalent of 220,000 in today’s population. Eisenhower didn’t shut down the nation.

Owner of a children's clothing shop in Pennsylvania asked why Target is allowed to sell kid's clothes but she's not. Yes, why?

Democrat Mayor of Minneapolis issued a noise permit so mosques can BROADCAST a "Call to Prayer" 5 times per day over loudspeakers! Veterans are not happy! Many suffer PTSD after being deployed & subjected to this in the Middle East!

So, Christian churches & Jewish synagogues couldn't be open for Passover or Easter but now we are forced to sit in our homes and listen to the Islamic call to prayer 5 times a day for a month during Ramadan?

Trump is blocking 1.4 MILLION international students & those students here illegally from receiving any Wuhan college taxpayer money! Good.

GEORGIA'S GOVERNOR: "The reason we did this was to save hospitals from [Fauci's] SURGE that never happened. Time to get back to work."

Why is it OK for shoppers to inspect apples with virus-ridden hands but getting a haircut by a masked/gloved stylist is dangerous?

MARK LEVIN: New York, New Jersey & California Governors all ORDERED nursing homes to accept Wuhan patients. Deadly. This is a HUGE scandal.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Why should the people & taxpayers of America be bailing out poorly run Democrat states & cities? Just asking.

Governors of IL, NY & CA are planning to blackmail America into paying off their unfunded pension liabilities, or they won't open!

Democrat Governor Newsom shut down Elon Musk's California Tesla plant another month.

Here's what he Elon Musk had to say: "To say that they cannot leave their house and they will be arrested if they do, this is fascist. This is not democratic. Give people back their go**amn freedom! This is NOT why Americans built this country!"

District Attorneys & Sheriffs aren’t enforcing Governor Newsom’s RULES, so things are starting to unravel for him in California.

New York Mayor, Democrat Bill DeBlasio, AKA William Wilhelm, sent a warning to Jewish people that if they gather together, he'll arrest them. Meanwhile, he told Muslims to fill community centers & he’d bring them food for Ramadan.

AG Barr directed Federal prosecutors & Civil Rights division to go after states that closed businesses & put us under house arrest.

Michigan's Commie Governor was caught using OUR money, to sell access to OUR health data to the DNC, through “contact tracing” to bypass HIPAA regulations.

Lawsuits have been filed against the Governors of Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Virginia, California, Wisconsin & Nevada for infringing on our Constitutional rights.

AG Barr said DOJ will join lawsuits against states who have aggressive "stay-at-home" orders.

TRUMP: When people aren't allowed to open their store, & lose their livelihood, that causes death. Loss of freedom causes death!

DHS: Our tests show that Wuhan virus dies in heat, humidity & direct sunlight. Like Trump said from the start. Happy summer!

TRUMP: "There has never been, in the history of our Country, a more vicious or hostile Lamestream Media than there is right now."

New study shows that Trump’s recommended drug, Hydroxychloroquine, is 91% effective against Wuhan virus when used early. Physicians say Governors need to GET OUT OF THE WAY and let them prescribe it! It costs $10 a pill & is very safe.

New York Mayor DeBlasio told citizens to snitch on each other & send him pictures of “social distancing” violations.

Mayor DeBlasio was forced to temporarily shut down his "snitch" hotline. It was flooded with "d**k pics" & obscenities. Well done Patriots!

NOT ONE mainstream media outlet is reporting that new evidence buried by Team Mueller proves that General Flynn was framed by the FBI.

Handwritten notes & emails show that the FBI's Page, Strzok & McCabe participated in the scheme to entrap & frame General Flynn.

FBI: “What is our goal? Truth/Admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?”

Who ordered the framing of General Michael Flynn? It rhymes with Yo Mama!

Flynn was told if he didn't do as Mueller asked he'd get the "Manafort" treatment, 15 years in prison & they'd indict his son!

UK to BAN irreversible sex change operations for children under 18, with or without parental consent! Sanity is returning!

Fauci pushed HIS $1,000 intravenous Ebola drug, Remdisivir, from the Oval Office as the new “standard of care” for Wuhan virus - even though studies show it only works half the time.

Fauci & Gates are lying about cures. There has NEVER been a successful anti-viral or vaccine developed for a human Coronavirus! It mutates too fast!

BILL GATES: "China did a lot of things right. WHO is a phenomenal agency. America did it particularly poorly." GATES IS IN ON IT.

If Swine Flu deaths were coded in 2009, under Obama, the same way Wuhan Flu deaths are coded today, under Trump, Swine Flu would have actually killed 406,000 people! The numbers are rigged!

VP Pence refused to wear a mask at Minnesota's Mayo Clinic even though the Governor & clinic mandated it. Liberal heads are exploding.

We were right! The Democrat donor who said her husband died from drinking fish tank cleaner, and blamed Trump, is being investigated for murder!

Thousands of New Yorkers ignored Governor Cuomo's stay-at-home order and crowded the banks of the Hudson river to watch the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels fly over New York City. God bless America!

TRUMP ON THE FATE OF THE VIRUS: "It's gonna go. It's gonna leave. It's gonna be gone. It's gonna be eradicated."

Australia & New Zealand FOLLOWED Trump's lead, shut down borders & stopped Chinese students from returning in March. No VIRUS!

One bright spot! Wuhan virus is devastating local newspapers & dozens may not survive. They don't qualify for PPP loans!

Half the world’s deaths from Wuhan virus occurred in nursing homes. Why? Because they ordered nursing homes to take infected patients where they spread virus and died, untreated, from underlying conditions. Then ALL deaths were coded as Wuhan deaths. Rigged game.

Nursing home elderly aren't exposed to sunshine, heat or humidity. They live in cool, dry air with CPAP machines exhaling virus in the rooms.

Cuomo ordered New York nursing homes to take infected Wuhan patients. DeSantis of Florida DID NOT. 90% FEWER deaths. No rigged numbers.

Fauci's & Gates' "models" predicted that Florida would have the highest death rate. WRONG. Florida is 90% LOWER than New York!

Florida has 2 million more people than New York, is more diverse & has more elderly, yet DeSantis' Florida has 90% fewer deaths! Why? They didn't rig the numbers or send the sick to nursing homes.

Bill Gates helped build the Wuhan lab that released the virus. Gates runs the WHO that covered it up. Gates is a member of Communist China's Academy of Sciences (runs the lab) & was awarded their highest honor. Fauci & Birx work for Gates. Coincidences?

After a Jewish wedding, New York City’s Democrat Mayor Bill DeBlasio just ordered the NYPD to start arresting Jewish people who congregate in groups. Funny, he didn’t sick the NYPD on all the people watching the Blue Angels & Thunderbirds flying over!

Justin Amash just announced he's running for President on the Libertarian ticket. Minnesota Libertarians got their wish. Bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers. Another 3rd party scheme to split the conservative vote & elect a Democrat.

Libertarian & 3rd party ringers is how Minnesota got Senator Al Franken, Governor Mark Dayton, AG Keith Ellison & SoS Steve Simon!

Remember before Trump was elected, they all said he was going to be a dictator? Only dictators we've seen are RINOs & Democrats.

When New Jersey, Connecticut & Illinois ask for bailouts, what they want is taxpayers from responsible states to pay their bills.

Libertarian Justin Amash, the former head of the Republican Tea Party who defected to the Libertarian Party, announced he's running for President on the Libertarian ticket. Bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers.

Koch Brothers' Libertarians & Tea Party leaders like Justin Amash pretend to be conservatives to destroy the GOP & run 3rd party ringers to help Democrats win!

NIAID, headed by Fauci, admits they gave millions of $$ to China to research human transmission of SARS-like bat coronaviruses. Now you know who paid for the virus.

REMEMBER: Trump labeled America's election apparatus as "critical infrastructure" & put it under the purview of Homeland Security.

Trump to label meat processing plants as critical US infrastructure & order them to stay open while reducing their liability from lawsuits.

Trump implied Communist China is seeding VIRUS at US meat packing plants to infect workers so they must be quarantined.

IMHO, Communists are seeding US meat plants with virus mules & unions are trying to shut them down to mess with our food supply. Same with nursing homes & ships.

PBS is going to black when they disagree with what President Trump says at press briefings. They're taxpayer funded. Make it stop!

Cuomo ordered New York's nursing homes to take infected Wuhan patients to cause massive death & now he says they did it for greed!

SCOTUS ruled American taxpayers must reimburse health insurers that sold ObamaCare policies in 2010 & LOST BILLIONS. Obama LIED! All ObamaCare did was drive the middle class into poverty!

MNUCHIN: We gave everyone a flat $600 for extended unemployment because some states wanted to DELAY payments for 4 months to REPROGRAM their systems. We wanted to send people the money NOW.

TRUMP: Blame Democrats if your Enhanced Unemployment Insurance is late. I wanted to pay you directly. Instead, states got the $.

The City of Minneapolis closed all beaches & public pools & all restrooms in public parks for the ENTIRE summer and summer hasn't even begun. Even after DHS experts said that summer heat, humidity & sunlight KILL the virus. Being outside is 100% better than locking yourself indoors with air conditioning.

"Worship of Virus" has replaced "Worship of Climate Change" as a measure of your "morality." Another atheist Communist scheme.

58-year old Obama is playing golf in Virginia, riding in a cart with others who are wearing NO masks, while the Governor of Virginia told his residents to social distance & stay inside for the next two years. That's really all you need to know.

Cuomo is writing an EO to mail EVERY New Yorker a postage-paid absentee ballot application so they can all vote by mail in November. VOTER FRAUD!

HUGE! MP Materials was granted a DOD contract to bring the mining of rare-earth materials back to the US & away from China.

Before antibiotics were developed, UV light was used to DISINFECT blood & treat diseases like sepsis, pneumonia, TB & polio!

Trump's uncle was a brilliant MIT engineer & FBI expert on inventor Nikola Tesla. Tesla discovered UV light treatment & Ozone therapy. Trump knows more about using “light as a disinfectant” than all the fake news combined.

McConnell said he'd rather see states declare bankruptcy than issue another $500 BILLION requested by Governors to bail them out.

President Trump said he's examining how states could file bankruptcy & finds it "interesting" that all failing US states are BLUE!

Over 100,000 Californians defied the Governor’s stay-at-home order and went to the beach during a 90-degree heat wave.

California ER doctors who've treated many Wuhan virus patients, and tested over 5,000, say healthy people don't need to shelter in place and it's time for America to get back to work. They say it's "just another flu." After their video was viewed millions of times, YouTube & Twitter REMOVED it.

Masked and gloved San Diego Sheriffs, hiding their identity, were filmed handcuffing and arresting people for being at the beach.

A New York golf pro, 32, and his teacher girlfriend were down in Juarez, Mexico to escape US quarantine when they were caught in the middle of a gang war. They were murdered while driving down the street in the MIDDLE of the day - their jeep peppered with 20 bullets from warring drug cartels.

Trudeau's Canadian Govt bought 1 MILLION N-95 face masks from Communist China to protect frontline healthcare & they don't work.

The media say Donald Trump Jr. just "joked" that Hillary Clinton may have poisoned Jeffrey Epstein. Who thinks he was joking?

After the head of the DHS research lab said sunlight, heat, humidity, bleach & alcohol kill the virus, Trump mentioned that DHS was also testing ways to use light to disinfect & treat the body. Fake news is running with "Trump said to drink bleach."

Jon Karl of ABC News asked the head scientist at DHS if the President meant we should "inject cleaners like bleach & rubbing alcohol" into people and he said NO and then Trump mocked ABC sarcastically. In other words, ABC News spun the claim that Americans should inject themselves with bleach & alcohol. NOT Trump. That’s how the fake news works.

Columbia University invented far-UVC light that kills viruses & bacteria without harming humans. Game changer. Trump was right. Light is the best disinfectant.

Harvard biochemist, taking bribes from China, invented a virus-sized transistor that can invade cells & be remote controlled. Now you know what their end game is.

For decades, the CDC has recommended that children take hydroxychloroquine before traveling to malaria-infested countries. It’s been around since 1955 – but Fauci says it hasn’t yet been proven safe? LIES.

Since Australia made hydroxychloroquine available to hospitals to treat Wuhan virus, their date rate is lowest in the world!

President of Honduras just called President Trump to ask for help with ventilators & said hydroxychloroquine is working very well!

The CDC only tests 77,000 people each year for the common flu. Yet, we’ve conducted over 5 MILLION tests for Wuhan virus & the fake news says that’s NOT ENOUGH?

The World Health Organization reports 50% of the people who died from Wuhan virus in Europe (110,000) died in nursing homes!

UV lights can be installed overhead for a couple hundred bucks to kill virus & disinfect interior rooms. They do it all the time.

Georgia Democrat, Vernon Jones, endorsed President Trump & resigned from the Democrat party: "Trump is the leader our country needs. Democrats are the bigots they claim to hate and I won’t be silent about it. Turn the lights off, I have left the plantation."

How are all these female reporters, politicians & actresses coming out of lockdown/quarantine with face lifts? Something's fishy!

Why isn't the fake news reporting on massive US warship deployments to the Caribbean, South China Sea & the Persian Gulf?

Communists unleashed the VIRUS as a crippling distraction to launch invasions in the Persian Gulf, South China Sea & the Caribbean.

US Navy sent 3 warships to the South China Sea as Communists threaten Vietnam, Philippines & Taiwan. Still think we're not at war?

Trump ordered the Navy to "shoot down & destroy" Iranian gunboats threatening US ships in the Persian Gulf. Still think we're not at war?

Trump sent US warships to the Caribbean to blockade Venezuela so China, Russia & Iran can't protect Communist Maduro & allow him to profit off oil exports. Maduro hired the cartels to go around the blockade.

MASSACRE. Italy ordered nursing homes to accept infected Wuhan virus patients and paid them $163 each, where people were left to die & the virus spread like wildfire.

Why are all fake news anchors & reporters considered "essential" and still getting hair, nail & makeup services AND paychecks?

A Harvard law professor says homeschooling is 'dangerous' because it gives Christian parents authoritarian control over their children!

Socialist France is the 1st EU country using the VIRUS to MANDATE all citizens be tracked & monitored 24/7 on their phones by central "health" servers.

Blue states are shutting down in-person polling places to push vote-by-mail so they can rig & harvest absentee ballots in November.

Wisconsin's vote by mail absentee ballot harvesting scheme for the April 7th primary worked to elect Democrats. 1.1 million out of 1.5 million votes were cast by absentee ballot & harvested a week after the polls closed.

KELLYANNE CONWAY: "In some states you can smoke your grass, but not cut your grass. Divorced from common sense."

The Republican Governor of Missouri filed the first lawsuit by a US State against Communist China for Wuhan virus deceit.

At last seven class-action suits have been filed against Communist China, by private groups in the US & the GOP wants Trump to file a case against Communist China to the International Court of Justice (ICIJ.)

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "In light of the attack from the Invisible Enemy, as well as the need to protect the jobs of our GREAT American Citizens, I will be signing an Executive Order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States for 60 days!" No green cards.

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