• Peggy Traeger Tierney

REAL News (4/20/20)

Rush Limbaugh invited President Trump to host his radio show anytime he wants & take calls from listeners. That would be so cool!

MARK LEVIN: "Get the hell off his back! President Trump is the ONLY national official who’s doing anything effective!"

TRUMP: I'm halting all funds to the World Health Organization while we investigate their disastrous handling of the Wuhan virus.

Republican Governor Abbott says the state of Texas is open for business this week! Mayor of Jacksonville, Florida reopened beaches.

There are 28 states that could open up immediately - the data shows they all have less than 100 Wuhan virus deaths per ONE MILLION population.

TRUMP: 29 states are in good shape & we hope to get them open before April 30th. Others will follow. I'll speak to each Governor.

If the data shows a state is ready to open, but the Democrat Governor tries to hold us hostage, shouldn't we just bypass him & open our churches & businesses anyway?

I cannot wait to go sit in a restaurant, order off a menu & leave a 100% tip. I cannot wait to go to church, worship with the faithful & stand to sing my praises to Jesus! I've had enough social distance!

Trucks were parked at the White House for President Trump's SALUTE to TRUCKERS. Thank God for truckers! Thank a trucker for keeping America moving!

When asked why he didn't recommend we shut down America from the HIV or SARS virus, without a vaccine, Comrade Fauci didn't have an answer.

If I can keep 6 feet apart at Walmart, I can social distance at church, to vote, at the mall or at a public park. Enough. Open it up!

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "I'm not a fan of Mitt Romney. I don't want his advice."

President Trump left Pierre Delecto (Romney) off his task force to re-open America. The only GOP Senator who wasn't invited!

America, it's time for SOCIAL DISTANCING with the Communist Party of China!

27,000 Boeing factory employees will go BACK to work this week on commercial airplane production. Restarting 737 MAX!

Tom Hanks & his wife said they took Trump's recommended drug Hydroxychloroquine & recovered quickly but it gave them a tummy ache! Evidence shows they may have never been infected at all. Acting!

French study of 1061 extremely ill patients shows Trump's recommended drug combo of Hydroxycloroquine & Azithromycin was 98% effective. 50% of global doctors are prescribing it to patients & 25% recommend that ALL healthcare workers use it to PREVENT infection.

WOOHOO! The UK finally moved to drop Huawei as a 5G vendor due to Communist China's "lack of transparency" on Wuhan VIRUS! Remember, China threatened to release virus & cut off medical supplies if European countries refused to buy Huawei's 5G network.

Federal judges are blocking Democrat Governors from closing down religious services with more than 10 people. They can't do that. No state can. Violates religious freedom!

Open your churches & encourage your Pastors! It's unconstitutional to keep them closed. All it takes is one and the others will follow. Courage is contagious.

TRUMP: "The top of the FBI was scum. And what they did to General Flynn was a disgrace. Roger Stone was treated unfairly. Paul Manafort, the Black Book was a fraud. What am I going to do? You'll find out what I'm gonna do."

New Stanford study says Wuhan Virus is no more deadly than the seasonal flu & millions have it and don't know it. I said that two months ago. What took them so long!

Democrat Governors are changing March influenza cases to "probable" Wuhan virus & dating them to April. Why? So they can delay opening & get more money from the Feds. JUST safely OPEN your church or business. They will keep moving the goal post.

The CDC's data by state shows that New York City has been coding pneumonia & flu deaths as Wuhan virus deaths at 10X the norm!

New York just added 3,700 more to their Wuhan virus "death count" on Easter (from March) who are "presumed" to be infected but were NEVER tested. Rigged!

They went from “slow the spread” to “flatten the curve” to “EVERY SINGLE PERSON MUST BE TESTED until no one is positive."

President Trump said it's time to LIBERATE Minnesota, Michigan & Virginia. That's a call to safely open your businesses & churches.

President Trump basically said the Governors of Minnesota, Michigan & Virginia are violating our Constitutional rights. Lawsuits?

Less than an hour after Trump's tweet to LIBERATE MINNESOTA, Minnesota's Governor Walz opened golf courses, bait shops, guns ranges and marinas!

Trump told reporters to look into how the meat processing plants owned by Communist China suddenly got infected with virus!

IMHO, Communist China seeded VIRUS at nursing homes, on cruise ships & at meat packing plants to sicken US workers & destroy our economy.

So, how's everybody enjoying their free 90-day trial subscription to "Living under Communism & Socialism in the USA”?

I wonder if the Wuhan Virus was the REAL insurance policy for the Deep State Communists to get rid of Trump & take over the world?

Avenatti, Cohen & Weinstein were released from prison due to Wuhan virus, yet Manafort is still locked up & Stone is on his way?

For the 1st time, there's a signed Presidential Disaster Declaration for all 50 States. Meaning Trump's ultimately in charge! NOT Governors!

Can Trump use the 50-state VIRUS Disaster Declaration to ban ballot harvesting & force nationwide voter ID for national security?

Michelle Obama & Kamala Harris just announced that America needs nationwide vote-by-mail with NO ID or proof of citizenship!

TRUMP: "Mail in ballots substantially increases the risk of crime and VOTER FRAUD!" 11.9 MILLION ballots were lost in mid-terms!

In response to the pandemic, I think Trump needs to temporarily NATIONALIZE the vote & mandate E-Verify for voting & Voter ID before states implement total vote-by-mail to rig & harvest absentee ballots.

A Democrat Justice won in Wisconsin's Supreme Court election on April 7th, by over 150,000 votes. Why?

Because 1.1 million out of TOTAL 1.5 million votes (73%) cast were by absentee ballot & HARVESTED by Democrats through April 13th. Precursor to November if we don't stop absentee ballot fraud.

Fauci & Birx have controlled a $35 BILLION annual budget at NIH for decades, no questions asked, and sent US taxpayer money to Communist China & WHO. Trump's smashing the piggy bank.

Trump confirmed he knows about the $3.7 MILLION grant that Obama's NIH gave to the Wuhan lab in 2015. Fauci works for the NIH.

President Trump told his administration to send the money earmarked for the UN's WHO to the Red Cross & Franklin Graham instead! The Red Cross is handling blood donations for the task force.

Vampire Pelosi is asking her unemployed constituents to send her $10. Why? She needs more money to stop Republicans from sending the unemployed & shuttered small businesses more money!

CIA, NSA & other intelligence experts have sent incriminating data to the New York Times on the Wuhan lab, where the virus originated, & they won't report it.

HHS is investigating the CDC Atlanta Lab for sabotaging Wuhan Virus test kits in January. Trump had to MOVE production elsewhere!

Florida is open. Texas is open. I need to get out of Minnesota. There's a reason Minnesota is under extreme lockdown. We are the birthplace of Communism in America.

Why do you think Congress & the Supreme Court of the Government are working from home & only the Executive Branch and President Trump has remained open?

Why do you think President Trump has not left the White House or traveled home to Mar-A-Lago in over a month? Think about that.

MARK LEVIN: "Biden is not mentally fit. He's a constitutional crisis & 25th amendment problem. Everyone knows it."

22 Democrat states are using 43 DRONES from Communist China to spy & lecture US on our social distancing after they sent us the VIRUS! The data is sent back to China!

Ilhan Omar's campaign is on track to pay her new husband's firm $1.2 million in 2020 for "consulting" services. Quite a wedding dowry!

MARK LEVIN: The President can OVERRIDE Governors who issue fiats that harm or interfere with interstate commerce. Boom!

Sheriffs in some Democrat states are revolting & say they will NOT enforce their Governor's excessive lockdown & stay-at-home orders!

Who agrees the VIRUS will cause a mass migration from blue dense inner cities to wide open red spaces in the next year? MAGA!

President Trump chaired a videoconference of the G7 leaders, who combined contribute $1 Billion to WHO every year, and they all agreed to "investigate" the origins of the VIRUS and WHO's role in covering it up.

What do you want to bet that Trump & the United States will form a new global partnership for health - and leave the "China-centric" Commies at the UN and WHO behind?

China's South Dakota Smithfield pork processing plant, that had the sudden "outbreak" of VIRUS, was visited by its Communist Party owners in March. Planted! Smithfield was bought by the Communists in 2013 under Obama.

Pelosi deleted her video from late February telling everyone to come to Chinatown where it's safe & fun after Trump called her out!

Evidence shows that SARS, MERS, SWINE Flu & WUHAN flu were ALL released from Communist Chinese labs. All accidents? BS.

Communist China threatened Taiwan with an aircraft carrier and strike group over the weekend, so the United States put on a show of force with an 'elephant walk' of bombers on its Air Force base in Guam.

Now you know why the USS Theodore Roosevelt was "infected" by Communists with VIRUS and Trump sent the military to the Caribbean & the South China Sea. It was no accident.

TRUMP: I was the only one who wanted the China travel ban on January 31. Why? Because I don't believe everything I read.

When Bill Gates tries to tell us how to live our lives remember he's only rich because he stole the idea for Microsoft Windows and was also the one who not only brought us Common Core but doubled down on it after it failed.

Cuomo is mandating face coverings now INSTEAD of social distancing. Why? Likely to allow large Ramadan public gatherings.

Will Democrats enforce social distancing at mosques during Ramadan (April 23-May 23) like they did during Passover & Easter? NO.

Israeli mathematician says VIRUS winds down after 40 days & goes away after 60 days no matter WHAT you do. Lockdowns don't work.

2018 hospitalizations due to the seasonal flu: 810,000

2019 hospitalizations due to the seasonal flu: 490,000

2020 hospitalizations due to Wuhan virus as of 4/14: 67,547

Birx told ABC's The View that she, Fauci, the CDC & the NIH were ALL duped by Communist China & the WHO in December, January & February into believing the VIRUS was no big deal. Right. Not buying it. They were in on it.

Communist China owns AMC Theatres, IBM, Morgan Stanley, Smithfield Foods, GE Appliances, Motorola Mobile, Blackstone & more! The invisible enemy!

Can we freeze the US assets & properties of Communist China & remove their TRILLION $ debt from our books?

It's looking more and more like the virus was a distraction by the Communists so they could attempt an invasion or attack from the Caribbean and in the South China sea. The virus ITSELF is an invasion that Trump called the "invisible enemy."

After AG Barr intervened, the Democrat Mayor of Greenville, Mississippi CANCELLED his $500 fines for drive-in church parishioners!

Pelosi wrote a letter blaming President Trump for the VIRUS. She’s still on vacation and refuses to come back. She's claiming the Democrats "handed" Trump a strong economy which he destroyed on purpose with the virus.

According to the CDC's own numbers, 25,000 FEWER Americans have died in the past month than average. The HYPE is BS.

By the time Fauci & Gates’ vaccine is tested & approved for Wuhan virus, in 18 months, the virus will mutate and the vaccine will be irrelevant. Why is there no vaccine for SARS or HIV?

Did you know 20% of ALL common colds are caused by Coronaviruses? How do we know these tests are specific for Wuhan Coronavirus? We don’t.

DENNIS PRAGER: Too many Americans are willing to trade their freedom for "safety." Communists count on that. Better dead than red.

I just got a text from an ex-friend, a male liberal with TDS, who says the VIRUS is the earth's revenge for ignoring climate change! Insane!

US companies LOVED to use Communist China's cheap labor at their Chinese plants to build their products so they could sell them BACK to Americans at HUGE profits with NO tariffs!

That is, until the Communists SEIZED their plants in the name of the VIRUS and sold all their products in the name of the Communist Party. They didn't see that one coming! Now they're all scrambling to come back to America.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "I am working hard to expose the corruption and dishonesty in the Lamestream Media. That part is easy, the hard part is WHY?"

Why? Because the American media is owned by liberals at Disney, Universal Pictures, Comcast, Viacom, Murdoch Inc., Time Warner, Bloomberg, Amazon, Soros Inc., Silicon Valley & foreign investors who are all in Communist China's pocket.

The Communists convinced many liberals & RINOs in Congress to invest in China, not America, and implement policies that benefit China, not America. When the DNC is in power, their party - the Communist Party, does well and can rip off America even more.

Many liberal colleges across America are bleeding money and may not make it back after the shutdown. What a shame! NOT.

Trump's friend RFK Jr hates Bill Gates & calls Fauci the "Bernie Madoff" of science & the murderer behind the "HIV Ponzi Scheme." He briefed Trump on the NIH in 2017.

States receive from $12,000 to $300,000 for EACH REPORTED case of Wuhan virus. That's why they're lying about the diagnosis.

LIMBAUGH: "Trump is setting the stage for opening this up. Trump has the hammer. He’ll drop it when he thinks it is necessary."

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