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    REAL News (3/4/20)

    MUST READ: What you need to know about the Wuhan Virus the fake news isn't telling you.

    Federal judge ruled Hillary must testify UNDER OATH this spring for the FIRST time about her emails. She can't plead the fifth.

    Schumer just warned Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch & Kavanaugh they will PAY A PRICE if they vote against him in an upcoming abortion case! Chief Justice Roberts issued a statement calling Schumer's rant inappropriate and dangerous!

    Chuck Schumer essentially threatened to impeach Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch & Kavanaugh unless they vote the way he wants on abortion!

    After Chuck Schumer threatened the Supreme Court, protesters cheered: "Let's hear it for all the people who have abortions!"

    Lisa Page testified that top FBI officials wanted to charge Hillary Clinton under the Espionage Act and Obama's DOJ shut it down!

    In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that foreigners who are in America illegally can be prosecuted for identity theft.

    After CNN paid off the Covington Catholic student to end his $275 million defamation lawsuit, Nick Sandmann is going after NBC, ABC, CBS, the New York Times & Rolling Stone!

    Not only is the Trump campaign suing the New York Times for defamation on spreading lies about Russia collusion, now he's suing the Washington Post!

    12,469 Americans died from the "made in Mexico" H1N1 Swine flu in 2009 because Obama refused to close the border & took 6 months to respond! Media never said a word!

    41 people are dead, or unaccounted for, after a tornado hits Nashville. Yet, 10 Coronavirus deaths are the only headlines!

    2 Clinton Judges ruled against Trump's Remain in Mexico policy thinking they could immediately flood the border with up to 60,000 people.

    SO....Trump announced that the Coronavirus hype may force him to totally close the Southern Border which will put a big damper on the Democrats' new scheme!

    Then, Judges ordered a stay on the ruling until Trump appeals to the Supreme Court. Trump win!

    You can make your own hand sanitizer with 2/3 cup of rubbing alcohol & 1/3 cup of aloe vera gel. Add essential oils for fragrance. Or just use soap & water!

    HUGE! Trump REVERSED Obama's FDA rules that forced laboratories & hospitals to get CDC approval BEFORE they tested for viruses!

    After MSNBC's Chris Matthews told the truth that "SOCIALISM DOESN'T FRICKING WORK" he was accused of sex abuse by the MeToo crowd & forced to retire!

    On Monday, 3/2, the Dow closed UP nearly 1300 points & over 5%. Best one day point gain in history. Just like that, the fake news is silent and trying to figure out a way to congratulate Democrats.

    Due to pressure from President Trump, the Federal Reserve FINALLY cut rates a half a percent on 3/3 & may do it again in mid-March! Looking like Trump’s wish for NEGATIVE rates will come true.

    According to exit polls from 3 networks, Netanyahu won the 3rd election for Israel's Prime Minister. Votes are still being counted & coalitions are up in the air. Pray for Bibi.

    RANDY QUAID: "I don’t want President Trump for another 4 years. I want him 4 ever!"

    RIGGED: After Biden wins the most delegates on Super Tuesday, fake news headlines say the stock market is roaring back ONLY because Joe Biden is the best candidate for President!

    Rumors are Biden will win the nomination and appoint a VP who will take over after he drops out of the race in late summer, citing "health" concerns!

    Minnesota's Democrat Secretary of State, Ellison's pal Steve Simon, was illegally directing Minnesota voters to Democrat websites! Standard operating procedure for Minnesota Democrats!

    Republican turnout for Trump in Texas: 1,879,758. Democrat turnout for all 4 top candidates combined: 1,663,590.

    Democrat primary results have been compromised & rigged since Iowa. Scares the crap out of me what kind of fraud they have planned for November!

    US & Taliban have reached a peace deal to end the 20 year war in Afghanistan and bring our troops home! John Bolton commended a letter written by Liz Cheney & 22 House Republicans condemning Trump & Pompeo's peace deal in Afghanistan!

    In place of actual documents, Comey's coup plotters put blank pieces of paper in FBI files & pretended they were evidence.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: "They like to play the race card. We’ll continue to play the Trump card. We like to troll. We do a little trolling!"

    Democrats tell Trump to stop having rallies because Coronavirus is too dangerous, while they hold big rallies themselves!

    4.5 Million face masks & 100,000 bottles of hand sanitizer were found illegally hoarded in wholesale warehouses in virus-stricken South Korea!

    South Korea is charging a doomsday cult with conspiracy to commit murder, whose leaders became infected in Wuhan China, for spreading the virus among its 230,000 members! Now you know why it's spreading like wildfire there.

    I think Communist China & North Korea seeded the Coronavirus in the doomsday cult in South Korea & then hoarded masks & sanitizer!

    Pierce Bush, nephew of GW & Jeb, and grandson of HW, was crushed in his GOP primary bid in Texas. Looks like the end of an era for the Bush family!

    President Trump met with pharmaceutical companies at the White House and said the Coronavirus PROVES we need to protect our borders and bring manufacturing BACK to the US. Woohoo!

    China reports people are back to work but the Communist Party has installed new equipment to better spy on them! While the Chinese people were shuttered in their homes, the Communists installed more surveillance in offices & on the streets to monitor & control them.

    Communist China installed a new app that tracks every citizen, grants them "permission" to come & go & sends their data to the police!

    Communist China is forcibly removing healthy men from their homes in handcuffs - saying they are "Coronavirus" sufferers. The same thing is happening in Iran!

    99.5% of healthy adults survive the Wuhan virus. I believe these people are healthy dissidents being rounded up and taken to the newly built "hospitals" - with bars on the windows - never to be heard from again!

    DR DREW: Coronavirus is a media-driven panic. 6 Coronavirus deaths, 18,000 from the FLU. Why are they hyping Coronavirus instead of pushing flu vaccine for Influenza A & B which is killing tens of thousands?

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: New poll says 77% of adults have confidence in their government’s ability to handle the Coronavirus.

    Donna Brazile, former DNC chair & FOX News contributor, just told the GOP chairwoman to GO TO HELL on the air for saying Democrats are helping Biden! They are helping Biden! Brazile is the clown who leaked questions to help Hillary!

    Buttigieg & Klobuchar dropped out the day before Super Tuesday and endorsed Joe Biden! Think of how many people voted early for those two. Feel the BERN? Bloomberg & Warren dropped out right after.

    Tens of thousands of migrants from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Morocco, Iran & Pakistan are amassing at the Greek & Bulgarian borders to flood Europe as Turkish President Erdogan opens Turkey's borders.

    Erdogan tore up the $6 Billion Euro agreement he signed in 2015 with the EU to restrict asylum seekers into Europe and says he's ‘opened the doors’ to allow as many as 4 million to leave the country.

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