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    REAL News (2/29/20)

    Here’s this week’s summary of REAL News. For BREAKING news FOLLOW* us on FACEBOOK.

    UPDATED: Romney, Kerry, Biden, McCain, Pelosi, Schiff, Mueller, Soros, Brennan, McMaster, Obama and Clinton are all tied to sketchy Ukraine deals.

    This is a massive money laundering scheme! No wonder Romney wanted to impeach President Trump! MUST READ:

    US & Taliban have reached a peace deal to end the 20 year war in Afghanistan and bring our troops home! Cheney & Bolton are not happy with Trump & Pompeo's deal.

    The US will restrict all travel to and from Communist China, Iran, Italy & South Korea and may close the Southern border. That'll put a damper on the Democrats' latest scheme to flood the border with 60,000 illegal aliens!

    TRUMP: "NO MORE Federal Tax $$ will go to States & Cities that don't cooperate with ICE. Funds will be cut off immediately!"

    The 2003 SARS Coronavirus outbreak peaked in March & ENDED by April. The market dropped 20% but FULLY RECOVERED by June. STOP panicking about the Wuhan Coronavirus.

    ZERO American flags were on the Democrat debate stage.

    10 million people applied for tickets to see President Trump in India. The stadium only held 125,000 people. Imagine the overflow!

    Respect and love. The bond between India & America. You won't see this photo on CNN.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Melania & I just traveled 8,000 miles to visit an exceptional leader and my true friend, Prime Minister Modi, and tell the world that America loves India, America respects India and America will always be faithful and loyal friends to the Indian people."

    Trump administration's new DOJ division will strip citizenship from foreign-born criminals who obtained it under false pretenses! Ilhan, you paying attention?

    Trump campaign to open storefronts in liberal districts in swing states to register voters & educate public on Trump's policies!

    A terrorist mowed down *60* people, including 18 children, with a car in Germany this week & fake news is too busy hyping “Coronavirus” to cover it!

    FAKE NEWS-DNC-CHINA-POPE FRANCIS-IRAN-EU-UN. 7 peas in a pod, all anti-American, all anti-Freedom, all hyping Coronavirus to destroy Trump!

    Ukraine started criminal proceedings against Joe Biden for forcing the removal of the Ukrainian Prosecutor investigating his son!

    President Trump has been given the go-ahead by Federal Court of Appeal to deny millions of $ to lawless Sanctuary Cities who refuse to work with ICE!

    Abdi Nur, the family friend of Ilhan Omar who confirmed she married her gay brother, says he fears for his life!

    Here's a map of the spread of common influenza in 2020. Notice that China has a low incidence of positive tests for Influenza B - the second most common type in the West this year. So, is the Wuhan Coronavirus simply like China's Influenza B? Looks like it to me.

    Last year, the CDC said that the common flu infected 35.5 million Americans, sent more than 16.5 million to the clinic, resulted in 490,600 hospitalizations and 34,200 deaths.

    So far, the Wuhan Coronavirus has resulted in ZERO deaths in America but it's crashing the DOW? Why isn't the normal flu crashing the DOW? It's killed 34,000 Americans this year! Someone’s pulling our leg!

    Every election year has a disease! Coincidence?

    Twitter suspended an account for replying "OK Dude" to a man who identifies as a woman - a violation of "misgendering" policy!

    Democrats want to make it as difficult as possible for President Trump to handle the Coronavirus successfully & smoothly because they don’t want the President to look good. That also means the Democrats don't care what happens to the American people.

    In 2003, before the 2004 Presidential election, the SARS Coronavirus resulted in 813 deaths worldwide while the regular flu killed 650,000, yet the media hyped it as the next Armageddon and the market dropped 20%.

    Steve Scalise basically said the Deep State & fake news played "partisan games" to hype the Wuhan virus while Trump was in India.

    Due to the genetic prevalence of ACE2 enzymes, East Asians, Japanese & Han Chinese are most likely to get really sick from Coronavirus; Europeans the least.

    One of the leading purveyors of scary Coronavirus "videos" LIVE from China has turned out to be a fraudulent Never Trump troll!

    HUGE! The Kentucky GOP just won the seat held by the Kentucky Democrats' last House Minority Leader for the last 30 years!

    APPLE CEO: "China is getting the coronavirus under control. The numbers, they're coming down day by day by day. I'm optimistic."

    Starbucks has reopened 85% of its 4000 stores in Communist China as new cases of Coronavirus drop and recovery appears underway.

    Anthony N. Ferrill, 51, a Coast Guard Veteran, had worked as a licensed Union electrician at Molson Coors for 17 years before he shot & killed five co-workers and himself in Milwaukee.

    Ferrill's motive? They're saying "discrimination." He was heavily medicated on Vicodin and muscle relaxers for back pain and was an Elizabeth Warren supporter.

    Mini-Mike Bloomberg says he shakes bellhops' hands in New York City so they can go home & tell their families they know someone "important."

    HUGE! Rasmussen Polling shows that President Trump's approval rating amongst black voters has soared to an all-time of 46%!

    The CDC is NOT unbiased! In 2016, NPR reported that liberal CDC workers were openly "crying in the hallways" over the election.

    CDC Director of infectious disease is Deep State & Rod Rosenstein's sister! Her inflammatory warnings on the Wuhan Coronavirus caused the market to plummet!

    Israeli scientists say they can develop an oral vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus that could be tested & ready within 90 days!

    During Trump’s trip to India, America & India signed new defense agreements & new trade deals on pharmaceuticals & energy. No wonder Communist China is pissed!

    In 3 months, when the flu season is over & the vaccine is out, the market will roar back and another sneaky Globalist plan to take down our President will have FAILED.

    Meanwhile, China's economy will totally tank and manufacturers will flow back to the US as President Trump rapidly decouples the US from the Communists, jumpstarts domestic production and finishes the WALL.

    Josh Hawley introduced new legislation to lessen US dependence on China for pharmaceuticals & jumpstart domestic manufacturing!

    Investors are betting the Federal Reserve will lower interest rates next month due to the Coronavirus - just what Trump wants!

    Former NFL player Jack Brewer declared at the White House that President Trump, not President Obama, was the first black president.

    Brewer, a former Democrat, told President Trump: "You’ve changed me. You touched me. And you made my work go to another level. You inspire me."

    WINNING: Court rules that Democrats have no right to demand testimony from former White House counsel McGahn to overrule executive privilege. There goes the Democrats' entire round two impeachment case.

    Paul Ryan & FOX News are making up poll numbers again to hurt Trump – just like 2016!

    Rasmussen, the ONLY poll that correctly predicted the election of Trump, says they've been BANNED by FOX News!

    Liberal parents put this little girl on a chair in a BAR and cheered while a half-naked Drag Queen gyrated around her and slithered up to her on the floor. What kind of parent does this?

    This is what's going on at Public Libraries near you!

    9th Circuit three-Judge panel in San Francisco (2 Clinton Judges) overturned Trump's “Remain in Mexico” policy -- meaning 25,000 people could suddenly rush the border! DOJ is seeking SCOTUS review.

    Communist Bernie Sanders is the candidate of anarchists & atheists who want to transform the United States into the Soviet Union!

    MIKE LINDELL: "Thank you President Trump for appointing me Chairman of the Minnesota Trump campaign! We will make Minnesota great again!"

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Now the Democrats are politicizing the Coronavirus. This is their new hoax. Their single talking point."

    LARRY KUDLOW: "The Coronavirus is NOT going to sink the American Economy. What could sink the American Economy is the Socialism coming from our friends on the other side of the aisle.”

    President Trump says Sotomayor & Ginsburg should RECUSE themselves from Trump SCOTUS cases due to their outspoken BIAS against him and the GOP.

    MeToo is accusing MSNBC's Chris Matthews of sex abuse now because he's anti-Socialist. What Commies do to all men who dare to talk back!

    TRUMP: "I am NOT the President of the globe. I don't want to be President of the world. I'm the President of the United States!"

    LINDSEY GRAHAM: "We're going to win because you've been a damn good President. Thank you for putting up with the never ending bullshit!"

    38% of beer drinkers refuse to buy Corona beer "under any circumstance" due to the Coronavirus.

    Owner of Corona Mexican beer suffered a $285M loss partly because people think the beer causes Coronavirus! People are clueless.

    Netanyahu's liberal opponent, Benny Gantz, fired his top campaign strategist after an audio recording leaked of him calling Gantz an utter fool and his Blue & White party a great danger to Israel! Oopsy!

    President Trump announced his nomination of Republican Congressman John Ratcliffe as Director of National Intelligence!

    Trump nominated Ratcliffe last fall but withdrew his nomination after push back. Trying again.

    Twitter is threatening to remove Terrence Williams' account after he was invited to the White House as a Trump advisor! President Trump told Terrence he stands with him!

    Liberal Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is bullying other SCOTUS Justices & accusing them of being biased FOR Trump!

    FLORIDA VOTER: "I am a Cuban Democrat. I watched the interview with Bernie Sanders [saying good things about Castro]. That put the nail in the coffin for me. There is nothing good with the Castro regime."

    BERNIE SANDERS CAMPAIGN: "To win in America, we need a powerful socialist movement to end all capitalist oppression!”

    ABC Reporters admit on Project Veritas undercover video that ABC/Disney UNFAIRLY trashes Trump, lies to the voters & treats news like horseracing!

    That's a smoking gun, folks. ABC is a taxpayer-funded FCC-licensed & controlled network. They CANNOT distort the news. It's against the law. Now they CAN pull their licenses.

    Is Project Veritas' undercover video on ABC the reason that Bob Iger, the head of Disney, who owns ABC, stepped down?

    Here’s what Pelosi’s Democrat Party stands for today!

    Communist Bernie Sanders recommended parents let children run around naked in public & said 13-year olds were mature enough to co*ulate!

    Communist Bernie Sanders refuses to attend the pro-Israel AIPAC conference because he says it's for bigots who "oppose Palestinian rights.” The only Democrat candidate who is going is Bloomberg!

    Communist Bernie Sanders used to freelance for leftist rags, writing about his "masturbation & rape” fantasies for $50 a story!

    Meanwhile, in Paris, Congolese "refugees" are rioting and setting fires because a Congolese singer they don't like will play. The rioters are preventing fire fighters from putting out the flames.

    Rumors are that Libertarian Matt Gaetz is positioning himself for a 2024 Presidential run. The guy who just voted with Pelosi & the Democrats FOR the War Powers resolution to hamstring President Trump? Now you know what his "end game" is.

    MINNESOTA: Democrats, who control the Minnesota House, just passed two gun bills. Minnesota House Republicans all voted NO.

    Yet, before the ink dried, Minnesota's Koch Brothers' Libertarian activists from MAGASOTA and Ben Dorr's Minnesota Gun Rights (MGR) started calling good and decent Republicans names.

    Michele Even, the Minnesota Libertarian activist who founded the scam called MAGASOTA, confronted Jennifer Carnahan, the head of the Minnesota GOP, in the tunnel at the Capitol building and followed her down the hall.

    No Republican voted for the gun control bills in the affirmative. There is NO reason for the Dorrs or MAGASOTA to trash Republicans on this vote! Further proving that MAGASOTA & MGR are saboteurs out to harm our President. DISAVOW those groups!

    A jury convicted Weinstein for "third-degree" rape for consensual affairs with women who still called him for favors and money years after the alleged rapes.

    Harvey Weinstein donated $2.3 million to Obama, Hillary & the DNC and they’re letting him rot at Rikers. Will he sing?

    The jurors in Weinstein's case were given inflammatory naked pictures of his "deformed" body – with scars and without testicles - to disgust the jurors into calling consensual sex with his two accusers - “rape.”

    If you're a competent adult woman & willingly choose to have sexual relations with someone, & later wish you hadn't, that's NOT rape!

    Harvey Weinstein will receive special treatment while in custody as authorities fear another “Epstein incident” might happen!

    If liberals don't believe in biological gender then why do they organize a Women's March and wear "pussy" hats? Makes no sense!

    China to send 100,000 ducks to Pakistani border to battle plagues of locusts eating crops. One duck can eat 200 locusts per day.

    Pelosi's San Francisco declares Wuhan state of emergency even though city has no reported cases! Proof Democrats are fear mongering for $.

    Pelosi's Streets of San Francisco are covered with human feces & littered with syringes. Where's the State of Emergency for that?

    Former Baltimore Mayor, Democrat Catherine Pugh, sentenced to 3 years for laundering money through her "children's books."

    Netanyahu is polling better in Israel. Why? Fears that if the US elects Communist, pro-Palestine Bernie, Israel's a goner without a strong conservative leader!

    John Kerry & the Democrats had a secret meeting with Iran's Foreign Minister Zarif in Munich 10 days ago & laughed about the Coronavirus on camera. Then Zarif goes home and suddenly Iran’s leadership has an outbreak? Did Kerry tell Iran to hype the virus?

    The FCC got hundreds of complaints over J-Lo's & Shakira's Super Bowl halftime show calling it R rated & inappropriate family viewing!

    Here's what I heard President Trump say at his Coronavirus press briefing.

    A week after Trump appointed Richard Grenell as “Acting Director” to "clean house" at the DNI, Schumer sent a letter asking the DOJ to investigate him!

    Communist Bernie Sanders basically said his administration will help minorities start businesses to sell drugs.

    The wide-spread use of Khat in East Africa, a wild growing addictive leaf, that is a cross between marijuana & meth, has literally destroyed the minds of entire nations like Somalia. This is what Communist Bernie Sanders wants for America.

    Boston Globe endorsed Bill Weld, the Libertarian alcoholic who was Gary Johnson's VP in 2016 & flipped to the GOP to oppose Trump in 2020!

    Bloomberg accidentally slipped & said “I spent $100 million & bought them” when talking about the Democrat races that flipped the US House from red to blue.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: "There's rarely been a juror so tainted as the forewoman in Roger Stone's case. Totally biased, as is the judge."

    Judge Amy Berman Jackson wanted to review "juror bias" & the case for new trial behind closed doors. Stone's attorneys want it public!

    Amy Berman Jackson, the Obama-appointed Judge on the Roger Stone case, who has been asked to recuse herself for bias, lashed out in the courtroom against Tucker Carlson & President Trump - showing her bias!

    Communist China may have leaked the Wuhan virus to control Hong Kong "freedom fighters" & increase surveillance drones & facial recognition!

    Nunes says Mueller's DOJ prosecutors misled the courts & Congress so House Republicans will file criminal referrals against them. Still waiting.

    Mini-Mike Bloomberg owns a condominium unit in President Trump’s Park Avenue Tower. Tell me again how much Bloomberg hates him!

    Kobe Bryant's widow has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the helicopter company - seeking untold millions in damages!

    Kobe Bryant had been using this helicopter to commute to work for over a decade. He called it his "Cadillac." He knew the risks.

    The US Communist Party testified before Congress in the 1950’s that they planted 1200 pedophiles in the Catholic Church to destroy it from within.

    Who do you think grooms students into questioning their gender or sexuality? Liberal female teachers. It's not men doing it!

    10% of school children are abused by their liberal teachers and 42% of the abusers are gay & straight women. Where's the outrage?

    HUGE! Evangelical Church (SBC) voted to INVESTIGATE the Soros-backed progressive wing (ERLC) of the SBC that is sabotaging church conservatives and falsely accusing them of sex abuse!

    It looks like President Trump is pushing Evangelical leadership to stand up & take their churches back from the Communists!

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