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    REAL News (2/23/20)

    Here’s this week’s summary of REAL News. For BREAKING news FOLLOW* us on FACEBOOK.

    President Trump departed for India to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to talk trade. Prayers for a safe journey!

    A liberal snowflake sent her neighbor a note saying the little Trump flag in his window was "disgusting." Here's how he responded. He "fixed things" for her. I like his style! Trump 2020!

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: "We don't care who the Democrat is. We're going to take the House, hold the Senate and keep the White House."

    Roger Stone's attorneys filed to disqualify the Obama-appointed judge in his case saying her statements at sentencing prove bias! She refused to recuse herself. Here’s what happened, prior to sentencing.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: “What has happened to Roger Stone should never happen to anyone in our Country again."

    The Minnesota GOP is warning Trump supporters that MAGASOTA, Ben Dorr's Trump Club of Minnesota, Dorr's Minnesota Gun Rights & Dorr's Minnesota Right To Life are all SCAMMERS out to harm our President

    These groups are NOT SUPPORTED by President Trump or our party. PLEASE DISAVOW.

    Communist Bernie Sanders was just briefed by U.S. officials that Communists in Russia are trying to help him win the White House! We know!

    When Biden was POINT MAN in Ukraine, $5.3 BILLION in US aid went missing (to Soros) & Obama's embassy made sure it was covered up!

    DONE! The Nevada GOP formally endorsed President Trump today & voted to bind all 25 of the state party's delegates to him.

    The Republican parties of South Carolina, Nevada, Kansas & Arizona voted NOT to hold primaries to smooth the process for Trump.

    If you want to volunteer for the Trump Campaign, follow the Trump Victory page and follow the OFFICIAL Trump Campaign in YOUR state! They take their orders directly from our President!

    Go to to sign up. Go to to find volunteer opportunities, become a team leader, host a MAGA meetup, find events or training.

    MINNESOTA TRUMP SUPPORTERS: Tuesday, February 25th is the Minnesota Republican caucus. Come meet your neighbors, make your voice heard and get involved in the Republican Party of Minnesota - the party of President Trump. Find your location here.

    MSNBC's Chris Matthews says Democrats might be better off with Trump than with Bernie & maybe they should just wait 4 more years!

    CNBC POLL: President Trump’s approval rating among America's small business owners has hit an all-time high of 64% in 2020!

    Buttigieg's brother-in-law, Pastor Rhyan Glezman, says "Pete is anti-God" & everything he says is "incompatible with scripture."

    Trump's "Remain in Mexico" policy is stopping pregnant women from delivering anchor babies for free in America for automatic US citizenship!

    Phil Haney, 2015 DHS whistleblower & friend, was found shot dead in the chest by his car in California; no other details available. Awful.

    Trump removed the top 3 DNI guys & appointed Richard Grenell, his Ambassador to Germany, as Acting Director of National Intelligence to "clean house from top to bottom." Romney fired Grenell in 2012 for being openly gay. Liberal heads are exploding.

    Grenell is already shaking the trees & exposing Deep State staffers who have been pushing phony Russia collusion BS!

    8 masked anti-Trump protesters were arrested in Colorado Springs for blocking the street to protest President Trump's rally. Let’s make them famous.

    President Trump invited 14 members of the '80s Olympics "Miracle on Ice" team to his Las Vegas rally. The daughter of the team's coach gave her tearful support of Trump to cheers of USA USA USA!

    These two Indiana Democrats tried to RUN OVER two 14-year boys on bicycles who were carrying Trump flags! Make them famous!

    BERNIE SANDERS: "We need to rethink America...and by America I include the "undocumented" in this country. They are ENTITLED to the same rights" as citizens.

    Florida is set to pass a E-Verify law that will prevent ALL businesses from hiring illegal immigrants as workers. I'm hoping this same system will ultimately be used for VOTING.

    We all know that Hunter Biden got $83,000 per month by sitting on the board of Burisma. What did Burisma get in return?

    My well-researched article on the Ukraine money laundering machine involving Romney, Biden, Kerry, McCain, Soros, Schiff, Pelosi and more has been viewed 351,000 times. Let's make it a half million. A serious MUST READ.

    Obama gave NCS Pearson a multi-million $ contract to rewrite textbooks. They gave him & Michelle multi-million $ book deals. That’s called money laundering. COMMIE CORE.

    TRUMP SUPPORTER: "I love him. He's awesome. He tells it like it is. He's not fake & phony like some people we know. I know they think that only the rich are getting richer but some of us got bigger paychecks. Thanks Trump!"

    Bernie says he'll pay for FREE healthcare by taxing the middle class. Meaning if you make $15 per hour, he'll take $7.80 of it. No wonder he wants to raise the minimum wage!

    Democrats don’t want charter schools or school choice. They want to indoctrinate kids into Communism and make them dependent on the Party of NO God & free stuff.

    Trump knows he has ONE shot to take down the coup plotters by building an iron-clad file of evidence of all their criminal deeds.

    The truth always comes out. Trump must allow the nest of Deep State snakes to expose themselves -- bait them & bring their darkness into the light of day!

    After 41 years of rigged elections in Islamic Iran, the Iranian people boycotted the election & only 25% showed up to vote. Pray to free the Iranian people!

    A woman in an Illinois prison is suing the Illinois DOC because they forced her to room with a transgender, a biological male, who was a convicted MURDERER and raped her.

    A family friend of Ilhan Omar's in the Minneapolis Somali Community finally came forward with the truth. Ilhan Omar DID marry her gay brother – to bring him back to America so he could undergo “conversion” rehab.

    The 78-year-old Bayview Cross in Pensacola, Florida has been saved from a bunch of angry atheists. The Supreme Court ruled it does not violate the U.S. Constitution and will remain standing.

    Bloomberg's performance on the debate stage was so bad that he & his PR firm are apologizing and saying he's just warming up!

    Bloomberg News is reporting that Bloomberg is now the #1 candidate for the Democrat Presidential nomination. How’s that for fake news?

    Bloomberg's campaign told NBC News that Mini-Mike will NOT stand on boxes during debates! Trump is in Mini's head!

    President Trump applauded the 100-year-old WW2 vet who was carried to his seat at his rally. Donald Trump Jr. came over to shake his hand and present him with a MAGA hat.

    Trump supporters honored a World War II veteran by carrying him to his seat, on the 75th anniversary of Iwo Jima, for tonight's MAGA rally in Phoenix, Arizona - while the crowd chanted USA USA USA!

    Jim Wallis, Obama's Liberal Evangelical Pastor of the Soros-backed SOJOURNERS, has been pushing JESUS IS A COMMUNIST for a decade! Jesus was NOT a Communist or Socialist. It’s a BIG Lie!

    For two days, the fake news spread LIES that AG Barr was going to resign because of Trump's tweets. A total fabrication.

    The Queen BANNED Harry and Meghan from using the lucrative "Sussex Royal" brand & trademark on their new website to make millions! Meghan whined & stomped her feet.

    Ryan Newman survived a horrific crash at the Daytona 500. Here he is with his two daughters smiling from the hospital. He’s home now. Amen!

    HUGE! Why did Trump commute the sentence of former Illinois Governor Democrat Rod Blagojevich? To go after Obama & Comey!

    A man who murdered his grandfather, and is serving a life sentence, decided he was a woman and is suing the DOC to give him hormones, women’s underwear and a sex change. THIS IS NOT FAKE NEWS.

    Peter Vlaming was FIRED as a Virginia high school public school teacher because he REFUSED to address a female student as a male using male pronouns. He's suing.

    TOM COTTON: Communist China pays the New York Times and the Washington Post MILLIONS to run their propaganda sections & disguise them as editorials!

    In Nevada, a marijuana chain is offering free joints to all Democrat primary voters. This is what the left wants for America. Stoned voters who are easy to manipulate.

    Senate Democrats had a secret meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif last week. Why are they conspiring with the enemy?

    Democrat Chris Murphy admitted meeting with Iran in Munich with Menendez, Van Hollen & Kerry. Trump called it Logan Act violation. So did Mark Levin.

    Bloomberg pays lawyers to be farmed out to liberal state AG offices, like Ellison's in Minnesota, to push progressive policies!

    Christians, it’s time to wake up. The Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy – another Communist takedown of an American tradition!

    On President’s Day, Obama took credit for Trump's historic economic boom - what an ass. He's just angry that his coup failed and jealous at how overwhelmingly successful the Daytona 500 was for President Trump!

    Obama blamed Bush for Obama's failed recovery but is taking credit for Trump's booming economy. That's what Communists do.

    68% of college students say they hear disrespectful, inappropriate or offensive statements ABOUT conservatives OFTEN on campus!

    Most conservative college students do not express their opinions on ANY topic for fear of retribution from classmates & teachers.

    25% of college students say it would be okay to physically stop a speaker from expressing an opinion they disagreed with!

    Soros demanded that Zuckerberg & Sandberg be removed from Facebook because they are about to "assist Trump get re-elected."

    A bill to ban assault-style weapons in Virginia FAILED to pass the state Senate after some Democrats joined Republicans to stop it. Several others already passed.

    Donald Trump was never called a racist before he announced he was running for President as a Republican. I was never called a racist until I announced I was voting for Donald Trump.

    Weissmann says AG Barr swapped out the DOJ's "loser case" against McCabe for a new investigation against Comey, McCabe & Strzok.

    DERSHOWITZ: Per a new lawsuit, there's proof that Soros personally instructed Obama to have the DOJ/FBI launch investigations on his behalf!

    To attract crowds, topless women jumped on stage at Bernie's Nevada rally, took the mic & poured red milk on themselves. Bernie couldn’t find a band?

    So Bernie let some topless protesters take his microphone at a rally in Nevada to attract attention. Looks like he's done this before!

    Bloomberg is considering Hillary as his VP. Mini-Mike & Grandma Death. Is Mini-Mike looking to be Epsteined? Are they looking to run 3rd party to pull a Ross Perot like 1992?

    Communist China illegally donated millions to the DNC for Bill Clinton's re-election in 1996, in return for US missile technology.

    Close your eyes & visualize Mayor Pete at Daytona 500 commanding: "Gentlemen, start your engines!" You can't do it, can you?

    Klobuchar says she's changed her mind & no longer believes English should be the national language of the United States. Klingon?

    In areas of Paris, foreign-born gangsters account for 47.6% of crime, compared to 20% for the rest of France. Sound familiar, Minnesota?

    Trump is sending a delegation to the UK to express America’s dismay over Boris’ decision to use Huawei for part of their 5G buildout.

    BURGESS OWENS: "I left the NFL as a cocky Liberal. I started a biz I knew could not fail. Seven years later it did. I lost Now I am a humbled & thankful Conservative." Burgess Owens is running for Congress in Utah! Vote for Burgess!

    Plagues of locusts have been destroying crops across Africa & Asia & have now made their way to Wuhan-stricken Communist China.

    Here’s what you need to know about the origins of the Wuhan virus.

    2 Communist scientists used US grant money to perfect a lethal virus at an American University lab in 2015 that they bought home to Wuhan, China & weaponized.

    Those with Wuhan virus are contagious at least a week BEFORE they show any symptoms - temperature scanning at airports/malls is ineffective.

    Wuhan virus attacks CD4 immune cells just like HIV, which is why 2 anti-HIV drugs are being used to treat low white blood cell counts. These drugs can harm organs, however, and if patients become reinfected - they can die of heart failure

    Head of Harvard’s Chemistry Department, who helped build Wuhan labs, was arrested for accepting millions in bribes from Communist China.

    As I've repeatedly said, open borders & the importation of deadly contagious disease has killed more humans in history than ALL wars combined.

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