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    REAL News (2/15/20)

    Here’s this week’s summary of REAL News. For BREAKING news FOLLOW us on FACEBOOK.

    REPORTER: "President Trump, what lesson did you learn from impeachment?" TRUMP: "That the Democrats are crooked."

    President Trump received more New Hampshire Primary Votes than any incumbent president, in either party, in history! Even double Reagan!

    To show that he has no hard feelings, President Trump has appointed Willard "Mitt" Romney as US Ambassador to Wuhan, China. Kidding!

    My well-researched article on the Ukraine money laundering machine involving Romney, Biden, Kerry, McCain, Soros, Schiff, Pelosi and more has been viewed 339,000 times. Let's make it a half million. A serious MUST READ.

    Including Vindman, the Trump administration has now removed 70 staffers on the National Security Council inherited from Obama.

    Jussie Smollett was finally indicted in Chicago by special prosecutor Dan Webb for his hoax "hate crime."

    Not only has Jussie Smollett been indicted on 6 criminal charges, the City of Chicago is also pursuing a civil suit against him.

    President Trump was named grand marshal & will give the command for drivers to "start their engines" at NASCAR's Daytona 500 on Sunday 2/16.

    Rush Limbaugh got very emotional after a caller privately told him that he was willing to donate one of his lungs to him, if need be. Prayers.

    Trump proposed $4.4 TRILLION in federal spending CUTS over 10 years, slashing foreign aid, SNAP & welfare benefits for illegal aliens & able-bodied adults while keeping Social Security & Medicare INTACT for the elderly.

    McCabe-Page texts confirmed a meeting between Brennan & Clapper after the election on 12/12/16 to plot against General Flynn.

    Never Trump Republicans led by John Kasich are backing Joe Biden to seek "revenge" against Trump. That’ll show him!

    TRUMP MOCKS BLOOMBERG: "Mini Mike is a short ball (very) hitter. Tiny club head speed. KEEP AMERICA GREAT!”

    Nadler is freaking out that AG Barr's DOJ is reviewing Giuliani's evidence on Biden-Ukraine corruption without Jerry's approval!

    CHRISTIANS: In response to progressive attacks on the Evangelical church, a new Conservative Network was launched yesterday!

    Former CNBC anchor, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, a Cuban-American who HATES socialism & Communism is challenging AOC (Sandy Ocasio) in the Democrat primary in the Bronx.

    GALLUP: 59% of Americans say they are better off financially today than they were a year ago, the highest since 1999.

    Obama's "American Factory" producer quoted the Communist Manifesto from the Oscar stage and instructed "the workers of the world" to unite.

    Obama's 2020 Oscars delivered the LOWEST ratings EVER in history, off 60% from its high-point in 1998. Communism doesn't sell.

    STEVE MARTIN: "A couple of years ago there was a big disaster here at the Oscars when they accidentally read out the wrong name and it was nobody's fault, but they guaranteed that this will not happen this year because the Academy has switched to the new Iowa caucus app."

    It took less than 20 minutes for the Oscars to go political as Best Supporting Actor Brad Pitt called out John Bolton!

    BRAD PITT: "They told me I only have 45 seconds up here, which is more than the Senate gave John Bolton this week."

    Harrison Ford called President Trump a "son of a bi*ch" and applauded Greta Thunberg for her courage & ability to express herself!

    Looks like Obama's speechwriting firm is ghostwriting acceptance speeches for Hollywood stars.

    MANCHESTER TRUMP SUPPORTER: "I made this quilt because I spent all my money on fabric so I can't donate to his campaign. Everything on this quilt signifies our President. He loves our country, he loves our flag."

    AG Barr is suing sanctuary cities that shelter criminals, hide data, obstruct deportations & charge foreigners with lesser crimes.

    3 Ukrainians testified that, during a meeting at Obama's White House in January 2016, Eric Ciaramella – at Biden’s direction - asked them to GET Manafort.

    Against President Trump's wishes, the Senate voted 51-45 to advance Democrat Tim Kaine's War Powers resolution which would limit President Trump’s ability to use military action against Iran without approval from Congress.

    Eight "Republicans" voted with Democrats: Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Susan Collins, Lamar Alexander, Bill Cassidy, Jerry Moran, Lisa Murkowski, and Todd Young.

    The Libertarian Party issued a statement telling Republicans to vote FOR the War Powers resolution and against President Trump.

    A student at the University of Virginia made an “announcement” that she is uncomfortable there are too many white people around her. She asked white people to go away.

    Donald Trump Jr. told a 15-year old Trump supporter, Nate Campbell, who was attacked by a deranged leftist in New Hampshire for wearing a MAGA hat while registering voters, that the Trump family "has his back."

    Fake News McClatchy, the 2nd largest local newspaper publisher, and lead Russia Russia hoax monger, just filed for bankruptcy! Fake news is failing!

    Stormy's lawyer, & CNN’s Democrat Presidential hopeful, Michael Avenatti, was found guilty on all counts in Nike extortion trial. He faces 42 years.

    Mueller's Federal prosecutors, led by Jessie Liu, recommended the Judge sentence Roger Stone, 67, 7 to 9 years in prison for tampering & obstruction.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: Foreperson on the Roger Stone jury had significant bias. This is not looking good for the “Justice” Department.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: "DRAIN THE SWAMP! We want bad people out of our government!"

    US Attorney Jessie Liu resigned after Trump withdrew her nomination and 4 of her Mueller prosecutors were forced out over the malicious prosecution of Roger Stone.

    Trump only nominated Jessie Liu to Treasury to get her out of the office so Barr could drive out the Mueller snakes on her staff!

    After 4 Mueller prosecutors resigned from the Stone case, here’s what Barr said to ABC News.

    If you're confused about AG Barr and the Roger Stone case, here's what I think happened.

    Amy Berman Jackson is the Obama judge sentencing Stone, who also put Manafort in SOLITARY & ruled for Clinton on Benghazi.

    After jury bias was revealed PUBLICLY, the Obama-appointed Stone Judge, corrupt Amy Berman Jackson, granted Stone's attorneys permission to file for a new trial, under seal.

    Roger Stone's Judge had EARLIER denied a new trial despite evidence that some Roger Stone jurors were Democrat operatives, demanded the motions be kept hidden from the public, and implicitly threatened Stone with prison if he talked about it.

    Rod Rosenstein even covered for the rigged Judge & jury in Roger Stone's case - championing a juror's op-ed in the Washington Post.

    E-mails show Rosenstein was regularly in contact with Obama's cronies when he tapped Mueller for Special Counsel on Russia Russia!

    ROBERT BARNES: "How do you rig a jury? First, you rig the jury pool with your venue selection. Second, the judge gags the defendant from speaking & scares his counsel into muteness. Third, the judge hides the jury identity from public, so no one can crowdsource truth about juror bias."

    Tom Fitton says AG Barr was being out-flanked by Liu’s & Mueller's DOJ prosecutors so President Trump's tweets HELPED Barr rein them in!

    GERALDO: "Why were 4 high-level Federal prosecutors even assigned to Roger Stone, a lame, crime-less case?" BINGO.

    CNN going with the “AG Barr is an agent of Putin” narrative to explain the resignations of four Mueller prosecutors on the Stone case from the DOJ.

    FITTON: The only reason Mueller's prosecutors went after Stone was to legitimize their failed Russia collusion investigation.

    GREGG JARRETT: AG Barr shouldn’t criticize Trump’s Roger Stone tweets – Barr should clean up the mess in the Justice Department.

    ATTORNEY GENERAL BARR: “The President has never asked me to do anything in a criminal case.”

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: "This doesn’t mean that I do not have, as President, the legal right to do so. I do, but I have so far chosen not to!"

    Remember, everything Trump has done is to set traps to "catch them in the act." He says that over & over again. Why it takes time.

    Huma's beard, Anthony Weiner, only got 21 months for his 2nd pedophilia charge & Mueller’s prosecutors wanted to put away Roger Stone for 9 years?

    Swallwell says Democrats are considering impeaching President Trump again for the Roger Stone case! Feinstein says Trump's interference is shocking!

    BEN SHAPIRO: If suburban women have to choose between Bernie & Trump, they’re going to "hold their nose" and vote for Trump.

    COREY LEWANDOWSKI: Clearly Ben Shapiro is a dummy. ⁩If he looked at the exit polls in New Hampshire he would have seen that President Trump had a higher % of WOMEN than men.

    Trump administration to send 100 tactical Border Patrol officers to work with ICE to make "at-large" arrests in 10 sanctuary cities where they are releasing criminal aliens back onto the streets.

    CPD says the Muslim Brotherhood (CAIR) pays juvenile gangs to steal vehicles for cash & to be exported to Africa for terrorism.

    SIDNEY POWELL: Comey, Boente, Rosenstein, Atkinson, McCabe & Mueller conspired against Trump & duped Wray & McGahn in the process.

    Comey couldn’t get his illegal spy warrants renewed UNLESS he convinced the DOJ to trick the President. They did. Current FBI Legal Counsel, Dana Boente, was the former DAG who facilitated the illegal 4/17 spy warrant against Team Trump.

    Elizabeth Warren is demanding that AG Barr resign or the Democrats in the US House will start impeachment proceedings against him!

    AMY KLOBUCHAR: "I never wanted Barr in office in the first place. I took him on at those hearings. I'd be glad if he resigned."

    LIBERTARIAN JUSTIN AMASH: "We’ve had many terrible attorneys general in recent decades, but Bill Barr represents a unique awfulness. He wholly endorses the surveillance state, promotes executive supremacy, repeatedly undermines the Rule of Law, and clearly views his role as that of a political operative."

    A group of Evangelical women prayed a beautiful prayer over President Trump, while laying hands on him, when he unexpectedly appeared at their event in his DC hotel.

    DOJ declined to prosecute McCabe for perjury while Senate Judiciary plans to call Comey, McCabe, Yates & Rosenstein to hearings.

    Relax people. They've only dropped the investigation into McCabe arising from IG Horowitz's 2018 criminal referral. This has nothing to do with Durham's investigation which is still ongoing. They only have one crack at this. Barr & Durham could still indict them both.

    Lindsey Graham of the Senate Judiciary Committee asked AG Barr to make Comey, Yates, Boente, McCabe, Ohr & Rosenstein available for "transcribed interviews" on the Carter Page spy warrant.

    President Trump told Geraldo that if he hadn't fired Jeff Sessions his Presidency would have been easier - but not nearly as successful.

    Sean Spicer & Reince Priebus, both "ousted" by President Trump, were given new roles at the White House!

    Hope Hicks quit her $1 Million/year job with Murdoch to go back to the White House. Meaning Trump likely planted her at FOX for 2 years.

    Bannon, Sessions, Priebus, Hicks, Nielsen, Spicer & more all left the White House yet are all BACK on Team Trump. What does that tell you? Their departures were strategic.

    AG Barr tapped a Trump-appointee to review the handling of the General Flynn case & his FBI interview: Jeff Jensen, a US Attorney from Missouri.

    The Flynn case was ALSO led by Jessie Liu who just resigned.

    AG Barr tried to remove Jessie Liu as US Attorney when Barr took office. Mike Lee opposed it. The Treasury job was the 2nd try.

    A 23-year old "queer" activist, a female who goes by Martina or Artimus Martin, destroyed a College Republicans booth at the University of California, Santa Cruz, assaulted volunteers and spit on the Betsy Ross flag calling it a symbol of "white supremacy."

    President Trump trashed John Kelly as a military man who "can't keep his mouth shut" after General Kelly defended the Ukrainian spy, Colonel Vindman, who was fired for leaking classified information to the whistleblower at the NSC!

    Bloomberg & Bernie are 78. Biden is 77. 3 "old white guys" lead the party of "diversity." Trump is the youngster at 73.

    REMINDER: No matter who the Democrat nominee for President is in 2020 -- the Communist/Brotherhood SQUAD now controls Pelosi and the Democrat Party.

    America needs to made a choice in 2020. The most important choice in our history. Will we become an atheist Communist nation or continue as a Constitutional Republic? It's that simple. I choose God & freedom. Trump 2020!

    JAMES WOODS: "So the Democrats lost their marbles for over two years perpetrating the Russia hoax, and now will be nominating an old Commie who honeymooned in - you guessed it - Russia?!!"

    There have been 40 sexual harassment & discrimination lawsuits brought against Mike Bloomberg, by 64 women, over decades. Where’s the media?

    Mini-Mike Bloomberg will pay you $150 to be a "Bloomberg influencer" and say nice things about him on social media. PAID TROLLS.

    After Mini-Mike said Trump is "afraid of Bloomberg" - the President responded: “Mini Mike Bloomberg is a LOSER who has money but can’t debate and has zero presence. He reminds me of a tiny version of Jeb ‘Low Energy’ Bush.”

    AOC will serve as a guest judge on the reality TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race: “Join the Ru-volution. I’m Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and I pledge allegiance to the drag.”

    This is what Drag Queen Story Hour for toddlers at the public library is all about. Teaching kids they can "choose" to be boys or girls, that sex is "fun" and to "pledge allegiance" to the rainbow flag.

    JAMES CARVILLE: “Last night on CNN Bernie Sanders called me a political hack. That’s exactly who the F*** I am! I am a political hack! I’m not an ideologue, I’m not a purist. At least I’m not a Communist!”

    Democrat Lloyd Blankfein, former CEO of Goldman Sachs, says Bernie's a Soviet who'll ruin our economy and destroy our military.

    Wei Sun, a Raytheon engineer for 10 years, was arrested for espionage for hand delivering US missile defense secrets to Communist China.

    Communist China illegally donated millions to the DNC for Clinton's re-election in 1996, in return for US missile technology.

    AG Barr indicted of four members of Communist China's military for the Equifax hack in 2017 – stealing the names, birth dates, and Social Security numbers of nearly 150 million Americans.

    MUST READ: The biggest threat to the US comes from Communist China - who control our manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, flood our streets with opioids, propagandize our schools, churches & Hollywood, destroy the faithful, own our media & Congress, steal our military and technology secrets and threaten the world with biochemical warfare.

    After Buttigieg mocked the President and asked how America "explains Trump" to their kids, Rush Limbaugh asked how parents "explain" Petie Buttigieg, to their kids, kissing his husband on stage after debates.

    LIMBAUGH: “Despite all the great wokeness and despite all the great ground that’s been covered, America’s still not ready to elect a gay guy, kissing his husband on the debate stage, President.”

    Sorry, still not buying the story that Omar had an affair with her money launderer, Tim Mynett. This is a way to give them ALL cover. Ilhan Omar will be married FOR LIFE to her faith husband and the father of her children.

    Ilhan Omar demanded to WEAR her religion, in the form of a Hijab, in the halls of Congress, as a symbol of defiance against the Judeo-Christian roots of America. Her words, not mine.

    Omar never wore a Hijab until she ran for office in Minnesota except on "bad hair days." She's a Communist fraud.

    Campaigning for Bernie, Ilhan Omar said free college through the GI Bill should be given to anyone who wants it, not just Veterans who served our country!

    Did you know in Ilhan Omar's Somalia there is NO free public K-12 school? Only the wealthy are educated & they pay for it.

    After Ilhan Omar mocked Ted Cruz for saying he was a "Christian First & an American Second" Cruz gave Omar a little American history lesson!

    Ayn Rand hated Communism, Socialism and Libertarianism - she said they were all "collectivist" means to the same end - the total destruction of America. She's right!

    A group of convicted sex offenders is suing Minnesota city for not allowing them to live near schools, parks or daycare centers.

    A Florida dialysis patient is upset after being told his son can’t bring him a cardboard cutout of President Trump to help him get through his treatments for kidney failure.

    The DNC contracted with Soros-funded SHADOW INCORPORATED to make the failed Iowa Caucus App, but they blamed the Iowa Democrat Party & forced the IDP Chair to resign.

    WTH: Nevada Democrats won't be using the Shadow app but will use iPads connected to the Internet & record voters in Google forms!

    JASON LEWIS: Roseau County is the 1st Minnesota county to declare itself a 2A sanctuary to protect our right to keep & bear arms.

    The Trump administration has directed $8.4 BILLION toward the border wall this year - enough to complete 450 miles in 2020.

    Left-wing hypocrites, who HATE the US military, are now crying out over cuts to the defense budget to fund the border wall!

    Career criminal attempted to assassinate two NYPD officers, while on parole for weapons' charges. President Trump is not happy with Mayor Cuomo.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: "I’m seeing Governor Cuomo at The White House. He must understand that National Security far exceeds politics.”

    Cuomo is giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, cutting off fed access to DMV records, unleashing criminals on the street due to the new cashless bail law, not protecting NYPD officers from assassination, not honoring ICE detainers and more. New York is a disaster.


    NEW YORK POLICE UNION: Our elected leaders have sent a clear message: the cops are on their own. And now the criminals and anti-police agitators are laughing as our city slides downhill, fast.

    "Community Officers" around China are clubbing dogs to death in front of horrified residents “in the name of curbing the coronavirus."

    Communist China’s Huawei was charged by the DOJ with racketeering and conspiracy to steal trade secrets.

    Weinstein's attorney says his MeToo accusers are frauds who hired Hollywood's ambulance chaser attorney Gloria Allred "who sits here every day waiting for her pot of gold."

    Ayanna Pressley, a black female United States member of Congress, says from the US House floor that America is a sexist, racist, slave holding country by design.

    Joe Manchin's daughter, Heather Bresch, the CEO of EpiPen manufacturer Mylan, donated to his campaign & price gouged public.

    Did you know that Time Magazine featured Hitler, of the SOCIALIST Germany Worker's Party, 9 times on their cover and also as Man of the Year along with Joseph Stalin?

    Did you know that the New York Times purposefully hid news about the Holocaust WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING? They are indirectly responsible for tens of millions of deaths by HELPING create genocide and then covering it up.

    Rudy Giuliani's says the US State Department, DOJ, & FBI were not interested in reviewing ANY evidence of Democrat bribery, extortion, money laundering, & illegal interference in the 2016 election. FIND ALL HIS PODCASTS HERE.

    MSNBC’s Chris Matthews explodes on Democrats over pushing Socialism: "It’s not only NOT free, it doesn’t frickin' work!"

    Steve Bannon just ate Bill Maher's lunch on Maher's show and represented us well. We need more of this, America!

    Trump says it's time for Pete Rose to be admitted to the Baseball Hall of Fame. He bet on his own team & paid a high price.

    Striking hospital workers in Hong Kong demand the border with Communist China be shut down to stop Wuhan virus spread.

    Republican Senator Tom Cotton confirmed the Wuhan virus did NOT originate in a seafood market as the Communists first reported. I'm sure it is a bioweapon engineered in their labs.

    Canadian lab shipped Ebola & a deadly pathogen called heniparvirus, with a 100% mortality rate, to Communist China in early 2019.

    Communist Chinese police threatened a woman at her home instructing her to delete her social media post about the Wuhan virus or "face the consequences."

    5th Circuit denies a "transgender" inmate's request to be called by female pronouns & to change male name to one more feminine. Good.

    MIKE LINDELL: "Thank you for all you do President Trump. We will win Minnesota, Mr President! Everyone loves you, some just don’t know it yet!"

    Trump suspended entry Visas to US from China due to Wuhan virus, which Biden called "hysterical xenophobic fearmongering." All US Carriers have stopped flights.

    North Korea allegedly executed a Wuhan virus patient, who was restricted under quarantine, after he snuck out to use public baths.

    PASTOR FRANKLIN: "America didn’t need a preacher in the Oval. It needed a fighter & champion for freedom like President Trump."

    PRESIDENT TRUMP TO CHRISTIANS: "In the last administration, faith-based schools, charities, hospitals, adoption agencies and pastors were systematically targeted by federal bureaucrats and ordered to stop following their beliefs.

    The day I was sworn in, that stopped. The federal government’s war on religion came to an abrupt end. My administration will never stop fighting for Americans of faith. We will restore faith as the true foundation of American life.”

    6 Trump volunteers were almost run down in Jacksonville while registering voters.

    JACKSONVILLE: The police report says that Gregory Timm, 27, tried to run over Republicans because he's a liberal who hates the President. The fake news is calling this a "non-partisan" attack - motive unknown! LIES. He's a domestic terrorist!

    President Trump is furious with WV's Joe Manchin for his impeachment vote against him calling him a weak, pathetic puppet of Schumer & Pelosi.

    Democrats' climate change scheme is really designed to kill the economy by eliminating millions of jobs in the fossil fuel industry and redistribute our wealth to countries like Communist China who burn dirty coal.

    Soros' "ChurchToo" movement is just another progressive MeToo cabal attacking conservative Evangelical Pastors all over America & use the pulpit as a propaganda machine for the progressives, like they've already done to the ELCA & the Catholic Church, via Communist Pope Francis.

    Warn your faith leaders that the Soros-backed SOJOURNERS and Russell Meek's ERLC (the Democrat wing of the SBC) are working together to take down as many conservative Pastors as they can.

    ChurchToo is what Franklin Graham calls "rented Evangelicals" invading our pulpits to destroy the word of God.

    FRANKLIN GRAHAM: "Bernie Sanders declared that being pro-choice is an essential part of being a Democrat. That’s disturbing.”

    JUSTICE ANTONIN SCALIA: "Have the courage to have your wisdom regarded as stupidity. Be fools for Christ. And have the courage to suffer the contempt of the sophisticated world." Amen! Jesus is my Savior!

    Data shows that the more left-wing you are, the more likely you are to have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness. I didn't need a survey to tell me that!

    The arrogant Military Industrial Complex is no longer being allowed to sabotage US foreign policy. That's why they hate our Commander in Chief.

    Bolton gave a speech to pals of a Clinton-backed Ukrainian oligarch & said he wouldn't allow Trump to change US foreign policy!


    MINNEAPOLIS: The Downtown East neighborhood, adjacent to Cedar Riverside, has seen violent crime rise by 70% in the past year. Why? Light rail and pedestrian bridges now give juvenile gangs easy access to Downtown and a Democrat Mayor, Police Chief and Sheriff provide sanctuary for criminals and let the perps walk!

    Solemani's Iranian Revolutionary Guard admitted facilitating the Muslim Brotherhood's al-Qaeda 9/11 terror attack on New York.

    Mayor Giuliani deployed "Stop & Frisk" in New York in the 1990's & gang on gang murder dropped 90%. It worked. BLACK LIVES MATTER

    Remember when "MeToo" Amber Heard said that Johnny Depp beat her and that she was a domestic abuse victim? Turns out it was the other way around. SHE was the abuser and he was often just defending himself.

    JOE DIGENOVA: The "Anonymous" senior Trump administration official who declared his/herself a member of the “resistance" in a New York Time's op-ed in 2018 has been identified and will be fired. Who is it?

    After nearly a week of tabulation, a failed application & rigged coin tosses, Petie ends up winning Iowa with 14 delegates & Bernie, 12.

    Petie Buttigieg is the new Obama. Orange is the new Black. If you say anything negative about Petie, you'll offend the Alphabet people and that's not allowed. See how the left works? That’s why they rigged Iowa for Pete.

    Petie Buttigieg is lying about his ‘military’ record. He pulled some strings and got into the Naval reserves with no training, no boot camp, no anything – skyped some friends from an office in Afghanistan for a few weeks and then came home.

    Petie Buttigieg wants to legalize marijuana, cocaine, meth & heroin -- making it easier for our kids to become lifelong addicts.

    I frankly have never followed QAnon, nor do I have an educated opinion on who, or what, it is. But today, after the New York Times ran a desperate hit piece on it, calling it a pro-Trump cult conspiracy, it makes me wonder if it might be the real thing.

    Sophia, the robot, wants you to know it's her birthday so Instagram is helping her celebrate.

    The atheist Communists behind Sophia are the same Godless demons who want to destroy humankind and replace us with a "genderless" army of robots they can control.

    Joe Biden scolded a New Hampshire voter who asked Biden why he lost so badly in Iowa: “You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier.”

    The 21-year-old female student voter, who Joe Biden called “a lying dog-faced pony soldier” says she was humiliated. Turns out she was likely a Yang supporter planted in the audience.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: "So good to see that Republicans will be winning the Great State of Alabama Senate Seat back, now that lightweight Senator Doug Jones cast a partisan vote for the Impeachment Hoax.”

    29% of California's smog comes from China. Democrats want the US to send $$ to the Communists to run dirty coal plants so they can send smog back to us!

    Some people think Mexico's Corona beer causes the deadly Wuhan coronavirus, as searches for "Corona beer virus" are increasing!

    I did a little analysis on the New Hampshire results. Trump secured 62% more votes than Bernie and Bernie lost half his base since 2016.

    Trump conditionally approved a peace deal with the Taliban that would withdraw American troops from Afghanistan after 18 years.

    Most of Virginia's House Democrats passed a SECOND gun confiscation bill. Elections have consequences. Vote them OUT!

    The first American edition of the Koran, printed in Springfield, Massachusetts, in October 1806 included this forward warning of Muslim Barbary pirates (precursors to ISIS) which most liberal scholars of today pretend doesn't exist.

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