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REAL News (11/21/20)

General Flynn said there are many paths to victory for President Trump & that Tucker Carlson can NOT be trusted!

Dr. Ben Carson, who said he has several underlying health conditions, became gravely ill earlier this month & recovered by taking Regeneron's anti-body cocktail - the same treatment that President Trump took. Carson wants the FDA to approve it for all Americans. Why haven't they? Because the FDA approved Fauci's failed ebola drug called Remdesivir, which doesn't work, instead of Hydroxy & Regeneron. That's why...

In Minnesota, you now face 90 days in jail or a $1000 fine if you socialize with someone over the holidays who does not live in your home. Whether inside your home, or anywhere else, including outdoors. If you "threaten to do so anyway" - you face a $25,000 fine.

Remember that Minnesota is the birthplace of the Communist Party & the Muslim Brotherhood in America. Ellison, Omar, Walz, Hutchinson, Warsame & Frey want to make sure you don't talk to anyone about what's really going on.

Lawyers representing the Democrat Secretary of State in Pennsylvania backed out after they threatened Team Trump. Lawyers can't be party to a crime. That tells you things aren't going as well for the Democrats as they pretend. Team Trump will be filing several Federal lawsuits next week.

Data analysis shows that massive clusters of voters in Detroit came from homeless camps, shelters, nursing homes, insane asylums & apartment buildings with NO apartment number. Same thing happens in Minneapolis & other Democrat-run cities. Absentee ballot mills.

LOU DOBBS: "Obama is positively giddy to insert himself back in the national conversation & claim there's no election fraud. Anyone who says that is either willfully ignorant or lying. Most Americans don't believe what they've been told about this election. Why are so many Republicans in DC so timid & gutless? Why do they call themselves "principled" when they don't have the courage to uphold principle?"

Lin Wood, the attorney who represented the Covington Catholic boys and is now representing President Trump in Georgia, raised enough money, with the help of actor Ricky Schroder & Mike Lindell of MyPillow, to free Kyle Rittenhouse on $2 MILLION cash bail. The 17-year old boy can be home for Christmas!

The Supreme Court was reorganized and 4 "conservative" judges (Alito, Kavanaugh, Barrett & Thomas) will handle emergency election appeals in the District Courts covering the swing states of Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin & Pennsylvania. That's a win for the good guys. A quick path from appeal to SCOTUS.

JENNA ELLIS: "FIRST, we needed to file suits and recounts to STOP final certification of inaccurate false results! SECOND, we will present testimonial and other evidence IN COURT to show how this election was STOLEN!" Contrary to popular opinion, certification CAN be overturned.

Communist China just announced a new alliance with Iran & would like America out of the region. The REAL foreign election interference in our US election was by China, Iran, Liechtenstein, Venezuela and Serbia, among others, says Sidney Powell. Makes me wonder what the Communists really plotted at Davos last January? That's when COVID began...

Allegedly, there is audio evidence of Dominion executives coordinating with BLM-ANTIFA as well as Communists Bernie Sanders & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Perhaps this is why AOC says she might leave politics?

Evidence shows that Dominion is owned by the Carlyle Group - the biggest private investor in the world for globalists like the Bush family & Soros. Carlyle is heavily funded in Communist China & Trump's tariffs are messing with their bottom line. They are worried about bond defaults.

It appears that GW Bush's CIA Director, Michael Hayden, developed the Smartmatic software with Communist China & sent it to Chavez in 2006 to use to cheat & win by a landslide. He did with 60% of the vote. That was the downfall of Venezuela. Then, the CIA, under Bush & Obama, sent the software all over the world to control elections. Then they turned it on us - likely starting in 2008.

Who really runs foreign policy in America? The CIA & the Pentagon. Remember, HW Bush was a CIA Director who helped engineer the fall of Nixon in a coup. They didn't like his stance on the Vietnam war, his friendliness to Israel & his hard liner stance against China & Russia. He had to be removed - just like Trump.

The Deep State is invested overseas & in Communist regimes and requires the downfall of America to succeed. It's as simple as that. All about the money...

Like I said months ago, Trump's EO from 2018 was designed to CATCH the bad guys in the act in the 2020 election. They were prepared for the CIA's attempt to overthrow America with the help of the Communists. They've known all along that COVID is the invisible enemy used to distract & disable the free world.

Scott Baio said he may move to Utah and unseat Senator Mitt Romney. He could do it.

PENNSYLVANIA: 73% of Joe Biden’s total new vote margin, that came in overnight, came from just 7 counties where election officials received $18 MILLION in bribes from Mark Zuckerberg & Facebook. Zuckerberg admits he spent $350 MILLION to influence local election officials in swing states.

First, Detroit certified the election. Then they decertified. First, Georgia certified the election. Then decertified. Then they recertified. Evidence came out yesterday they were shredding absentee ballots & old machines were found on the side of the road. Lots of CYA shenanigans.

SIDNEY POWELL: “We’ve got a number of Smoking Guns, we may have to get Witness Protection for them. We have a lot of extremely solid evidence. It’s beyond impressive and absolutely terrifying.”

Team Trump has evidence that they stole 7 MILLION votes from Trump & illegally engineered 10 MILLION votes for Biden. I can't wait to see them prove that in court. It's going to be epic!

President Trump gave the nation an update on his plan for reduced prescription drug prices and confirmed his "favored nation" plan will reduce prices significantly for Americans by forcing Big Pharma to cut out the middle-man and give us the same prices they give other countries.

This is the reason Big Pharma turned on the President. They don't want to give Americans the same low prices they give other countries. They want to stick it to us and make us pay for the world!

Both John Kerry & Justin Trudeau made public comments that COVID was an opportunity for Socialists to engineer a great global RESET to stop the rise of Trump & populism! On the record!

All of a sudden a dozen Republicans close to Trump & Rudy are "infected" with the China-virus and forced into quarantine. See how that works? Planted virus & rigged tests. No coincidence...

Who thinks Trump, Pompeo, Mnuchin, Barr, Flynn, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, Thomas, Alito, Barrett, Meadows, Ratcliffe, Giuliani, Powell & other Patriots in the Trump administration & our allies in Israel & the free world are going to hand America over to the Communists without a fight? Not a chance in hell.

Makes we wonder, after all we know now, if the REAL "insurance policy" in 2016 was the Dominion voting system & absentee ballot fraud - which failed - so they tried again in 2020 with a bigger, better plan? Strzok said he would stop President Trump from ever being elected in 2016. Hillary's phony dossier didn't come out until AFTER Trump was elected.

Giuliani, Powell, Ellis, DiGenova & Toensing held a press conference on behalf of the President to outline the scope of evidence they have gathered in the past two weeks about widespread election fraud in 10 states, including manipulation by Dominion & other voting machines owned by the global Communist Party.

The fake news is covering for Dominion & says they're just an innocent bystander. Not true. The proof of their ties to Smartmatic & Venezuela, Cuba, Serbia, Communist EU & Communist China is well-documented. They created dozens of off-shore shell companies to hide the paper trail.

Officials with Dominion Voter Systems backed out of testifying before the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee today. What do they have to hide? Dominion Voting Systems received MILLIONS of Taxpayer Dollars to provide services in Pennsylvania alone.

Dominion's Canadian offices are housed in the same building as Communist Chinese & Soros technology operations. Draw your own conclusions.

Rudy & his team literally have HUNDREDS of affidavits, sworn under oath, and are gathering hundreds more - including forensic evidence. Yet, RINOs like Tucker, Dana Perino, Karl Rove & Andy McCarthy, Rudy's former protege, came out immediately and said they want DETAILS & tried to mock Rudy & discredit Sidney Powell. NOT kidding.

Rudy said he has a very bad left knee that needs to be operated on and it hurts for him to stand for too long. It locks up. That's why he started sweating toward the end of the press conference. He was in pain. Now go tell the fake news to STFU!

Sidney Powell was NOT happy with Tucker. He wants her to publish the names of these witnesses so they can be targeted and destroyed before Trump has his day in court.

Lawsuits will be filed in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia & New Mexico. Rumors are Minnesota, Virginia & California as well. There is speculation that AG Barr was in Canada investigating Dominion, we have the servers, his US Attorneys are investigating election fraud in several states, Durham is still working on his investigation & the FBI has opened an investigation into voter fraud & Biden's relationship with Communist China. We will know soon if all that's true.

In Georgia, the crooked Governor & SoS certified the fraud through a phony recount. Trump is filing a lawsuit AFTER the certification to prove they lied: “In Atlanta, Republicans were not allowed to watch the absentee mail-in ballot process. Inspections were cast aside. We have numerous double voters, numerous out-of-state voters, and we have specific evidence of intimidation and changes of vote. That will all be in the lawsuit."

Sidney Powell said that Dominion's servers from ScytI in Germany were in fact confiscated and "I AM HEARING THAT IS WAS OUR FORCES THAT GOT THE SERVERS." Servers are currently being analyzed by military intelligence and she can confirm the server had lines into it from 4 foreign countries who are enemies of the US.

Once Mr. Krebs, who had overseen election cybersecurity efforts was fired by Trump, and the new head of the DoD removed the CIA from the JSOC, the US military was able to obtain the Dominion server in Frankfurt, Germany and obtain the critical information! The CIA was kept out of this for a reason!

We are now on day 14 of Team Trump's evidence gathering around election fraud. Al Gore took 37 days to contest his election in 2000 and the fake news never said a word. In fact, they called him Mr. President! Meanwhile, New York & California are STILL counting ballots. Funny how Florida, Ohio & Texas were able to accomplish this in ONE DAY!

GOP mega donors vow to primary all RINOS who refuse to stand by President Trump right now. That includes Romney, Sasse, Murkowski & Collins. President Trump has also invited state legislators in swing states to meet with him at the White House.

Two weeks after the election, Pfizer is filing for an EUA for its vaccine & the WHO announced that Fauci's failed ebola drug, Remdesivir, that he hyped with Communist China, DOES NOT work to save lives! Pfizer held off applying until AFTER the election on purpose.

Remdesivir was approved in July by the FDA - instead of Hydroxychloroquine, which actually works - to benefit Fauci, Gates & the Communists! As I reported earlier, the "health experts" actually recommended the WRONG DRUGS & covered up successful treatments to keep the virus panic going. Think of how many lives were lost due to their malicious intent!

Pence said the vaccine is stockpiled & ready to be distributed the moment the FDA approves it for emergency use & the CDC said schools SHOULD REMAIN OPEN.

AOC proved she's a Communist yesterday with the statement on the VIRUS: "We should pay people to stay home."

Navarro said that blue states that continue to LOCK DOWN their economies are reversing all the gains President Trump made in wages for poor people, minority communities & blue collar workers. White collar workers can work from home. Blue collar workers can NOT!

This is a purposeful Communist strategy to push dependence on the Government. Blue state Governors think if they lock down that Congress will bail them out! Not happening!

Biden wants to remove tariffs from Communist Chinese goods & export the American economy, and your tax dollars, overseas again. The Dow has risen 18% since Trump slapped tariffs on Communist China. All that will evaporate.

The national conservative legal group Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society announced that it will file federal and state lawsuits challenging the presidential election results in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, Georgia and Arizona.

Even Alan Dershowitz, a liberal lawyer, thinks if the election goes to SCOTUS, Trump will win. The fact that Democrats pushed for all these rule changes in the year before the election will not hold up to Supreme Court scrutiny. For example, 169,282 Wisconsinites said they became permanently confined in 2020 & were allowed to vote without ID due to COVID. Got it? MASSIVE FRAUD.

Detroit election board Republicans said their families were threatened & signed an affidavit that intimidation by the liberal MOB was the ONLY reason they changed their minds about certifying the election, after uncovering massive fraud. Now they agree - the votes should NOT be certified. Trump's lawyers are under protection due to the same threats.

Pompeo, Navarro, General McInerney & Kayleigh all say Trump will win. Even John Roberts of Fox News, CNN's Wolf Blitzer & MSNBC's Morning Joe are entertaining that possibility...the narrative is turning.

In a desperate attempt to deflect from the election, keep people paralyzed with fear & masked up to keep them from talking with each other, Democrats & the Communist "health experts" are ratcheting up the VIRUS PORN & shutting down churches, weddings, personal gatherings, restaurants, schools & gyms again - just in time for the holidays. The difference this time? People are wiser & fighting back.


The Trump administration decided that all Israeli products made by Israeli companies located in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) will be labeled “made in Israel." Epic!

A new Congressional report shows that Jill Biden's former White House assistant received $6 MILLION in payments from Communist China. I guess the Bidens don't just use their children as bag men...

Members of Biden's transition team are openly calling to confiscate our guns, arrest Trump supporters, cancel student loan debt, force vaccinations, force a national mask mandate, open the borders wide, force a $15 minimum wage to bankrupt small business, invite travel from terrorist nations, increase refugee inflows by 1000 percent, push multiple gender and race-baiting in public schools, force all Americans to fund late-term abortion, install socialized medicine, end gas-power vehicles, rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and send our money to China, give Iran nuclear weapons, turn all elections into 100% cheat-by-mail and more...

After Trump filed for a recount in Milwaukee & Madison, Wisconsin Democrats tried to meet in secret to CHANGE THE MANUAL for recounts to hurt Trump. It failed. Nearly 150,000 votes were uploaded for Biden in the middle of the night in Wisconsin!

So far, Trump has gotten 10 MILLION MORE legal votes than he did in 2016 - primarily in minority communities. Who knows how many more were stolen or flipped? No way that basement dwelling mobster Biden won this election. We will NOT stop until every LEGAL vote is counted!

Mark Levin finally agrees with me that Facebook engages in bait & switch marketing and is in violation of the FTC & ADA. For example, I am legally deaf. I joined Facebook so that I could create a group of people that I could COMMUNICATE with online as I am unable to hear well in groups in-person. Facebook has repeatedly DENIED my rights by SUSPENDING me for NO REASON. They lied about it being an open platform!

MARK LEVIN: "Facebook and Zuckerberg lied about its original mission or I would never have encouraged my radio listeners to follow me there. There are now 1,640,000 followers -- you — who I encouraged to join me on Facebook. And Facebook has abused you, used your personal data without compensation to enrich Zuckerberg, and now censor you on behalf of the Democrat Party and the Biden campaign. It’s the great deceit."

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thousands of uncounted votes have been discovered in Georgia counties. When the much more important signature match takes place, the State will flip Republican, and very quickly. Get it done!

On election day in 2016, Assange wrote DJT Jr. a letter saying Trump should not concede if he loses & should instead expose widespread election fraud & corruption. Interesting.

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