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Parler is going down - Gab is rising

Well, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is dumping Parler tomorrow and refusing to host their site on AWS servers. Smells like collusion to me. Way too coincidental after the Twitter purge. Why would Parler allow Bezos' Amazon to host a conservative site? Insane.

The good news is that Gab is reporting that President Trump has a new account there at gab.com/realdonaldtrump. Gab has also archived all of Trump's old tweets so we will have his complete account there. I have an account at Gab at @MaggiePeggy123. Please follow me.

Gab is overloaded right now - as they are adding more servers. But they own them - so they can't be taken away. If you don't have an account, try to open one later tomorrow.

Also, the Trump legal team is preparing a massive lawsuit against Twitter, Facebook, et. al., based on the novel argument that these social media giants denied his free-speech rights in COORDINATION with Democrat GOVERNMENT officials to whom they donate and with whom they privately communicate.

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